WWI Era: 100 Years Ago in New Hampshire

One Hundred Years Ago
WWI Era in New Hampshire


These articles were written over a 2 year span (2016-2018) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I, to provide background information to help readers better understand the war, and to honor all who served. The stories are written from the perspective of people and events relating to the United States, though on occasion Canada and European countries are included.  Women’s concerns are a focus of several articles.

New Hampshire Focus: World War One’s 100th Anniversary in 2017
100 Years Ago: New Hampshire’s Valentine’s Day of 1917
100 Years Ago: New Hampshire’s WWI Letters of Death and Heroism
100 Years Ago: New Hampshire’s Irish Celebration of 1917
100 Years Ago: NH Headlines of April 6 1917–U.S. Enters World War I
100 Years Ago: New Hampshire Gold Star Mothers (for Mother’s Day 2017)
100 Years Ago: New Hampshire’s WWI Trench Art
100 Years Ago: Memorial Day of 1917
100 Years Ago: Fourth of July 1917
100 Years ago: Cures for the Spanish Flu
100 Years Ago: A New Hampshire Halloween and The Hoover Pledge
100 Years Ago: Two Years Before Armistice Day
100 Years Ago: The First Thanksgiving of WWI
100 Years Ago: Conservation–Meatless and Wheatless Recipes
100 Years Ago: WWI and the New Year (January 2018)
100 Years Ago: Heatless Mondays
100 Years Ago: A WWI Valentine’s Day
100 Years Ago: United States Naval Schools
100 Years Ago: A WWI Mother’s Day (for Mother’s Day 2018)
100 Years Ago: Decoration Day Celebrations
100 Years Ago: The Tidal Wave Ships of July 4th 1918
100 Years Ago: The Leviathan–Transport Ship of Death
100 Years Ago: The Tiniest Woman in New England Contest

-New Hampshire in World War I-

New Hampshire in WWI: Committee of One Hundred
New Hampshire in WWI: Changes in Mourning Customs
New Hampshire in WWI: The Cadillac Shrapnel Car
New Hampshire in WWI: The Supreme Sacrifice
New Hampshire in WWI: ARMISTICE

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