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Cow Concerns: Is Hotcha Music Bad for Bovine Health?

The federal department of agriculture has gravely suggested that those farmers who have installed radios in their barns to delight the livestock should tune in on softer gentler music. Cows give more milk when contented, it seems, and no cow … Continue reading

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You Know You Are Having a New Hampshire Christmas When. . .

1. “Santa” is pronounced “SAN-ter.”

2. You use political campaign buttons as Christmas ornaments. … Continue reading

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New Hampshire 1879 Fall Farm Notes. (A little fun, &c.)

I am sometimes asked about New Hampshire humor, and comment whether it differs at all from humor expressed by people living elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Funny Genealogy: My Fam Can-Can

Just a bit of genealogy humor. Please be sure to read the rest of this important article.

It has been suggested that genealogists are lacking the humor gene. Lets prove them wrong. Continue reading

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New Hampshire Border Guards, Cow Abduction and Holiday Blogs

Did you ever stop to wonder what people search for on the internet? It's not normally an important topic for … Continue reading

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