Nashua NH Composer, Piano Merchant and Civic Leader, William Law “Will” Nutting (1874-1925)

William L. "Will" Nutting

William L. “Will” Nutting

Before it was Darrell’s Music Hall, it was Paine Furniture Music Hall. Before that it was Nutting’s Music Store. And before that it was William L. Nutting Inc.

William Law Nutting was not born, nor did he die, in New Hampshire. But from a lowly piano tuner, he worked his way up until he was one of the leading retail merchants of pianos and “talking machines” in New England. For over twenty years he had a shop and warehouse in Nashua, New Hampshire. After his death, the company continued in his name for several years.

William L. Nutting liked to be called by the shortened name of “Will.” He composed music locally popular in his time, such as the “White Mountain March,” [listen here] and “Waltz Song: Angling.” He was very active in the local and regional music community, keeping up with the advancing technology by including “Victrolas” and other electronic music players, along with his strong base of pianos. His successors included other music instruments to the mix.

In 1906 Will Nutting had a piano shop and warehouse at 4 Temple Street in the Oddfellows Building, Nashua NH

In 1906 Will Nutting had a piano shop and warehouse at 4 Temple Street in the Oddfellows Building, Nashua NH

In 1897 he lived at 89 Thetford Avenue in Boston MA, but by 1899 Will and his family were residing in Hudson NH. In 1904 the NH Register lists him as selling pianos and organs in Nashua. Apparently the family moved back to Nashua, for in 1906 He had a piano ‘wareroom’ at 4 Temple Street “Nutting W L 4 Temple” and lived at 5 Locust Street.

He was a member of the Entertainment Committee of Nashua’s Board of Trade [page 183 The Nashua Directory of 1906]. He built up his business in Nashua, and was active professionally in the music industry, becoming President of the New England Music Trade Association. When he died he passed along the company to his daughter, who in turn passed it to her son.

1969 advertisement in Nashua Telegraph for Nuttings Music Hall on Main Street

1969 advertisement in Nashua Telegraph for Nuttings Music Hall at 75 Main Street.

Will Nutting’s daughter, Blanche D. Nutting married Jason F. Bickford. In 1976 their son, Robert N. Bickford, was President of Nutting’s Music Store, at 75 Main Street in Nashua NH.  Darrell’s music store took over in 1969 [as Paine Furniture Music Hall]  and became the premier piano and organ dealer.


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John Nutting of Groton MA

The Nutting Genealogy, Some Descendants of John Nutting of Groton MA (1908)

[please see notes under William L. Nutting listing regarding possible adoption]

Editor’s Note: Since I started writing this story on Will Nutting, a series of photographs appeared on Ebay of the Nutting – Hood – and Elliott families of Southern New Hampshire, all related to each other, and to Will Nutting.  Although I bid on them all, I did not “win” them all.  However, the seller/owner, Bonnie Nixon, who scanned these photographs (i.e. derivative works) has given me written permission to use them here.  [20 May 2015: “Sure take whatever scans you need for your blog. Thank you for all your purchases, I sincerely appreciate it. Bonnie.”]

John Nutting, the immigrant ancestor and Sarah Eggleston, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Jane (Bennett) Eggleston. She presumably came to New England with her parents in 1634 on the ship, ‘Castle.’ She married John Nutting, also of Kent, 28 August 1650 in Woburn, Massachusetts. According to the Genealogical and Family History of the State of NH, by Ezra S. Stearns, Vol 1: “John Nutting, who came to this country of Kent, England, was residing in Woburn, Massachusetts as early as 1650 and was one of the petitioners of the town of Chelmsford, whither he went int he spring of 1655. In 1661 he removed to Groton, MA, as one of its original proprietors, and his dwelling constituted one of the five garrison houses. He was killed in an attack upon the town March 13, 1676, by a band of Indians under the notorious John Monoco. After her husband’s death, Sarah returned to Woburn. She was the mother of seven children: John, James and Mary (who were baptized in Chelmsford), Deborah, Sarah, Ebenezer and Jonathan (who were baptized in Groton). [For more on the line of John-2, John-1 see here.  The writer/photographer, Wallace Nutting, is from this line].

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

Ebenezer (1666-?) & Lydia (?) Nutting
Ebenezer Nutting, b. July 1666 Groton MA, baptized 23 Oct 1666 Chelmsford MA, died c1722 in Medford, Middlesex Co. MA; settled at Cambridge MA, was first a blacksmith and later a “skillful Physician and surgeon.”. He married Lydia –, b abt 1666 of Chelmford MA, d. abt 1690-92 Groton, MA. Children included: Lydia, Jonathan, Sarah, Ebenezer, *James, Josiah, John, Benjamin and Mary

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

James Nutting, son of Ebenezer (grandson of John) born 31 Jan 1703-4 at Medford MA; living 30 Aug 1770. He married about 1728 to Mary Paige who was living 25 May 1741. He was a blacksmith by trade moving frequently. From 1729-1732 at Concord MA; 1734-35 at Hassanemesett, later called Grafton; in 1736-1741 at Westford MA. Various places until Concord 1729-32, Grafton 1735-1751, then Westford MA. 8 Nov 1796 John Nutting and Ebenezer Nutting, surviving sons of James Nutting, late of Pepperell declined administration on his estate, and 12 Nov 1796 Samuel Parker was appointed administrator. Bond $30,000 [page 22-23]
Children of James & Mary (Paige) Nutting:
1. Mary Nutting, b. 5 July 1729 Concord MA
2. James Nutting, b. 23 July 1732 Concord MA
3. John Nutting, b. abt 1736; m. Martha Blood
4. Sarah Nutting, b. abt 1738; m. Josiah Borden Jr.
5. Benjamin Nutting, b abt 1738; m. Sarah Varnum
6. + Ebenezer Nutting, b 17 July 1742 at Grafton MA; m. Sybil Stickney
7. Deborah Nutting, living 1774
8. possibly Samuel Nutting

There are two schools of thought on the origin of Ebenezer Nutter (below). One states he was the son of Ebenezer & Ruth (Shattuck) Nutting, born born November 24,1719. A second–that he was the son of James & Mary (Paige) Nutting. I tend toward the latter and present that version here. Those with varying beliefs are welcome to post their proofs in the comment section of this blog]

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

Ebenezer Nutting (James, Ebenezer, John), b. 17 July 1742 at Grafton MA; died December 1822, aged 84 at Groton MA; He m. 31 Jan 1765 to Sybil (Farnsworth) Stickney (marriage recorded at Harvard MA). She was the 2nd child of Phinehas & Azubah (Burt) Farnsworth b. 17 Sep 1736 at Harvard. She d. 1822 at Harvard MA. She married 1st) 20 Nov 1760 at Harvard MA to Moses Stickney who d in 1761. [She had one child by him, Peter Stickney]. She married Ebenezer Nutting as her 2nd husband and had 5 or more children by him. In March 1766, Groton cautioned against Sybil Nutting, wife of Ebenezer Nutting who came last from Harvard allowed. March 1774, Dunstable caution allowed against Ebenezer Nutting and his wife, and four children named Abijah, Phineas, Sarah, [Oliver] and his sister Deborah who came from Groton MA. This Ebenezer then lived in Harvard, Groton and Dunstable MA. [page 36-37, Genealogy of the first four generation etc.] They are buried in Groton MA.
Children of Ebenezer & Sybil (Farnsworth-Stickney) Nutting:
1. Abijah Nutting, b. 1766; m. 5 Feb 1789 in Shirley MA to Eunice Page; he lived and died at Groton, age 93; had 6 children: Abijah, Eunice, Elpheus, Levi, Lucinda, Hannibal
2. Phineas Nutting, b 1769 Groton MA, d 27 Nov 1842 in Groton MA, age 73; m. Sophia “Susey” Page. Resided Groton MA. Two children: Phineas Nutting Jr., and Simon Nutting.
3. Sarah Nutting, b. 11 Apr 1771 in Groton MA; d. 22 Oct 1852 in Shirley MA; m. Abel Sawtelle.
4. +Oliver Nutting, b 1768-1771; m. Naomi Blood
5. Lucy Nutting, b abt 1776 in Groton MA; d. 19 Feb 1846 in Acton MA; m. Solomon Smith Jr. Children: Lucy Smith, Solomon Smith Jr., William Smith, Anna Smith, Luke Smith.

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

Oliver Nutting, b 1768 Groton MA, baptized 16 June 1771, d. 8 February 1844 at Mason NH. [He died intestate a notice in the Farmer’s Cabinet of Amherst NH, 17 April 1845 by Charles Scripture] He married 21 October 1793 in NH to Naomi Blood, dau of Ebenezer & Sarah (Fisk) Blood. She was b. 13 May 1773 in Mason NH and d. 25 March 1872 in Mason NH. “He made his way from Groton to Mason, N.H. by blazed trees, and his log-cabin was one of the first in that region.”
SourceJohn Keep Nutting. Nutting genealogy. A record of some of the descendants of John Nutting, of Groton, Mass. [Oliver 1] [Oliver 2]
Children of Oliver & Naomi (Blood) Nutting (may be more):
1. Luther Nutting, b. 19 January 1794 in Mason NH, died 5 March 1873 in Mason NH; m. Ruth Adams. She b 14 July 1797 and d. 25 Sep 1896 stone mason in Mason NH. Had children: George, Moses Lewis, Edwin L. [see later], John I.A., Mary E. (Mrs. Elbridge Stanley of Fitchburg MA), Marshall H. (who m. Theresa Merrill and had 4 ch), Leander J., Ferdinand L., Romanzo L. (who m. Mattie Welch of Clinton MA). Luther’s son: Edwin L. Nutting, b abt 1824 NH; m. 26 Sep 1857 in Mason NH to Mary A. Annis. She b. 17 May 1837 Bethel Maine and d. 1 July 1931 in Greenville NH.
2. +Eli Nutting, b. 6 May 1796 in Mason NH; died 21 Jul 1870 in Mason NH. He married Lydia B. Nutting.
3. Abiel Abbott “Bile” “Bial” “Abial” Nutting, b abt 1800; died in 1866 [death cert shows it was reported for year ending March 31, 1866, age 61 yrs 5 months 14 days]. He married 7 May 1829 in Mason NH Lucinda Warren/Warrin.  Had children.
4. +Eben Nutting, b abt 1800-1802 NH, d. 9 Sep 1877 in Mason NH.
5. Phineas Nutting, b. abt 1803 NH, no more known.
6. Addison Elliot Nutting b abt 1811 in Mason NH; died 11 July 1890 in New Ipswich NH; m1) 23 Jan 1837 in Stoddard, Cheshire Co. NH to Mary C. Loveland; m2) — . Buried Mount Feake Cemetery, Waltham MA.
7. William Nutting, b abt 1806 NH

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

Eli Nutting, son of Oliver & Naomi (Blood) Nutting, b 6 May 1796 in Mason NH; d 21 July 1870 Mason NH; He married 9 May 1824 in Mason NH to Lydia B. Nutting of Mason NH. She was b abt 1801 in Salem MA. He was a stone mason. He built the stone arch bridge across the Souhegan River on Route 31 between Greenville and Wilton NH. The bridge was taken down about 1940.  [See 2nd photo on Ancestry].  They are buried in Pleasant Street Cemetery, Greenville NH [note there is some discrepancy as to the exact spot of his burial as two cemeteries claim him, in Mason and in Greenville NH].
1850 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester
James C. Hill M 37 Maine
Betsey Hill F 38 MA
Harriet M. Hill F 13 MA
James W. Hill M 5 NH
Betsey M. Hill F 3 NH
Edwin L. Nutting M 26 NH
Franklin E. Nutting M 25 NH
Samuel A. Hood M 21 NH
1850 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Mason
Eli Nutting 55
Lydia B. Nutting 49
Lucius J. Nutting 22
James P. Nutting 18
Martha A. Nutting 15
Augustus W. Nutting 10
Abby Kenny 9
1870 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Mason
Augustus W. Nutting 29
Eli Nutting 76
Lydia B. Nutting 69
James P. Nutting 39
Martha A. Nutting 35
Minnia A. Nutting 6
Children of Eli & Lydia B/R (Nutting) Nutting:
1. +*Franklin Eli “Frank” Nutting, b. July 1825 NHLucius Nutting
2. *Lucius J. Nutting, b 1827 NH, d. 21 Feb 1898 NH 1; postmaster Wilton NH 1890. Buried Laurel Hill Cemetery Wilton NH. He was a stone mason. He married Sarah A. “Abby” Caldwell.
3. +*James Philip Nutting, b. 3 Sep 1832 Mason NH; He m1) 30 Dec 1860 in Mason NH to Mary A. Philips. He married 2d) 15 May 1873 in Wilton NH to *Annette “Nettie” Elliott, dau of Freeman & Harriet (Scripture) Elliott. She b. 15 Oct 1850.
Augustus Nutting4. Martha A. Nutting, b abt 1835 NH, d. 6 Dec 1884 in Wilton NH, single
5. *Augustus W. Nutting, b 4 Aug 1840 Mason NH, d. 26 Aug 1908 Wilton NH; married. Mason. Two daughters, Grace G. (b 1876 d 1964 m. Eugene A. Rideout) and Sadie sadie nutting dau augustusNutting; he m. 13 March 1872 in Nashua NH to Emma C. (Wood) Eastman, dau of Nelson & Eliza Wood. She as b. 1842 and d. 1915. Buried Wilton NH Laurel Hill.




Eben Nutting, son of Oliver & Naomi (Blood) Nutting was b abt 1802 NH and d. 9 September 1877 in Mason NH; m. Martha S. Saunders/Sanders, daughter of John Sanders. She b abt 1800 in Townsend Mass, and died 11 Feb 1892 in Mason NH. In 1880 Martha is living with her son James M. in Mason NH. The Mason town history states Eben joined the Shakers.
1850 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Mason
Eben Nutting 48 M Farmer 800 NH
Martha Nutting 50 F Mass
Ruth A. Nutting 20 F NH
Hannah Nutting 17 F NH
Levi Nutting 15 M Farmer NH
Henry H Nutting 10 M NH
James M. Nutting 5 M NH
Children of Eben & Martha S. (Saunders) Nutting:
1. Ruth Ann Nutting b abt 1830 NH, d. 5 April 1853, age 23 in Candia NH
2. Hannah Jane Nutting b abt 1833 NH; m. 5 Sept 1853 in Fitchburg MA to Nelson Blake, son of Simon & Elvina (?) Blake. [MOTHER BETSEY]
3. +Levi Nutting, b 6 Jan 1834 Greenville NH
4. Henry Harrison Nutting b abt 1837-1840 NH. He m1) 2 May 1861 in Nashua NH to Sarah F. Fuller. He m2) 24 Sep 1862 in Nashua NH to Augusta M. Jaquith.
5. James M. Nutting b abt 1845 Mason NH; d. 20 Sep 1907 in W. Townsend MA; he married 11 February 1864 in Mason NH to Susan A. Lobdell, daughter of Thomas Lobdell; ? he also married Lizzie S. Cowdrey and had son Burtis Abbott Nutting b abt 1870, Ansen E. Nutting b abt 1871, Addie S. Nutting, b abt 1879 NH.

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

*Franklin Eli “Frank” Nutting, son of Eli & Lydia B/R (Nutting) Nutting, b. July 1825 franklin eli nuttingNH, d 18 Feb 1914 in Pittsfield MA; m. 22 Nov 1847 in Nashville (Nashua) NH to Sarah E.S. Hood. She was b. 1822 in Milford NH, and died 1891. They are buried in Pratt Cemetery, Mason NH
1860 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Mason
Franklin E. Nutting M 34 NH Farmer
Sarah Nutting F 35 NH
Frank E. Nutting M 10 NH
Georgeanna S. Nutting F 8 NH
Ida J. Nutting F 3 NH

Franklin Eli Nutting

Franklin Eli Nutting

Naomi B. Nutting F 87 NH
1900 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Brookline/Mason
Franklin E. Nutting Head M 75 NH
Elizabeth J. Hood sister-in-law F 76 NH [b. Aug 1824, widow]
Children of Franklin E. & Sarah (Hood) Nutting:
1. +*Edson Franklin “Frank E.” Nutting, b. 25 Sep 1849 Mason/Manchester NH
2. +*Georgia/Georgiana S. Nutting, b 12 Aug 1851 Mason NH; m1) Otis Elliott [SEE ELLIOTT GEN]. She m2d) 21 June 1900 in MA to Levi W. Robinson, son of Howland J. & Mary J. (Sharts) Robinson.
3. Samuel “Sammy” Nutting, b. 1855, d. 28 Aug 1857; buried Pratt Cemeteryida nutting 3
4. *Ida J. Nutting, b 31 July 1857, d. 21 Oct 1878 in Mason NH, age 21 of cerebro meningitis and fever. She was a corset maker, single

Hattie and Jennie Nutting

Hattie and Jennie Nutting

5. *Jennie A. Nutting, b. 8 June 1860 Mason NH; d. 25 March 1882, age 21 in Mason NH of consumption, single
6. *Hattie Nutting, b. abt 1862 Mason NH, d. 3 Sep 1883 in Nellie nutting 3Mason NH, age 21 of consumption, single
7. *Nellie Naomi Nutting, b. 31 Aug 1864 in Mason NH, d. 1880, age 16



james p nutting 2*James Philip Nutting, son of Eli & Lydia B. (?Nutting) Nutting, b. 3 Sep 1832 Mason NH; He m1) 30 Dec 1860 in Mason NH to Mary A. Philips. He married 2d) 15 May 1873 in Wilton NH to *Annette “Nettie” Elliott, dau of Freeman & Harriet (Scripture) Elliott. She b. 15 Oct 1850 in Mason NH and d. 11 Nov 1942 in Greenville NH.annette elliot nutting 2
Children of James P. & Mary A. (Philips) Nutting:
1. Minnie Hathaway Nutting, b. 20 June 1864 in Mason NH d. 23 Nov 1945 in Fitchburg MA; m. Charles F. Davis Child of James P. & Annette (Elliot) Nutting:
2. Harry Raymond Nutting, b 26 Nov 1890 in Greenville NH; d. 11 Nov 1945 in Greenville NH

Levi J. Nutting,  son of Eben & Martha (Saunders) Nutting, b 6 Jan 1834 in Greenville NH, and died 29 June 1912 in Nashua NH. He married 2 July 1855 in Nashua NH to Emeline Nancy Simonds, daughter of Moses & Susan (Blood) Simonds. She was b. 29 Apr 1835 in Dunstable MA [Nashua NH] and died 31 March 1910 in Nashua NH. Her father was of Groton MA a mason by trade, her mother from Dunstable MA. In 1910 Levi was living with his son William and family in Nashua NH. He was a farmer. The NH Farmer’s Registers of 1877 and 1880 shows that in that year he was a manufacturer of brooms.
1860 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua
Levi J. Nutting 27 Card Printer 500/100 NH
Emeline Nutting 25 House Keeper
Harrison Nutting 20 Machinist
1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Hollis
Levi J. Nutting M 45 NH Head farmer
Willie L. Nutting M 5 NH son
Emeline N. Nutting 45 NH wife
Nutting, Levi J house 12 Quincy Nashua New Hampshire 1881-82
1900 United States Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua > 6 Quincy Street
Levi J. Nutting Head W M Jan 1835 65 married 45 yrs NH NH NH Manufacturer Ext.
Emeline M. Nutting wife F Apr 1835 65 married 45 yrs 0 ch 0 living MA House keeper [*Note that the census taker indicates that she had no children and none living]
Child of Levi J. & Emeline N. (Simonds) Nutting:
1. +Will/Willie/William Law Nutting, b. 28 Nov 1874 Bridgewater MA

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

July 21, 1928 Presto-Times likeness of Will Nutting

July 21, 1928 Presto-Times likeness of Will Nutting

William Law “Will” Nutting, [possibly adopted son] of Levi J. & Emeline N. (Simonds) Nutting, b. 28 Nov 1874 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co. MA, and died 4 Dec 1925 in Boston MA. He married 16 October 1895 in Nashua NH to Myrtie Emma Downs, daughter of Edwin P. & Emma A. (Patterson) Downs. She was born 21 November 1876 in Milton/Farmington NH, and died 6 August 1967 in Nashua NH. At the time of their marriage Will was living in Boston MA, a piano tuner and Myrtie was residing in Nashua. In 1897 residing 89 Thetford Ave in Boston MA. In 1899 they were residing in Hudson NH. In 1904 the NH Register lists him as selling pianos and organs in Nashua. Apparently the family moved back to Nashua, for in 1906 He had a piano ‘wareroom’ at 4 Temple Street “Nutting W L 4 Temple” and lived at 5 Locust Street. He was a member of the Entertainment Committee of Nashua’s Board of Trade [page 183 The Nashua Directory of 1906]
World War I Draft Registration
Will Law Nutting
2 Columbia Ave Nashua, Hillsboro NH
age 43, birth date November 28th 1874
White, US Citizen
occupation: Merchant, self-employed
446 — (illegible)
wife: Mertie E. Nutting
medium height and build, blue eyes, light brown hair
signed September 12, 1918
1900 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua > 18 Railroad Square [multiple families]
Nutting, William L. Head W M Nov 1874 25 married 4 yrs MA NH NH Piano Dealer
Nutting, Myrtie E wife W F Nov 1876 23 married 4 yrs 2 ch 2 living NH NH NY
Nutting, Blanche D dau W F July 1897 2 single MA MA NH
Nutting, Gloria S. dau W F Sep 1899 8/12 single NH MA NH
1910 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua > 2 Columbia Avenue
William L. Nutting M 34 Massachusetts NH NH retail merchant, pianos
Mattie Nutting F 33 NH NY NY wife
Blanche Nutting F 12 MA daughter
Gloria Nutting F 10 MA daughter
Levi Nutting M 77 NH father widow NH NH NH
Lizzie Amssen F 76 MA widow aunt MA MA MA
——————William L Nutting article and photo
Music Trades (publication) Volune 64; Music Trades Corporation, 1922, page 7
BOSTON, Oct. 30.–William L. Nutting of Nashua, N.H. who was chosen president of the New England Music Trades Association at its annual meeting on Oct. 25, is one of the best known retail piano merchants in the East. For over twenty years he has conducted a piano and talking machine store in Nashua. Mr. Nutting handles the Knabe, the Ampico with the Knabe, the Hallet & Davis line and Victrolas. The meeting was held at the Engineers’ Club and was preceded by an enjoyable luncheon at which Melvin L. Morse of Roger Babson’s statistical organization was the principal speaker. Through the kindness of Irving Berlin, the Brock Sisters of the “Music Box Revue” at the Colonial Theatre gave several vocal and piano selections. Thirty-five members of the association were present. Roger S. Brown of the A.M. McPhail Piano company was chosen first vice-president with Harry L. Spencer of Kraft, Bates & Spencer, second vice-president. William F. Merrill was re-elected secretary-treasurer. Mr. Nutting will soon announce the appointments of committee for the ensuing year. [photo]
——————Nutting music store manchester NH
page 50 same source as above
What Co-Operative Advertising Accomplishes in New England by William L. Nutting, President, New England Music Trade Association. To my mind, an association is just what the word implies–a banding together of representative men in any line of endeavor for the express purpose of not only building up and strengthening the particular work or business in which they are engaged, but also the adoption of such policies in the conduct of their activities as will promote a better understanding on the part of those to whom they sell their product. Thus, in the New England Music Trade Association, whether as manufacturers or as dealers, we owe a service to the music loving people of these six States far greater than merely supplying and distributing pianos and phonographs. We fall far short of our task unless we promote, by every legitimate means, the gospel of good music and its great valuek, both educational and healthful, among our citizens. “Music in the home puts sunshine in the heart” is true in more ways than one. From now on, at this season of the year, men are working harder with less chance of recreation. What better relaxation for their tired minds and bodies than music in some form, preferably at home? Here is where our association, by means of co-operative advertising, can tell the people of New England the story of good music and how best to procure it. Then there is the social side of our organization. That must be recognized, as it tends to create the feeling of good fellowship, which is so essential to the harmony and success of our membership. Our noon luncheons help in this direction. A little later we expect to have a grand get-together of members from all over New England.
advertising info–see
Nashua Telegraph (Nashua NH) – 13 January 1951
25 Years Ago — January 13, 1926
Announcement made that the business of the late William L. Nutting was incorporated as the William L. Nutting Inc with Paul B. LeClaire as president and Jason F. Bickford as treasurer.
By 1947 this business, William L. Nutting Inc., had been expanded from 75 Main Street in Nashua to include stores at 1034 Elm Street in Manchester NH and also 22 Pleasant Street in Concord NH.
July 25, 1964, Nashua Telegraph Nashua NH
Miss Gloria S. Nutting of Columbia avenue died at the Memorial Hospital Friday afternoon. She was born in Hudson, daughter of William L. and Myrtie E. (Downs) Nutting. Miss Nutting has been a resident of this city for most of her life. She was a communicant of the Church of the Good Shepherd and a member of the Good Shepherd Guild. She received her early education at Mount Saint Mary’s in Hooksett and later attended Miss Morse’s School in Arlington, Mass. Members of her family include her mother, Mrs. William L. Nutting, one sisters, Mrs. Jason F. Bickford; one niece, Mrs. William H. (Sylvia) Webster, Danvers, Mass.; two nephews, William H. Bickford, Boston Mass and Robert N. Bickford, 39 Start Street; also four grandnieces and one grandnephew.
Nashua Telegraph, Nashua NH, 28 July 1964 Tuesday, page 2
“Funeral Service for Gloria S. Nutting … The bearers were a brother-in-law Jason F. Bickford and three nephews, Robert N. Bickford, William E. Bickford and William H. Webster. Internment was in the family lot in Edgewood Cemetery….”
Nashua Telegraph, Nashua NH, Monday, August 7, 1967
Mrs. Myrtie Downs Nutting, 90, widow of William L. Nutting, died Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jason F. Bickford, 42 Start st. She was born in Farmington, Nov 21, 1876 daughter of Edwin P and Emma (Patterson) Downs. She had been a resident of this city for the past 85 years. The family home was at 2 Columbia av for many years. She was a communicant of the Church of the Good Shepherd, a member of the Altar Guild, the Good Shepherd guild, the Kings Daughter’s Benevolent association, the Memorial Hospital auxiliary and an associate member of the Norwell Home. During World War I she was a member of the First Red Cross motor corps in Nashua. She was also active in many other phases of the Red Cross work. Survivors include her daughter, Mrs. Jason F. Bickford; three grandchildren, William E. Bickford of Salem; Robert N. Bickford of Nashua, and Mrs. Sylvia Bickford Webster of Danvers Mass; seven great-grandchildren; one cousin Mrs. Gladys Redlon of Rochester. The Davis funeral home is in charge of arrangements. [Burial at Edgewood Cemetery].
Children of Will L. & Myrtie Emma (Downs) Nutting:
1. Blanche D. Nutting b 1 July 1897 at Dorchester MA, recorded Boston, Suffolk, MA, and died Sep. 21, 1991, buried Edgewood Cemetery Nashua NH; She married 17 Nov 1923 in Nashua NH to Jason F. Bickford, son of George & Cora (Wenzel) Bickford. He was b. 28 Dec 1896 in Somerville MA, an engineer, and died 18 November 1974. Jason graduated from Tufts College. They had 2 sons, and a daughter: (1) Their son, Robert Nutting Bickford, graduated from Middlebury College. He married in 1959 at the First Congregational Church in Nashua NH to Cynthia Ann Martin, daughter of Charles R. Martin of Nashua NH. In 1976 Robert N. Bickford was President of Nutting’s Music Store, at 75 Main Street in Nashua NH. Darrell’s music store took over in 1969 [as Paine Furniture Music Hall] and has become the premier piano and organ dealer. (2) William E. Bickford, b. 20 Nov 1924 in Nashua NH and d. 18 August 2008; (3) Sylvia Bickford who m. — Webster, resides Sanbornton.
2. Gloria Simonds Nutting, b. 19 Sep 1899 Hudson NH, died July 1964 in Nashua NH (see obituary above). In 1940, age 38 living with mother in Nashua NH, single.

Edson Franklin Nutting*Edson Franklin Nutting, son of Franklin E. & Sarah S. (Hood) Nutting, b. 25 Sep 1849 in Mason [or Manchester], Hillsborough Co. NH. He was a brick mason. He married 1st) Catherine/Kate/Kathleen E. Elliott, daughter of Freeman & Harriette (Scripture) Elliott. She was b. in Mason NH, and died 27 July 1945 in Hudson NH. He married 2nd) 30 November 1895 in Mason NH to Iola/Viola E. (Russell) Wetherbee, daughter of Dr. Timothy & Sarah C. (Gray) Russell. She was divorced. She was born October 1862 in Elmore, Lamoille VT. In 1910 Edson & Viola were living in Fitchburg MA
1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough Co. > Peterborough
Edson F. Nutting Head M 30 NH
Catherine Nutting wife F 27 NH
Florence M. Nutting daughter F 5 NH
1910 US Census > MA > Worcester > Fitchburg
Edson F. Nutting Head M 60 NH
Iola E. Nutting wife F 47 Vermont
Doris I. Nutting daughter F 3 Massachusetts
Children of Edson F. & Catherine/Kate (Elliott) Nutting:florence madeline nutting 2
1. *+Florence Madelon Nutting, b 13 Sep 1874 in Greenville, Hillsborough Co. NH; She m1st) Alfred Luther Billings. She m2d) 21 June 1908 in Milford NH to Atwood R Burnham, son of Almos/Almus J. & Helen M. (Buswell) Burnham. [SEE BELOW]
2. Male Nutting, b. 27 July 1882 in Peterborough, NH; stillborn
Child of Edson F. & Iola E. (Russell) Nutting:
3. Doris Iola Nutting, b. 22 Feb 1907 Fitchburg MA. She m. 29 Nov 1933 in Troy NH to James F. Mahoney, son of Maurice E. & Margaret (O’Connor) Mahoney. He was b. abt Georgianna Sarah Elliott Nutting1904. ?m1) — Cuthbertson.


*Georgianna S. Nutting, daughter of Franklin & Sarah E.S. (Hood) Nutting, was b. abt 1853. She married 1st) *Otis Elliott [SEE ELLIOTT GENEALOGY BELOW]. She m2d) 21 June 1900 in MA to Levi W. Robinson, son of Howland J. & Mary J. (Sharts) Robinson.
Children of Otis & Georgia S. (Nutting) Elliott:
1. *Fred Clifton Elliott, born 29 Oct 1868 [SEE ELLIOTT GENEALOGY for his photo]

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

Nutting Florence*Florence Madelon Nutting, daughter of Edson F. & Catherine/Kate (Elliott) Nutting was b 13 Sep 1874 in Greenville, Hillsborough Co. NH; She m1st) 15 Sep 1892 in Fitchburg MA to Alfred Luther Billings, son of Austin & Harriet (Dickinson) Billings, as his 2nd wife. He was b. 22 Jan 1860 in So. Deerfield MA, and d. 23 Jan 1927 NY. He is buried in Brookside Cemetery, Deerfield MA. Shem2d) 21 June 1908 in Milford NH to Atwood Rockwood Burnham, son of Almos/Almus J. & Helen M. (Buswell) Burnham. [SEE BURNHAM GENEALOGY BELOW]. He was b. Dec 1879 in Milford NH, and died 20 Sep 1953 in Nashua NH.  Atwood and Florence are buried in Hillside Cemetery, Nashua NH.
Children of Alfred L. & Florence M. (Nutting) Billings:
1. Ruth Alice/Alys Billings, b. 18 June 1893 Fitchburg MA; m. 1 Jan 1914 in Milford NH to Ralph Garland Manning, son of Ruel Delano & Nellie (May) Manning. He was b. in Milford NH. In 1920 living in Nashua NH with 3 children. Ruth and Ralph divorced. She m2d, as his 2nd wife [he was also divorced]) 8 Sep 1925 in Nashua NH to William Bruce Menzies, son of Thomas D. & Isabel (Mungall) Menzies. He was b. 24 January 1889 in Manchester NH, and had married 1st) 21 Dec 1912 in Manchester NH to May Rankins, dau of Henry & Alice (Holden) Rankins. William married 3d) Zella Adams. Ruth (Billings) and William divorced. She married 3d) 15 April 1936 in Milford NH to William A. Savage, widower, son of Charles W. & Hattie M. (Peabody) Savage, as his 2nd wife. He was b. 1886 in Nashua NH. Ruth and William divorced. She married 4th) 7 Feb 1940 Bristol, Grafton Co. NH to Edgar Herman Robie. She is buried in Blair Cemetery, Campton NH Children of Ralph Gardner & Ruth Alice (Billings) Manning: (1) Donald Gardner Manning, b abt 1915 Manchester NH; in 1930 living with Manning grandparents in Amherst NH. He m. 30 Nov 1939 in Wilton NH to Mary Theresa Cullinan, dau of William F. & Katherine (Cooley) Cullinan (2) Alfred Delano Manning, b. 6 Sep 1916 Biddeford, York Co. Maine, d. 26 August 1999 Rockport, Aranus Co. TX. He m. 13 May 1944 in Wolfeboro NH to Sadie R. Bennett [info from findagrave]
3. Dorothy M. Manning, b abt 1919 Fitchburg MA; She m. 21 June 1936 in Milford NH to Ernest Frye, son of Frederick & Annie (Price) Frye. a stonecutter, He was b. in Wilkesbarre PA.

=====BURNHAM GENEALOGY (as it relates to NUTTING FAMILY=====
Almus J. Burnham, son of Stephen & Mary (Rockwood) Burnham b. July 1842 in New Boston NH, d. 13 Dec 1902 in Milford NH; He m. Helen M. “Nellie” Buswell (Nellie Shedd). She b. 31 Aug 1838 in Thomaston Maine and d. 4 March 1922 in Milford NH. He was a carpenter and mechanic.  Findagrave-buried West Street Cemetery, Milford NH
1900 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Milford
Almus J. Burnham Head M 58 NH July 1842 married 36 yrs NH NH MA carpenter
Helen M. Burnham wife F 62 Maine Aug 1838
Mary H. Austin daughter F 32 NH June 1865 m1x 0ch 0living
Frank A. Burnham son M 23 NH Jan 1877
Atwood R. Burnham son M 21 NH Dec 1879
Fred Austin son-in-law M 33 NH Jan 1867 m1x
May C. Reed servant F 27 MA Jan 1873 m7 yrs 0 ch MA NH unk
Gilbert Barteaux Boarder M 38 Canada May 1862 single Canada
Henry S. Goss Boarder M 75 NH 1820 (unknown month) widow
1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > New Boston
Almus J. Burnham 37
Hellen M. Burnham 41
Mary H. Burnham 12
Frank A. Burnham 3
Atwood R. Burnham 5 m
Mary R. Burnham 74
Lucy H. Wilson 80
burnhamChildren of Almus & Helen M. (Buswell) Burnham:
1. Mary Helen/Helen May Burnham, b. June 1865 Milford NH; m. 15 Feb 1899 to Fred Austin, son of Henry W. & Wealthy C. (Langdell) Ausin. He b. Jan 1867 NH. She m2) — Richardson. They divorced. She m3) 14 June 1925 in Milford NH to Augustus James Tracy, son of William James & Agnes May (Fitzgerald) Tracy. He was b 17 Oct 1894, and d. May 1969 in Nashua NH, a stone cutter.

Frank Almus Burnham

Frank Almus Burnham

2. *Frank Almus Burnham, b. 9 Jan 1877, d. 24 Sep 1962 Nashua NH. He is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Wilton NH. He m. Harriett May Shaw.
3. +Atwood R. Burnham, b. Dec 1879 [SEE NUTTING GENEALOGY ABOVE] He married Florence Madelon NUTTING.




======ELLIOTT GENEALOGY (as relates to NUTTING FAMILY)========

William Elliott Esquire & Emma —
Lieut Andrew Elliot & Mary Vivian of East Coker, Somerset England and Beverly MA
William Elliot & Mary Browne of England & Beverly MA
William Eliott & Anna Porter of Beverly MA

—unproven above but probable—

Elias Elliot & Ruth Lawrence of Pepperell MA [b 1707 Groton or Beverly MA, d. 28 Feb 1788; m. 18 Dec 1729 Groton MA] [buried Mason NH].

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——

Elias Elliot, son of Elias & Ruth (Lawrence) Elliott, b. 25 June 1750 in Pepperell, Middlsex Co. MA, d. 17 Nov 1838. He m. Sally Pierce, daughter of Ebenezer & Mary (Warren) Pierce. Resided in Mason NH. She b. 25 July 1751 in Pepperell MA, d. 31 May 1840 Mason NH. Buried Pratt Cemetery, Mason NH
Children of Elias & Sally (Pierce) Elliott:
1. +Elias Eliott, b. 2 Feb 1779 Mason NH
2. Lucy Eliott, b. 15 April 1781 [document stating 1731 is typo/error]
3. Joel Eliott, b. 18 July 1783 Mason NH
4. Nabby Eliott, b. 15 April 1786 Mason NH
5. Druscilla Eliott, b. 24 July 1788 Mason NH
6. Polly Eliott, b 25 July 1791 Mason NH
7. Patty Eliott, b. 11 Apr 1793 Mason NH
8. Dorcas Eliott, b. 23 January 1797 Mason NH

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——
Elias Elliott, Jr., son of Elias & Sally (Pierce) Eliot, b 2 Feb 1779 Mason NH, d –; m. 21 Feb 1804 in Mason NH to Rebecca “Beckey” Tufts.
Children of Elias & Rebecca (Tufts) Elliott:
1. Elias Dixon Eliott, b. 30 Nov 1804 Mason NH; he m. Mary A. Wright, had several children.
2. Lucy Elliott, b. 4 May 1807 Mason NH
3. Calvin Elliott, b. 8 Jan 1810 Mason NH
4. + Freeman Elliott, b. 12 Oct 1810 Mason NH
5. Joseph Elliott, b. 25 Oct 1815 Mason NH
6. Moses Francis Eliott, b. 25 Sep 1822 Mason NH

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——
Elliott freemanFreeman Elliott, son of Elias & Rebecca (Tufts) b. 12 Oct 1810 Mason NH [or 10 Oct 1812,   d 11 Aug 1899 Harriett Scripture ElliottW. Townsend MA ; He m. *Harriett B. Scripture, daughter of Charles & Prudence (Webber) Scripture. She b. 5 Dec 1821 in Mason NH, d 2 Sep 1895 in Greenville NH. He is buried in Greenville NH.
1860 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Mason
Freeman Elliott M 48 NH
Harriet B. Elliott F 38 NH
Otis C. Elliott M 12 NH
Annette Elliott F 9 NH
Kathreane E. Elliott F 7 NH
Waldo Elliott M 5 NH
Lizzie Elliott F 2 NH
Lizzie Allinson F 19 England
Children of Freeman & Harriett (Scripture) Elliott:
1. *+Otis C. Elliott, b. 3 July 1847; m. Georgianna Nutting
2. Kathleen/Kate/Catherine Elliott, b. Mason NH, d 27 July 1945 in Hudson NH. First wife of Edson Franklin Nutting. [SEE NUTTING GENEALOGY above]harry leslie Elliott2
3. *Annette “Nettie” Elliott, b. 15 Oct 1850; m. James P. Nutting, son of Eli & Lydia B. Nutting [SEE NUTTING GENEALOGY above]
4. Kathreane E. Elliott, b abt 1853 NH
5. Waldo Elliott, b. 14 Sep 1855 Mason NH
6. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Elliott, b. abt 1858 NH
7. *Harry Leslie Elliott, b. 12 Sep 1864, d. 1 June 1934
8. George H. Elliott, b abt 1860 NH, m as her 2nd husband) 11 June 1887 in Raymond NH to Orah H. Locke, dau of Stephen & Deborah Locke. She was b. in Epping NH 30 Nov 1854 and m1) 4 Jan 1882 in Lee NH to Frank L. Thompson.

otis elliott1——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——
*Otis C. Elliott, son of Freeman & Harriett (Scripture) Elliott was b. 3 July 1847. He m. *Georgianna Nutting, dau of Franklin E. & Sarah (Hood) Nutting [SEE NUTTING GENEALOGY above for a 2nd photograph of her].Georgianna nutting 2
fred c elliott 2Children of Otis C. & Georgianna (Nutting) Elliott:
1. *Fred Clifton Elliott, b. 29 Oct 1868 Mason NH; d. 18 Aug 1885, age 16 yrs 9 mo 17 days in Mason NH of meningitis.







Richard Hood & Mary Newhall

Nathaniel Hood & Joanna Dwinnell

Nathan Hood & Elizabeth Palmer

Joseph Hood & Dorcas Hovey

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——
Joseph Hood, son of Joseph & Dorcas (Hovey) Hood, bap 28 Nov 1769 in Amherst NH, d. 15 June 1855 Amherst NH. He m1) 12 March 1794 in Amherst NH to Eleanor Woodbury. He m2) March 1829 Dorothy Kirk of Deering NH dau of John and Abigail (Green) Kirk. He came from Topsfield MA and with his father in 1782 and lived in Milford NH and afterwards in Amherst.
Children of Joseph & Eleaor (Woodbury) Hood:
1. +Samuel Hood, b. 7 Oct 1794 in Milford NH; m. 27 Aug 1820 to Sarah Blanchard
2. Betsey Hood, b. 24 Apr 1796
3. Dorcas Hood, b. 13 Apr 1798; m1) Timothy Blanchard; m2) Luther Elliott
4. Eleanor Hood, b. 1 June 1800
5. Joseph Hood, b. 24 July 1801
6. Jeremiah Hood b. 13 Aug 1802, d. 18 Jan 1882 in Milford NH; m. 1830 Harriet E. Elkins; he was a copper lived in Billerica and Lowell MA. They had 10 children
7. Robert Hood, b. 14 Dec 1803; m. — Blood.
8. John Hood, b. 2 March 1805
9. Sarah Hood, b. 25 Jan 1807, d. 3 July 1869 Mont Vernon NH; m. 31 Jan 1844 Elisha Swinington of Mont Vernon.
10. Charles Hood, b. 14 Aug 1808; m. P. Elizabeth White
11. David Hood, b. 22 Jan 1810; m1) Mary Ann Gilchrist
12. Nancy Hood, b. 13 March 1812, d. 13 Dec 1889 in Nashua NH; m. 19 March 1843 J. Bowen Jones.
Children of Joseph & Dorothy (Kirk) Hood:
13. Daniel Hood, b. 23 Nov 1829; m. 4 Jan 1856 Mary Longley, dau of Emory and Jerusha (Hartshorn) Longley of Milford NH
14. Harriet Hood, b. 4 April 1831; m. Sanford George
15. Susan Hood b. March 23, 1833, d. Hill NH; m1) George Goodwin; m2) John Hunt of Hill NH.
16. Andrew J. Hood, b. 14 June 1835; m. Martha C. Straw, dau of David T. & Abigail H. (Cilley) Straw of Weare NH; Served in the union army during the Civil War form 1861-1865.
17. Stephen P. Hood, b. 15 Sep 1837; d. in Deering NH
18. Hiram Hood, b. 25 Oct 1839; went to see about 1838 and not heard from again.
19. Allen R. Hood, b. 8 April 1842; m. 28 May 1868 Ellen R. Keyes, dau of Horace W. & Sophia K. (Page) Keyes of Milford. Served from 1861-1865 during the Civil War.
20. Edward P. Hood, b. 29 April 1844; union army during the Civil War, afterwards enlisted in the regular army, and supposed to have been killed in the battle with the Indians, under General Custer. [per town history].
21. Eleanor Hood, b 24 Aug 1847; m. 20 Sep 1870 George Tenney, son of James & Emily (Adderway) Tenney of Goffstown; resided Goffstown NH
22. John J. Hood, b. 30 June 1850.

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——
Samuel Hood, son of Joseph Jr. & Eleanor (Woodbury) Hood was b. 7 Oct 1794 in Milford NH, d. 3 Sep 1873. He m1) 27 Aug 1820 to Sarah “Sally” Blanchard, dau of Phineas and Sarah (Stevens) Blanchard. and had 4 children . She was born 4 Sep 1799 in Milford NH and d.27 Aug 1849 in Mason NH. He m2nd) Esther Mooar and had 3 ch. Resided Milford NH. She is buried in Pleasant St Cemetery, Greenville NH. He was a farmer residing in the western part of the town of Milford NH.
Children of Samuel and Sarah (Blanchard) Hood:janes hood2
1. Ellen Hood, b 31 Dec 1820, d. 2 Feb 1875 in Milford NH; m. Spaulding Sawtelle of Pepperell MA and resided there. , had 3 children.
2. *Sarah E.S. Hood, b. 22 Oct 1822, d. 22 May 1891 in Mason NH; m. 22 Nov 1846 to Franklin Eli Nutting of Mason, resided there. [SEE NUTTING GENEALOGY above]
3. *Elizabeth Jane Hood, b 31 Aug 1824; m. 2 Jan 1850 Sidney Barrett, son of Levi & Sally (Elliot) Barret of Mason and res there.
4. *+Phineas Blanchard Hood, b. 2 June 1827, d. 1898 Milford NHPhineas Hood
5. Samuel A. Hood, b. 15 Aug 1829; was a baker residing in Manchester NH and d. there 21 June 1876. He m) 22 June 1854 Matilda J. Cox, dau of Leonard J. & Mary (Clark) Cox of Plymouth
Children of Samuel & Esther (Mooar) Hood:
6. Mary Ann Hood, b 1832; d. in Mason NH November 1849.
7. Sumner Hood, b. c 1835 NH, d. 6 Jan 1852 Temple NH, age 17 single, buried Temple NH
8. Hannah J. Hood, b abt 1837, d. 22 July 1865 in Pepperell MA, m. 21 March 1854 to John H. Kendall, son of Philip & Mary P. (Thompson) Kendall; resided in Pepperell MA

Phineas Hood and wife

Phineas Hood and first wife, Mary J. (Needham) Hood.

——N E X T    G E N E R A T I O N——
*Phineas Blanchard Hood, son of Samuel & Sarah “Sally” (Blanchard) Hood, was b. 2 June 1827 in Milford NH and d. 8 Sep 1898 in Milford NH. He m1) 12 Aug 1847 to *Mary J. Needham, dau of David & Melinda (Keyes) Needham. She was b. 4 July 1828 in Milford NH, and d. 10 Sep 1878 in Milford NH. He

m2d) 6 July 1879 in Somerville, Middlesex MA to Esther P. Mooar/Moore, widow of Charles N. Mooar of Milford daughter of William & Esther (Brown) Parr. She was b. 20 Nov 1837 in Nova Scotia, Canada He is buried in West St. Cemetery. Machinist.
[Part of this information from The History of Milford NH by George Allen Ramsdell & William P. Colburn, 1901, page 751-753]

Esther, 2nd wife of Phineas Hood.

Esther, 2nd wife of Phineas Hood.

1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Milford
Phineas B. Hood Self M 52 NH NH NH
Esther P. Hood other F 42 Nova Scotia NS NS [does not identify as wife]
Lura E. Hood daughter F 10 NH NH NH daughter
Elisabeth J. Hood sister F 55 NH NH NH sister
1900 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Milford
Hood Esther P. Head W F Nov 1837 62 Widow 0ch 0liv Can-E C-E C-E imm 1855 (45y)
Moody, Elsie L. neice W F Dec 1883 16 single C-E C-E C-E imm 1894 (6y)
Peirce William E Lodger W M Sept 1857 42 single NH MA MA Wooden Ware dealer
Children of Phineas & Mary J. (Needham) Hood:
1. Alice Janette Hood, b 23 March 1848 Milford NH, m. 24 Aug 1869 in Milford NH to Amos Emerson Dolbear, son of Samuel & Eliza Dolbar. 6 children. They resided in Somerville MA
2. Ella Melinda Hood, b. 30 April 1850 Milford NH; m1) 6 July 1893 to Rufus J. Culver of Meadville PA and resided there; She m2) Ivan Towsend
3. Ida Mary Hood, b 5 May 1863 and d. 25 Aug 1863 in Milford NH Lura hood daughter of Phineas Hood
4. *Lura Ethylene Hood, b 22 March 1870, d. 3 July 1947 Derry NH; m. 19 Oct 1889 to Elmer Clifford Clark, son of Preston and Sarah (Webber) Clark of Gloucester MA. They resided in Milford NH. She is buried Forest Hill Cemetery, E Derry NH

*Additional Sources*

Genealogy of the first four generations, Faribault, Minn, W.H. Nutting, 1927 [HeritageQuest]

Genealogy Bank [for most of the newspaper article info]

Nutting Family of New Ipswich NH [a separate and different family than shown here]

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