Photo Challenge: Sitting Pretty

Terry Thornton at Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi has challenged visiting bloggers to post photographs of ourselves, as adults dressed in costume.

I haven't been to a costume party in ages (and since I'm older than dirt now, thats a heck of a long time ago). The last time I dressed up in costume, I was a conehead from France.   And so all I to display is this photo of myself and hubby in “quasi-costumes.”

We were visiting the Henry Whitfield State Museum, in Guilford Connecticut a year ago, and the back room of the main gift shop provided an opportunity for us to “step back in time” by “posing” for colonial portraits.  All I can say is that I have more actual bosom than the lady, and my husband has less actual hair than the gent.

I hope some of my blogger friends will jump in and participate in this interesting challenge.  Halloween may be over, but hopefully the fun is not!  Please let me know if you post a photo so I can link you from here.


*Photo Challenge Participants*

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