’s Internet Biographical Collection Removed Permanently

Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from’s copyright attorney office, as a follow-up to an email I had sent them.  First, they made sure I was aware that the Internet Biographical Collection has been removed from their service, and that the removal is permanent.

At the same time they stated, “we appreciate your patience and apologize for the inadvertant [sic]  use of your blog.”

I immediately took a look at the 24-7 Family History blog, and discovered a post by Kendall Hulet, who is product manager at  His post stops just short of a real apology, but his post does seem genuine to me, and he states “we’ve removed this product with no intention of re-releasing it.”

He also indicates that if they attempt to create a similar product, “we will seek your input and talk more with community leaders to make sure we get it right.”

I am satisfied with this.  I am moving on.


PS, For the background story, read: Hijacks Cow Hampshire Puts the Cow Back In the Barn (For Now)

Follow up story:

“Commenting on Commenting”

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