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Five Ways Genealogists Survive a Pandemic Thanksgiving

Genealogists (family history researchers) are a different breed. They live and breathe for the next tidbit of information that others find trivial. They sigh and gush over dusty documents and faded photographs. They love a good story, especially if the … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years Ago: The Art of Driving a Motorcycle

Even before World War I the motorcycle was used by both sides during the Mexican War. General Pershing was a big fan of the vehicle, and they soon became a substitute for horses during WWI. The Indian and the Harley … Continue reading

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New Hampshire’s Plethora of Pinnacles

Pinnacles appear to be very popular in New Hampshire. A pinnacle is defined as a high, pointed piece of rock or lofty peak. There are several such places but how do they differ from mountains or hills? They generally seem … Continue reading

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Veterans Day 2020

This year, due to the COVID epidemic, many gatherings and parades will not be happening (at least I hope that people have the correct mindset to not create events that will spread this deadly flu).  In the past I’ve written … Continue reading

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Not New Hampshire: Tired of Politics

I ask my blog followers to simply read this article in its entirety before coming to any conclusions. Explanations on the source of this article, and a bit of the history, can be found immediately following. History often repeats itself. … Continue reading

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