The 4th of July: New Hampshire 238 Years Ago

Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago, the United States of America was still in its infancy. Only eleven years prior, on the 4th of July, had the Declaration of Independence been passed.  The American people were generally  appreciative of those who, during the Revolution, had accomplished the seemingly impossible. We were eager to work together to build our fledgling land into a self-sufficient country focused on liberty, equality, and self-governance. Continue reading

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New Hampshire Feast of December 1852

Example of banquet from the 1850s. Generated with AI Art program by the  blog author.

What meals did our ancestors savor during the holidays? With winter celebrations approaching, a trip back to the 1850s could be fun and interesting. Continue reading

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Was AI (Artificial Intelligence) Made in New Hampshire?

Title: ‘Artificial Intelligence represented as a human computer in style of Pablo Picasso.’ AI Artwork created at NightCafe by the blog editor, Janice Brown

AI, or artificial intelligence, is much in the news these days.  AI is considered to be the field of computer science that studies how machines can perform tasks that require human intelligence–such as reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. Continue reading

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More Old New Hampshire News (1872)

As published in the Boston Evening Transcript of 6 July 1872
-Temperance reform clubs have been organized in Goshen, Newport, and Sunapee.
– The South Church in Concord hold their second preaching services in the evening.
– A man named John Downs of Rochester was recently poisoned by eating fresh mackerel Continue reading

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2022: On National Women’s History Month

Mary Webster with her mother Addie. Rare photo of them together as my mom often was the photographer not the subject. Colorized.

Every year since March 2006 I have written one or more blog articles about women during National Women’s History Month. This year is a little different, as I will write only one story, and provide a recap of hundreds of stories I have written about New Hampshire women from all walks of life, with a variety of talents.

When you and I examine our own lives, we will find that there will be at least one woman who had a great positive effect on us. It could be a mother, but it doesn’t have to be. Usually that person is not political, and not famous in any way. These are the women who need to be celebrated. Their qualities were astounding even if their accomplishments never appear in any newspaper or biographical compilation. Continue reading

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