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Missing Places: Yoken’s Restaurant in Portsmouth NH (1947-2004)

Yoken’s Restaurant on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth NH closed in September of 2004. The property was sold, and the original landmark demolished.  Now some are trying to rescue the “Thar She Blows” trademark sign. In a city known for the … Continue reading

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September’s National Honey Month–A Time for New Hampshire to Buzz

Can you imagine New Hampshire without its apple orchards, (or Massachusetts without its cranberries)?  According to the National Honey Board, both apples and cranberries are 90% dependent on honeybee pollination (along with a variety of other plants). Without the humble … Continue reading

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New Hampshire’s Aviation Museum: A Bridge Between Past and Present

A building seemingly tucked away at the edge of the Manchester-Boston Airport runway holds many keys to New Hampshire’s aviation past, and I suspect also has great significance for its future.  I had the wonderful opportunity to tour there today, … Continue reading

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A Window into World War II: Grenier Field aka Manchester (NH) Airport

When we think or read about air bases during World War II, the great metal birds–the bomber and surveillance airplanes–are what frequently come to mind.  Yet like any microcosm of society, an air base had to organize, to inform, to … Continue reading

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Earthquakes in New England

Eighteen years after the pilgrim fathers landed on Plymouth rock they experienced their first New England earthquake. This was in 1638, and was very severe, so much so as to throw persons to the ground. Since it occurred down to … Continue reading

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