New Hampshire Newspaper: The Farmer’s Cabinet and the Boylston Family

That ancient, well-known newspaper known as “The Farmer’s Cabinet, was started by Joseph Cushing, who was editor and owner.  He and his newspaper succeeded “The Village Messenger,” on or about 11 Nov 1802.   Mr. Cushing continued its publication until 10 October 1809, when he needed funds (as he was involved in the failure of the Hillsborough Bank). He made a sales offer to Mr. Richard Boylston, then a journeyman printer in his office.

Richard Boylston

Richard paid off the cost of the newspaper within a few years, and continued the publication of “The Farmer’s Cabinet,” until 3 January 1840.

Richard’s son, Edward D. Boylston, then became associated with him in its management, and continued as associate editor until Edward’s moving to Manchester in April 1843, as he was involved in a newspaper there.  Richard again became senior editor with entire charge of the paper. In August 1848 his son Edward again became associated with him in its management, and 1 January 1851 became sole proprietor by purchase, the senior remaining associate editor until 1856. In January 1869, Albert A. Rotch, son-in-law of the editor, and a graduate from the office, became associate editor.

Richard’s great-great-great grandson, William B. Rotch, was [in 2007] Publisher Emeritus of the current-day newspaper, “The Cabinet,” that is a direct descendant of “The Farmer’s Cabinet,” New Hampshire’s newspaper, “The Cabinet.”

The Cabinet was purchased in 2013 by the Nashua Telegraph newspaper. Today (2018)  it known as The Cabinet Press. [Editor’s note: The Telegraph and its weekly papers were bought by Ogden Newspapers of Wheeling, West Virginia].

November 11, 2018 [or thereabouts] is the newspaper’s 216th birthday.




THOMAS-1 BOYLSTON, the immigrant ancestor was son of Edward & Anne (Bastian) Boylston,  – SEE Genealogical Gleanings in England and Great Migration 1634-1635, A-B. (Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.) page Vol 1 A-B page 371]. Thomas-1 Boylston was born in London in 1615 and “Thomas Boylston of Fenchurch street London” embarked for America in the ship, “Defiance,” in 1635. He settled in Watertown, MA, where he died about 1653, at the age of 38. He married Sarah –. In addition to the lands purchased of Gregory Stone, in 1642, he held 78 acres, granted by the town. When he died in  1653, his estate was administered by his widow, Sarah (the mother of his children) Oct. 4, 1653 and the estate was divided 1668. His widow m. (2) at Watertown Mar 12, 1654-5, John Chinery. She died Sept. 14, 1704 the widow of John Chinery.
Children of Thomas & Sarah (?) Boylston:
1. Elizabeth Boylston, b. 21 Sep 1640; m. prior to 1668, John Fisher, and had sons John Fisher and Daniel Fisher
2. Sarah Boylston, b. 30 Sep 1642; m. Thomas Smith, a butcher of Charlestown MA, and she died there 8 Aug 1711 (gravestone says aged 70)
3. +Thomas Boylston, b. 1644


THOMAS-2 BOYLSTON, (Thomas-1) was born in 1644 in Watertown MA. He settled in Muddy River, now Brookline MA, a farmer and physician (surgeon). He served in the King Philip war in 1675. He joined the church in Roxbury 7 July 1678. He married Mary Gardner, daughter of Thomas Gardner of Muddy River. She was born 9 Apr 1648 and d. 8 July 1722.
Children of Thomas & Mary (Gardner) Boylston:
1. Mary Boylston, bap 21 March 1699; m. 1 July 1706 Josiah Flint
2. Richard Boylston, bap 1670; res. Charlestown MA; large landowner; m. Mary Smith, dau of John Smith.
3. Edward Boylston, bap 1672; m. Mary Dasset, dau of John. Had ch: Hannah, Edward and Thomas.
4. Abigail Boylston, bap Nov. 15, 1674; m. Ebenezer Brooks of Medford MA abt 1693.
5. Peter Boylston, b. 1687; m. Anna White; grandfather of President John Adams (through his daughter Susanna’s marriage to Deacon John Adams), and great-grandfather of President John Quincy Adams. A shop keeper of Brookline MA.
6. Zabdiel Boylston, bap. 9 March 1679; noted physician living in Boston MA; the first to introduce and practice inoculation for small-pox in America in 1721. He married 1705 to Jerusha Minot, dau of John & Elizabeth (Brick) Minot and had issue (8 ch)
7. Sarah Boylston, bap 26 Dec 1680; m. Samuel Brooks of Medford
8. Lucy Boylston, bap. 1682
9. Rebecca Boylston, bap 1684 [one source says b. 15 Sep 1685]; received into Roxbury church 15 Nov 1705; she m. 25 March 1708 William Abbot
10. +Dudley Boylston, bap 17 Apr 1687 [see]
11. Joanna Boylston, b abt 1690; m. at Boston MA 5 July 1714 Jane Sandman of Plymouth MA
12. Thomas Boylston, b abt 1692; m. Sarah Morecock 4 May 1715; successful Boston merchant, his will dated 28 March, proved 6 April 1739; had issue. One of his grandchildren, Ward Nicholas [Hallowell] Boylston was a benefactor of Harvard College, gifting funds for Boylston Hall. Boylston Street and Market in Boston MA are named after him [i.e. Ward].


DUDLEY-3 BOYLSTON, (Thomas-2, Thomas-1), was baptized 19 Apr 1688, and d. 18 Apr 1748. He resided on the old homestead in Brookline MA and was a farmer. His home stood near Dr. Pierce’s meeting-house on Warren street. He married Elizabeth Gardner, sister of Addington Gardner. She d. 19 Aug 1776. His will was probated in Suffolk Co. in 1748, with his son Richard as executor.
Children of Boylston & Elizabeth (Gardner) Boylston, born in Brookline MA:
1. Anna Boylston
2. Elizabeth Boylston, bap 5 Feb 1718
3. Mary Boylston, bap 27 Dec 1719, d. 1 January 1719-20
4. Richard Boylston, b Feb 17 1721; died unmarried
5. Dudley Boylston, born 12 May 1723; died unmarried 27 Aug 1749, age 88
6. Joshua Boylston, b. 16 Jan 1726; m. Abigail Baker; lived on homestead, d. 1 Nov 1804; she d. 3 Oct 1814
7. Mary Boylston, bapt 1727; died unmarried 1 Oct 1815
8. Caleb Boylston, bap 19 March 1730; settled Elizabethtown NJ
9. Sarah Boylston, bap 6 Aug 1732; m. Samuel Davis, son of Nehemiah Davis, 22 Dec 1760
10. Susannah Boylston, bap 5 Dec 1734; m. Richard Walker of Boston MA [one source says she married JOSHUA Walker]
11. +Capt. Edward Boylston, b. 2 Jan 1737-38; d. Springfield MA 25 Dec 1813; m1) Catherine Bourdette; m2) 1781 Lydia Worthington
12 Hannah, b abt 1736 Brookline, MA (shown in History of Weymouth MA), married (int. Boston MA 4 Jan 1753) Beza Cushing, son of Adam Cushing. He b. at Weymouth MA 11 July 1731. Resided Weymouth and Hingham MA. Had issue, Adam, Beza, Elizabeth, Benjamin Boylston, Samuel.


CAPT. EDWARD-4 BOYLSTON, (Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1), b. 2 January 1737-38 Brookline MA and d. 25 Dec 1813 in Springfield MA. He served an apprenticeship under a wheelwright when young, then was a sailor for a few years. He was a soldier in the war for independence, where he entered the service as captain of a company of artificers and engineers.  He was at first stationed in New York, and in 1777 at Peekskill. While on his way to visit his wife, who was seriously ill at Elizabethtown NJ, he was taken prisoner and confined for a long time in the Jersey prison ship, at New York, and then later to the Livingston Sugar House (which, with the old Dutch Church adjoining, was occupied as a prison house). After the close of the war he settled in Springfield MA where he was employed by the United States arsenal in mounting cannon for future use. He married 1) Catherine Bourdette/Burdette  (who died while he was in prison); m2nd) 1781 Lydia Worthington, dau of Samuel & Lydia (Bostwick) Worthington.
Children of Capt. Edward & Catherine (Bourdette) Boylston:
1. Edward Boylston, b. in Elizabeth, NJ; settled in Manlius, New York
2. Elizabeth Boylston, b. 1776; m. Jasper Wood; lived in Sandusky, Ohio; died in Bloomingville Ohio 6 Sep 1834
Children of Capt. Edward & Lydia (Worthington) Boylston:
3. +Richard Boylston, b. 12 Aug 1782
4. Zabdiel Boylston, b. 1784; he was a sailor; 2nd lieut on an American privateer in the War of 1812, captured and confined in the famous Dartmoor prison in England; died at New Orleans LA 15 Feb 1855, age 71
5. Catherine Boylston, b. 1785, d. 1810
6. Samuel Boylston, b. 1786 d. Springfield MA 13 Aug 1863, aged 77; resided Springfield MA


RICHARD-5 BOYLSTON, (Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) b. in Mary BoylstonSpringfield MA 12 Aug 1782; d. in Amherst NH 19 July 1857. He settled in Amherst NH in 1809; married 2 August  1810 Mary Moseley of Boston MA, dau of David and Elizabeth Moseley.  She was b. 11 Aug 1783 and d. 5 Nov 1866. At age 12 he was put out to apprentice at the printing office of the “Federal Spy,” at Springfield MA, where he worked for five years. In April 1800, he removed to Boston and entered the office of the “Columbian Centinel,” under Maj. Benjamin Russell until August 1803. Then, at the age of twenty-one he graduated as a freeman and a regular workman in the “art preservative of all arts.” He worked as a compositor to newspaper offices, and also set type for Watt’s Psalms and Hymns, Pike’s Arithmetic and other books. In 1809 he accepeted an offer from Joseph Cushing of “The Farmer’s Cabinet,” in Amherst NH to take charge of the printing. When Mr. Cushing decided to go to Baltimore MD to start a business there, he sold the newspaper and printing office in Amherst to Richard (for about $3,000). In about two years he had his debt paid off. Mr. Cushing’s partner, Isaac Hill had also left the business to take charge of “The New Hampshire Patriot,” in Concord NH. In 1849 after publishing “The Farmer’s Cabinet” for forty years, he turned over the active management to his son Edward D. Boylston, but retained position of senior editor. In 1852 Dartmouth College gave him the honorary degree of A.M. SEE the biography of Richard Boylston from the History of Amherst, New Hampshire by Daniel F. Secomb.
Children of Richard & Mary (Moseley) Boylston:
1. +Elizabeth Worthington Boylston, b. 16 May 1811; m. William G. Eaton of Boston, June 1832; d. at Newton Center MA 18 Feb 1881
2. +Edward Dudley Boylston, b. 26 Jan 1814
3. Mary Christina Baker Boylston, b. 10 Nov 1815
4. Richard Worthington Boylston, b. 1819; d 13 Nov 1845
5. Catherine Moseley Boylston, b. 19 June 1820; d. 13 Oct 1882; unmarried
6. Lucy Boylston


ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON-6 BOYLSTON, (Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) b. 16 May 1811; m. William G. Eaton of Boston, on 8 May 1833 in Boston MA; d. at Newton Center MA 18 Feb 1881. He b. abt 1806 at Boston MA, merchant, and probably died by 1860.
1850 US Census > MA > Norfolk Co. > Roxbury
William G. Eaton 44 M Weighter b. Massachusetts
Elizabeth Eaton 39 b. NH
Edward Eaton 15 b. MA
Mary Eaton 13 MA
Catharine Eaton 11 MA
Frederick Eaton 3 MA
1860 US Census > MA > Middlesex > Newton
Elizabeth W. Eaton 49  3000/3000 NH
Edward B. Eaton 26 Clerk MA
Mary E. Eaton 22 MA
Catherine A. Eaton 21 MA
Frederick R. Eaton 13 MA
William G. Eaton 6 MA
Margaret Sullivan 20 F Servant b Ireland
1870 US Census > MA > Middlesex > Newton
Elizabeth W W Eaton 59 $14,000/$500 NH
Mary E Eaton 33 no occupation b MA
Catharine Eaton 30 no occupation MA
William Eaton 16 at school MA
1880 US Census > MA > Middlesex > Newton
Eliza W. Eaton 69
Mary E. Eaton 42
Cate A. Eaton 40
Children of William G. & Elizabeth W. (Boylston) Eaton:
1. Edward Boylston Eaton, b. October 1834 Boston MA; d. 8 Nov 1904 Newton MA; buried Newton Cemetery; he m. 21 Apr 1869 in Newton MA to Abigail F. Young, dau of Darius & Abigail (Sanderson) Young. She was. b Feb 1836 in MA. In 1900 they were living in Newton MA, Treasurer of a Paper Mill. The 1900 census states that Abigail never had children. He was treasurer at Hollingsworth & Whitney
2. ?William Bradley Eaton, bap 31 July 1836 Salem, Essex Co. MA
3. Mary Elizabeth Eaton, b 16 March 1837 Roxsbury MA; d. 14 May 1913 Newton MA; single
4. Katharine Augusta Eaton b abt 1840 Roxbury MA; d. 12 March 1894 in Newton [Forest Hills] MA
5. +Frederick R. Eaton, b. 3 June 1847 Roxbury MA
6. William Henry Eaton, b. abt 1848, d. 9 Feb 1848 Roxbury MA, age 8 months of bronchitis.
7. William G. Eaton, b. 4 June 1854 Roxbury MA. In 1870 living with his mother in Newton MA.

EDWARD DUDLEY-6 BOYLSTON, (Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1), b. 26 January 1814; m. 12 Aug 1843 to Mercy Plummer Perkins, dau of William and Nancy (Reed) Perkins.  She was b. at Dover NH 16 March 1818 and d. 29 Dec 1880. He married 2nd) 26 March 1891 to Josephine E. Stayner of Amherst NH. He attended schools in Amherst NH and in the fall of 1828 (at age 14) he was a student at Francestown Academy. Later he attended Pinkerton Academy in Derry NH. Later he attended New Ipswich Academy for further training in the languages, remaining there for two years. In Oct 1837 he entered the junior class of Gilmanton (NH) Theological Seminar. In January 1840 he was junior and acting editor of “The Farmer’s Cabinet.” Leaving the newspaper for other news ventures which did not prosper, he quickly returned to his father’s business.
Children of Edward D. & Mercy P. (Perkins) Boylston:
1. +Helen Read Boylston, b. 24 May 1842 in NH; m. Albert A. Rotch
2. Abby/Abbie F. Boylston, b. 14 July 1845 at NH; m. Henry C. Dodge. He d. July 1902. In 1900 living in Medford MA, census indicates she had no children.
3. David C.M. Boylston, b. 8 January 1847 Amherst NH d. at Athol MA 22 Oct 1872, age 24; he had entered upon a successful career but died of typhoid fever after a short illness.
4. +Emma Perkins Boylston, b. 8 June 1855 in Amherst NH; m. Edward F. Locke of Chelsea MA, 26 Oct 1880


FREDERICK R.- 7 EATON (Elizabeth W.-6 Boylston,  Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) , aka “Fred R.,” son of William G. & Elizabeth W. (Boylston) Eaton, b. 3 June 1847 Roxbury  MA; m. 24 Dec 1868 in Waltham MA to Francene/Francena [Francina Maria Treat, dau of Shubael and Mary Hammond (Parker) Treat.  She was b. 28 Jan 1848 in Waltham MA. In 1860 he was living in Newton with parents; 1870 – 1930 residing in Waltham MA.
Child of Frederick R. & Francena M. (Treat) Eaton:
1. Warren Mosely Eaton, b. 11 June 1884 in Waltham MA. He married 14 September 1910 in Waltham MA to Lucy Delano Ellis, daughter of Stephen A. & Annie G. (DeSilva) Ellis.  She b. 21 Feb 1882 in Marion, Plymouth Co. MA.

HELEN READ-7 BOYLSTON, (Edward Dudley-6, Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1), born 24 May 1842 in NH; m. Albert Atwood Rotch, son of Matthew Griffin & Tamesin (Hale) Rotch. He was b. 5 May 1840 at Mont Vernon NH, but resided in Amherst NH. He was a printer and came associate editor of “The Farmer’s Cabinet,” in 1869 (and remained so until his death in 1890) and also carried on a stock brokerage business, and general justice business (selling estates, managing trust funds etc.). He was town clerk of Amherst, and represented the town in the General Court 1881-82. He was on the board of the Guaranty Savings Bank of the New Hampshire Banking Company, at Nashua NH.
Child of Albert A. & Helen R. (Boylston) Rotch:
1. +William Boylston Rotch, b. 6 June 1859;

EMMA PERKINS-7 BOYLSTON, (Edward Dudley-6, Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) born 8 June 1855 in Amherst NH; m. Edward Forrest Locke of Chelsea MA on 26 Oct 1880.  He was the son of Isaac and Elizabeth J. (Brown) Locke and was b. 9 January 1847 in Charlestown MA. She was a member of the New Hampshire Daughters of Boston, of the Old South Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, president of the Medford Home for Aged Men and Women, and of the Bradford Academy. Her father had a siter in this academy, and Mrs. Locke a daughter who graduated there.  Edward F. Locke had married 1st) 28 Oct 1869 Wilhelmina F. Leonard, who  d. 22 Dec 1876.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Medford Ward 6 > District 876
Locke, Edwin Heda W M Jan 1848 52 married 19 yrs MA MA Maine Marketman
Locke, Emma P. wife W F June 1855 44 married 19 yrs 3 ch 3 living NH NH NH
Locke, Wilhelmina B dau W F Oct 1881 18 single MA MA NH at school
Locke, Howard R. son W M Aug 1883 16 single MA MA NH at school
Locke, Mabel E. dau W F May 1889 11 single MA MA NH at school
Locke, William J. cousin W M Oct 1877 22 single MA MA Maine salesman-market
Morse, August J. Seamstress W F Jan 1855 45 single Maine Maine Maine seamstress
Kennedy, Kate servant W F Nov 1868 31 single Canada-English Scotland Can-Eng servant
Children of Edward F. & Emma P. (Boylston) Locke:
1. Wilhelmina Boylston Locke, b. 1 Oct 1881 at Chelsea MA; m. Kenneth Hutchins, 26 Oct 1903. One ch, Boylston Hutchins, b. 30 Aug 1904; res. West Medford MA, he m1) 26 Oct 1946 to Ruth C. Sewall of Boston MA; He died 27 August 1992 at age 87 in Augusta or Wiscasset Maine.
2. Howard Revere Locke, b. 28 Aug 1883 at Revere MA
3. Mabel Emma Locke, b. 13 May 1889 at Chelsea MA


WARREN MOSELY-8 EATON, (Frederick R-7 Eaton, Elizabeth W.-6 BOYLSTON,  Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1), b. 11 June 1884 in Waltham MA. He married 14 September 1910 in Waltham MA to Lucy Delano Ellis, daughter of Stephen A. & Annie G. (DeSilva) Ellis.  She b. 21 Feb 1882 in Marion, Plymouth Co. MA.
1930 US Census > MA > Middlesex > Waltham [27 Appleton Street]
Eaton, Warren M. Head 10,000 M W 45 married age 26 MA MA MA retired
Eaton, Lucy D., wife F W 48 married at age 28 MA MA Maine
Eaton, Mary E. daughter F W 18 single MA
Eaton, Lucy E. daughter F W 16 single MA
Ellis, Annie G.D. mother-in-law 86 widow Maine, Spain, Scotland
Dahlgren, Emma Servant F W 63 single Sweden Sweden Sweden cook
Children of Warren M. & Lucy D. (Ellis) Eaton:
1. Mary Elizabeth Eaton, b. 10 July 1911 in Waltham MA; she married Lewis Todd.
2. Lucie/Lucy Ellie Eaton, b. 5 June 1913 in Waltham MA

WILLIAM BOYLSTON-8 ROTCH, (Helen Read-7 Boylston, Edward Dudley-6, Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1), was born 6 June 1859 in Amherst NH and died 17 Dec 1934 in Milford NH; he bought the “Farmer’s Cabinet” in 1891 and moved it to Milford, New Hampshire. He m. Grace Marston Burrell, of Weymouth MA  on 10 Oct 1884. She was the dau of Joseph W. and Susan C. (Hunt) Burrell of Weymouth MA. One child, Arthur Boylston Rotch.  July 1, 1891 he purchased the office and good will of “The Farmer’s Cabinet,” the “Milford Advance,” and “Wilton Journal,” consolidating all in Milford NH, becoming editor and publisher of the Milford Cabinet; also in the insurance business. Member of NH House of Rep 1895-7, State Constitutional Convention 1900; secretary to Congressman Frank D. Currier 4 yrs, to Gov. Robert P. Bass 1913; was member of military staff of Gov. Ramsdell with rank of colonel. Republican. Congregationalist. 32nd degree Mason; Odd Fellow; Recreations: tennis, motoring. Resided Milford NH. [PHOTOGRAPH]
Child of William B. & Grace M. (Burrell) Rotch:
1. +Arthur Boylston Rotch, b.24 March 1887 NH


ARTHUR BOYLSTON-9 ROTCH, (William Boylston-8 Rotch, Helen Read-7 Boylston, Edward Dudley-6, Richard-5, Capt. Edward-4, Dudley-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1), b.24 March 1887 NH; he married 9 Apr 1910 in New Brighton, NY to Serena H. Ellimon, daughter of Arthur B. & Mary S. (Gilman) Ellimon. She b. abt 1887 in New York (NY NY Del). He died in Milford in 1955. In 1910 living in Milford NH with his parents. According to the Portsmouth Herald of 8 April 1898, President William McKinley was in Washington DC at a meeting with Gov. Ramsdell, when he gave a “pink” (flower) “from the buttonhole of his frock coat, and gave it to young Arthur.” In 1938 with John R. McLane and Kenneth W. Foley incorporated the Dartmouth Printing Company. At that time he had interests in Capital City Press, Inc. Sheridan Press Inc., United Litho Inc. and other companies.[Photograph]
Children of Arthur B. & Serena H. (Ellimon) Rotch:
1. William Boylston-10 Rotch, b. March 1916; graduate of Dartmouth College; Editor Emeritus of Milford New Hampshire’s “The Cabinet,” and resident of Peterborough NH. Cabinet editor from 1938 to 1988. He was a founding member of the New England Weekly Press Association (a forerunner of NEPA), and he went on to become a president of NEPA. He also served as president of the New Hampshire Press Association. He became the sixth generation of his family to take the reins at The Cabinet Press in Milford in 1946. He wrote, edited, and supervised production.  In 1898 the International Society of Newspaper Editors presented him with its Eugene Cervi Award for outstanding editorial writing. In 1993 he was given the William E. Mulligan Ward by the NH chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee “in recognition of the continued contributions to Middle East understanding.” He writes a regular bi-weekly column as well as historical features.  Read the 2001 interview with William B. Rotch.  He married 7 September 1940 in Bethlehem, Grafton Co. NH to Martha McLane, daughter of Clinton A. & Dorothy (Ellingwood) McLane.  She was b. 4 July 1915 in Milford, NH and died 21 April 2008 in Peterborough NH, where she had moved in 1996.  Children: Peter B. Rotch, Martha Rotch Manley (Mrs. Frank), Elizabeth Rotch, and John M. Rotch.
2. Helen Gilman Rotch, b. abt 1919; m. 5 Oct 1941 in Milford NH to William Ferguson III, son of William & Grace (Arnez) Ferguson Jr.

In 2002 the Rotch family, in memory of Arthur and William Rotch, donated a 40-acre property to the town (between Rte 13 South, Ruonala Rd and Melendy Road)–in 2004 designated the Rotch Wildlife Preserve. It has been in the Rotch family since 1926 and was fondly known as the “woodlot”. The area includes a variety of land, brooks, swamps, and hills. Years ago the wetland area that is now in center was a “moss meadow” and was harvested for sphagnum moss. A trail runs through the property from Melendy Rd. to Ruonala Rd. where the 200ft. frontage may be suitable for future parking. The Rotch property is quiet, serene and naturally diverse. Use of motorized vehicles is forbidden. The property was last timbered in 1987 and may be due for a harvest. The 14 acre swamp and associated brooks and wetlands are important habitat for a full range of wetland species. There are also some low areas in the forest that may have vernal pool characteristics. Terrestrial wildlife us is limited, however, because of the small size of the forest and its encirclement with roads and residential development.

In 2005 Independent Publications purchased The Cabinet Press Inc. of Milford NH, publisher of four weekly newspapers, including The Cabinet, which was established in 1803.  In April of 2013, An agreement has been reached for The Ogden Newspapers Inc., a family-owned company with 40 daily newspapers in 12 states, to become the new owner of The Telegraph, Publisher Terrence L. Williams announced Monday. Included in the sale are the Cabinet newspapers, The Cabinet of Milford, Merrimack Journal, Bedford Journal and the Hollis Brookline Journal.

1. History of Amherst NH by Daniel Franklin Secomb, pub. 1883 by Evans, Sleeper & Woodbury, Amherst NH, page 514 and 752
2. Historic Homes and Places, by William Richard Cutter, 1908, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, page 809-811.
3. NEHGS Register
4. Who’s Who in New England; by Albert Nelson Marquis, published 1915, A.N. Marquis, page 926
5. History of the Town of Mont Vernon NH by Charles James Smith, published 1907, Blanchard Printing Company, Mont Vernon NH.

Note: Photographs taken from “Historic Homes and Places,” as referenced above.
[Editor’s note, this story updated in December of 2013]

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  1. Nancy Jaeger says:

    Hi, my name is Nancy Jaeger,
    I live in Cincinnati but my family is from Waltham, MA
    I am actually another descendent of Richard Boylston and I own some artifacts you might find interesting.
    Chief among these is his hand written auto biography.
    I have the original which is quite faded and hard to read but my grandmother Mary Eaton Todd and great grandmother Lucy Delano Eaton very carefully transcribed it.
    If you are interested I could send you a copy of it.
    He wrote it as a memoir and it talks about his early days setting type in Springfield, witnessing Sheys rebellion, making his way to Boston, then on to Amherst.
    Its quite well written as he was a writer by occupation.
    Nancy Todd Jaeger

    • Hi Nancy,

      I’m the Director of Museums for the Historical Society of Amherst, NH. We would be very interested in having a copy of Richard’s Boylston’s autobiography for our collection.

      I’ll be checking for a followup comment. You can also email me through our historical society’s email:

      Thank you!

      Susan Fischer

    • william jacob Boylston says:

      My name is William jacob Boylston please contact me 615-474-0477

  2. sharon smith says:

    Related to Joanna Boylston and James Lanman, connected to mayflower Doty and Hopkins family

  3. Terri says:

    I’m related to the Boylstons through Dudley and do genealogy research as a hobby. Through investigation I have found that the father of Thomas (born 1615 and immigrated to Watertown) is actually Edward, and grandson to John. Not to say there wasn’t a Thomas and Henry who had a Thomas in their line only that the Thomas from Watertown appears to have a different lineage. Please refer to page 808 and page 806 of ‘Genealogical gleanings in England’ by Waters and Henry Fitz-Gilbert for reference.

    • Janice Brown says:

      Terri thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I took another look at Thomas Boylston and found an excellent source in the Great Migrations series that mentions him. His ancestry, as son of Edward & Anne (Bastian) Boylston, with the links to my sources. Best wishes and Happy New Year.

      • Terri says:

        Thanks so much for the reply Janice. So many sites have wrong information about the father of Thomas so I appreciate your changes to help set the record straight. I’ve also come to believe that John was the brother of Edward, not his father. As you mentioned with every other child being named Edward, Thomas, or John it’s hard to keep them straight. Much appreciation for info on the Great Migration website. I’ll be sure to check it out. All the best!

  4. Dr. Donald H. Jones says:

    Loved your blog. This is Don Jones, retired professor from the School of Ed at SUNY College at Geneseo. I am a descendent of Dudley and of Capt. Edward Boylston, thru my great-grandmother, Ada Boylston Jones (later Trummer). Ada, an only child, is buried in Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead, L.I. Ada’s father, Samuel Francis Boylston (1845/6-1907) fought in the Civil War in a Massachusetts cavalry outfit.
    I inherited from my late father, Herbert Boylston Jones (1914-92) , a multi-page document, typed perfectly by what looks like an early-model typewriter, on parchment-like paper, but unsigned. It is an account of Capt. Edward’s suffering while prisoner of the Brits, during the Revolution. While there are some unknowns about the piece, it was probably typed by his son or grandson. Mysteriously, though, it doesn’t say. It has about it, though, the “ring of truth”. Written in May, 2024.

    • Janice Brown says:

      Dr. Jones, thank you for reading my blog and for your kind words. The Boylston family is a remarkable one, and it is wonderful that you have the document you speak of. I am sure if those keepers of the family story knew that one day a descendant would be reading and wondering, they might have been more careful in documenting their paper trail. Unfortunately the reverse is often the reality. From all I’ve read, those captured and imprisoned by the British during the American Revolution were lucky to survive the experience. I hope that you publish your mysterious account so that other researchers can learn from it. My best — Janice (blog editor).

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