NH Tidbits: Concord New Hampshire At A Glance in 1891

Inscription in 1891 Concord Souvenir Book, to John J. Thurston from his daughter Phebe.

A red leather-covered souvenir booklet offers insight into what the City of Concord New Hampshire looked like in 1891.  A lovely script on the back page shows that it was a gift:

Presented to John J. Thurston
On his 78th birth day
By his Daughter Phebe Jane
April 3, 1891


Cover of Concord NH Souvenir Booklet published by 1891. Manufactured by Chisholm Bros-Portland Maine.

The booklet was manufactured by Chisholm Bros-Portland Maine. “Manufactures of Chas. Frey’s Original Souvenir Albums of American & Canadian Cities & Sceneries.” This company’s owner was Hugh Chisholm who went on to be one of the primary founders of the famous International Paper Company.

The John J. Thurston who received the booklet was John Jay Thurston, son of Nathaniel Noyes & Susanna (Jackman) Thurston. He was born 3 April 1813 in Boscawen NH, and died 8 Feb 1897 in Gilford NH. He married three times, 1st to Eunice Randall Audreys, who was also the mother of his 5 children. When she died in 1858 he married Selina H. Bean, daughter of Phineas & Susan H. Bean. He was a widow again in 1860 and he married 3rd to widow Orvilla Bean-Elkins, daughter of Israel Bean.

Phoebe Jane Thurston who presented the book to him was the daughter of his first wife Eunice. Phoebe was born 18 January 1848 in Boscawen NH and died 19 August 1898 in Concord NH. She married 29 February 1872 in Boscawen NH to Charles H. Smith. They had three daughters, Lilla Belle Smith, Arthur Harry Smith and Katie Ethel Smith.

As is sometimes the case, I discovered that I am related to John J. Thurston through two separate lines (Thurston and Jackman).  He is my 3rd cousin 5x removed through his Thurston line and my 2nd cousin 7x removed  through his mother’s Jackman line.

1891 Bird’s Eye View of Concord and two street views.


PAGE 1-2:
Bird’s Eye View of Concord (circa 1891)
Main Street Looking South from Opera House
Main Street Looking North from Pleasant Street

1891 Concord High School, Banks and other Buildings in Concord NH.


PAGE 3-4:
Concord High School
N.H. Odd Fellows Home
New Passenger Station

First National Bank
New Hampshire Savings Bank and E.C. Eastman’s Publishing House.
National State Capital Bank
Board of Trade Building


1891 View of Concord NH’s U.S. Government Building, Dustin Monument, N.H. State House, and Webster Statue

PAGE 5-6:
U.S. Government Building
Dustin Monument
N.H. State House
Webster Statue
PAGE 7-8:
The New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane
Fowler Library Building
St. Marys School


1891 Concord NH: St Paul’s School, Sacred Heart School and Convent.

PAGE 9-10:
The School (St. Paul’s)
Lower School
Convent and School of the Sacred Heart
The Chapel
Upper School
The Study
The Gymnasium
-St Paul’s School Buildings-
Residence of Very Rev. J.F. Barry VG


1891 Views of Concord Churches, Residences and Abbot Carriage Company from Souvenir Booklet

PAGE 11-12:
North Congregational
St. John’s Church, Catholic
Interior of St. John’s Church
St. Paul’s
South Congregational
First Baptist
Residence of H.E. Chamberlin
Residence of J.H. Stewart
Abbot Downing Co.’s Carriage Shops

1891 Concord NH Residences, Samuel Eastman Co., Lake Penacook, City Hospital and NH State Prison.

PAGE 13-14:

Residence of H.J. Crippen.
Residence of Mrs. Nathaniel White
The Oldest Leather Hose Manufactory in the United States [Samuel Eastman Co.]
Whites Opera House
Court House
Lake Penacook
City Hospital
N.H. State Prison


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  1. Amy says:

    It was quite a grand city in its time, wasn’t it? I haven’t been there for about 30 years, but back then it did not seem to be quite as grand.

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