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New Hampshire Glossary: Dowser

A dowser is a person who is able to locate water, and sometimes precious metals. On a few documented occasions, … Continue reading

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Ie Shima, Ernie Pyle, and a "Betty Bomber"

Ie Shima (Island), Ernie Pyle, and a “Betty Bomber” have more in common that you might think.

During World … Continue reading

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Lee New Hampshire's Physician, Dean, UNH Marine Docent, Historian and "Old Shoaler," Robert L. Tuttle, M.D. (1922-2004)

Bob Tuttle's first visit to the Isles of Shoals was in 1941.

He was a lowly UNH microbiology student who was … Continue reading

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The Sugar Baby: The Day World War II Was Funny

Most of the time the soldiers and sailors who participated in World War II led serious lives.  After all they … Continue reading

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"Your Dog In A Canoe? Barking Up the Northeast Passage," by B. Elwin Sherman

Yes, even on a river expedition, it's not only possible to end up where you

started, it's what happens anytime … Continue reading

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