North Conway New Hampshire: Hotel Randall–Before It Was Eastern Slope Inn

Photograph of Hotel Randall, North Conway, N.H. [Between and 1910, 1900] Detroit Publishing Co., Publisher. Retrieved from the Library of Congress. (Accessed April 18, 2016.)

Photograph of Hotel Randall, North Conway, N.H. [Between 1900 and 1910] Detroit Publishing Co., Publisher. Retrieved from the Library of Congress. (Accessed April 18, 2016.)

Built prior to 1864 on the spot where Eastern Slope Inn now sits, was first a small summer boarding house of Jonathan Melvin Seavey, a Conway NH carpenter. In 1864 this structure was sold to James T. Randall. In 1888 James T. Randall passed the reins of management to his son, Henry Harrison Randall.

In 1902 the boarding house burned, and now with Henry H. Randall as full owner, he built a “three-story Colonial Revival building with a fifteen-foot-wide, wrap-around piazza and flared gambrel roofs.” (see photograph directly below). “Among the hotel’s features were a long ell and a first floor dining room with views of the Saco River and White Mountains.

Hotel Randall after expansion and before ---- when it burned.

Hotel Randall in N. Conway NH, postcard shows the hotel after the 1916 expansion and before 1925 when it burned.

This building was enlarged two times–in 1915/16 and in 1921–increasing guest capacity to 150.” Then tragedy struck.

The Portsmouth Herald of 21 November 1925 slashed the Headlines: Fire Destroys Hotel Randall at No. Conway. “The business district of the town was threatened with destruction late yesterday afternoon by fire which destroyed the Randall House and spread to the post-office and other buildings, which were saved by desperate work of the firemen aided by out-of-town

Photograph of a room inside the Hotel Randall prior to 1937.

Photograph of a room inside the Hotel Randall prior to 1937.

apparatus. The damage was placed at $100,000 or more, partially covered by insurance. Within half an hour after the discovery of the blaze, which swept through the four and a half story hotel in a short time, two apparatus, in answer to a call for help, reached here from Conway…The fire was discovered about 4 pm by Carl Randall, son of Harry H. Randall, the proprietor, who was spending the day at Portland, Me. Young Randall, after going upstairs, found several rooms filled with smoke and

Women writing at a desk in hotel room at Hotel Randall prior to 1937.

Women writing at a desk in hotel room at Hotel Randall prior to 1937.

flames eating their way into the partitions nearest the chimney. He quickly warned those within the place and gave alarm. Efforts were made to save personal belongings of about 15 guests but the flames spread so rapidly that the work was abandoned. The fire, it is said, was caused by the open fire in the fireplace in the lobby. In some manner, the partitions adjacent to the chimney caught fire….Recently Mr. Randall had contracted for the erection of an addition, but only the foundation was laid.”

The "new" Hotel Randall (sign shows this name) in North Conway, prior to 1938 when it was sold and renamed o-----.

The “new” Hotel Randall (sign shows HOTEL RANDALL) in North Conway, prior to 1937 when it was sold and renamed Eastern Slope Inn.

One month later, in December 1925, construction began on the new “Hotel Randall.” Of the Colonial Revival architectural style, it was designed by Henry H. Randall’s cousin, architect Harold E. Mason, and “completed for $400,000 within six months by local contractor Nelson Thompson. The third hotel had fire stops in every wall and a sprinkler system, as well as vapor heating so the building could be open throughout the year. It also had 90 sleeping rooms and a roof garden (with balustrades) and an observatory for mountain viewing.” It opened in the summer of 1926.

Confluence of Swift and Saco Rivers, photograph taken from Saco River Bridge, probably taken from the Covered Bridge, prior to 1937.

Confluence of Swift and Saco Rivers, photograph taken from Saco River Bridge, probably taken from the Covered Bridge, prior to 1937.

In August of 1937 Hotel Randall was purchased by banker-investor, Harvey Dow Gibson, who renamed the hotel, Eastern Slope Inn,” and developed it into a premier all-season destinationHarvey D. Gibson died in 1950. His legacy continues to contribute to the North Conway area through the Gibson Woodbury Foundation.

Due to a failing economy in the United State, the Eastern Slope Inn closed in 1976. The building was purchased by Eastern Mountain Sports the next year and used as a retail outdoor sporting goods store, along with a restaurant. In 1980 Eastern Slope Inn Associates purchased the hotel from EMS and restored the inn’s lobby and guest rooms. On 17 July 1981 the hotel “resumed hotel operations 55 years to the day after its first opening.” [referring to the date of the opening of the ‘new’ larger hotel in 1926].

Automobile Blue Book, Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company, 1917, page 637 Advertising for HOTEL RANDALL.

Automobile Blue Book, Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company, 1917, page 637
Advertising for HOTEL RANDALL.

The Eastern Slope Inn building was placed on the National Historic Register in 1982. The current owners, Mount Washington Valley Accommodations & Conference Center, is an entity owned by Eastern Slope Inn Associates.

[Editor’s Note: some histories give the first Randall owner of the building to be Moses Randall, which is incorrect, though he was an ancestor of Henry H. Randall and was the first Randall to appear in North Conway NH, as shown in the genealogy below].


Richard Randall Jr. (son of Richard) & Elizabeth Tozer [immigrant ancestor, settled Saco, Maine]

Nathaniel Randall & Mary Hodgdon

Nathaniel Randall [Rendal] of Lee NH, son of Nathaniel & Mary (Hodgdon) Randall, b. 5 March 1723, d 1814; m. Mary Runnels, daughter of Job & Hannah (Huckins) Runnels of Lee NH. She was b. 15 May 1724. Settled in Lee, NH
Children of Nathaniel & Mary (Runnels) Randall:
[See A Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds Families for additional info on children]
1. Hezekiah Randall, b 28 March 1745; m. Elizabeth Chesley
2. William Randall, b. 1750 Lee NH; settled in Canterbury NH, and died there.
3. Mary Randall, b. 19 Aug 1753 Lee NH; m. William Laskey
4. Jonathan Randall, b. 1755 Lee NH; m. — French of Deerfield NH; settled in Piermont NH
5. Gideon Randall, b. 1758, m. Mary Thompson
6. +Moses Randall, b. 20 June 1747 Durham NH


Moses Randall, son of Nathaniel & Mary (Runnels) Randall, b 20 June 1747 Durham NH d 9 April 1809 Conway NH, in his 62dd year ; m1st) 1771 in NH to Agnes Forrest, daughter of John & Elinor (Gibson) Forrest. She b. 9 Nov 1749 in Northfield NH d 4 July 1784 in her 35th year at Sanbornton NH. He m2d) 9 Sep 1784 to Mrs. Lydia Ames. She was b. 20 Aug 1744 and d. 16 Dec 1818 ae 74-4. They are buried in North Conway NH Cemetery. [See “History of Northfield NH,” and “History of Sanbornton NH,” and “Runnels and Reynolds Memorial.”] Moses Randall was the first occupant of the “late Lancaster place, near Union Bridge,” in Sanbornton NH. He removed to North Conway, as a pioneer settler, about 1797. He built his first log house north of his brother’s on the Saco interval.
Children of Moses & Agnes (Forrest) Randall:
1. William Randall, b. 7 Oct 1772, d. 11 May 1822; m. Elizabeth “Betsy” Lovejoy; resided in North Conway NH. He had 5 children. The youngest, Eliza Randall b 7 Jan 1812 (with twin sister Mary) m. Samuel Wiley Thompson of the Kiarsarge House.
2. +Nathaniel Randall, b. 5 July 1774 NH
3. Polly/Molly Randall, b. 5 Feb 1777 Sanbornton NH; m. Joseph Mason of Conway NH; had six children (four sons).
4. Hannah Randall, b. 26 Nov 1779 Conway NH; m. Stephen Whitaker of Conway. One son, George Whitaker of Conway.
5. John Forest Randall, b. 28 Dec 1781, d. Dec 1826 ae 45; “led a two-year-old colt all the way from Sanbornton;” was a blacksmith at N. Conway; m. Abiah Carleton. They had four children (three sons)
6. Anna Randall, b. 11 Feb 1784 Conway NH; d.22 Feb 1784, ae 11 days.


Nathaniel Randall, son of Moses & Agnes (Forrest) Randall, b 5 July 1774 Sanbornton NH, d. 28 Nov 1858 North Conway NH; m. Susanna Knight, of Durham NH, daughter of George & Susanna (Chesley) Knight. She was b. 6 Jan/June 1779 and d 22 October 1873. He was called “Captain.”
Children of Nathaniel & Susanna (Knight) Randall:
1. +George Knight Randall, b. 25 Sep 1798
2. Agnes Randall, b. 22 Aug 1800; m. Samuel Forrest of Northfield NH
3. Susan “Sukey” K. Randall, b. 6 Dec 1802; m. Charles Stark Whitaker of N. Conway NH; 2 children, including Charles Henry Whitaker who was postmaster at N. Conway NH.
4. Hannah Randall, b. 16 Nov 1804 Conway, Carroll Co. NH, d. 14 April 1889 Conway NH; m. Abiel Chandler Lovejoy, son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth “Betsey” (Spring) Lovejoy. He was b. 11 March 1800 in Conway NH, and d. 28 May 1871 Conway NH. They had 7 children, moved “West.”
5. +Nathaniel Randall, b 17 Sep 1807 Conway NH, d. 5 May 1890 Conway NH
6. William Harrison Randall, b. 14 March 1814, d. 30 Sep 1814
7. Betsy Forest Randall, b. 1 Sep 1815; m. Luther Whitaker of Conway NH, two sons.


George Knight/F. Randall, son of Nathaniel & Susanna (Knight) Randall, b. 25 Sep 1798 Conway NH, d. 29 April 1877 Carroll Co. NH. He married Martha Haynes Merrill, daughter of Isaac Merrill. They are buried in Kearsarge Cemetery, North Conway NH.
1850 US Census > NH > Carroll > Conway
George K. Randall 51 M Farmer 1000 NH
Martha A. Randall 44 F NH
James T. Randall 22 M Farmer NH
Henry H. Randall 20 M NH
Hannah F. Randall 17 F NH
Susan K. Randall 16 F NH
Nathaniel Randall 11 M NH
Elizabeth W. Randall 8 F NH
Francis W. Randall 5 M NH
Children of George K. & Martha H. (Merrill) Randall:
1. +James T. Randall, b. Feb 1828 NH
2. Henry Harrison, b. 16 June 1830, d. at Fryeburg ME
3. Hannah Forest Randall, b Sept 1832 NH, d. 1861, aged 29
3. Susan Knight Randall, b 1834, NH, d. 22 June 1856, aged 21 yrs 6 months [per New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette, Concord NH of 2 July 1856 page 3].
4. Nathaniel Randall, b 21 January 1839 NH; a merchant with his brother at N. Conway NH; m. Kate L. Eastman. A child: Mattie Elizabeth Randall, b. 4 May 1866
5. Elizabeth W. “Lizzie” Randall, b 3 Sep 1842 NH, d. 1863, aged 21; m. 14 June 1860 in Conway NH to John E. Mason [*GRANDPARENTS of HAROLD E. MASON, ARCHITECT of the newest HOTEL RANDALL aka EASTERN SLOPE INN — SEE MASON GENEALOGY]
6. Francis W. “Fanny A.” Randall, b 20 August 1845 NH; m. Moses Chandler, one child.

Nathaniel Randall, son of Nathaniel & Susanna (Knight) Randall, b 17 Sep 1807 Conway NH, d 5 May 1890 Conway NH; m. abt 1842 to Mehitable Broughton. She b. 13 Oct 1812 in Madison NH and d. 4 Dec 1885 in Conway NH.
1860 US Census > NH > Carroll > Conway
Nathaniel Randall 52 M Farmer 1000/400 Farmer NH
Mehitable Randall 47 F NH
Charles W Randall 19 M NH
Page R. Randall 17 M NH
Laura A. Randall 16 F NH
Ossiam L. Randall 12 M NH
Granville C. Randall 7 M NH
Horace L. Randall 4 M NH
Sarah R. Randall 8 F NH
George S. Randall 2 M NH
Polly Sanford 35 F Seamstress
Ebeline A 3 F NH
Sarah Roberts 2 F NH
George F. Roberts 1 M NH
Children of Nathaniel & Mehitable (Broughton) Randall:
1. Lucretia T. Randall, b. 31 March 1839 NH; d. 13 Sep 1906; m. — Blanchard. Buried Conway NH.
2. Charles William Randall, b. 23 Oct 1840 Albany, Carroll Co. NH; d. 10 April 1926 Beatrice, Gage Co. NEB; m. Abigail Morford
3. Page R. Randall, b 12 Aug 1842 Conway NH; d. 11 Sep 1906 NH, of typhoid fever, single
4. Laura A. Randall, b. abt 1844 NH; m. 24 Oct 1870 in NH to Leanard Jackson
5. Ossiam Leon “Leonard” Randall, b 20 March 1848 Conway NH; d. 17 April 1909 in Dover NH; optician; married
6. Sarah R. Randall, b abt 1852 NH, d. 10 May 1941 Dover NH; m. William Sawyer
7. Granville C. Randall, b. 25 June 1853 Conway NH; d. 1 July 1888 Conway NH; shoemaker, single.
8. Horace L. Randall, b. abt 1856 NH, d. 1938; He m) 28 April 1908 in Boston MA to Mary A. Hildebrand Mitchell, daughter of Joseph & Rebecca (Wahlers) Hildebrand
9. George M. Randall, b 1 July 1858 Conway NH; d. 9 June 1933 Dover NH


James T. Randall, son of George Knight & Martha Haynes (Merrill) Randall, b. Feb 1828, d. 23 Sep 1898. He married 28 Nov 1866 to Susan Osgood, daughter of Joshua Bailey & Sarah Hutchins (Eastman) Osgood. She was b 10 July 1842 Fryeburg Maine, and d. 10 Oct 1870 NH. He is buried in Kearsarge Cemetery, North Conway NH. She is buried in her family’s plot in Fryeburg Village Cemetery, Fryeburg Maine. During his boyhood he lived in Jacson NH, afterwards in Fryeburg Maine where he was in trade for 10 years with his brother Harry. In 1864 he purchased the “Melvin Sevey/Seavey” boardinghouse and renamed it the RANDALL HOUSE. A few years later in 1870 he diversified his occupation by trading in the old McMillan store, and by building a store (later owned by L. Brock) which he moved into in 1872 staying 10 years while still carrying on the hotel. He was also proprietor of the old stage coach line (prior to railroads) though the Notch and around the mountains. In 1888 he took his son Henry into partnership giving him principal management of the hotel. He was a charter member of Mount Washington Lodge, A.F.& A.M. and was buried with all the honors and ceremonial of that body.
1870 US Census > NH > Carroll > Conway
Randall James T. 41 M M Farmer 5000/1000 NH
Randall Susan 22 F W Keeps House Mass
Randall Carrie M. 2 F W NH
Randall Harry 7/12 M W NH
Randall, George K 71 M W Farm Laborer NH
Randall, Martha H. 63 F Housework Mass
Morari/Moran, Wallace 7 M W NH
Children of James T. & Susan (Osgood) Randall:
1. Carrie Mary Randall, b. 1 November 1867 NH; she married 11 October in North Conway NH to Andrew [marriage cert says Arthur] D. Davis, son of Richard C. & Calista L. (Dinsmore) Davis. They had four children: Lawrence (died in infancy), Robert Neal, James Elton and Harry Randall.
2. +Harry Harrison Randall, b 7 May 1869 NH; m. 29 July 1890 in Conway NH to Myra Ida Swett. She was b. 16 Dec 1871 in North Conway NH, and d. 1961.


Harry Harrison Randall, son of James T. & Susan (Osgood) Randall, b 7 May 1870 NH, died 30 August 1961; m. 29 July 1890 in Conway NH to Myra Ida Swett, daughter of Alfred L. & Almira Louise (Strout) Swett. She was b. 16 Dec 1871 in North Conway NH, and d. 20 November 1961 in Conway NH, 3 months after her husband.  His biography, along with that of his father and grandfather is from the book, “Representative Citizens of The State of New Hampshire, Boston, 1902, the article being found here]. In 1888 his father gave him the responsibility of the RANDALL HOUSE, which he updated and promoted, and inherited upon his father’s death. [Both of their deaths reported in Conway NH Town Report of 1961]
Boston Herald, Boston MA, 15 January 1922, p. 44
H.H. Randall of North Conway says he is well satisfied with results of his efforts to bring winter sports to his town. The Randall Hotel is filled as are two or three others in that town, and it is understood that other hotels are contemplating steam plants at once to open their doors to the new business which has suddenly sprung into being. The coming winter carnival at North Conway, during the week of Jan. 26, promises to be very attractive and the town will be as full of visitors as any week in midsummer.
Boston Herald, Boston NH, 6 April 1924, p 576
Harry H. Randall, proprietor of the Randall Hotel and The Sunset, North Conway, N.H. is spending a few weeks with his friend Andrew J. Creamer of the Highland Pines Inn, Southern Pines, North Carolina. Carl Randall, his son, is on a visit to St. Petersburg, Fla, a guest of his chum, Frank Dodge. Carl plans to meet his father at Southern Pines. We predict several interesting matches of golf, as Mr. Randall, senior, is a lover of the game.
Newport Daily News, August 31, 1961
Hotel man Henry H. Randall, 91, active in the business more than 50 years, died yesterday. Randall built the Eastern Slopes Inn here in 1925 and ran it until 1938. Until his retirement two years ago, he operated a real estate firm. He is survived by his widow, Ida, and a daughter, Miss Harriet Randall, of North Conway.
Children of Harry H. & Myra I. (Swett) Randall:
1. Phillip Leon Randall, b. 6 September 1890 NH, died 12 July 1952 North Conway NH; m. Katharine M. [?Randall]. She b. 31 May 1896 MA, d. November 1974 North Conway NH; had children Henry H., Nancy L., Charlotte O.
2. Carl Osgood Randall, b. 29 September 1891 Conway NH; he m. Mattie Floretta McBride, daughter of Francis & Bessie (Richardson) McBride. She was b. 21 Oct 1893 NH and d. Oct 1964 in North Conway NH.
3. Harriet Randall, b. 1 Feb 1903 North Conway NH; d. March 1966 N. Conway NH [birth]

(Architect of Hotel Randall / Eastern Slope Inn)

Capt. Hugh Mason & Hester Wells

Lieut. John Mason & Elizabeth Hammond of Watertown & Newton MA

Ensign John Mason Jr. & Elizabeth Spring

Jonas Mason & Mary Chandler

Dr. Ebenezer Mason & Rebecca Winslow

John Mason & Lucy Locke

Samuel Mason, son of John & Lucy (Locke) Mason, b abt 1802 Falmouth, Maine d –; m. 28 July 1828 in Portland Maine to Louisa Dyer Bradford. She b. abt 1801 Portland Maine, d –. He was the town clerk of Bridgton Maine for many years.
1850 US Census > Maine > Cumberland > Bridgton
Samuel Mason M 48 Maine
Lovira Mason F 49 Maine
James M. Mason M 21 Maine
Lovira D. Mason F 19 Maine
Mary E. Mason, F 16 Maine
John E. Mason M 14 Maine
Sarah L. Mason F 12 Maine
Samuel B. Mason M 5 Maine
James Durgin M 21 Maine
Children of Samuel & Louisa D. (Bradford) Mason:
1. James M. Mason, b 26 April 1829 Portland Maine; m. Mary E. –; had children.
2. Louisa D. Mason, b. 3 Feb 1830 Portland, Maine; m. Lemuel R. Morrill.
3. Mary Eliza Mason, b. Dec 1833 Bridgton, Maine. She m. Alexander Appleby. 2 children.
4. —
5. +John Edward Mason, b. 13 May 1836 Bridgton, Maine [birth cert says #5 child]
6. Sarah L. Mason, b. abt 1838 Maine
7. Samuel S. Mason, b. 4 Aug 1841, d. 5 Dec 1844 Bridgton Maine.
8. Samuel Bradford Mason, b 26 Nov 1845 Bridgton, Cumberland Co. ME, m. Catherine T. O’Neill. Had children.

Application for Pension of John Edward Mason, to benefit his son.

Application for Pension of John Edward Mason, to benefit his son.

John Edward Mason, [5th child] son of Samuel & Louisa (Bradford) Mason, b 13 May 1836 Bridgton, Maine d 18 Jan 1865 City Point Hospital, Prince George County, Virginia; m. 14 June 1860 in Conway, Carroll Co. NH to Elizabeth W. “Lizzie” Randall, daughter of George K. & Martha H. (Merrill) Randall. She b. 3 Sep 1842 Bartlett NH d 1 July 1863, aged 21 N. Conway NH. (See RANDALL GENEALOGY). They are buried in Kearsarge Cemetery, North Conway NH. He served in the Civil War, a Private in the Union Army, 18th NH Regiment, Company A. He was mustered into service 13 September 1864, and according to his pension benefit records, he died in City Point Hospital in Virginia on January 18, 1865 of inflammation of the lungs. Their son Wallace went to live with his uncle James A. Randall, who received pension funds for his benefit starting 8 June 1865 for minor child.
1870 US Census > NH > Carroll > Conway
James F. Randall 41
Susan Randall 22
Carrie M. Randall 2
Harry Randall 7/12
George K. Randall 71
Martha H. Randall 63
Wallace Mason 7
Children of John E. & Lizzie (Randall) Mason:
1. +Wallace Edward Mason, b. 24 June 1861 N. Conway NH
2. Harry R. Mason, b. 5 June 1863 NH, d. 25 Sep 1863 Carroll Co. NH

Wallace Edward Mason, son of John E. & Lizzie (Randall) Mason, b. 24 June 1861 in North Conway [Kearsarge] NH, d. 13 June 1944 in Keene, Cheshire Co. NH. He lived Keene NH; m. 30 June 1887 in Thomaston, Knox Co. Maine to Nettie Norwood Robinson, daughter of Edwin Adams & Amelia W. (Waldo) Robinson. She b. 5 Dec 1862 in Thomaston Maine, and d. 1950 in Fort Lauderdale FL. They are buried in Woodland Cemetery, Keene NH. He was President and Professor at Keene Teacher’s College. [His professional BIO]
Children of Wallace E. & Nettie (Robinson) Mason:
1. +Harold Elliot Mason, b. 13 Sep 1888 Thomaston Maine
2. Donald Robinson Mason, b. 28 March 1891 Thomaston, Maine; d. 8 Jan 1958; in 1936 living in Keene NH. He graduated in 1911 from Dartmouth College. He graduated 11 Feb 1918 from US Naval Cadet School, Boston MA and appointed Ensign. Released from active duty 9 May 1919, honorable discharged 4 May 1921. Served on the USS Kearsarge. In 1942 living in Towson MD. He married Lurline Rachel Bell.
3. Wallace Edward Mason, b. 9 Feb 1894 in Orange, Franklin Co. MA, d. July 1965 in Fort Lauderdale FL. He m. Louise Bellamy.

Harold Elliot Mason, son of Wallace Edward & Nettie (Robinson) Mason, b. 13 September 1888 Thomaston Maine d 7 May 1950; He m. 27 Oct 1915 at Rockland Maine to Hazel Mae Davis, daughter of Alonzo & Carrie E. (Weed) Davis. She was b. 30 May 1888 in Rockland Maine and d. 24 January 1977. Both buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster MA. He graduated from Tufts College in 1910, and by 1917 was a practicing architect. He was well-known in new Hampshire for his design of several one-room schoolhouses.  In 1921 he formed a partnership, Haynes & Mason (with S. Welsey Haynes) in Fitchburg MA. They are buried Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster MA.
1920 US Census > NH > Cheshire > Keene
Harold E. Mason 31 M W married Maine NH NH Artist, Store
Hazel E. Mason 31 F W married Maine NH Maine
Wallace R. Mason 3-1/2 M W NH Maine Maine
1925 Keene NH City Director
Mason Harold E 40 Appian Way
1930 US Census > MA > Worcester > Leominster
Harold E. Mason 42
Hazel Mason 42
Wallace R. Mason 12
Elmer Whitehouse 68
Child of Harold E. & Hazel M. (Davis) Mason:
1. Wallace Robinson Mason, b. 20 Jan 1918, Keene New Hampshire; d. 11 June 2000. He lived in Keene NH, Leominster MA, and Winter Haven FL. He m. 31 January 1942 in Fitchburg MA to Virginia Munson, daughter of George Munson. He graduated from Leominster High School, attended Tabor Academy, and graduated from Massachusetts Nautical School. She graduated from Fitchburg High School, and Weylister Juior College, Milford CT. He is buried with his parents in Evergreen Cemetery, Lemonister MA. They had a son. Wallace R. Mason Jr., b. November 1947 in Leominster MA.


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