December 7: National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

USS Arizona following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

2,403 United States citizens were killed in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor. This incident heralded the beginning of the U.S. entering WWII when war was declared on Japan the following day.

In 1994 the United States Congress designated today as one of remembrance for the lives lost.  Several New Hampshire men lost their lives in that attack. I have written articles about several of them.

–Hickam Field–
WW2 Day of Infamy Casualty at Hickam Field: Manchester NH’s Pvt. Maurice J. St. Germain (1921-1941)

WW2 Casualty of Hickam Field, near Pearl Harbor: Manchester NH’s Pvt Joseph Jedrysik (1917-1941)

Also see: Hickam Air Force Base

–U.S.S. Arizona–
Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Casualty: Manchester NH’s Sea1c Joseph S. Rozmus (1919-1941)

Warner New Hampshire’s Pearl Harbor Casualty: Ensign Edward Blanchard Cloues, USN (1917-1941)

–U.S.S. Oklahoma–
Navy Fireman 3rd Class Edwin Hopkins of Swanzey NH

–U.S.S. Utah–
Killed in Action on the USS Utah at Pearl Harbor: Sea1c David Lloyd Crossett (1917-1941)


VIDEO: The News Parade (Vintage) PEARL HARBOR

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