New Hampshire Women: Firsts and Accomplishments


Art, Literature, and Music
– New Hampshire’s Most Celebrated Artist: Exeter’s Elizabeth Jane (Gardner) Bouguereau (1837-1922)
– Prolific Author and Poet:Eleanor (Abbott) Coburn of Wilton and Portsmouth New Hampshire (1872-1958)
– Concord New Hampshire Artist: Alice Ericson Cosgrove (1909-1971)
– Warner New Hampshire Author, Amanda Bartlett Harris (1824-1917)
– Mason New Hampshire’s Author, Teacher, and Painter, Elizabeth Orton “Twig” Jones (1910 -2005)
– Portsmouth New Hampshire Poet and Hospital Benefactor, Harriet McEwen Kimball (1834-1917)
– Barrington, New Hampshire Educator, Civic Leader, Author and Poet: Susan Hale (Hussey) Knapp (1832-1906)
– Manchester, New Hampshire’s Distinguished Artist, Instructor, Director, Civic Leader: Maud Briggs Knowlton (1870-1956)
– Rye New Hampshire Artist and Writer, Rose (Cushing) Labrie (1916-1986)
– Alexandria New Hampshire Author and Teacher, Louise Lamprey (1869-1951)
– Peterborough New Hampshire Art Patron and Pianist: Marian Griswold (Nevins) MacDowell (1857-1956)
– Claremont New Hampshire Author: Constance Fenimore Woolson aka Anne March (1840-1894)
– New Hampshire’s Missing Places: Peyton Place (Marie Grace DeRepentigny Metalious)
– African-American Soprano and “Queen of Song”: Dover New Hampshire’s Nellie (Brown) Mitchell (1845-1924)
– Bartlett New Hampshire’s Author, Lady Blanche Elizabeth Mary Annunciata (Noel) Murphy (1845-1881)
– Warner New Hampshire Artist, Fine Arts Printmaker: Nancy (Lewis) Nemec (1923-2003)
– New Hampshire Author, Poet, Educator, Club Woman f Meredith: Eva J. (Beede) Odell (1852-1928)
– Orford New Hampshire Poet, Musician, and Teacher: Fannie H. (Runnells) Poole (1863-1940)
– Littleton NH Novelist: Eleanor (Hodgman) Porter – (1868-1920)
– Henniker New Hampshire Poet: Edna Dean Proctor (1827-1923)
– Milford New Hampshire Black Novelist and Spiritualist: Harriet “Hattie” E. (Green) Adams Wilson Robinson (1825-1900)
– Exeter and North Hampton New Hampshire Poet: Lillian “Lilja” (Hillbom) Rogers (1901-1993)
– Dover New Hampshire Artist, Ruth (Whittier) Shute (1803-1882)
– First woman and Second Person Named New Hampshire Poet Laureate: Eleanor Winthrop Vinton (1899-1977)

– New Hampshire’s First Female Aviator, Well-Known Photographer and Philanthropist, Bernice Blake Perry (1905-1996)

Business & Professions
– Winchester New Hampshire Businesswoman, Persis Foster (Eames) Albee (1836-1914) [The first Avon Lady]
– New Hampshire’s First Woman Embalmer and Funeral Director – Minnie (Edwards) Atwood (1854-1904)
– Nashua NH’s Long-Time Merchandiser, Business and Civil Leader, and Choirist: Gertrude May Batchelder (1891-1974)
– Merrimack New Hampshire’s Burnap “Leghorn Bonnets”
– Bristol New Hampshire’s Tailor, Stock and Dairy Farmer, Activist, Suffragist: Mary Ann (Powers) Filley (1821-1910)
– Dover New Hampshire Suffragist and UNH Administrator: Carmita Aileen (Cameron) Murphy (1925-2003)
– Poultry Farmer, Civic Leader, Oldest Citizen and “Pioneer Woman”: Mary Augusta (Parker) Stowell of Merrimack New Hampshire (1871-1972)
– Meredith New Hampshire Doll Maker Barbara Annalee (Davis) Thorndike (1915-2002)

Civic and Politics
– New Hampshire’s Tradition of Leadership: The Women’s Delegation
– Raymond New Hampshire Businesswoman, Teacher, First Woman Legislative Committee Chairman: Emma Louise (Tucker) Bartlett (1859-1933)
Manchester New Hampshire’s Human Rights Champion, Volunteer, Civic and Community Leader: Vanessa Leah Washington-Johnson-Bloemen (1953-2011)
– New Hampshire’s Record-Breaking State Representative and “Grand Dame”: Hilda C.F. (Johnson) Brungot (1886-1982)
– Portsmouth New Hampshire’s First Woman Legislator, Child Welfare Advocate, and Civic Leader: Gertrude Iola (Moran) Caldwell 1881-1964
– Rollinsford New Hampshire’s First Female Legislator: Outdoor Enthusiast, Civic Leader, and Women’s Rights Proponent: Jessie Doe (1887-1943)
– Redstone New Hampshire DAR Chapter & State Regent, National Librarian-General, Mayflower Descendant and Governor: Florence May (Tilton) Crockett (1886-1946)
– New Hampshire and Portsmouth’s First Woman Mayor: Mary Ellen (Carey) Dondero (1894-1960)
– New Hampshire’s First Female Senator: Bristol’s E. Maude (Fowler) Ferguson (1883-1932)
– New Hampshire Legislator, Senator, Civic Leader Postmaster and Registered Nurse: Edith (Bumpus) Gardner of Springfield and Gilford (1899-1966)
– First Female County Register of Probate in the United States: New Hampshire’s Ella F. Gee (1853-1937)
– Raising a Little Hell in New Hampshire: Dublin’s Doris Ethel “Granny D” (Rollins) Haddock (1910-2010)
– New Hampshire’s First Woman Sheriff and Deputy Sheriffs: Helen Kenney of Concord, M. Jennie (Wood) Kendall of Nashua, and Lillian (Christian) Bryant of Conway
– Penacook New Hampshire’s First Female Legislator, Physician, Educator and Civic Leader: Mary Louise (Rolfe) Farnum (1870-1965)
– New Hampshire’s First Female Selectman: Lenna Gwendolen (Wilson) Perry (1899-1986)
– Human and Animal Rights Advocate, Cheshire County NH Deputy Sheriff Jennie Belle (Carter) Powers (1864-1936)
– New Hampshire’s First Woman County Commissioner: Keene New Hampshire’s Grace A. Richardson (1873-1947)
– New Hampshire’s First Woman Governor (Acting), Politician, Civic Leader, and Campaign Advisor: Vesta Maurice (Coward) Roy (1925-2002)
– Newport New Hampshire Teacher, Suffragist, Civic & Club Leader, Business Woman: Mary Matilda (Putnam) Sibley (1860-1927)
– New Hampshire Senator, Legislator, Farmer, Livestock Breeder and Mail Carrier: Doris M. Spollett of Hampstead
– Manchester New Hampshire Physician, Civic Leader and Politician: Zatae L. (Longsdorff) Straw (1866-1955)
– New Hampshire Civic Leader, Woman’s Club Promoter, Suffragist: Nellie Fostina (Tupper) Woodward of Nashua
– Illustrator, Lecturer, Social Worker, New Hampshire Politician: Effie Brown (Earll) Slingerland Yantis (1869-1950)

Death on Mt. Washington: The Tale of Lizzie Bourne

, wife of Thomas Walford–of England, Charlestown MA and Great Island (New Castle) New Hampshire 1598-1681 [my 9th great grandmother]
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New Hampshire Matrilineality and Mother’s Day

Education, Religion & Philosophy
– Dunbarton New Hampshire’s Pioneer Educator in Ohio: Marianne (Parker) Dascomb  (1810-1879)
– Northwood New Hampshire Teacher and Attorney, Ella Louise Knowles (1860-1911)
– Philosopher, Educator and A Woman of Vision: Canterbury New Hampshire’s Dr. Mary Mills Patrick (1850-1940)
– Librarian and Innovator of the ‘Bookmobile’: Farmington New Hampshire’s Mary Lemist Titcomb (1857-1932)
– New Hampshire’s Canterbury Shakers: Elderess Bertha Lindsay (1897-1990) and Gertrude Soule (1894-1988)
– Derry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire Educator & Library Trustee: Mary Harriett (Day) Low (1868-1957)
– Concord New Hampshire Educator & Astronaut, Sharon Christa (Corrigan) McAuliffe (1948-1986)
– Boscawen New Hampshire Author, Lecturer, Activist for Peace and Social Reform: Lucia True Ames Mead (1856-1898)
– Nashua New Hampshire Clairvoyant: Leonora Evelina Simonds Piper (1857–1950)
– Chichester New Hampshire Preacher, Educator, Organizer: Anna Merrill (Seavey) Smith (1835-1899)

Entertainer / Actress
Manchester New Hampshire Actress: Mary E. Fogarty (1921-2011)
– Merrimack New Hampshire Educator and Actress Marjorie “Maggi” Blanche Parker (1927-still living)
– The Voice of Cinderella and Portsmouth New Hampshire Songbird: Jacquelyn Ruth “Jackie” “Ilene” (Woods) Steck Shaughnessy (1926-2010)

Finance and Banking
– New Hampshires First Female Banker and Finanier: Winchester’s Jane Grace Alexander (1848-1932)
– New Hampshire Bank Cashier, Club Woman, Civic Leader: Winifred (Lane) Goss of Pittsfield and Dover

First Ladies
– Godmother of New Hampshire’s War for Independence: Elizabeth “Molly (Page) Stark (1737-1814)
– Newport New Hampshire Milliner, Author, Poet, Editor and “Mother of Thanksgiving”: Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale (1788-1879)
– New Hampshire’s First Lady, Artist, Author, Trustee: Rachel Leona (White) Adams (1905-1979)
– New Hampshire’s Former First Lady: Constance Rivington (Russell) Winant Eppley Earle (1899-1981)
– A New Hampshire Mother of a President: Eliza (Ballou) Garfield 1801-1888
– “A Funeral And A Wedding” in Colonial New Hampshire (Frances Deering Wentworth Atkinson Wentworth)

Human Rights and Philanthropy (including Suffrage)
– Portsmouth New Hampshire Philanthropist: Roberta Brooke (Russell) Kuser Marshall ASTOR (1902-2007)
– Portsmouth New Hampshire’s Charity Worker and Suffragist: Sarah Whittier “Sallie” Hovey (1872-1932)
– Goffstown New Hampshire Author, Educator, Social Reformer, and Women’s Rights Champion: Mary Sargeant (Neal) Gove Nichols (1810-1884)
– New Durham New Hampshire’s Educator, Lawyer, Suffragist, Humanitarian and Author: Marilla Marks (Young) Ricker (1840-1920)Marilla Ricker was the first woman to attempt to vote in New Hampshire (in 1870), and was the first woman to attempt to run for governor (in 1920).
– Suffragist, Club Woman, Lecturer, Musician and Poet: Ola Maude (Gordon) Roby of Bristol New Hampshire (1886-1927)
– New Hampshire Philanthropist, Civic and Patriotic Leader, Community Benefactor, Mary Ward (Lyon) Cheney Schofield of Peterborough
– Manchester New Hampshire’s Philosopher and Educator: Professor Emeritus Isabel Scribner Stearns (1910-1987)
– New Hampshire’s Leading Suffragist, Human Rights Proponent and Philanthropist: Armenia S. (Aldrich) White (1817-1916)
New Hampshire Women Who Gained the Vote–100 Years Ago and Today
– 100 Years Ago: Anti-Suffrage New Hampshire Women
– August 2020: Celebrating a Woman’s Suffrage Anniversary in New Hampshire

Law Enforcement & Criminology
– Mother of Forensic Science, Legal Medicine, Professor, Criminologist, Philanthropist, Bethlehem Summer Resident: Frances Glessner Lee (1878-1962)

Medicine & Healthcare
Newport New Hampshire’s Early Women Physicians: Freelove (Buell) Nettleton and Mabel (Nettleton) Buell
– Sugar Hill New Hampshire Physician: Anna Betsey (Taylor) Cole (1851-aft 1927)
North Barnstead New Hampshire’s Harriet P. Dame: the “Florence Nightingale” of The Civil War (1815-1900)
– Nashua New Hampshire’s First Women Physicians: Ella (Blaylock) Atherton and Katherine E. (Prichard) Hoyt
– Concord New Hampshire’s First Female Physician Dr. Lucinda S. (Capen) Hall (1815-1890)
– Chief Nurse of WW1 Expeditionary Forces, Red Cross Chief Nurse Harvard Unit, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital School of Nursing Founder, National Association President and Pioneer of American Nursing: Nashua New Hampshire’s Carrie May Hall (1873-1963)
– Manchester New Hampshire Teacher, WW1 Red Cross Nurse, Public Health Nurse, Women’s Rights Advocate, Civic Leader, Club-woman: Elena Mae (Crough) Lockwood (1884-1962)
Dr. Anna B. (Dimick) Parker of Gilmanton NH: Physician,Minister, Suffragist, Civic Leader, Club Woman (1868-1931)
– Jefferson New Hampshire Doctor: Deborah “Granny” (Vicker) Stalbird (1755-1845)

– Randolph New Hampshire’s Wellesley College President and Director of WAVEs: Dr. Mildred Helen (McAfee) Horton (1900-1994)
– New Hampshire WWI Military: Yeoman Anne (Frasier) Norton of Derry, Manchester and Portsmouth NH (1893-1918)
New Hampshire Women and World War I (multiple stories)

Scientist – Inventor – Space
– Exeter New Hampshire Artist & Botanist, Catherine “Kate” Furbish (1834-1931)
– “Woman Edison” Inventor: Margaret E.Knight of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts
– Concord New Hampshire Educator & Astronaut, Sharon Christa (Corrigan) McAuliffe (1948-1986)   [also listed under educators]

Sports – Athletics
– First NH Lady Century Rider of 1893, Bicyclist, Linotypist: Maud L. (Hood) Center (1874-1958)
– Famed Dog Musher, Sled Dog Trainer and Racer: Florence (Murray) Clark (1900-1950) of Lincoln New Hampshire
– Merrimack New Hampshire International Athlete, Activist for the Disabled: Marilyn Warren Woods (1914-1998)

The Unexplained / Unusual Firsts
– Concord New Hampshire’s Famed Spiritualist, Medium and Clairvoyant: Sophia (Bradley) Woods Craddock (1837-1909)
– Bath New Hampshire: The Haunted Hibbard House (Sarah Hale Hibbard)
– Newton New Hampshire’s Social Worker and UFO Abductee: Eunice Elizabeth “Betty” (Barrett) Stewart Hill (1919-2004)
– New Hampshire and the Lowest Social Security Number (Grace D. Owen)
– Nashua New Hampshire Clairvoyant: Leonora Evelina (Simonds) Piper (1857–1950)

Not Famous At All, but Always Interesting
– A Portsmouth NH Sea Captain’s Daughter and Wife: Sarah Chase “Sallie” (Tibbetts) Salter (1792-1868)
The Face of Addie G. (Whittemore) Tallant of Pembroke New Hampshire (1850-1875)