New Hampshire’s Canterbury Shakers: Elderess Bertha Lindsay (1897-1990) and Gertrude Soule (1894-1988)

Eldress Bertha Lindsay, and Gertrude Soule were not the last of New Hampshire’s Shaker Colony–Ethel Hudson was the last when she died in 1992.  At Christmas-time in 1978 when the radiant faces of Bertha and Gertrude were captured for this newspaper photograph they were two of nine Shaker members still remaining.  Their village in Canterbury once had 400 men, women and children.

Bertha lindsay gertrude soule 1978 bw 2

Elderess Bertha Lindsay, left, and Gertrude Soule decorate their artificial Christmas tree at Canterbury, N.H. in December of 1978.

Originating in England in the 1770s as the ‘Shaking Quakers,’ or Shakers are known for their simple, efficient creations, including flat brooms, clothespins and ladder-back chairs. One of the last living members used to joke that she worried that she and other Shakers would be remembered more for their chairs than for their beliefs and lifestyle.

A great deal has been published and produced in print and documentaries about the Shakers, so it is not my intent to repeat that work.  Instead I will focus on the genealogy of the two members pictured above.

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==Genealogy of Gertrude Soule, Mayflower Descendant==

George SOULE, son of Thomas & Mary (Iddenden) Soole, b btw 1594-1995 Tingrith, England, d. before 22 Jan 1680 at Duxbury, Plymouth England, when inventory of his estate was taken. He was buried 1 Feb 1680 in Duxbury, Plymouth MA; He m. 29 March 1635 in Duxbury MA to Marie Becket, dau of Sylvester & Elizabeth (Hill) Beckett.  She was b. 17 Jan 1590 in Eckington, Worcestershire England and d. 16 Dec 1676 at Duxbury MA
Excerpt from “Mayflower Families – George Soule”: The will of George Soule Sr. of Duxberry dated 11 Aug. 1677, with codicil dated 20 Sept. 1677, and inventory 22 Ja. 1679, gave lands in Dartmouth to sons Nathaniel and “Gorge”; mentions lands in “Middleberry” formerly given to daughters Elizabeth and Patience; names daughters Susanna and Mary; eldest son John to have the remainder of his housing and lands. The codicil warned son John that if he disturbed daughter Patience, then Patience was to have the house and lands at Duxburrow. The account of John Soule mentions “since my mother died which was three yeer the last December.”
Excerpt from “the Mayflower Quarterly” Sept. 2009: The more promising candidate to date would seem to be the George Soule of tingrith, baptized in February 1594/5. Although just a tad older than should be expected for a servant, an unusual clause in his father’s will preventing his small inheritance payment until the age of 26 ( in 1621) might be an explanation, and his brother William may have ended up in the “Mayflower” hot-bed parish of Henlow. It was also shown that, contrary to previously published accounts, George Soule of Tingrith was not the same man as the George Soule of Flitwick – and, as a result, his whereabouts as an adult cannot be accounted for in Bedfordshire records. He was a servant of Edward Winslow of Plymouth, probably indentured for seven years. He served as a volunteer for the Pequot War (1637).  According to Francis R. Stoddard in “The Truth About The Pilgrims” page 150, “George Soule came as a servant of Edward Winslow. He was the 35th signer of the Mayflower compact. He was born about 1600 and is credited to the London contingent. He was the son of John Soule of Eckington, Worcestershire, England. Robert Soule of the family was a London salter. George Soule married Mary Becket before 1627.
Children of George & Marie (Becket) Soule:
9 children: Zachariah, Nathaniel, George, Susannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Patience, Benjamin and
2. +John Soule, b. bef 1632 at Plymouth MA

John Soule, son of George & Marie (Becket) Soule, b. abt 1623 of Plymouth MA; d. 14 May 1707, estate settled 5 March 1707 Duxbury, Plymouth MA.  He married 1st) abt 1654 to Rebecca Simmons, and had 9 children.  She died betw 1675 and 1678. He m2) abt 1678 to Esther (Nash) Samson and had 3 ch. She died Duxbury 12 Sep 1735.  She had previously married Samuel Sampson Sr. and had ch: [SAMPSON]: Ichabod, Samuel Jr., Gershom, Sarah.
Children of John & Rebecca (Simmons) Soule:
Nine children: Rebecca, James, Sarah, Rachel, Aaron, Benjamin, Zachariah, John, plus
8. +Moses Soule, b. abt 1672, Duxbury, Plymouth Co MA.
Children of John & Esther(Nash) Soule:
10. Joshua Soule, b. 31 July 1679
11. Joseph Soule
12. Josiah Soule, b. 12 Oct 1681 Duxbury MA; He married Lydia Delano.

Moses Soule, son of John & Rebecca (Simmons) Soule b. abt 1672 in Duxbury, Plymouth MA and d. betw 9 May and 8 Dec 1748 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. He m1) abt 1701 in Duxbury MA to Mercy Southworth, dau of Edward & Mary (Pabodie) Southworth. She was b abt 1684 in Duxbury MA and d. bef 15 Jan 1729; He m2) 15 Jan 1729 in Duxbury MA to Sarah Chandler, dau of Joseph & Martha (Hunt) Chandler.  She b. 25 Oct 1714 in Duxbury, Plymouth MA, and d. 28 Apr 1737 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co. MA
Children of Moses & Mercy (Southworth) Soule:
1. Isaac Soule, b. abt 1701 Duxbury MA
2. Cornelius Soule, b. abt 1703 Duxbury MA
3. +Barnabas Soule, b. 19 Dec 1705 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA
4. Ruth Soule, b. Sep 1708 Duxbury MA
5. Ichabod Soule, b. abt 1712 Duxbury MA
6. Alice Soule, b. abt 1715-1716
7. Gideon Soule, b. 15 Oct 1717
8. Deborah Soule, b. 1718
8. Jedediah Soule, b. abt 1720 Duxbury MA

Barnabas Soule, son of Moses & Mercy (Southworth) Soule, b. 19 Dec 1705 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA, and d. betw 8 Apr 1780 and 1789 in N. Yarmouth, Maine.  He m. abt 1737 in Salisbury, Essex MA to Jane Bradbury, dau of Jacob & Elizabeth (Stockman) Bradbury.  She was b. 4 Aug 1718 in Salisbury MA and d. 18 Apr 1761 in Yarmouth, Cumberland Co. Maine.
Children of Barnabas & Jane (Bradbury) Soule:
1. Moses Soule, b. 19 Feb 1738, Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA
2. +John Soule, b. 12 March 1739 in N. Yarmouth ME
3. Samuel Soule
4. Cornelius Soule, b. 28 June 1743 Yarmouth ME
5. Sarah Soule, b. 4 Sep 1745 Yarmouth ME
6. Elizabeth Soule, b. 28 Oct 1747 Yarmouth ME
7. Mercy Soule, b. 27 Nov 1749 Yarmouth ME
8. Samuel Soule II, b. 16 June 1752 Yarmouth ME
9. Jane Soule, b. 27 Sep 1755
10. Barnabas Soule, b. 25 May 1758 Yarmouth ME

Capt. John Soule, son of Barnabas & Jane (Bradbury) Soule, b. 12 March 1740 in N. Yarmouth, Cumberland Co. ME, and d. aft 17 Apr 1814, age 74; He was a Revolutionary War Soldier, and a sea captain; he m. 30 Nov 1763 in Freeport Maine to Elizabeth Mitchell, dau of Capt. Benjamin & Mehitable (Bragdon) Mitchell.  She b. 29 March 1747 in Yarmouth, Cumberland Co. ME and d. 26 Dec 1794 in Freeport, Cumberland Co. ME.
Children of John & Elizabeth (Mitchell) Soule:
1. Mehitable Soule, b. 12 Apr 1764
2. Dorcas Soule, b. 11 March 1766
3. Cornelius Soule, b. 1 March 1768
4. +Benjamin Soule, b. 15 April 1770 in N. Yarmouth ME
5. John Soule, b. 13 Aug 1772
6. Elizabeth Soule, b. abt 14 May 1775
7. Bradbury Soule, d. 27 Sep 1801
8. Joanna Soule
9. Rufus Soule, b. 1785, d. 22 Sep 1867, age 82
10. Joseph Soule, b. 1788, d. 7 Jan 1860, age 72
11. Barnabas Soule, d. 7 Feb 1810

Benjamin Soule, son of John & Elizabeth (Mitchell) Soule, was b. 15 Apr 1770 in N. Yarmouth, Cumberland Co. ME; died 21 Dec 1836 in Pownal, Cumberland Co. ME.  He m. 14 Oct 1791 in N. Yarmouth, ME to Eunice Frost, daughter of Phineas & Margaret (Gerrish) Frost.  She b. 21 Apr 1773 in Freeport, Cumberland Co. ME, and d. 9 March 1853 in Pownal, Cumberland Co., Maine.
Children of Benjamin & Eunice (Frost) Soule:
1. John Soule, b. 6 May 1792 in N. Yarmouth, Cumberland Co. Me
2. Phineas Soule, b. 21 March 1794 ” ”
3. + Benjamin Soule, b. 4 Jan 1796 ” ”
4. Alfred Soule, b. 15 Feb 1798 in Freeport ME
5. Dennison Soule, b. 15 May 1800
6. William Soule, b. 6 May 1802
7. Louisa Soule, b 12 Apr 1804
8. Rufus Soule, b. 27 May 1806
9. Washington Soule, b. 24 Jan 1809
10. James Soule, b. 20 Nov 1811
11. Eunice Soule, b. 20 Nov 1811
12. Horace Source, b. 17 Jan 1814
13. Augusta Soule, b. 1 Oct 1816
14. George Nelson Soule, b. 12 March 1820

Benjamin Soule, son of Benjamin and Eunice (Frost) Soule, b. 4 Jan 1796 in N. Yarmouth, Cumberland Co. Maine and d. 11 July 1866 in Pownal Maine; he m. 8 Oct 1822 to Joanna York. She was b. abt 1803 in Pownal, Maine, and died by 14 Jan 1891 . Benjamin was drafted Sept 6, 1814 when but 18 years of age, at Pownal, Maine under Capt. Daniel Mitchell and Co. Joseph Foxcroft’s regiment in the Massachusetts Militia.  He was discharged April 24, 1815.  Soldier died July 11, 1866.  Widow applied for pension March 27, 1878. Claim admitted.  Bounty land warrant (160 acres) No. 22,361 issued 1856. Her age then was 75 years. Residence, Cumberland Me.  Records shows that she was married to Benjamin Soule Jr. Oct 8, 1822 in Falmouth Me by William Miltimore; the intention recorded Sept 14, 1822.  Her death reported at the Pension Office Jan 14, 1891.
[Draft info from: The Soules of Pownal, Maine, Ridlon, G. T. Date of Publication: 1926; p 308-309]
Children of Benjamin & Joanna (York) Soule:
1. Sarah Ann Soule, b. 5 June 1823 Maine
2. Benjamin Soule, b. 23 Sep 1825 in Maine; d. 20 Feb 1893 in Bath Maine
3. Eunice Soule, b. 23 Sep 1825 Maine
4. +Elbridge G. Soule, b. 16 June 1827 Pownal ME
5. Joanna Soule, b. 31 May 1832 Maine
6. Elizabeth Soule, b. 30 May 1835 Maine

Elbridge G. Soule, son of Benjamin & Joanna (York) Soule, was b. 16 June 1827 in Pownal, Cumberland Co. Maine, and d. 24 May 1898 in Bath, Sagadahoc Co. Maine. He is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine. He married Louisa/Louise D.M. Hall, dau of Martin & Jane (Denham) Hall.  She b 26 May 1824 in Bowdoin Maine, and d. 30 April 1899 in Bath, Maine. [her father father b in Mansfield MA, her mother Bowdoin ME]. She is buried next to her husband.
1860 US Census > Maine > Sagadahoc > Bath
Elbridge Soule 33
Louisa D. Soule 36
William Soule 2
Mary J. Cunningham 18
1870 US Census > Maine > Sagadahoc > Bath
Elbridge Soule 43 Ship Joiner 2000 1000 ME
Louisa D. Soule 46 Keeping House ME
Olive M. Colby 18 domestic ME
Ella G. Soule 9 ME
Bertha L. Soule 7 ME
Children of Elbridge G. & Louisa D. M. (Hall) Soule:
1. +William A. Soule, b. Nov 1859 in Maine
2. Ella G. Soule, b. abt 1861 Maine; she m. at Bath, Maine [registered in Boston MA] 6 Aug 1885 to Frederick E. Chapman, son of Job & Elisabeth Chapman
3. Bertha L. Soule, b abt 1863 Maine

William A. Soule, son of Elbridge G. and Louisa D. (Hall) Soule was b. Nov 1859 in Freeport, Cumberland CO. Maine; he m. 29 June 1887 in Harpswell, Cumberland Co. ME to Estella “Stella” Curtis, dau of Thomas & Abbey R. (Stone) Curtis. she was b. April 1867 in Harpswell, Cumberland Co. Maine, and d. 28 Oct 1901 in Topsham, Sagadahoc, Maine.  He married 2nd) 30 June 1902 in Topsham ME to Julia F. Staples. She was b. abt 1874 in Bowdoinham, Maine. It was a 2nd marriage for both.  Their marriage cert. states he is a painter and she is a waitress. They resided in Topsham, Maine
1880 US Census > Maine > Sagadahoc > Topsham
Staples Horatio W M 68 Farmer ME
Staples, Rachel W F 70 wife keeping house ME
Soule, William W M 20 Farm Laborer ME
1900 US Census > Maine > Sagadahoc > Topsham
William A. Soule Nov 1859 Maine motorman electr RR
Estelle Soul April 1867 Maine wife
Florence M. Soul Oct 1887 dau Maine
Zephy E. Soule, Aug 1892 dau Maine
Gertrude M. Soule Aug 1894 dau Maine
Cora M. Soule March 1899 Maine dau
Emma G. Powers May 1866 Maine boarder
Children of William A. & Estelle (Curtis) Soule:
1. Florence M. Soule, b. Oct 1887 Topsham ME; d 11 Dec 1984 in Brunswick, Cumberland Co. ME; m. Harry Linwood Crooker
2. Zephy Emma Soule, b. 17 Aug 1892 Topsham ME
3. +Gertrude May Soule was b. 19 Aug 1894 in Topsham, Sagadahoc Co. Maine.  She died in June 1988 at Canterbury NH.
4. Cora May Soule, b. 22 March 1899 Maine

===Genealogy of Bertha Lindsay===

Unknown Lindsay m. — —–
Compiler’s note: There are several Lindsay/Lindsey/Linsy families that could have been the origin of this one.  There was a James and John Lindsay in Dover NH; a James and David Lindsay in Londonderry NH; and several Lindsay families in both Maine and in Massachusetts.   I will add to this genealogy as new information is discovered.
The Lindsay family are descendants of the Lindsay Clan of Scotland in the time of Robert Bruce (14th and 15th Centuries). Probably all of the name in the United States came from this Clan.  Seven brothers emigrated to America, one having been thrown from his horse and killed as he was about to sail. The story of the family is interesting but it cannot be produced here.  At least three of the brothers came to New England, and the Lincoln families are descended of the one that settle in Wakefield, N.H.  One went to Leeds, Me., and later sent a branch to Carroll, Me.
History of Penobscot County, ME, by Chase Williams & Co., Cleveland Ohio, 1882; page 284
James Linsays (sic) came from Dover, NH and made a clearing, and built a place where now A.J. Heald has a first-rate farm and farm buildings, almost opposite Lincoln Centre, about 1825. James Lindsay above referred to, first built a hotel, and with John and George Lindsay also traded very near to where Lovitt’s house now stands, nearly opposite to Lincoln Center.  The Lindsay first went to what is known as the Webber mill on the Cambelasse Stream in the upper part of Lincoln, building a dam and starting a mill there, but sold out to Mr. Bemis, and went over to Chester.  The mill property has since worked up a large amount of lumber in a very good timbered region, enriching the owners. //In 1831 Dr. Thomas Lindsay, a brother of John, George, and James, came to Chester township with his son Thomas, also a physician, and engaged in the practice of medicine. Here they remained some three or four years or more. The young man died soon after, and the old doctor removed to Lincoln below the village.  Here he died some time since. None of his descendants live in Chester, though a few are still living in Lincoln.  These have been the only doctors living in Chester.//Organization of Chester Maine.  On Feb 26, 1834 an act of incorporation of Chester was passed by the Legislature… on March 29, 1834 the inhabitants of Township 1, Range 8 met … officers chosen were: John M. Lindsay, Clerk; John M. Lindsay Selectman [and others].
Children of — and ? (?) Lindsay:
1. John Lindsay
2. George Lindsay
3. James Lindsay
4. +Thomas Lindsay, b. abt 1760, d. 10 Dec 1840 in Chester or Lincoln, Penobscot Co. ME


Thomas Lindsay of Wakefield N.H  He was b. abt 1760 and d. 10 Dec 1840 at Chester, Penobscot Co., Maine, aged 80 years; He m. 1) 1787 to Polly Nudd of Wakefield NH ; m2) 3 Nov 1821 in Wakefield NH to Mrs. Elizabeth Clark.  Was a physician, was town clerk of Wakefield NH from 1796 to 1800.  Removed from Wakefield to Lincoln Maine in 1832. He had a long and successful practice.  *Reportedly the grandfather of Albert Lindsay below*
Memorial of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the First Church, and Ordination of the First Settled Town Minister of Wakefield, N.H.; page 28; “The doctors,–Thomas Lindsey, who, before this century begun, wasn’t always so successful with his minister’s tax-list as in his practice and his son, Thomas, Jr..
Children of Thomas & Polly (Nudd) Lindsay:
1. child, d. 19 Nov 1788 Wakefield, Carroll Co. NH
1. child, d. 5 Dec 1789 Wakefield,NH
1. John M. Lindsay, b. 26 March 1791 Wakefield NH [or Lincoln, Penobscot Maine]; pension records, enlisted Nov 1, 1849, private; Union Army, 1st NH Heavy Artillery, 1st Regiment. He is found in Township 1, Maine [in 1834 became Chester] in 1830. A Thomas Lindsay is also in that census.
2. +James Lindsay, b. 3 Aug 1793 in Wakefield NH
3. Mary Lindsay, b. 7 June 1796 Wakefield NH [or Lincoln, Penobscot ME]
4. +George Lindsay, b. 14 June 1798 Wakefield NH [or Lincoln, Penobscot, ME]
5. +Thomas Lindsay, Jr. b. 7 Oct 1801 Wakefield NH [or Lincoln, Penobscot ME]


James F. Lindsay, son of Thomas & Polly (Nudd) Lindsay, b. 3 Aug 1793 in Wakefield, Carroll Co. NH; d. 3 March 1855; m. 29 Jan 1824 in Wakefield NH to Elizabeth “Elisa” Thurston Purington aka Eliza Thurstin. She was b. 16 June 1804  and d. 29 Sep 1865. He made a clearing in Chester NH where he owned the A.J. Heald Farm.
1850 US Census > Maine, Penobscot > Chester
James Lindsey 56 NH farmer
Eliza T. Lindsey 46 NH
John M. Lindsey 13 Maine [b 1837 ME]
Henry H. Lindsey M 9 Maine [b 1841 ME]
Daniel W. Lindsey M 11 Maine [b 1839 ME]
Lucy D. Lindsey F 16 Maine [b 1834 ME]
Children of James & Elizabeth (Thurston-Purington) Lindsay:
1. Mary Foster Lindsay, b. 13 July 1824 Maine, d. 25 Apr 1850
2. James Purington Lindsay, b. 2 March 1826 in Wakefield NH [Chester, Penobscot Co. ME]; d. in Minnesota Jan 1862.
3. William Clark Lindsay, b. 9 Jan 1828 Chester Maine; d. 28 Oct 1845
4. Eliza/Elisa Ann Lindsay, b. 2 March 1830 Maine; m. John L. Hasey
5. Sarah Mariah “Sally” Lindsay, b. 16 Jan 1832 Maine; d. 13 March 1894
6. Lucy Dearborn Lindsay, b. 28 Jan 1834 Maine; d. 11 Oct 1891
7. John Manning Lindsay, b. 22 Sep 1836 Chester, Maine; d. Georgetown, D.C. 28 Apr 1865
8. Daniel Webster Lindsay, b. 20 Dec 1838; d. 8 Dec 1888
9. +Henry Harrison Lindsay, b. 19 July 1841; d. 5 March 1901; m. Lucy B. Ramsdell
10. Daniel W. Lindsay, b. 1839 Maine

George Lindsay, son of James & Elizabeth (Thurston) Lindsay, b. 14 June 1798 in Wakefield NH; d. 20 March 1872, age 72 yrs 10 mo in Lincoln NH; he m. 13 Oct 1832 to Ruth Hanscom Thurlow, dau of John & Mary Thurlow of Brunswick ME.  She was b. 6 March 1801 at Bowdoin ME, and d. 14 July 1872 in Lincoln NH.  George Lindsay was a farmer in Lincoln many years from 1840 and perhaps earlier.
Children of George & Ruth H. (Thurlow) Lindsay:
1. George Washington Lindsay, b. 2 July 1834; m. 4 June 1856 Martha L. Woodbury
2. Stockbridge Ferrin Woodbury, b. 11 Sep 1835; m. 12 Nov 1874 Sarah M. Heald, dau of A.J. Heald
3. Mary Elisabeth Lindsay, m. 24 March 1845 to Ira Hammond.
4. Julia Maria Lindsay, m. 5 March 1863 Edwin B. Hammond
5. Thomas Lindsay
6. Angelia Merrill Lindsay, m. — McClure

Thomas Lindsay, son of James & Elizabeth (Thurston) Lindsay, b. 7 Oct 1801 in wakefield NH, d. 8 March 1864 in Lincoln NH; m. 23 Sep 1833 in Wakefield NH [record shows Lincoln Maine] to Mary Jerusha Flint Sawyer of Wakefield NH; she d. Lincoln NH 29 Nov 1894.  Dr. Lindsay practiced medicine in Wakefield some years, and was Town Clerk from 9 March 1830 to 13 March 1832.  He went to Lincoln in the last named year and continued in practice there to the time of his death. Dr. Lindsay was school committee of Lincoln fifteen years in all between 1833 and 1857.  They had no children; Ruth was an adopted daughter.  He was listed in the 1823 catalog of Harvard University
Lincoln Maine records: Thomas LINDSAY —
1. Thomas J (Dr) of Lincoln & Mary I F Sawyer of Wakefield N H int 9 June 1833    1833    Intention
2. Thomas LINDSAY — Thomas Dr Mar 3 1864 ae 62 yrs    1864, Death
1850 US Census > Maine > Penobscot > Lincoln
Thomas Lindsay 48 M Physician NH
Chary J F. Lindsay 42 F NH
Thomas Lindsay Jr. 8 M  Maine [b abt 1842]


Henry Harrison Lindsay, son of James & Elizabeth (Thurston-Purington) Lindsay, was b. 15 July 1841; d. 5 march 1901; m. 20 Nov 1869 to Lucy Bennock Ramsdell, dau of William & Betsey (Allen) Ramsdell. She was b 1 Sep 1842, and d. 26 Sep 1919. He and his wife are buried at West Broadway Cemetery in Lincoln, Penobscot County, Maine.
Children of Henry H. & Lucy B. (Ramsdell) Lindsay:
1. Angie May Lindsay, b. 24 June 1870 Lincoln NH
2. +Preston Herbert Lindsay, b. 14 Apr 1872 Lincoln NH
3. Roscoe Harry Lindsay, b. 7 March 1874 Lincoln NH
4. Charles Stedman Lindsay, b. 25 Nov 1875 Lincoln NH; d. 14 Feb 1924; m. Frances Derry
5. Florence Pratt Lindsay, b. 2 Feb 1877 Lincoln NH
6. James C. Lindsay, b. 12 Oct 1882; d. 16 Sep 1883

**Note: Father unknown, but stated he was the grandson of Dr. Thomas Lindsay [Sr.]**
Albert Lindsay, b. July 1822 in Wakefield NH, and d. 13 Dec 1886 in Laconia NH age 64 yr 5 months.; m. 8 Aug 1843 in Newburyport MA to Elizabeth “Eliza” F. Somerby, dau of Samuel & Elizabeth (Swasey) Somerby [and niece of Dr. G.W. Swasey]She b. abt 1815 in Newburyport MA, and d. 22 March 1885 in Laconia NH. [Her father b. Newburyport MA and her mother b. Exeter NH] His occupation teamster according to son’s birth record.  Resided Roxbury, MA. At the time of his marriage he was “of Somersworth NH.”  He served during the Civil War, 9th NH Infantry, 9th Regiement, Union army. He was a physician.  The General Catalogue of Bowdoin College 1794-1916 shows him in the Class of 1851, residing in 1850 in Roxbury MA. He was on his own at age 15 becoming a cabinet maker before he went to school to become a physician. In 1846 he studied homeopathic system of medicine, afterwards moving to Springfield MA entering the office of his uncle, Dr. G.W. Swazy (uncle of his wife). He graduated in 1851 from the Homeopathic Medical College of Philadelphia, then returned to Massachusetts, where he was one of the original charter members of the Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society. Following he moved to both Laconia, and Nashua NH.
BIOGRAPHY of Albert Lindsey from Cleave’s Biographical Cyclopædia ofHomœopathic Physicians and Surgeons, by Egbert Cleave.  This same biography was reprinted in several locating and states his birth place, and that his grandfather was Dr. Thomas Lindsay [it would have to be SENIOR]. He states that when he was ten years of age the parents of Albert Lindsey removed to Lincoln and Chester, in the eastern part of Maine, then a new country.
1850 US Census > MA > Norfolk > Roxbury
— Linsey 37 M Physician MA [first name blank]
Mary Linsey 33 F MA
Winslow Linsey 8 M MA
Lowell Linsey 5 M MA
1860 US Census > NH > Belknap > Gilford
Albert Lindsay 36 physician 2000/300 NH
Elizabeth Lindsay 40
Winslow F. Lindsay 13 MA
Lloyd E. Lindsay 10
1870 US Census > NH > Belknap > Gilford
Albert Lindsay M 47 NH physician 4000/7000 NH
Elizabeth F. Lindsay 50 NH Keeping House
Lloyd E. Lindsay, b Dec 1848 in MA machinist
Mary Herbert F 73 y NH
NH Register of 1873 shows Albert Lindsay as Physician in Gilford NH.
1880 US Census > NH < Belknap > Laconia
Albert Lindsey
Elizabeth Lindsey
Children of Albert & Elizabeth F.(Somerby) Lindsay:
1. +Winslow Metcalf Lindsay, b. 10 Oct 1847 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co. MA
2. +Lloyd E. “Lowell” Lindsay, b. 20 Dec 1848 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co. MA


Preston Herbert Lindsay, son of Henry H. & Lucy B. (Ramsdell) Lindsay, was b. 14 Apr 1872 in Lincoln. He m1) 28 Sep 1904 to Edna May Haynes. She d. 29 Sep 1917.  he m2) 23 Nov 1921 Edith Smith
Children of Preston H. & Edna M. (Haynes) Lindsay:
1. Vernon Haynes Lindsay, b. 14 Aug 1907
2. Earl Gartland Lindsay, b. 5 Apr 1911
Child of Preston H. & Edith (Smith) Lindsay
3. Edwina Lindsay, b. 16 March 1924

Winslow Metcalf Lindsay, son of Albert & Elizabeth (Somerby) Lindsay, b. 10 Oct 1847 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co. MA, he d. 1 Feb 1892 at New Utecht, Kings Co. NY.  [Obituary in New York Herald read: “On Monday February 1, Winslow M. Lindsay, beloved husband of Emma L. Lindsay. Relatives and friends, also members of U.S. Grant Post 317 G.A.R, and Knickerbocker Council 572 B.A. are invited to attend the funeral services on Thursday, February 2, half-past seven P.M. at his residence 85th st. and 22d av., Bensonhurst, L.I. Internment Laconia N.H.]. Following Probate was filed; he m. 1) 10 Jan 1871 at Castleton NY/Manhattan NY to Josephine Maria Mansfield, dau of Elisha & Mary (Keyes) Mansfield. ; He married after 1890 to Emma L. –; He served in the civil War, 1st NH, Co G, Sargent pension 16 Jan 1893, widow 29 Feb 1892 filing from NY.  His will indicates his widow Emma L. Lindsay and 2 sons Albert W. and Clarence M. Resided Bensonhurst, Long Island, NY. In 1889-1890 he is living at 317 State Street, Brooklyn NY, working for U.S. Treasury.
1880 US Census > NY > King > Brooklyn
Winslow M. Lindsay 33 widow Door keeper NH Maine
Albert W. Lindsay 6 NY
Clarence W. Lindsay 3 NY
Edith F. Lindsay 0 NY
Hattie Maxfield sister in law 36 Maine
Emily Somerby aunt 54 NH
1900 US Census > NY > Kings > Brooklyn
Talmage George A Head W M Sept 1851 48 m 22 yrs. Eng Eng Eng imm 1851 naturalized Foreman
Talmage Virginia wife W F Feb 1857 43 married 22 yrs 2 ch 1 living NY Eng NY
Talmage, Arthur E. son W M July 1882 17 single NY Eng NY electrician
Lindsay, Albert W. son in law W M Nov 1872 27 widow NY NY NY sub clerk, treasury
Children of Winslow M. & Josephine M (Mansfield) Lindsay:
1. Albert W. Lindsay, b abt 1874 NY; he m. — Talmage, daughter of George A. & Virginia (Emery) Talmage, who died before 1900.  He died 9 Dec 1902 in New York, NY, age 29.
2. Clarence M. Lindsay, b. abt 1877 NY
3. Edith Alace Lindsay, b. 20 Sep 1879 Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY

Lloyd E.”Lowell” Lindsay, son of Albert & Elizabeth (Somerby) Lindsay was b. 20 Dec 1848 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co MA, and d. 13 Sep 1902 in Holderness, Grafton Co. NH. He m. abt 1872 to Abigail H. “Abbie” Smith.
1900 US Census > MA > Worcester > Sterling
Lloyd E. Lindsay 51 dec 1848 married 28 yrs MA NH MA insurance agent
Abigail H. Lindsay 46 March 1854 NH 9 ch 7 living
Winthrop E. Lindsay 22 June 1877 22 single NH artist
Mary M. Lindsay 20 Oct 1879 20 single NH
Winslow M. Lindsay 13 son Sep 1886 single NH
Lloyd E. Lindsay Jr. son W M Aug 1889 10 single NH
Albert M. Lindsay 7 Aug 1889 NH
Goldie I.R. Lindsay 2 July 1897 2 MA
Children of Lloyd E. & Abigail H. (Smith) Lindsay:
+ 1.Everest Folsom Lindsay, b. 20 Sep 1872
2. Winthrop E. Lindsay, b. June 1877 NH; artist
3. Mary M. Lindsay, b. Oct 1879 NH; m. 19 Dec 1902 in Everett MA to Bert Albert Tyler, son of George B. & Julia A. (Brown) Tyler.  He b. abt 1871 in Geneva NY.
4. Winslow M. Lindsay b 1 Sep 1886 NH; d. 9 Jan 1903 in New Hampton, Belknap Co. NH, age 16 yrs 4 mo, 9 days, single of heart disease.
5. Lloyd E. Lindsay Jr. b Aug 1889 NH
6. Albert M. Lindsay b Aug 1889 NH
+ 7. Goldie I.R. Lindsay b 2 July 1897 MA.


1.Everest Folsom Lindsay, son of Lloyd E. & Abigail (Smith) Lindsay, b. 20 Sep 1872 in Anoka MN; He m1) 9 Aug 1892 in Warren NH to Inez Gertrude Eldrich/Aldrich, dau of Nathan Eldrich. She b. 1874 in Laconia NH; they divorced He m2) 31 May 1900 in Meredith NH to Carrie G. (Keyes)Stomley, a widow. She b. abt 1873 in Quincy NH(?), dau of J.C. & A.E. (Willoughby) Keyes. She died. ; He m3) 4 Nov 1910 in MA to Mrs. Amy R. (Smith) Blake, dau of Frank J. & Mattie (Gilman) Smith. She was b. in Plymouth MA; Occupation: Carpenter, and later Painter.
Children of Everest F. & Inez G. (Aldrich) Lindsay:
1. Lewis Everest Lindsay, b 16 Feb 1894 and d. 16 March 1894 in Laconia NH.
2. Holman Lindsay, b. 20 July 1898 in Laconia NH
Child of Everest F. & Amy R. (Smith) Lindsay
3. Lloyd Everest Lindsay, b. 5 Sep 1916 in NH, and d. September 1983 in Merrimack NH; m. 12 May 1939 in Peterborough NH to Dorothy Ida Patenaude, dau of Edward & Ida M. (Bragg) Patenaude.

Goldie I.R. “Bertha” Lindsay, dau of Lloyd E. & Abigail H. (Smith) Lindsay b 28 July 1897 in Braintree MA and died d. 3 Oct 1990 at the Shaker village in Canterbury NH; the last surviving ‘eldress’ of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming, known as the Shaker Society.  In 1989 an article appeared in the Chicago Tribune. “In a controlled, musical voice, the eldress remembered the community’s earlier years. She was an orphan on that May morning in 1905 when she first cast eyes on Canterbury. The apple trees were in full blossom and the Shakers- about 95 women and five men-held a ‘song service’ out in the orchard, she recalled. Their village seemed ‘like such a lovely, peaceful place, and the sisters were so kind.’  At age 17, Bertha considered leaving. ‘I thought I wanted a home of my own. I love to keep house,’ she explained. But, by age 19, she had decided nothing in the world was so attractive that she wanted to leave. ‘The sisters had given me so much, I thought I should return their love,’ she said.
1910 US Census > NH > Merrimack Co. > Canterbury
Lindsay, Goldie R. F W 12 single MA MA NH
1920 US Census > NH > Merrimack Co. > Canterbury
Lindsey, Goldie/Goldier I F W 22 single MA MA NH seamstress
1930 US Census > NH > Merrimack Co. > Canterbury
[list of shakers]
Lindsay, Goldie I.R. F W 32 single MA MA NH Seamstress
1940 US Census > NH > Merrimack Co. > Canterbury
Shows she was age 43 (b abt 1897) b. Massachusetts, member of the Shaker Community, finished 8th grade.

The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God reel 2 A historical documentary.


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