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New Hampshire’s Caddie Camps

In the early days of golf in New Hampshire,

especially at the luxury hotels located in the White Mountains, it … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton: Six Degrees of Desperado

Is it possible that Paris Hilton's recent problems are attributable to her family tree?

The photograph shows, left to right, top row: John Wesley Hardin, Jesse
James, Edward “Ned” Kelly; bottom row, Frank James, … Continue reading

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Alton New Hampshire’s King of Corkscrews: William Rockwell Clough (1844-1920)

Various manufacturing businesses thrived in New Hampshire after the Civil war. 

One of the most famous was the Rockwell Clough … Continue reading

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Cow Hampshire: Tag You Are It

This is an interesting week for this blog, having received two awards–the first being an Editor's Choice for Best Historic Blog… Continue reading

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New Hampshire: Celebrating our Heritage Through Tea

Tea–a seemingly insignificant plant has played a major role in our state's and our country's history.

No tea was dumped … Continue reading

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