Webster New Hampshire Author and Illustrator: Tasha Tudor aka Starling (Burgess) McCready (1915-2008)

Tasha Tudor was a national treasure

an illustrator, author, or subject of more than ninety books–living her art for three quarters of a century.

She was most frequently known “for her charming and beautiful watercolor and pastel illustrations and greeting cards, all of which have become highly collectible.”

She was born Starling Burgess, daughter of William Starling & Rosamond (Tudor) Burgess, on 28 Aug 1915 in Boston Massachusetts.  Her mother was an accomplished artist, and her father an architect and airplane, automotive and racing yacht designer, along with being a published poet and author.  Both of her parents were of the old and wealthy families of Boston, and they had connections and friendship with the “Who’s Who” of America during their lifetimes.

Many biographies have been written about Tasha Tudor, and so there is no need for me to repeat them.  Interesting facts not usually found in her biographies will be found later in this article, under the listing of her family genealogy.

Some interesting genealogical facts about Tasha Tudor…

– One of her Tudor line of ancestors, when presented late in the eighteenth century to King George IV, reportedly “caused that monarch to look up quickly with the inquiry, ‘What, one of us?'”

– She was reportedly a direct descendant of Robert Bruce, the famous Scottish artist (through her Tudor-Johnstone line)

– She was a distant cousin to Charles Stewart Parnell, the Irish nationalist and patriot.

So what is her connection to New Hampshire?

For about twenty-six years, Tashua Tudor led a simple and wonderfully creative life in a small New Hampshire town… long enough so that I feel New Hampshire should be able to “claim” her too…

In 1945 Tasha Tudor purchased a 17-room brick farm house in Webster New Hampshire, that she filled with antiques.  One room was given to an antique doll collection.  That house was located on Tyler Road, off Route 127. Previous to her purchase, it was owned by my grandmother’s “cousin Eddie” Gerrish. She lived there for many years and raised her family there.

Beginning in the mid 1940s, and continuing for many years, Tudor created illustrations for a series of Christmas cards. Her family served as models, and included local churches and buildings from the Webster and Contoocook area, in addition to Harrisville and Warner, New Hampshire.

I “inherited” three of these old Christmas cards, sent from my grandmother, Mattie (Kilborn) Webster, to my mother. A scan of one of them appears below.

Tasha Tudor resided in Marlboro, Vermont [corrected from Middleboro, see comment], where she moved in 1971, on her farm surrounded by her beloved children, animals, gardens and her art. Her children are creative artists and apparently also Internet savvy, as you can visit the Tasha Tudor Family Web Site.

On June 28, 2008, Tasha passed away. [obituary]

**ANCESTRY OF Starling (Burgess) McCready aka Tasha Tudor**

Please note that I have made every attempt to present an accurate genealogy, however it may contain errors.


Thomas-1 Burgess, son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Pye) Burgess, and grandson of Thomas & Honor (Sidman) Burgess, b. 1603 in Truro, Cornwall, England and d. 13 Feb 1685 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co MA. He married 1st)  to Dorothy. She was b abt 1603 in England, and d. 27 Feb 1687 in Sandwich MA. [SEE COMMENT, i.e. Thomas Burgess’es wife’s maiden name has been (may have been) established as Dorothy Waynes Goodman, daughter of John Goodman and Joan Elizabeth Pye, A DNA project brought this out.]
Children of Thomas & Dorothy Burgess [mentioned in Thomas-1 will]:
1. Thomas Burgess, b. 10 Feb 1628 in Chelmsford MA
2. John Burge, b. after 1628 in Chelmsford MA
3. Elizabeth Burgess, b. 1631 Sandwich MA, who married 12 Feb 1651 in Sandwich, Plymouth Colony, New England to Ezra Perry Sr.
4. +Jacob Burgess, b. c 1633 in Sandwich MA
5. Joseph Burgess, b. c 1638 in Sandwich MA

Jacob-2 Burgess, son of Thomas & Dorothy Burgess was b. 1633 in Sandwich MA and d. 17 March 1719 in Sandwich MA. He m) 1 June 1670 in Sandwich MA to Mary NYE. She b. 8 Apr 1642 in Sandwich MA and d. 23 June 1706 in Sandwich MA
Children of Jacob & Mary (Nye) Burgess:
1. Samuel Burgess, b. 8 May 1670/71 Sandwich, Barnstable MA
2. Ebenezer Burgess, b 2 Oct 1673 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA, d. 22 May 1750 Wareham, Plymouth Co. MA
3. +Jacob Burgess, b. 18 Oct 1676 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA
4. Thomas Burgess, b. 29 March 1680 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA d 1757 prob Martha’s Vineyard
5. Benjamin Burgess, b. 1682 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA, d. 5 Nov 1753 Martha’s Vineyard, Dukes Co MA
6. Mary Burgess b 1686 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA

Jacob-3 Burgess, son of Jacob & Mary (Nye) Burgess, b. 18 Oct 1676 in Sandwich MA and d. 1769 in Sandwich MA. He married 27 Apr 1704 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co MA to Mary HUNT, dau of Samuel & Mary (Glass) Hunt. She b. 1685 in Duxbury MA and d. 1750 in Sandwich MA.
Children of Jacob & Mary (Hunt) Burgess:
1. +Zaccheus Burgess, b. 9 March 1705 in Sandwich MA
2. Jedidiah Burgess, b. 29 July 1706 in Sandwich MA
3. Abia Burgess, b 14 Apr 1708 in Sandwich MA
4. Abigail Burgess, b. 29 June 1709 in Sandwich MA
5. Samuel Burgess, b. 2 Nov 1711 in Sandwich MA
6. Jacob Burgess, b. 9 Nov 1715 in Sandwich MA

Zaccheus-4 Burgess, son of Jacob & Mary (Hunt) Burgess, b. 9 March 1705 in Sandwich MA and d. 1787 in Sandwich MA. He married 1st) 12 Apr 1735 in Plymouth MA to Temperance Gibbs, dau of Joshua & Mercy (Hallett) Gibbs.  She b. 5 Oct 1712 in Plymouth MA and d. 8 Dec 1748 in Sandwich MA. He married 2nd) 7 Dec 1749 in Rochester, Plymouth Co MA to Phebe SNOW, dau of Nicholas & Lydia (Shaw) Snow. She b. 17 Nov 1705 in Harwich MA and d. 25 June 1751 in Rochester MA. He m3rd) 30 July 1752 in Sandwich MA to Joanna Dexter, dau of Benjamin & Sarah (Arnold) Dexter. She b. 12 Dec 1715 in Rochester MA and d. 14 Apr 1787 in Rochester MA.
Children of Zaccheus & Temperance (Gibbs) Burgess:
1. Josiah Burgess, b. 18 July 1738 Sandwich MA
2. Ruth Burgess, b. c 1739 in Sandwich MA
3. Thomas Burgess, b. 23 May 1741 Sandwich MA
4. +Elisha Burgess, b. 1743 in Sandwich MA
5. Mary Burgess b 1743 in Sandwich MA
6. Jedediah Burgess, b. 1745 in Sandwich MA
Children of Zaccheus & Phebe (Snow) Burgess:
7. Phebe Burge(ss), b. 25 June 1751 in Rochester MA

Elisha-5 Burgess, son of Zaccheus & Temperance (Gibbs) Burgess, b. 1743 in Sandwich MA, d. 10 Nov 1832 in Sandwich MA. He married 6 Dec 1770 to Hannah NYE, dau of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Baker) Nye.  She b. 18 Nov 1747 in Falmouth, Barnstead MA and d 9 Dec 1840 in Sandwich MA.
Children of Elisha & Hannah (Nye) Burgess:
1. Betsey Burgess, b. 31 March 1772 Sandwich MA; m. Elisha Gibbs
2. Elisha Burgess, b. 14 Jan 1774 Sandwich MA, d. 1795
3. Abiah Burgess, b. 11/14 Feb 1776 Sandwich MA
4. +Benjamin Burgess, b. 26 Aug 1778 Sandwich MA
5. Rebecca Burgess, b. 29 Nov 1781 Sandwich MA; m. Thomas Ellis
6. Hannah Burgess, b. 6 Feb 1783 Sandwich MA
7. Jacob Burgess, b. 19 Sep 1786 Sandwich MA; m. Sally Harlow
8. Hepzibah Burgess, b. 5 Apr 1788 in Sandwich MA; m. Samuel Harlow
9. Anson Burgess, b. 2 Dec 1791 in Sandwich MA; m. Mary Crocker Davis

Benjamin-6 Burgess, son of Elisha & Hannah (Nye) Burgess was b. 26 Aug 1778 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co MA and d. 29 Jan 1864 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA. He married 3 June 1804 in Sandwich MA to Mary Swift, dau of Clark & Mary (Gibbs) Swift.  She b. 3 Sep 1782 in Sandwich MA and d. 29 Jan 1861 in Boston MA.
Children of Benjamin & Mary (Swift) Burgess:
1. Adeline Burgess, b. 20 July 1805 in Sandwich MA; m. Nathan Bourne Gibbs
2. Mary G. Burgess, b. 2 Sep 1807 in Sandwich MA; m1) Hiram Ellis; m2) Enos Briggs
3. Thomas Jefferson Burgess, b. 10 Feb 1810 in Sandwich MA; ?m. Acsah Bourne
4. Elizabeth Swift Burgess, b. 24 March 1813 in Sandwich MA; m. Nathan Bourne Gibbs
5. Hepsah Burgess, b. 7 Feb 1816 in Sandwich MA
6. +Benjamin Franklin Burgess, b. 6 Sep 1818 in Sandwich MA
7. Caroline Beal Burgess, b. 1 March 1821 in Sandwich MA; m. Frederick W. Sawyer

Benjamin-7 Franklin Burgess, son of Benjamin & Mary (Swift) Burgess, was b. 6 Sep 1818 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co MA and d. 5 Oct 1909 in Boston MA.  He married 3 Oct 1839 in Sandwich, Barnstable CO MA to Cordelia Williams Ellis, dau of Abner & Lorana (Williams) Ellis. She b. July 1821 in Rayham MA and d. Dec 1876 in Boston MA.
Child of Benjamin F. & Cordelia W. (Ellis) Burgess:
1. +Edward Burgess, b. 30 June 1848 in West Sandwich, Barnstable Co MA

Edward-8 Burgess, son of Benjamin Franklin & Cordelia Williams (Ellis) Burgess, b. 30 June 1848 in West Sandwich MA and d. 12 July 1891 in Boston MA. He is buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery Grave lot # 1167 Geranium Path. He died of typhoid fever. Edward and Caroline resided in Boston MA. He graduated from Harvard in 1871 and received his honorary master’s degree in 1888. He was an entomologist, and later a yacht designer.  He married 2 June 1877 in Boston MA to Caroline Louisa Sullivant.  She b. 2 Nov 1852 in Columbus Ohio, dau of William Starling & Caroline Eudora (Sutton) Sullivant. She d. 16 Sep 1891 in Boston MA of pneumonia and is buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge MA. Nickname “Kitty.”
Children of Edward & Caroline L. (Sullivant) Burgess:
1. +William Starling Burgess, b. 25 Dec 1878 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA
2. Charles Paine Burgess, b. 9 Apr 1888

William Starling-9 Burgess, son of Edward & Caroline Louisa (Sullivant) Burgess was b. 25 Dec 1878 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA and d. 19 March 1947 in Hoboken, Hudson Co NJ. He attended Milton Academy in Milton MA and graduated from Harvard College in 1901.  His family called him “Skipper.” He was a naval architect, airplane, automotive and racing yacht designer, and published poet and author. He designed J class boats including Enterprise, Rainbow and Ranger. By 1901 he was self-employed in the yacht design and brokerage.  In 1902 he became a partner in Burgess & Packard with Alpheus Appleton Packard.  He also founded a firm to manufacture airplanes and hydroplanes.   He married 1) Oct 1901 in Lexington MA to Helene Adams Willard.  She b. 23 Jan 1882, she committed suicide 10 June 1902, and reportedly was found clutching a note to him that read, “You loved me once.”  He married 2) 13 Oct 1904 at Marblehead MA to Rosamond TUDOR, dau of Frederic & Louise (Simes) Tudor.  She b. 20 June 1878 in Buzzards Bay, Bourne Co. MA. She was married 1st and divorced Alex Higginson. Calvin Coolidge represented her in the first divorce proceedings. She divorced from W.S. about 1924.  He married 3rd) 23 Nov 1925 in Wonalancet, Carroll Co NH to Elsie Jane FOSS, daughter of Julia A. Foss. She was b. abt 1903 in MA. He married 4th) 6 Dec 1933 in Reno NV to “Anna” Nannie Dale BIDDLE. She b abt 1902. He married 5th) 1945 Marjorie YOUNG, dau of John Abion & Ellen Spooner (Gladding) Young. In 1930 living in Darien, Fairfield Co CT with wife 3rd wife Elsie and two youngest children.
U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > Manhattan Assembly District 10 > District 719
Burgess, William Head M W 40 married MA MA U.S. Designer Yacht
Burgess, Rosamond wife F W 41 married MA U.S. U.S. Artist Painter
Burgess, Frederick son M W 13 MA MA MA [b abt 1907]
Burgess, Starling dau F W 2-3/12 Single MA MA MA
Children of William S. & Rosamond (Tudor) Burgess:
[see TUDOR genealogy for her child by first husband]
1. Edward Burgess, b. 3 Aug. 1905 Marblehead MA; d. 24 June 1914 at Marblehead MA, cremated, buried Mt. Auburn Cemetery (drowned when young by falling off their boat). SEE COMMENT below, i.e. “The birth and death dates for Edward Burgess which are carved into the Tudor family gravestone in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA are Aug. 3, 1905–Oct. 17, 1913. Those dates are both at odds with the information written on the death certificate.”
2. Dr. Frederick Tudor Burgess, b. 3 Sep 1906 Marblehead, MA. [changed name to Frederic Tudor]. He died 11 April 1985 in Braintree MA. Buried Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA. Graduated Harvard University 1930 and Harvard Medical School in 1933. He was a member of the medical staff at Massachusetts General Hospital more than 25 years, and Chief of Staff at Milton Hospital for several years. He was also Norfolk Co. MA medical examiner for more than 20 years. Children: Rosamond, Mary, Frederic, and Robert.
3. +Starling-10 Burgess, b. 28 Aug 1915 in Boston MA [changed name to TASHA TUDOR].
Children of William S. & Elsie J. (Foss) Burgess:
4. Ann Burgess, b abt 1927 in NY; m. James Simeon Ford; had at least one child, Christopher Michael “Kip” Ford.
5. Diana Burgess, b abt 1929 in NY

*Starling-10 Burgess*, daughter of William Starling & Rosamond (Tudor) Burgess,  b. 28 Aug 1915 in Boston MA, and died 18 June 2008.  Her father liked the character Natasha from Toystoy’s “War and Peace,” and he nicknamed his daughter the same, which was shortened to “Tasha.” [changed name to Tasha Tudor]. At the age of 9 when her parents divorced, she went to live with family friends “Aunt Gwen” and “Uncle Michael” Mikkelson in Connecticut. Gwen was the granddaughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne. She married in 1938 in Redding, Fairfield Co CT, at mother’s farm to Thomas Leighton McCready Jr. In 1945 they purchased a home in Webster New Hampshire where they lived for several years. From 1954 to 1959 she illustrated five books written by her husband (i.e. Biggity Bantam, Pekin White, Mr. Stubbs, Increase Rabbit and Adventures of a Beagle).  Starling and Thomas divorced sometime after 1959.  In 1971 she moved to  Marlboro, Vermont where her son Seth was already living, and bought land adjoining his. SEE list of her publications.
Children of Thomas L. & Starling B. (Burgess) McCready Jr.:
1. Seth McCready aka Seth Tudor, b. 1942; he married Marjorie –. They have a son Winslow Tudor, who m. Amy -; and a daughter Jennifer who m. — Wyman, and has two children.
2. Bethany McCready aka Tudor, illustrator (cards), writer of several books, plus a biography of her mother called “Drawn From New England”; m. Ned Phoenix, divorced; resided in West Brattleboro, Vermont
3. Efner T. [McCready] Tudor, b. 1949 in Boston MA; grew up in Webster NH; writes children books, including books which her mother illustrated, i.e., The Christmas Cat, Carrie’s Gift, Amy’s Goose, Deer in the Hollow, My Sadie, Bettys Gas; she married Peter Holmes and has 3 children including Nathan T. and Seth B.; resides Hopkinton NH
4. Thomas McCready


===First Generation===
John-1 Tudor, son of William and Mary Tudor, b 18 Sep 1709 in England, baptized 29 Sep 1709 in Tospham, Devonshire England; d. at Boston MA 18 March 1795; he was brought to Boston in 1714/15 by his widowed mother, who afterward became the wife of Capt. John Langdon. He bought land in Nahant MA in May 1788–three acres of land as well as six acres of salt marsh in May 1788. He married at Boston MA 15 June 1732 to Jane Varney, dau of James & Jane (Henchman) Varney. She b. 23 Feb 1714, bapt 28 Feb 1714, d. at Boston MA 23 Sep 1795. John was a baker, treasurer and deacon of the New Brick Church and Second Church of Boston, and executor of the estates of his father-in-law James Varney and his sister-in-law Bethesda (Varney) Boardman. He held several town official positions. His diary, “a record of more or less important events in Boston from 1732 to 1793” to which a genealogy was added, was edited by his great-grandson, William Tudor and published in 1896.
Children of John & Jane (Varney) Tudor:
1. John Tudor, b. 21 March 1732/33, bapt 25 March 1732/33; d. at sea 29 Oct 1756
2. Mary Tudor, b. 17 Nov 1734, bapt 24 Nov 1734; m(1) 21 Jan 1755 Thomas Stanly; m(2) 28 May 1760 James Thompson
3. Jane Tudor, b. 30 June 1736, bapt 3 July 1736; d. 28 march 1791; m. 14 May 1754, William Thompson
4. James Tudor, b 19 March 1740, bapt 22 March 1740/41; d. at sea 11 Oct 1756
5. Elizabeth Tudor, b. 31 March 1745, bap 31 March 1745, d. 1 Feb 1788; m. 9 May 1765 Habijah Savage. They were parents of historian and genealogist James Savage.
6. +Col. William Tudor, b. 28 March 1750, bapt. 1 Apr 1750; d. 8 July 1819 at Boston MA; m. 5 March 1778 Delia Jarvis.

===Second Generation===

Col. William-2 Tudor, son of John & Jane (Varney) Tudor b. 28 March 1750 at Boston MA; bapt 1 Apr 1750; graduated from Harvard 1769 age 19; died 8 July, 1819; He fitted for college at the Latin School, then kept by Mr. John Lovell, received a degree of Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College in 1769, in 1772 admitted to the degree of Master of Arts; In 1771 he studied law in John Adams’ office, remaining their until after the Boston Tea Party; he was a friend and aide to George Washington and Lafayette; helped to form the Society of the Cincinnati. The book, Historic fields and mansions of Middlesex states he first drew public attention to the building of a memorial on Bunker Breed’s Hill. He presided over the court-martials at Cambridge Mass after the arrival of Washington. He graduated from Harvard in the class of 1769. In 1777 he was appointed lieutenant colonel of Henley’s regiment. He was commissioned major of Samuel Gerrish’s regiment as early as 19 May 1775 by Joseph Warren, and served at the siege of Boston.  In Nov 1776 he was made colonel. He fought with credit at Saratoga and Monmouth. He married 5 March 1778 to Miss Delia Jarvis of Boston who during the siege lived on Noddle’s Island with the family of a Mr. Williams. She was born 18 Nov 1753 and died at Washington D.C. 7 Sep 1843. Her portrait, by John Wesley Jarvis, was loaned by Mr. Frederic Tudor of Brighton Mass to the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY in November 1895 and is cataloged: “Portrait of the Artist’s Sister and wife of Col. William Tudor.” Her brother was John W. Jarvis. He was representative of Boston in the Massachusetts General Court, 1781-1794; a State Senator, 1801 and 1802; Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1808 and 1809; and was a founder of the Massachusetts Historical Society whose first meeting was held on January 24, 1791 in his house on Court Street, Boston. Member of Trinity Church. When presented late in the eighteenth century to King George IV, it reportedly “caused that monarch to look up quickly with the inquiry, “What, one of us?” [Famous Families of Massachusetts, by Mary Caroline Crawford, Boston MA, 1930; page 233] [SEE Letter by Col. Tudor to his wife to be in 1776]  [More about him]
Children of Col. William & Delia (Jarvis) Tudor: [3 sons 2 daughters, NEGHS says 8 children]
1. William Tudor, b 28 January 1779, d. 9 March 1830; one of Boston’s leading literary figures of his time;one of the founders of the Anthology Club, and co-founder and first editor of the North American Review and co-founder of the Boston Anthenaeum. He created the term “The Athens of America” regarding Boston in a letter he wrote in 1819.
2. John Henry Tudor, 1782-1802, roomed with Washington Allston at Harvard University
3. +Frederick Tudor, b. 4 Sep 1783, d. 6 Feb 1864.
4. Emma Jane Tudor (1785-1865), married Robert Hallowell Gardiner of Gardiner Maine, had issue.
5. Delia Tudor (1787-1861), married Commodore Charles Stewart of the United States Navy (Capt of the USS Constitution, now called “Old Ironsides”). Their daughter Delia Tudor Stewart, b. 1816 in Boston MA married John Henry Parnell. Their son was Charles Stewart Parnell, the Irish nationalist and patriot.
6. Henry James Tudor (1791-1864); m. Fanny H. Had child Emma, b. 10 May 1848 in Boston MA, and ch Fanny, b. 18 Feb 1846.

===Third Generation===

Fredrick “Ice King”-3 Tudor, b. 4 Sep 1783 in Boston MA, d. 6 Feb 1864 in Boston MA; in 1850 living in Lynn MA, merchant, also a Pharmia F. Tudor (b 1814). He became wealthy by devising a way to transport New England ice to foreign ports. He created the Tudor Ice Company of Boston. Frederick Tudor was one of the earliest residents and chief benefactors of Nahant MA, having a house there named “Maolis” (“Siloam” transposed).  From a wharf in Nahant in 1804 or 1806 he shipped his first ice to the tropics, in 1817 to Charleston, South Caroline and in 1817 to New Orleans. The ice, once cut was stored in ice houses on the edge of the pond, or shipped immediately into Tudor’s Wharf in Boston. He leased or purchased rights at Fresh Pond, Spot Pond, Walden Pond and Smith’s Pond,–a railway being built to the former, solely for the transportation of ice.  About 1835 he had financial difficulties but his creditors allowed him time to discharge his obligations in full, and he became even wealthier. According to “Beacon Hill: its ancient pastures and early mansions” page 139, he bought a house on Beacon Hill that had been owned in 1838 by Robert Gould Shaw the elder. The book goes on to say that Mr. Tudor harvested ice whole-sale and transported it by the shipload to the West Indies and even to the Far East.   During the winter of 1844 Boston Harbor froze so solid that the Cunard Steamship Company could not move one of its ships, the Britania. The Tudor Ice Company used its equipment to break the ice and free the ship. Eventually he and/or his company owned property in Nahant, Charlestown, New Orleans, Jamaica, Calcutta, Madras and Bombay, so that “it was almost possible for him, who at twenty-two had founded a traffic so extraordinary to repeat the proud boat of England, ‘that the sun never set on his possessions.'” He married 2 January 1835 at Mount Upton NY to Euphemia “Effie” Fenno, then age 19. She was born at Mt. Upton NY 6 Apr 1814 and died at Newbury VT 9 March 1884, dau of George and Elizabeth Henrietta (Upton) Fenno. [Her father George Fenno was a leading merchant of Mount Upton, and was born in Boston MA 28 Jan 1786, the son of John and Mary (Curtis) Fenno, and d. at Mount Upton 19 April 1829. His wife Elizabeth Henrietta Upton, whom he married 15 June 1812, was born in London, England, 15 Sep 1791, the daughter of Francis and Joanna (Johnstone) Upton. Through the Johnstones, the Tudor family can claim descent from Robert Bruce, the famous Scottish artist]. It appears the Euphemia had her first name officially changed to Fenno. Abt 1884, at her death, Euphemia “Fenno” Tudor left the town of Nehant MA $50,000 for a public park, and more than $30,000 to local charitable organizations. March 1884 New York Times, “Mrs. Fenno Tudor, widow of Frederick Tudor, at Newbury VT, has died of pneumonia, age 70. Mrs. Tudor was widely known through her active participation in reformatory and philanthropic work. She was a warm friend of the causes of temperance and woman suffrage, and her contributions were always liberal. In June 1881 the Indiana papers reported: “Mrs. Fenno Tudor of Boston has presented the Massachusetts Historical Society with fifty autograph letters from John Quincy Adams.” In 1886 she established the Fenno Tudor Fund at Boston University School of Medicine, which is awarded to women medical students. Baker Library has a collection of some of his papers.
Children of Frederick & Euphemia (Fenno) Tudor:
1. Euphemia Fenno Tudor, b. 18 Feb 1837, Boston MA.
2. +Frederic Tudor, b. 11 Feb 1845
3. Delia Jarvis Tudor, b. 20 March 1847 Boston MA; m. 15 June 1871 to Skipwith Wilmer. Had issue [WILMER]: Euphemia Fenno (1872-1873), Joseph Peregrine (d 1874), Helen Skipwith and Delia Tudor.
4. +William Tudor, b. 27 Sep 1848 in Boston MA; d. 17 Sep 1923 in Venice Italy; m. Elizabeth Whitwell; had issue [see]
5. Eleonora Elizabeth Tudor, b. 1 July 1850 in MA; m. Frederick Levey Hart, prob. son of Theodore & Mary (Bradbury) Hart. He b. 4 Jan 1851 in Montreal Canada and d. 10 Apr 1896. In 1880 living in Marietta, Cobb Co GA with children Effie (7), Percy (6) and Edith (4) [ch all b. Canada]. They are living next door to her brother William and his family.   They divorced in Montreal Quebec Canada 22 May 1888. In 1895 listed in directory of Nahant MA: Tudor Hart, Eleanora E. Mrs. h. Spring rd. n. Flash rd.; In 1910 living with great niece, Marie Tudor Garland in Bourne MA. Census states she is divorced, has 4 children all living.
6. Henry Tudor, b. 21 Jan 1854; in 1880 working in a mine in Salt Lake City, Utah; in 1900 a lodger (single) in Boston MA.

===Fourth Generation===

William-4 Tudor,  son of Frederick & Euphemia (Fenno) Tudor, b. 27 Sep 1848 in Boston MA [recs]; d. 17 Sep 1923 in Venice Italy. He received his early education at the Phillips School, Boston, and at St. Paul’s School, Concord NH, Mr. Dixwell’s Latin School and Mr. Noble’s School in Boston. He received a degree of Bachelor of Arts from Harvard, Class of 1871. He traveled in Europe, returning to the United States to study art and painting. He engaged in mining in Temple GA but finally devoted himself to portrait painting. He also engaged in farming in Georgia on his 250 acre estate.  He was the chief owner of 3 mines in the south. He edited and published in 1896 under the title “Deacon Tudor’s Diary” the memoranda written in the form of a journal by his great grandfather, Deacon John Tudor, with a memoir of Col. Wm. Tudor and a brief genealogy of the Tudor family. He married 24 May 1873 in Paris France to Elizabeth Whitwell, dau of William Scollay and Mary Greene (Hubbard) Whitwell.
1880 US Census > Georgia > Cobb > Marietta > District 36 > 15
Tudor, William W M 30 miner MA England NY
Tudor, Elizabeth W F 29 wife keeps house MA England England
Tudor, Harry W M 6 son school boy France MA MA
Tudor, Willie M W 4 son MA MA MA
Tudor, Elizabeth J. W F 1 dau MA MA MA
Tudor, Delia W F 1/12 May dau Georgia MA MA
Steustman, M– W F 27 servant servant Sweden
1900 US Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Hancock > District 83 > 9
Tudor, William G. Head W M Sept 1848 51 married 21 yrs MA MA MA retired from business
Tudor, Elizabeth W. wife W F Apr 1851 49 married 21 yrs 3 ch 3 living MA MA MA
Tudor, Elizabeth dau W F Nov 1878 21 single MA MA MA
Tudor, Dealia A. dau W F Apr 1880 20 single Georgia MA MA
Tudor, Mary dau W F July 1889 13 single France MA at school
Warn, Amelia servant white unknown b England
Warn, Charles servant white unknown b. England
Hersey, Richard servant black  unknown
1910 US Census > Massachusetts > Suffolk > Boston Ward 11 > District 1421 > 6
Tudor, William Head M W 61 married 36 yrs MA MA NY
Tudor, Elisabeth wife F W 58 married 36 yrs 5 ch 5 living MA MA MA
Heon, Evelyn servant F W 25 single NH Can-Eng —-
Joyce, Mary servant F W 37 single England
Haruon, Margaret servant F W 33 single English
Swanson, Duma servant F W 28 single Norwegian
1920 US Census > Georgia > Haralson > Draketown > District 128 > 8
Tudor, William Head M W 71 married MA MA NY
Perkins, Issabelle nurs/nurse F W 31 single Maine Maine Maine
Children of William & Elizabeth (Whitwell) Tudor:
1. +Henry “Harry” Dubois Tudor, b. 30 Oct 1874 France, d. 8 Oct 1962;  A.B., Harvard 1895; married Eleanor Gray. She b. 25 May 1876 in Boston MA.
2. John William “Willie” Tudor, b abt 1876 MA;  A.B., Harvard 1896, M.E. (Columbia 1898)
3. +Elizabeth J. “Elsa” Tudor, who m1) 16 Nov 1904 Alain Dedons de Pierrfeu, who d. 21 May 1915; she m2nd) 2 Sep 1916 Joseph Daniels Leland. She had ch by both husbands.
4. Delia Aimee, born April/May 1880 in Georgia, who m. Louis Bartlett Thacher, A.B. (Harvard 1894) and d. 21 July 1921, had children.
5. Mary, July 1889 in France; m. Roland Gray, A.B. (Harvard 1895) LLB (Harvard 1898), had children.


Frederic-4 Tudor, son of Frederick Tudor & Euphemia (Fenno) Tudor, b. 11 Feb 1845 in MA; m. abt 1867 to Louisa/Louise Simes [her parents both b. Ireland]. She b. Sept 1845 in NY or MA. In 1880 living in Manhattan NY. In 1900 living in Brookline, Norfolk Co MA. He was a civil engineer.
Children of Frederic & Louisa (Simes) Tudor:
1. Frederic(k) Tudor Jr., b. March 1869 in MA; he married about 1907 to Amy L. –. She b abt 1886 in CT; in 1900 single and living in Brookline MA with his parents; in 1910 living with wife in Needham MA, no children at that time.
2. Maria Louise Tudor, b. abt 1870 in MA; m. James A. Garland; in 1910 a widowed Maria is living in Bourne MA with 5 children  [GARLAND]: James A.(16), Tudor (14), Charles (10), Hamilton (9), and Hope (4), cousin Josephine (24) and great aunt Eleanora Tudor Hart (58) divorced. [Hope Tudor married — Ingersoll. Her grandson Kofi Ingersoll owns and runs Bay End Farm in Massachusetts].
3. Cecelia Tudor, b abt 1872 in MA
4. Euphemia “Effie” Tudor, b. abt 1875 in MA; m Oct 2, 1896 in Chestnut Hill (Boston) MA to Edward Slade, son of Daniel Dennison & Mary “Mina” Louise (Hensler) of Newton MA. He b. abt 1873, an electrician by trade. She was an author living in Canada. ? daughter Priscilla (b abt 1911)
5. +Rosamond Tudor, b. 20 June 1878 in Buzzards Bay, Bourne Co MA

===Fifth Generation===

Henry “Harry” Dubois-5 Tudor, son of William & Elizabeth (Whitwell) Tudor, b. 30 Oct 1874 in Paris, France, d. 8 Oct 1962;  A.B., Harvard 1895; married 10 June 1905 to Eleanor Gray. She b. 25 May 1876 in Boston MA. Lawyer.
1910 US Census > Massachusetts > Suffolk > Boston Ward 11 > District 1424 > 11
Tudor, Henry D. Head M W 34 m1x 4 yrs France (Am Cit) MA MA Lawyer, general practice
Tudor, Eleanor wife F W 33 m1x 4 yrs 2 ch 2 living MA MA MA
McGrath, Margaret servant F W 34 single MA Ire-Eng Can-Eng
Bloom, Hedora S. servant F W 24 single Swed Swed Swed
Mouson Ida M. servant F W 26 single Swed Swed Swed
Leahy, Annie servant F W 26 single Ire-Eng Ire-Eng Ire-Eng
Tudor, Anne, dau F W 3 single MA Fr-Am Cit MA
Tudor, John son M W 2 single MA Fr-Am Cit, MA
Children of Henry D. & Eleanor (Gray) Tudor:
1. Anne Elizabeth Tudor, b. 8 July 1906 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA; m. — Ford.  Had at least one child, Christopher Ford.
2. John Tudor, b. 19 Aug 1907 in Nahant, MA; ?buried 19 Aug 1929
3. Henry Owen Tudor, b. 16 May 1911 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA;

Elizabeth J. “Elsa”-5 Tudor,
daughter of William & Elisabeth L. (Whitwell) Tudor.  She was b. 27
November 1878 in Boston, Middlesex Co., MA and d. 1966 in Peterborough, Hillsborough Co. NH. She m1) 16 Nov 1904 in Boston MA to Alain, Comte Dedons de Pierrefeu, son of Alphonse & Anne (de Querangal de Villeguries)  D. de Pierrefu born 4 February 1879 in Paris, Ile-de-France, France and d. 21 May 1915 in Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France, tragically killed working in a Red Cross ambulance in WWI France. She m2nd) 2 Sep 1916 Joseph Daniels Leland. She had children by both husbands.
dePIERREFEU — Elsa Tudor, of Hancock, N.H. in Peterborough,N.H. April 10
Widow of Alain dePierrefeu, mother of Mrs. Arthur N. Daniels of Hancock, N.H., and Mrs. Katharine de P. Gilbert of Peterborough, and S. Tudor Leland of Beverly Farms, Mass.  Eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Memorial services will be held at the convenience of the family.
OBITUARY of Joseph D. Leland, Washington Post Washington DC, 1968
Fellow of the Institute of Architects, Harvard 1909; on April 13, 1968 of Milton, Mass., in his 82d year; father of S. Tudor Leland of Beverly Farms, Mass.; brother of Elizabeth C. Leland of Milton, Mass.; and also survived by three grandchildren, Allan Forbes Leland, Phyllis Forbes Leland, and Daphne Leland.  Funeral service at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Randolph ave., off Adams st., Milton, Mass., on Tuesday, April 16, at 3 p.m. Please omit flowers. Contributions may be sent to the Milton Hospital. Interment private.
Milton, Mass. April 15–Joseph D. Leland, a retired architect, died early Saturday morning at the Milton Hospital and Convalescent Home. He was 82 years old and lived here. A 1909 graduate of Harvard, Mr. Leland went on to study architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris before becoming a senior partner in Leland & Larsen, a Boston-based architectural firm. He was New England director of the American Institute of architects for a time. Mr. Leland retired in 1959 because of ill health, but continued a limited practice as an architectural consultant. He headed Milton’s planning board from 1938 to 1954. His clubs included the Somerset and the Tennis and Racquet Clubs in Boston and the Myopia Hunt Club and the Milton-Hoosic Club. Survivors include a son S. Tudor Leland of Beverly, a sister Elizabeth Leland of Milton and three grandchildren.
Children of Alaine & “Elsa” (Tudor) Dedons de Pierrefeu:
1. +”Yann” Alphonse Leopold Jehan Tudor Dedons de Pierrefeu, b. 27 Sep 1905 Sewaren NJ, d. 11 March 1965 in Hampton, Rockingham Co. NH
2. +Dolores Delia Dedons de Pierrefeu, born 7 July 1907 in Jamaica Plain, Suffolk Co. MA and d. December 1985 in Hancock, Hillsborough Co. NH.  She married about 1931 in MA to Arthur Noyes Daniels
3. Elizabeth “Elsa” Leonora Dedons de Pierrefeu, b. 14 July 1908 Hingham MA
4. +Katharine Hubbard Madeleine Dedons de Pierrefeu, b 6 February 1913 in Chicago IL, and d. 16 March 2006 in Peterborough, Hillsborough Co. NH. She married 31 August 1935 at Peterborough NH to Horace Durham Gilbert
Child of Joseph D. & “Elsa” (Tudor-Dedons de Pierrefeu) Leland:
5. +S. Tudor Leland, b 29 June 1917, d. 26 May 1998 in Beverly, MA.

Rosamond-5 TUDOR, dau of Frederic & Louise (Simes) Tudor, b. 20 June 1878 in Buzzards Bay, Bourne Co MA, and died June 26, 1949. She is buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA. She married 1st) 9 Oct 1899 at Trinity Church Boston MA to “Alex” Alexander Agassiz Higginson, son of Col./Maj. Henry Lee & Ida (Agassiz) Higginson of Boston MA. He b. 2 Apr 1876. They divorced (Calvin Coolidge represented her in court). [Alex m2d Jeanne Calducci a comic opera dancer].  She married 2nd) 13 Oct 1904 at Marblehead MA to William Starling Burgess [see].  She divorced him about 1924.
Children of Alex Henry & Rosamond (Tudor) Higginson:
1. Henry Lee Higginson, b. 5 July 1900, d. Oct 1981. He m 1926 to Betty Bird of Brookline MA. In 1930 living in Lincoln MA, occupation, farmer; Had children, including Cecile Agassiz, b. 1928, and who m — Murphy; and ? Barbara; he m2d) Jeanne Calducci .
[SEE BURGESS FAMILY for child of her 2nd husband, including TASHA-6 TUDOR]

===Sixth Generation===

“Yann” M. A. L.J.T.-6 Dedons de Pierrefeu, son of Alaine & “Elsa” (Tudor) Dedons de Pierrefeu, was born 27 Sep 1905 in Sewaren NJ and d. 11 March 1965 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.  He graduated from Groton School (Groton MA) and attended Harvard University but did not graduate. In the 1930s he lived on Argilla Road in Ipswich MA and in the 1940s in Rowley MA. He married about 1930 to Ellen Hemenway Taintor, daughter of Charles Wilson & Caroline (Hemenway) Taintor, and granddaughter of Ellen (Tileston) Hemenway. She was born 12 Nov 1905 in Boston MA.  He is buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA.
Child of “Yann” & Ellen (Hemenway) Taintor:
1. Alain de Pierrefeu, b. 30 July 1931 in MA; d. 11 March 2007 in Summerland Key, Monroe Co. FL. Among other things, Alain was a real estate broker in Florida.

Dolores Delia-6 Dedons de Pierrefeu, daughter of Alaine & “Elsa” (Tudor) Dedons de Pierrefeu was born 7 July 1907 in Jamaica Plain, Suffolk Co. MA and d. December 1985 in Hancock, Hillsborough Co. NH.  She married about 1931 in MA to Arthur Noyes Daniels, son of Ralph C. & Myra (Winn) Daniels.  He was b 1 Oct 1908 in California and d. Nov 1982 in Hancock NH. In 1932 residing in San Diego, California. He was educated in California before removing east to attend Annapolis. He was professor of mechanical engineering at NH’s Dartmouth College in 1941 and later USN Lieut. Commander of the USS Sanders (DE 40) during WWII. Arthur worked for Miniature Precision Bearings Inc., and later was President of New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc.
Children of Arthur N. & Dolores D. (Dedons de Pierrefeu) Daniels:
1. Leonora Winn Daniels, b. 28 Aug 1932 in San Diego CA and d. 9 Sep 1988 in Hancock, Hillsborough Co. NH.  She married November 1958 in the Unitarian Church in Peterborough NH to Ernest Victor Klein, son of Frank Klein & [Maria Schick] Mrs. William Denhof. (engaged 6 July 1958, NY Times) She graduated from Kendall Hall School Peterborough NH and Pembroke College. For many years, Mrs. Klein was a development officer for the Advent school on Beacon Hill MA. She also supported groups interested in the preservation of wildlife and organizations dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals. Mr. Klein graduated from Fieldston School in New York and Brown University (in 1954). He was the grandson of the late Viktor Schick, onetime executive director of the Laender Bank of Prague, Czechoslovakia, and vice president of the German Theatre and Opera Guild in Prague, and Karel Klein, also of Prague.l They have two daughters, Hailey D.D. and Elizabeth B. Klein.
2. Delia Daniels [maid of honor at her sister Leonara’s wedding in 1958].  In 1988 residing Hancock NH
3. Theodore T. “Ted” Daniels of Philadelphia, PA.

Katharine Hubbard Madeleine-6 Dedons de Pierrefeu, was b 6 February 1913 in Chicago IL, and d. 16 March 2006 in Peterborough, Hillsborough Co. NH. She married 31 August 1935 at Peterborough NH to Horace Durham Gilbert, son of Henry Kidder & Anne (Sargent) Gilbert.  He was b. 22 August 1910 in Lake Forest Illinois, and d. 19 March 1976 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., California. He was a Yale educated engineer (1933 Scheffield Scientific School) and attorney (1938). After Law school he was employed in research and in sales positions, and at one time was advertising manager of “Yankee” magazine. Later he was president of Miniature Precision Bearings Inc. in Peterborough NH. He married 2nd Isabelle –.  She b. 31 Aug 1916 and d. 15 Apr 1996 in Goffstown NH.  FOUR CHILDREN [see book “The Granite State of the United States: a history of New Hampshire from 1623 to the present, Volume 4, by James Duane Squires, 1956
1956 NH City Directory, Keene
Gilbert, Horace C. (Katherine) Pres-treas Miniature Precision Bearings Inc. res 59 Pine Peterborough
1960 Director of NH: Keene, Marlboro and North Swanzey
Gilbert, Horace D. (Isabelle S.) pres Miniature Precision Bearings Inc. h. Arch
1962 Directory of NH: Keene, Marlboro and North Swanzey
Gilbert, Horace D. (Isabelle S.) pres Miniature Precision Bearings Inc. h Felt rd.
Children of Horace D. & Katharine D. (Pierrefeu) Gilbert:
1. Stephen “Steve” Depierrefeu Gilbert, b. 5 Nov c1939; res Merrimac MA and Peterborough NH
2. FS Gilbert, b c 1947, res. Hyannis, Merrimac, MA; Hampton, Rollinsford, Seabrook, Somersworth NH
3. Anne Gilbert
4. Katharine Gilbert
[OTHER RELATED NAMES: Nicole S. Gilbert, Deborah Hitchcock, Mary J. Gilbert, Steve Gilbert, Thea Gilbert.]

S. Tudor-6 Leland, son of Joseph D. & “Elsa” (Tudor-Dedons de Pierrefeu) Leland, b 29 June 1917, d. 26 May 1998 in Beverly, MA. He married Phyllis Forbes, dau of Allan & Josephine (Crosby) Forbes. She was born born Feb 22, 1915 and d. 23 September 2009. Tudor Leland was living in Beverly MA (783 Hale St.) in c1952-1965; air line pilot for TWA
Phyllis F. Leland Obituary [b 22 Feb 1915, d. 23 Sep 2009] Gloucester Times [photo]
ESSEX — Phyllis F. Leland, of Essex, formerly of Beverly Farms, passed away at home with loving family by her side on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009 at age 94. She was the beloved wife of the late S. Tudor Leland, with whom she shared 58 happy years of marriage. She leaves her only surviving brother, H.A. Crosby Forbes of Cambridge; three devoted children: her son, A. Forbes Leland of Maryland; two daughters: Lysa Leland of Essex, and Daphne L. Borden and her husband, Robert R. Borden III of Essex. She was the adored grandmother of Kate F. Borden and Robert R. Borden IV; and also leaves numerous nieces and nephews, cousins and friends. She was known for her kind and generous spirit and her understated and often quirky sense of humor, fooling family and friends by her outlandish disguises. She was a natural athlete and won numerous trophies for horsemanship and for golf, her Myopia team winning the state championship for two consecutive years. Known as the “Duck Lady” in Beverly Farms, she raised abandoned ducks (a pet wood duck lived atop the family refrigerator for 14 years), fed upwards of 400 ducks who wintered in the backyard pond, and held duck parties for local children. She was dearly loved and will be deeply missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing her. ARRANGEMENTS: A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 2, at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 705 Hale St., Beverly Farms. In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Phyllis may be sent to Hospice of the North Shore, 75 Sylvan St., Suite B102, Danvers, MA 01923; or the Essex County Greenbelt Association, 82 Eastern Ave., Essex, MA 01929. Arrangements by Campbell-Lee, Moody, Russell Funeral Home of Beverly.
Children of S. Tudor & Phyllis (Forbes) Leland:
1. Allan Forbes Leland, Sergeant in the USAF during WWII
2. Lysa Leland
3. Daphne Leland, m. Robert Borden



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Frederic Tudor: The Ice Man
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Rosamond Tudor illustrations and paintings – #1

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14 Responses to Webster New Hampshire Author and Illustrator: Tasha Tudor aka Starling (Burgess) McCready (1915-2008)

  1. Ted Daniels says:

    I’m grateful to see so much information about my family in one cownvenient place. I’ve been digging into them for some time now, and you provide bits of info I wasn’t aware of, and a few minor errors: My parents were married in 1931 precisely; My uncle Yann did not carry a nickname: that was what he was baptized; the two missing Gilbert children are my cousins Ann(e) and Katherine, both still living AFAIK; finally, your sources left me out, but that’s okay.

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  3. Paul F. Burgess says:

    Hi, I am the author of “The Burgess History Tree 1993, the 5 children of Thomas Burgess & Dorothy ( last name NOT known )
    It appears that you have 2 lines intermingled.
    This Thomas and Dorothy had ONLY 5 children;
    Thoms, Jacob, Elizabeth , John and Joseph

    There was a marriage between a Thomas Burgess and Dorothy Wayne ,and they had no children.
    I have hired genealogists in England to check this out, and they could not find the sur name of our Dorothy. You have Jacobs line ok.
    Just thought youd like to know. Sincerely paul

    • Janice Brown says:

      Paul, sorry it took so long to fix this generation of Burgess, I just now saw your comment. I agree that the children you mention are the ones who survived to adulthood and are mentioned in their father’s will. The rest are now removed.

  4. Gerald Clark Fuller says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while researching one of my ancestors, Elisha Burgess. It seems we’re ‘cousins’! My line comes down from Anson Burgess, 9th child of Elisha and Hannah (Nye)! From Anson, my ancestors were James D. (1826-1861), then my great grandfather, Edward Winslow Burgess (1859- ?), and the last Burgess in my line, my grandmother, Rebecca Louise Burgess (1901-1969). She married Harry W. Clark in the early 1940’s.
    Thanks for sharing all this information!
    Jerry Fuller

  5. Jeanette Chandler Knazek says:

    According to the death certificate for Edward Burgess, who was the first son of William Starling Burgess and Rosamond Tudor, young Edward died on June 24, 1914 (not Aug. 5, 1905) at the age of 8 years, 10 months, and 19 days. His birth date is stated as August 5, 1905. The date of burial was stated to be June 26, 1914.

    The birth and death dates for Edward Burgess which are carved into the Tudor family gravestone in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA are Aug. 3, 1905–Oct. 17, 1913. Those dates are both at odds with the information written on the death certificate.

  6. Katharine [gilbert] Sullivan says:

    My name is spelled KathArine, not Katherine. I was named for my mother Katharine deP. Gilbert.

  7. Paul F. Burgess says:

    Thomas Burgess’es wife’s maiden name has been established as Dorothy Waynes Goodman, daughter of John Goodman and Joan Elizabeth Pye, A DNA project brought this out( not by me, I just discovered this.) Sincerely Paul F. Burgess

  8. Bob says:

    As a fairly young kid, I knew Eleanor Tudor and her Italian born husband – can’t remember his name. They lived (summered) in Hancock, NH in a log style home that was built in the shape of a ship – we stayed at Ms. Perry house and Bradley property on dirt road that remains pretty much the same way it was in the 40’s.

    The Tudor house, as I understand it, was demolished because of termites. It was located near an Ambassador home (can’t recall name). My Dad was a lifetime employee of the Cabot Corp (Geof L. Cabot) brother of Samuel Cabot – Cabot Paint Company.

    Anyway, I frequently visited with Mrs Tudors husband (as I recall he was significantly younger) – had a small boat that we often took to Nebanusit (sp?) Lake for a couple of hours. Neither of us fished so we just sped around the lake in no particular manner or purpose. I lived in Wellesley, MA so being brought each summer to Hancock was an absolute drag – I never liked it. Living on a long dirt road doesn’t give one the chance to meet or make friends – I was always into sports, Hancock folk were more into fishing and picking blueberries.

    If I’m not mistaken Eleanor’s sister or Aunt was Tasha Tudor of greeting card fame. I know that another, probably a brother, was a disabled lawyer (wheel chair) from Boston.

    Bob Luby (Bobluby.pamluby@verizon.net)
    Bedford, NH

  9. The narrative about Tasha Tudor above the genealogical info mistakenly states that she moved to Middleboro, Vt., in 1971, but the town was actually Marlboro, Vt., just west of Brattleboro — there is no Middleboro anyway, only a Middlebury up north . . . in any case, Tasha was well known down here, and a few of her Tudor family members went to school with my children thirty years ago. Her grandson’s wife was running a small museum in Brattleboro that was listed for a few seasons on the monthly Gallery Walk, for which I gather and publish venue info. In another role, as administrator of Friends of Music at Guilford, I used to help organize a biannual Garden Tour; one antique Cape-style home on the Tour was owned by a fellow with whom Tasha had helped design the unusual gardens and advise him on the interior decor and furnishing. Anyway, Marlboro is the actual town where she lived. I’m sure you can find other sources online to corroborate that fact.

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