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Nashua NH Composer, Piano Merchant and Civic Leader, William Law “Will” Nutting (1874-1925)

William L. "Will" Nutting

William L. “Will” Nutting

Before it was Darrell’s Music Hall, it was Paine Furniture Music Hall. Before that it was Nutting’s Music Store. And before that it was William L. Nutting Inc.

William Law Nutting was not born, nor did he die, in New Hampshire. But from a lowly piano tuner, he worked his way up until he was one of the leading retail merchants of pianos and “talking machines” in New England. For over twenty years he had a shop and warehouse in Nashua, New Hampshire. After his death, the company continued in his name for several years. Continue reading

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He Made "New Hampshire Beautiful:" Rev. Wallace W. Nutting, D.D. (1861-1941)

The people of New Hampshire possess greater breadth of view and broader sympathy than most other rural people, owing to their contact for generations with the world at large as it comes

Rev. Wallace W. Nutting, D.D. (1861-1941)

Rev. Wallace W. Nutting, D.D. (1861-1941). Photograph from “Nutting Genealogy: A Record of Some Descendants of John Nutting of Groton Massachusetts,” by John Keep Nutting, 1908, C.W. Bardeen Publisher, Syracuse, N.Y., page 166

to visit them….To live in New Hampshire and not to breathe deeply, think strongly, love truly, is a crime against the landscape. For ever, amid the glories of the outer world, we look for stronger men and fairer women, for growth and power and invention and dignity in character of the people, and we do not look in vain.” Continue reading

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