New Hampshire’s Storyteller, Reporter, Producer, Author and What-Not: Fred Minot "Fritz" Wetherbee II (1936-Still Living)

He describes himself as “a ridiculous, eccentric, little bald man with a lot of energy and, if my mail is any indication, some talent.”

He is a well-known New Hampshire celebrity (or at the very least he is a legend in his own mind). Both his interesting face and his distinctive voice make him instantly recognizable.  He is the epitome of “Yankeeness.”

Fritz’s lengthy Vitae is enough to raise both eyebrows.  If there is an activity in the communication field, Fritz has tried it at least once, but usually three or four times. He has been honored with three Emmy Awards, the first time in 1997.  The ultimate honor, a bobble-head doll was created in his image.

He says he is an 11th Generation Yankee, and he may be, even though I find him to be a 9th generation Wetherbee. I’m always open to corrections in the genealogy shown below to bring him up to speed.

Fritz is a nickname for a guy with a wry sense of humor who even posts “a photo sans clothing” of himself on his web site.  When you discover it, he informs you that “Face it, viewing this page is a cry for help.” I cried alright.


*Important Reading*

Fritz Wetherbee at WMUR9

Fritz Wetherbee on FaceBook– “Like him!”

A Great New Hampshire Storyteller


John Wetherbee, b abt 1625 in England. He married Elizabeth Whale. She b. 1622 in Colchster England. They had at least one son, John Wetherbee.  I found no documents that support his arrival in colonial America, nor that his son John Wetherbee was born other than in England.

****First Generation****

John Wetherbee, son of John W. & Elizabeth (Whale) Wetherbee, was b. 1650/51 in Yorkshire, England [although one unverified source says he was born in Sudbury MA and d. 1711 (when his will was probated) in Stowe MA. He arrived in colonial America about 1672.  He m1) 18 Sep 1672 in Marlborough MA to Mary Howe, dau of John & Mary Howe. She b. 18 June 1654 in Sudbury MA, and d. 5 June 1684 in Stowe MA. He m2d) 16 Sep 1684 in Stow MA to Lydia Moore, dau of John & Ann (Smith) Moore. She b. 6 Apr 1660 in Lancaster MA, and d. after 1724 in Framingham or Stow MA. He resided in both Marlborough and Stow MA. During King Philip’s War he was assigned to the garrison house owned by William Kerley in Marlborough MA. Also assigned to this house were his inlaws John How Sr. In 1681 he and his family removed to Stow MA where they were granted 70 acres over two years. In 1684 he sold his Marlborough MA land to Thomas Ward. On 20 Sep 1706 he bought of Ruth Wheeler fifty acres of upland and eleven of meadow, and Marhc 4, 1706 he sold land to Jacob Brown. He was called yeoman. His will was dated 13 Oct 1707, and codicil April 11, 1709. It was proved 2 April 1711. The estate was valued at 318 pounds 3 shillings and 6 pence. He is shown as a “Selectman” (John Witherby) of the town of Stow MA in 1688 on the town tax rate list.
Children of John & Mary (Howe) Wetherbee:
1. Joseph Wetherbee, b. 18 Sep 1672 Marlborough MA; m. 9 Feb 1699 Elizabeth Johnson; had issue
2. John Wetherbee, b. 26 March 1675 Marlborough MA; m. Catherine/Kathren Whitcomb of Concord; d. Stow MA
3. Thomas Wetherbee, b. 5 Jan 1678 Sudbury MA records; d. 23 Jan 1712-13; m. 1698-99 Hannah Woods; had issue.
Children of John & Lydia (Moore) Wetherbee:
4. Jonathan Wetherbee, b. 31 Aug 1686 in Stowe MA
5. Ephriam Wetherbee b abt 1688 in Stow MA [see photographs of descendants of this line]; he m1) 20 Apr 1721 to Elizabeth Hall. She d. 12 June 1732; m2nd) 9 Nov 1745 Joanna Bellows; Had 13 ch. One from his 2nd wife Paul Wetherbee, b. 20 June 1726/27 in Lunenburg MA.
6. Mary Wetherbee b abt 1691 in Stow MA
7. Lydia Wetherbee b abt 1693 in Stow MA
8. Anne Wetherbee b abt 1695 in Stow MA
9. +David Wetherbee, b. 1696 in Stow MA

****Second Generation****

David Wetherbee, son of John & Lydia (Moore) Wetherbee, b. 1692-96 in Stow MA and d. 13 Apr 1758 prob in Stow MA. He m. 1714 to Mercy Brown, dau of Edward & Elizabeth (Hapgood) Brown. She b. 18 June 1686 in Concord MA, and d. 18 June 1780.
Children of David & Mercy (Brown) Wetherbee:
1. Elizabeth Wetherbee, b. 21 Apr 1715 prob. Stow, MA; d. 30 Nov 1808 Harvard MA; She m. Shadrach Hapgood, son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Ward) Hapgood.
2. Phineas Wetherbee, b. 6 Oct 1716 in Stow, MA, d. 14 Apr 1803; m1) Sarah Wooster, no issue; m2nd) 5 March 1740 to Betsy Whitney, had issue. She d. 5 July 1790 in her 68th yr in Boxboro MA
3. Mary Wetherbee, b. 3 Nov 1718; m1) David Stevens Jr.; m2) 23 Apr 1758 in Harvard MA to Jonathan Rand
4. Edward Wetherbee, b. 7 Oct 1720 in Stow, MA; m. 30 Apr 1743 Hannah Whitney, dau of Richard & Hannah (Lancaster-Whitcomb) Whitney. She b. 29 May 1723
5. David Wetherbee Jr., b. 28 Feb 1723 in Stow, MA; d. 22 Feb 1795 Mason NH; he married Agness — about 1748 in Stow MA.
6. +Joseph Wetherbee, b. abt 1725 in Stow, MA; m. 16 Apr 1748 Elizabeth Whitney
7. Silas Wetherbee, b. abt 1727 in Stow, MA; d. 3 Apr 1811 Boxborough MA; he m. 29 May 1749 in Stow MA to Elizabeth “Betsy” Brown. She b. 19 Nov 1717 in Stow MA and d. 30 May 1802 in Boxborough MA
8. Lydia Wetherbee, b. 1734; m. 30 Aug 1750/51 in Stow MA to Timothy Brown. He was b. 13 Sep 1730

****Third Generation****

Joseph Wetherbee, son of David & Mercy (Brown) Wetherbee, was b. abt 1725 in Stow MA and d. 14 Apr 1809 in Harvard MA. He m1) 16 Apr 1748 in Stow MA to Elizabeth May Whitney, dau of Richard & Hannah (Lancaster-Whitcomb) Whitney. She b. 23 July 1728 in Stow MA, and d. 6 July 1754 in Harvard MA [per recs].  He m2nd) 8 Apr 1755 [per recs] in Harvard MA to Hannah Forbush. She b. 23 Jan 1734 in Marlboro MA and d. 1 June 1803 in Harvard MA. From Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution p 929: “We therbee, Joseph, Harvard. Petition addressed to the Council, dated Aug. 2, 1777 , signed by said Wetherbee of Harvard, stating that he had been drafted to join the army raised to meet the enemy from Ticonderoga, notwithstanding the fact that he was fifty-two years of age andpartially disabled by rheumatism so tha t he was unable to march long distances, and requesting a special consideration of his case by reason of the following facts: that two of his sons had serve d under him in the 8 months campain in Cambridge (in 1775), while another son h ad enlisted in the same year to serve for 8 months at Ticonderoga and lost his life there, and that the petitioner had never received any portion of his son ‘swages, not any compensation for his clothes or arms which had been lost…”
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth M. (Whitney) Wetherbee:
1. Jonathan Wetherbee, b. 22 Apr 1749; m. 15 Nov 1780 in Stow MA to Sarah Whitman; had issue, Daniel W. (b 13 Nov 1785) and Lewis (b 11 Oct 1789)
2. ++Joseph Wetherbee, b. 22 May 1751
3. Jonas Wetherbee
Children of Joseph & Hannah (Forbush) Wetherbee:
4. Hapsibah/Hepsebeth Wetherbee, b. 1756; m1) 1774 William Follass/Fallass; m2) Samuel Mead
5. Amos Wetherbee, b. 1758
6. Caleb Wetherbee, b. 1759
7. Abel Wetherbee, b. 1760

****Fourth Generation****

Joseph Wetherbee, son of Joseph & Elizabeth May Way (Whitney) Wetherbee, was. b 22 May 1751 and d. 1829. He married abt 1794 to Hannah Pettengill
Children of Joseph & Hannah (Pettengill) Wetherbee:
1. +Joseph Wetherbee, b c 1795-1800 prob Mont Vernon NH; m. Clarissa Heywood
2. +Jesse Wetherbee, b. ca 1798/99 New Boston NH; m. Permelia O. Gleeson.
3. ++Asa Wethebee, b. 18 July 1802 New Boston NH
4. Jonathan Wetherbee, b. 1807

****Fifth Generation****

Joseph Wetherbee, son of Joseph & Hannah (Pettingill) Wetherbee, b. abt 1795-1800 prob in Mont Vernon NH; m. Clarissa Heywood, dau of William & Ely (Parker) Heywood; they lived in Mont Vernon several years, coming from Lyndeboro NH.
Children of Joseph & Clarissa (Heywood) Wetherbee:
1. +Joseph Wetherbee, b. abt 1830 Mont Vernon NH
2. Abbie Wetherbee; unmarried; resided Boston MA

Jesse “Jessie” Wetherby, son of Joseph & Hannah (Pettingill/Petengill) Wetherbee, ca 1798/99 New Boston NH and d. 31 Jan 1887, age 89 in Merrimack NH ; He m. 21 Oct 1819 in Candia NH to Permelia “Pamela” Osborn Gleeson/Gleason. She b. abt 1800/1801, and d. 16 March 1884, age 82 at Merrimack NH; They lived in the house afterwards known as Conant Hall. They removed to Nashua, then to Merrimack and was a partner of Asa Stevens at Nashua NH in the manufacture of shoes. In 1843 Nashua Directory, a shoemaker living on Water Street; In 1870 living in Wilton NH with Chaney S. & Lizzie A. Harris living with them. In 1879 a Jesse Wetherbee living in Nashua NH a shoemaker, house 12 Quincy.
Child of Jesse & Permelia O. (Gleason) Wetherbee:
1. Edward A. Wetherbee [poss b abt 1856, living in Milford NH in 1870 working on a farm]

Asa Wetherbee, son of Joseph & Hannah (Pettingill) Wetherbee, born in Wilton NH 18 July 1802; was a farmer; he moved from Mont Vernon NH from Lyndeboro and lived about 17 years there; he moved to Milford NH in 1849 from Mont Vernon, and died in Milford NH 13 April 1885. He married 1 May 1824 to Lavina Mills, dau of Ebenezer and Hannah Washer (Upton) Mills. She was born in Mont Vernon NH 3 Dec 1805 and died 6 April 1889. The town history states: “1885, April 14, died, Asa Wetherbee, a native of New Boston, but for many years a resident here, aged eighty-three years.”
1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Milford
Asa Wetherbee 49 M Shoemaker 1000 NH
Lavina Wetherbee 44 F NH
John F. Wetherbee 25 M Boot Maker 600 NH
William Wetherbee 29 F NH
David Wetherbee 21 M NH
James Wetherbee 18 M NH
Henry P. Wetherbee 12 M NH
Emeline A. Wetherbee 7 F NH
Mary C. Wetherbee 5 F NH
Children of Asa & Lavina (Mills) Wetherbee:
1. John Frank Wetherbee, b. 13 March 1825 in Milford NH; hotel keeper; resided in Leeds ME; married Lucinda J. Caldwell of Hudson NH
2. +William Wells Wetherbee, b. 11 March 1827 in Wilton NH
3. David George Wetherbee, b. 21 Jan 1829 in Lyndeboro NH; was a shoemaker who lived in Milford NH; he d. 22 Sep 1859; m. Mary J. Gerald of Milford NH
4. ++James Addison Wetherbee, b. 7 Apr 1832 in Mont Vernon NH
5. Henry Martin Wetherbee, b. 31 May 1836 and d. 14 July 1837 in Mont Vernon NH
6. Henry Page Wetherbee, b. 10 July 1838 in Mont Vernon NH; Laborer, unmarried, res. Milford NH
7. Emma Augusta “Emeline” Wetherbee, b. 6 Dec 1843 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 18 June 1863 Marcellus m. Marvell, son of Daniel K. and Nancy H. (George) Marvel(l); resided Milford NH. She d. 6 Feb 1880. He married 2nd) 30 Dec 1885 Sarah Jane Richmond, dau of Ebenezer and Eliza (Read) Richmond of Providence RI, and resides there. One child by 1st wife, Effie Colony Marvell, b. 1 Feb 1864 in Milford NH, she m. 18 June 1881 to Andrew Judson Hutchinson, son of Andrew Jackson & Harriet (Daniels) Hutchinson and resided in Milford NH.  Effie & Andrew had 2 children b in Milford NH [Hutchinson]: Ina Emeline (b 25 Feb 1884) and Harriet Rita (b 23 Oct 1889).
8. Mary Caroline Wetherbee, b. 15 Apr 1845 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 28 Jan 1866 to John Richard Perkins, son of Enoch and Sarah (Currier) Perkins of Weare NH; they resided in Milford NH.

****Sixth Generation****

Joseph Wetherbee, son of Joseph & Clarissa (Heywood) Wetherbee, b. abt 1830 Mont Vernon NH; m(1) 25 June 1854 in Nashua NH to Nancy B. Tuttle of Wilton NH, dau of George H. & March B. (Hutchinson) Tuttle. She b. 6 June 1835. They divorced 15 Aug 1868 and she m2nd) 19 May 1870 to Lucius A. Way. She died 5 June 1902 in NH. Joseph Wetherbee m2) Mrs. Nancy (Gould) Flint Barnes of Wilton NH, dau of Benjamin and Nancy Gould. He d. June 1870 in Wilton NH;
*NANCY B. TUTTLE, dau of George H. & Mary B. (Hutchinson) TUTTLE, b. 6 June 1835 Wilton NH da Geo 22 Jan 1805; d. 5 June 1902 sl; m(1) 25 June 1854 Nashua NH Jos c1830 Mt. Vernon NH s Jos & Clarissa (HEYWOOD) WETHERBEE; div 15 Aug 1868; m(2) 19 May 1870 Wilton NH Lucius WAY; USC1860 sl: Jos WETHERBEE 30, Nancy 25, Fred 5, Edgar 4, Abby 3, all b. NH; USC1870 Milford NH: Lucius A. WAY 35, Nancy 35, Abby 13, Jos 5, Mary TUTTLE 70, all b. NH; USC 1880 sl: Lucius WAY 44, Nancy RR, Abby WETHERBEE 23, Joe 15, Mary B. TUTTLE 79 all b. NH 1 dy 2 Harry Edwd or Edgar 15 Sep 1856, d. 4 Dec 1915 Seattle, Wash, m. 24 Nov 1881 Minnpls, Minn, Flora H. 22 Apr 1862 Clearware Minn da Thos J & Julia (SMITH) CANNEY; a gd Mr. Php C. (Dthy R.) USINGER of San Francisco Cal cont (656) 3 Abby m. FERRIS circus lion tamer 4 dy 5 Jos 13 Oct 1864
Children of Joseph & Nancy B. (Tuttle) Wetherbee:
1. child died young
2. Fred Wetherbee, b. 15 Sep 1856 NH
3. +Harry “Edgar or Edward” Wetherbee b abt 1856 NH, d. 4 Dec 1915 in Seattle Washington
4. Abby Wetherbee b abt 1857 NH; m — Ferris, lion tamer
5. Joseph “Joel” Wetherbee, b. 13 Oct 1864 NH
5. four children died young

William Wetherbee, son of Asa and Lavina (Mills) Wetherbee, born 11 March 1827 in Wilton NH; resided in Milford NH; was a merchant. He died 18 June 1891 in Milford NH. He married 8 Dec 1850 to Elizabeth R. Parker, dau of Loammi and Mary (McIntosh) Parker. She was b. in Milford NH 4 Dec 1830 and she later resided in Nashua NH.
Children of William & Elizabeth R. (Parker) Wetherbee:
1. Charles Parker Wetherbee, b. 16 May 1854, d. 15 Sep 1854
2. Katie Lela Wetherbee, b. 7 Sep 1856, d. 27 Aug 1858
3. Neddie Gilmore Wetherbee, b. 20 Jan 1864, d. 26 July 1865
4. Lillie Gertrude Wetherbee, b. 4 March 1867 and d. 1 Dec 1878

James Addison Wetherbee, son of Asa and Lavina (Mills) Wetherbee b. 7 April 1832 in Mont Vernon NH; resided in Milford NH, a merchant [the history of Milford says he kept a grocery store on the Milford Square.  The US Census states he kept a saloon]. He d. 27 Sep 1895 in Milford NH. He married 27 Nov 1856 to Harriet “Hattie” F. Duncklee, dau of Joseph and Indiana (Burns) Duncklee.  She b. 11 Aug 1838 in Amherst NH. In the 1900 U.S. Census she is found living with her son in Milford NH, a widow.
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Milford
Wetherbee, James A. 38 M W Keeps Keeping Saloon 6500 1750 NH
Wetherbee, Hattie R. 32 F W Keeping House NH
Wetherbee, Fred M. 7 M W at home NH
1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Milford > District 141
Wetherbee, James A. W M 48 Saloon Keeper NH NH NH
Wetherbee, Harriett F. W F 41 wife keeping House NH NH NH
Wetherbee, Fred M. W M 17 son at school NH NH NH
Child of James A. & Harriett F. (Duncklee) Wetherbee:
++Fred Minot Wetherbee, b. 20 May 1863 in Milford NH

****Seventh Generation****

Harry “Edgar or Edward” Wetherbee, son of Joseph & Nancy B. (Tuttle) Wetherbee, b abt 1856 NH, d. 4 Dec 1915 in Seattle Washington. He married 24 Nov 1881 in Minneapolis MN to Flora H. Canney, dau of Thomas & Julia (Smith) Canney. She b. 22 Apr 1862 in Clearwater MN.
Child of Harry E. & Flora H. (Canney) Wetherbee:
1. Marie J. Wetherbee, b. Feb 1885 Michigan; she m. abt 1906 to Frederick Nicholas Rhodes. Their dau Dorothy Rhodes m. Philip C. Usinger of San Francisco, CA.

Fred Minot Wetherbee, son of James A. & Harriet “Hattie” F. (Duncklee) Wetherbee, b. 20 May 1863 in Milford NH. He married 1 May 1890, at the Milford Congregational Church to Emma L. Goldsmith, dau of Alfred and Emma M. (White) Goldsmith. She b. 14 Nov 1868/69 in Somerville MA. He was a graduate of Milford (NH) High School and Boston Dental College in 1886; he commenced practice as a dentist in Milford NH immediately after graduation. His office was located in Wallace Block, Union Square. He was a member of Benevolent Lodge, F and AM for more than 56 years, and a member of Custos Morum Lodge IOOF. Emma was a member of the Puritan Chapter OES, and the Milford Garden Club.. Both attended the Unitarian Church. In April of 1950 they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an open house, as published in the Nashua Telegraph (newspaper). At that time they have 15 grandchildren.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Milford > District 116
Wetherbee, Fred M. Head W M May 1863 37 married 10 yrs NH NH NH Dentist
Wetherbee, Emma L. wife F W Nov 1869 30 married 10 yrs 5 ch 5 living MA MA MA
Wetherbee, Harriet E. dau W F March 1891 9 single NH NH MA at school
Wetherbee, Ned W. son W M Dec 1892 7 single NH NH MA at school
Wetherbee, Glenn N. son W M Sep 1894 5 single NH NH MA
Wetherbee, Emma L. dau W  F Apr 1896 4 single NH NH MA
Wetherbee, Charles E. son W M June 1899 0 single NH NH MA
Wetherbee, Harriett F. mother W F June 1838 61 widow 1 ch 1 living NH NH NH
1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Milford > District 159
Fred M Wetherbee 47 m1x 19 yrs NH NH NH dentist
Emma L Wetherbee 42 MA MA MA
Harriet E Wetherbee 19 daughter single NH NH MA
Nen W Wetherbee 18 dau single
Glenn N Wetherbee 15 son single
Emma L Wetherbee 13 dau
Charles A Wetherbee 10 son
Frederick M Wetherbee     3 son
Harriet F Wetherbee 71 mother
Children of Fred M. & Emma L. (Goldsmith) Wetherbee:
1. Harriet Evelyn Wetherbee, b. 31 March 1891 Milford NH; d. April 1964 NH
2. Ned Wingate Wetherbee, b. 22 Dec 1892 Milford NH; d. March 1968 in Milford NH; In 1917 he registered for the WWI Draft, at that time he was a clerk in a Central Oil & Glass Factory in Gardner MA, single.  Tall, slender, blue eyes brown hair. In 1942 when he signed up for the WWII Draft he was single. The 1927 Directory of Milford NH shows him as living at 10 Amherst Rd in Milford, an interior decorator. In 1946 he joined the Milford Lions Club.
3. Glenn Norton Wetherbee, b. 14 Sep 1894 Milford NH, d. 26 March 1976 in Newburyport, Essex Co MA; by 1946 he married Shirley G. –. On his WWII Draft Registration Card he shows he and wife living at Pine Street N. Billerica MA, he is working for the Watertown Arsenal, a US Govt facility in Watertown MA.
4. Emma Louise Wetherbee, b. 27 April 1896 Milford NH; m — May and resided Groton MA.
5. Charles Addison Wetherbee, b. 22 June 1899 Milford NH; in 1927 inspector Milford Textile Corp., living with parents; died 7 March 1985 in Westwood, Norfolk Co MA; had also resided in Newton MA
6. Helen Marie Wetherbee, b. 28 Jan 1901, d. 29 May 1903 Milford NH
7. ++Frederick Minot Wetherbee, b. 1 Sep 1906 Milford NH; d. 8 Sep 1994 in Hancock NH; He m. Carolyn B. –.
8. Maxwell Wetherbee, b 6 Sep 1910 Milford NH; d. 1 Dec 1992 Milford NH; m. Irene Agnes Broderick

****Eighth Generation****

Frederick Minot Wetherbee, son of Fred M. & Emma L. (Goldsmith) Wetherbee, was b. 1 Sep 1906 Milford NH; d. 8 Sep 1994 in Hancock NH; He married 1 Jun 1935 in Hudson NH to M. Cathryn “Carolyn” Butler, daughter of William F. & Harriet A. (Hanson) Butler. In 1942 he was personnel director NYA in Manchester NH, residing Milford NH. She was a member of the Milford Women’s club in 1948.
Children of Frederick M. & Carolyn  (Butler) Wetherbee:
1. ++Fred Minot “Fritz” Wetherbee II, b. 1936 Nashua NH
2. Charles Butler Wetherbee, b. July 1940 NH
3. Robert Hansen Wetherbee, b. May 1943 NH
4. Arthur Carl Wetherbee, b. Dec 1944 NH
5. Margaret Emma Wetherbee

****Ninth Generation***

Fred Minot “Fritz” Wetherbee II, son of Frederick & Carolyn (Butler) Wetherbee, and grandson of Fred M. & Emma L. (Goldsmith) Wetherbee, was born in 1936 at Memorial Hospital, Nashua NH. He has one son, Caleb (b 1962) and two granddaughters, Sophia and Anna. He has lived in Acworth and Portsmouth NH. “A stint in the Army and seven years playing a beatnik in New York City.”

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  1. Deb Priest says:

    Looking for your little brother Carl. We used to smoke parliaments up in the cove by Spoonwood way back when ….Enjoy Chronicle – which prompts my curiosity.

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  3. Joe Doherty says:

    Hello Fritz, I love your stories on NH Chronicle, there always interesting and humorous.
    Have you done a story on Barrington being the Apple tree town of the state back in it’s day.
    Look it up, it’s true, Barrington used to have thousands of Apple trees. Folks from all over the
    state would come to Barrington for apples, I don’t know what happened to all the trees.
    Thanks for your time I know you are busy, but this is an interesting story to research.
    Thank you
    Joe Doherty, Barrington

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  5. Years ago I had an English teacher who read “The Congo” to us, in her careful, elocutionary Yankee teacher voice. It was painful. She was trying to illustrate to us what “onomatapoeia (oh I think that’s spelled wrong) was and we never really got past her performance. Many years later a friend and I went to a talk Fritz Wetherbee was giving, and that very poem came up.
    It was the most amazing reading of that poem I have ever heard and I do not lie when I say I had goosebumps hearing it. I’m hearing it again, right now. At the time I wanted to tell him about it, but apparently so did everyone else at the end…so I do it now. Thank you.

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