Raising a Little Hell in New Hampshire: Dublin’s Doris Ethel “Granny D” (Rollins) Haddock (1910-2010)

“We honor certain people in history not so much for what they did during their turbulent lives, but for what they inspire us to do after they are gone. Some heroes come back to us in our imagination, so that we might think about our present problems and get their good advice.”

A diminutive (five foot tall) activist who went by the the name of “Granny D” spoke these words.  Sometimes people inspire us while they are still aliveand Granny D is one such person.  She had just turned 97, [when this article was originally written in 2007] and lived in the woods between Dublin and Peterborough, New Hampshire. For many years she led a fairly quiet and “average” life.

Granny D was born January 24, 1910 in Laconia, New Hampshire. Her father managed a furniture factory there. She went to Laconia High School, graduating in 1927. Then she attended Emerson College for 3 years before marrying James Arthur Haddock. She and her husband raised a family in New Hampshire. She worked at the Bee Bee Shoe Company in Manchester for twenty three years.

With her husband Jim, and several others, she worked to stop the planned use of hydrogen bombs in Alaska in 1960, saving an Inuit fishing village and its residents at Point Hope. Later the couple retired to Dublin, NH (1972), where Doris served on the Planning Board and was active in community affairs. She nursed Jim through 10 years of Alzheimer’s disease.

Then, at the age of eighty-eight she had her son drive her to Los Angeles where she announced her plan to walk (at the rate of 10 miles a day) to Washington D.C. to publicize the need for election campaign reform. She made it to Washington D.C. in 14 months, even cross county skiing part of the way. The book, “Granny D: Walking Across America in my 90th Year,” describes her walk in greater detail.

Twice her “pro-activities” landed her in a Washington D.C. jail. In 1994 at the age of 94 she ran against U.S. Senator Judd Gregg, refusing all special interest PAC contributions. She lost the election, but won many friends and supporters.

Reportedly Judson Hale Sr., of The Old Farmer’s Almanac and Yankee Magazine (and a neighbor) said of Granny D, “Most people her age are on a walker, and she’s a walker. Her strength is that she stays in the swim of things. She’s the personification of New Hampshire: We enjoy independence and being contrary. She’s independent and contrary.”

Keep Giving ’em hell, Granny D.

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James-1 Rawlins, son of James & Sarah (Beach) Rawlins, was b. 1612 in Cornwall England and d. 13 Aug 1687 in Bloody Point [now Newington], Strafford Co NH. He emigrated to America in 1632 with the settlers of Ipswich MA, but was in Newbury MA by 1634. He m. abt 1639 in Dover NH to Hannah Fry, dau of William & Sarah (Hill) Fry. She b. 1617 in Dover NH and d. 1691 in Dover NH. As early as 10 July 1644 he was located in Dover NH where he received a grant land from the town. In 1656 he received another grant of one hundred acres.  His will, dated Dover 16 Dec 1686 gave property to his wife Hannah, to his son, Ichabod (oldest), to Benjamin, and to his “other children,” not named in the will. The will was proved 25 July 1691 with Obadiah Mors of Strawbery Bank as executor.
Children of James & Hannah (Fry) Rawlins:
1. Ichabod Rawlins, resided Bloody Point NH and was taxed there in 1665. He remained on the farm occupied by his father. He married twice and had a child by each wife, Jeremiah and Hannah. He was killed by Indians.
2. +Thomas Rawlins, b. 1641 Newington or Exeter NH
3. Samuel Rawlins, b. 1649; resided Bloody Point; wheelwirght. He m. Rebecca Mors, dau of Obadiah Mors. He died 29 Oct 1694 age 45 leaving one son, Joseph
4. James Rawlins; resided Bloody Point and later Dover (taxed there in 1671). He was a town officer of Dover NH in 1725; m. Deborah Peavey, had issue
5. Benjamin Rawlins, b. 1662
6. Joseph Rawlins; resided Newington NH, taxed there in 1668-71, was Town Surveyor in 1740 and held other town offices. His will dated 14 Feb 1748-49 and proved 30 May 1749. Had wife Sarah and children.
7. Deborah Rawlins, m. 20 March 1719 to James Benson of Kittery ME

Thomas-2 Rawlins, son of James & Hannah (Fry) Rawlins, b. 1641 Newington, Strafford Co NH and d. 19 Oct 1706 in Exeter NH. He m. abt 1670 in Exeter NH to Rachel Cox, dau of Moses & Alice (Wise) Cox. She b. 1646 in Hampton NH and d. 2 Sep 1707 in Exeter NH. He lived at Bloody Point and was taxed there in 1662 and 1668 and then removed to Exeter NH where he remained until his death. His farm was on the old road leading from Exeter to Hampton NH. He was one of the company of Edward Gove, a member of the dissolved Assembly of NH 1683 who were found in arms, and trying to excite an insurrection for the overthrow of the arbitrary government of the Royal Governor, then Edward Cranfield. Thomas and others were charged with high treason, but pardoned. In 1682 he was justice of the peace. He died about 1706, the inventory of his estate was returned to the probate office 7 Nov 1706.
Children of Thomas & Rachel (Cox) Rawlins:
1. Thomas Rawlins, b. 14 July 1671 in Exeter, Rockingham Co. NH
2. +Moses Rawlins, b. 14 Oct 1672 in Exeter NH
3. Joseph Rollins, b. 6 May 1674 in Exeter NH; m. Hannah Rawlings; had issue
4. Mary Rawlins, b. 8 May 1676 in Exeter NH; m. 3 Jan 1701 to Stephen Page of Hampton who d. Feb 1714 in his 37th year.
5. Benjamin Rawlins, b. 6 July 1678 Exeter NH
6. Aaron Rawlins, b. 1680 Exeter NH
7. John Rollins, b. 1682 Exeter NH
8. Alice Rawlins, b. abt 1683 Exeter NH; m. 2 March 1705 to Roger Shaw of Hampton
9. Rachel Rawlins, b. 1683 Exeter NH
10. Samuel Rawlins, b. 1690 Exeter NH
11. John Rawlins, b. 1694 in Exeter NH

Moses-3 Rollins/Rawlins, son of Thomas & Rachel (Cox) Rawlins, was b. 14 Oct 1672 in Exeter NH and d. 28 Feb 1717 in Stratham, Rockingham Co NH. He m. Dec 1701 in Exeter NH to Esther –.  She b. abt 1675 in Exeter NH and d. Dec 1701 in Exeter NH. He was a farmer in Stratham NH. His wife Esther was administratrix of his estate.
Children of Moses & Esther (–) Rollins:
1. Mary Rollins, b. 30 Oct 1701 in Stratham NH
2. Jonathan Rollins, b 19 Jan 1703 in Stratham NH
3. Lydia Rollins, b. 4 Oct 1705 in Stratham NH
4. Elizabeth Rollins, b. 28 May 1707 in Stratham NH
5. Sarah Rollins, b. 28 March 1709; m. Joseph Edgerley
6. Esther Rawlings, b. 12 June 1711 in Stratham NH
7. Moses Rollins, b. 9 June 1713 in Stratham NH
8. David Rollins, b. 28 June 1715 in Stratham NH
9. +Thomas Rollins, b. 16 Feb 1717 in Stratham NH

Thomas-4 Rollins, son of Moses & Esther (?Rollins) Rollins, b. 16 Feb 1717 in Stratham, Rockingham Co NH and d. in Epping NH. He m. 18 Apr 1708 in Stratham, Rockingham Co NH to Sarah Sanborn, dau of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Sherburne) Rollins. She b. 18 Apr 1708 in Kensington NH. He resided in Stratham and Epping NH.
Children of Thomas & Sarah (Sanborn) Rollins:
1. Sarah Rollins, b. 1742 Stratham NH; m. Jonathan Emerson of Barnstead and had ch.
2. +Moses Rollins, b. 10 March 1744 Epping NH [65]
3. Jonathan Rollins, b. abt 1746 Stratham NH
4. Thomas Rollins, b. 22 Apr 1755 Stratham NH
5. William Rollins, b. abt 1757 Stratham NH
6. Esther Rollins, b. abt 1759 Stratham NH

Moses-5 Rollins/Rawlings, son of Thomas & Sarah (Sanborn) Rollins, b. 10 March 1744 in Epping, Rockingham Co. NH. He married abt 1769 in Madbury, Strafford Co NH to Anna Drew. She b. 5 Feb 1749/50 in Madbury, Strafford Co NH and d. 7 Sep 1830 in Hallowell ME. Resided in Nottingham, Epping and Loudon NH. In 1780 Moses Rawlings was assessed for 310L 14s 2d. In 1788 Moses Rawlings and others were chosen a committee to overhaul the new plan of government and give instructions to the delegate to the Constitutional Convention. In 1791 Moses Rollins was chosen Hog Reeve. During the American Revolution he served in the Third NH Regiment, Col. Scammell, under Gen. Sullivan at Ticonderoga 1776, and in Col. George Reed’s Regiment, March 10, 1777. They removed to Hallowell Maine where he died in 1824, age 80.
Children of Moses & Anna (Drew) Rollins:
1. Samuel Rollins, b. 7 March 1771 in Nottingham NH; d. 1 Jan 1818 Pittsfield, Merrimack Co NH: m. Ann Short
2. Anna Rollins, b. 5 Apr 1773 in Epping NH; d. 22 Nov 1830; m. Nathan Batchelder
3. +Thomas Rollins, b. 8 May 1775 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH
4. Moses Holman Rollins, b. 3 May 1777 Loudon NH; d. 1 Aug 1838 Hallowell ME; m. Lucy Potter
5. William Rollins, b. 5 July 1779 Loudon NH; d. 12 Oct 1808; m. Elizabeth Goodwin
6. Sarah Rollins, b. 30 July 1781 Loudon NH; d. 19 Oct 1807 Hallowell ME; unmarried
7. Elizabeth Rollins, b. 30 July 1781 Loudon NH; d. 4 Oct 1820 in Hallowell ME; m. Josiah Batchelder
8. Abigail Rollins, b. 30 Dec 1783 Loudon NH; d. 1874; m. Paul Winkley
9. Jonathan Rollins, b. 26 Aug 1790 Loudon NH; d. 1 Jan 1819 Hallowell ME; m. Clarissa Langley
10. Dorothy Rollins, b. 7 Dec 1795 Loudon NH; d. 11 Sep 1803

Thomas-6 Rollins, son of Moses & Anna (Drew) Rollins, b. 8 May 1775 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH and d. 27 Apr 1812 Plattsburg, Clinton Co NY [War of 1812]. He married Sarah Crockett. She b. 12 Aug 1784 in Meredith, MA[?] and d. 17 July 1833 in Hallowell ME. They resided in Loudon NH and New Hampton NH.
Children of Thomas & Sarah (Crockett) Rollins:
1. Carlton Rollins, b. abt 1801 in Loudon NH; resided Laconia NH, served during the
Civil War in Co F 2nd Rgt US Sharpshooters and died in the service 9 Jan 1862
2. +Smith Rollins, b. abt 1803 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH
3. Thomas Rollins, b. abt 1805 in Loudon NH
4. Nathan B. Rollins, b. abt 1807 in Loudon NH
5. Olive Rollins

Smith-7 Rollins, son of Thomas & Sarah (Crockett) Rollins b. abt 1803 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH and d. 29 March 1832 in Epping, Rockingham Co NH. He m. Judith Hoag.
Children of Smith & Judith (Hoag) Rollins:
1. Frank Rollins, b. Dec 1820 in Epping, Rockingham Co NH; d. 4 Aug 1877 in Hooksett, Merrimack Co NH
2. +Carlton Rollins, b. 12 Sep 1825 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH

Carlton-8 Rollins, son of Smith & Judith (Hoag) Rollins, b 12 Sep 1825 in Loudon,
Merrimack Co NH. He married  20 Dec 1847 to Anna “Ann” Hazeltine Calef, dau of Oliver & Nancy (Thompson) Calef. She b 12 Sep 1825 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH, and d. 20 Jan 1862 in Washington [?]. They resided in Sanbornton NH in 1850 and 1860. He was a Civil War veteran; Enlisted as a Private on 26 October 1861 at the age of 36 Enlisted in Company F, 2nd SS Regiment VO on 26 November 1861. Died of disease Company F, 2nd SS Regiment VO on 19 January 1862 in Washington, DC
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Sanbornton
Carlton Rollins 24 M Laborer NH
Ann Rollins 20 F NH
Laura A. Rollins 1 F NH
1860 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Sanbornton
Oliver Calef 56 M Farmer 3000/850 VT
Nancy Calef 60 F NH
Samuel Calef 84  M NH
Carlton Rollins 34 Farm Laborer NH [b abt 1826]
Ann Rollins 34  F NH
Laura Rollins 11  F NH
Sarah Rollins 9  F NH
Ada Rollins 7  F NH
Orin Rollins 5  M NH
George Rollins 3  M NH
Frank Rollins 10/12 M NH
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Sanbornton
Calef, Oliver 66 M W Farmer 2000/1000 NH
Calef, Nancy 70 F W keeping House NH
Bowen Hattie S. 19 F W F at home NH
Rollins, Ida J. 17 F W at home NH
Rollins, Oren C. 15 M W works on farm NH
Rollins, George C.F. 13 M W works on Farm NH
Rollins, Frank H. 11 M W attends school NH
Rollins, Anna J. 9 F W attends School NH
Children of Carlton & Ann (?) Rollins:
1. Laura Ann Rollins, b 30 Nov 1848 NH
2. Sarah Harriett Rollins, b 4 Nov 1850 NH
3. Ida Jane Rollins, b 13 Jan 1853 NH, d. 1873
4. Orrin C. Rollins, b. 6 Jan 1855 NH, d. 1875
5. +George Charles Rollins, b. 7 May 1857 NH
6. Frank Henry Rollins, b 30 Aug 1859 NH, d. 1904
7. Ann Judith Rollins, b. 8 Oct 1861 NH

George Charles-9 Rollins, son of Carlton & Ann Rollins b. 7 May 1857 in Sanbornton, Belknap Co NH. He m. Lydia Ann Gilman. She b. 21 July 1844 in Sanbornton NH, dau of John Cheney & Lydia (Philbrick) Gilman. They resided in New Hampshire and in Lancaster MA. She m1) Aaron Webster and had child Leora Mildred Webster, b. 30 Aug 1871 in Sanbornton NH.
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Worcester > Lancaster > District 813
Rollins, George W M 23 works on farm NH NH NH [b abt 1857]
Rollins, Lydia A W F 35 wife keeping house NH NH NH
Rollins, ?Rielly/Kelly L. W F 9 dau NH NH NH
Rollins, Grace W F 3 dau NH NH NH
Broder Thomas W M 31 boarder works on farm Eng Eng Eng
Broder, Laura W F 31 boarder no occup NH NH NH
Broder, George W M 6 boarder NH England NH
Broder, Florence W F 1 boarder Mass England NH
Children of George & Lydia A. (Gilman) Rollins:
1. Rielly? Rollins (daughter), b. abt 1871 in NH
2. Grace D. Rollins, b. Nov 1876 in NH; m. Carl R. Kendall; res. Laconia NH
3. Hattie L. Rollins, d. 29 Sep 1879 in Lancaster MA; of scarlet fever
4. +Carlton E. Rollins, b. 22 July 1880 Clinton MA

Carlton Edwin-10 Rollins,  son of George C. & Lydia A. (Gilman) Rollins, born 22 July 1880 in Clinton, MA.  He married Ethel T. –. She b. abt 1884 in Canada. In 1917 living in Laconia NH a furniture maker for Lougee-Robinson Co. His WWII Draft registration card shows him still working for Lougee-Robinson Co of Laconia NH
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Laconia > District 8
Kendall, Carl R. Head W M May 1872 28 married 3 yrs VT VT VT salesman
Kendall, Grace D. wife W F Nov 1876 25 married 3 yrs 0 ch NH NH NH
Rollins, Carleton E. Brother-in-law W M July 1880 19 single MA teamster
1920 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Laconia Ward 1 > District 7
Carlton E Rollins Head M W 39 married MA NH NH  Packer, furniture store [b abt 1881]
Ethel T Rollins 36  Wife F W married imm 1903 naturalized Canada Canada Canada
Sybil L Rollins 11  daughter F W single NH MA Canada
Doris E Rollins 9  F W 9 single NH MA Canada
Vivian G Rollins 8  dau F W 8 single NH MA Canada
Rex C. Rollins 3 9/12   M W 3-9/12 single NH MA Canada
1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Laconia > District 9 [living at 24 Walker Street]
Rollins, Carlton E. Head M W 49 married at age 24 MA NH NH Furniture store
Rollins, Ethel E. Wife F W 46 married at age 22 Canada-Eng Can-Eng Can-Eng
Rollins, Doris E. dau F W 20 single NH
Rollins, Charles R. son M W 14 single NH
Rollins, Merle T. dau F W 6 single NH
Children of Carlton E. & Ethel E. (?) Rollins:
1. Sybil L. Rollins, b. abt 1909 NH; in 1941 single and living in Laconia NH
2. +Doris Ethel Rollins, b. 24 Jan 1910 Laconia NH
3. Vivian G. Rollins, b. abt 1912 NH. She married Jack D. Mack.  They had at least 2 ch, Jack D. Mack Jr. and Carleton Sager Mack.
4. Charles Rex Rollins, b 27 March 1916 in NH; d. 17 Oct 1990 NH
5. Merle T. Rollins, b abt 1924 NH

Doris Ethel-11 Rollins, (aka Granny D) born January 24, 1910 in Laconia NH, daughter of Carlton Edwin & Ethel E. (?) Rollins. Doris “Granny D” Haddock attended Emerson College for 3 years before marrying James A. Haddock.  He was b. 18 Dec 1907 in Millinocket ME, son of Joseph & Agnes B. Haddock. He died 1 March 1993 in Peterborough NH. James Haddock graduated from Amherst College.  In 2004 “Granny D” had 16 great grandchildren.  [Updated: She died March 9, 2010 in Dublin NH at the age of 100 years.
Children of James & Doris Ethel (Rollins) Haddock:
1. James C. Haddock, m. — Cabot; resides Dublin NH
2. Elizabeth Haddock, b. 9 March 1933 NH and d. 19 Jan 2005 in Washington DC. She m. David Lawrenz.

-To see James Arthur Haddock’s genealogy

1. Records of families of the name Rawlins or Rollins, in the United States : in two
parts, by John R. Rollins; Lawrence, Mass.: unknown, 1874
2. History of Dover NH
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5. Social Security Death Index

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