New Hampshire Border Guards, Cow Abduction and Holiday Blogs

Did you ever stop to wonder what people search for on the internet? It’s not normally an important topic for me.  But I AM always curious about how people find this blog.

During the past two weeks, visitors stopped by Cow Hampshire looking for:

1. “make your own damn tombstone” — Here is a person obviously not satisfied with simply writing an epitaph. They want to make the monument itself… and a damn good one at that. Actually I think they were looking for this

2. “nor’easter hat” — What is this? A New Englander’s version of Hogwart’s “Sorting Hat?”   If you really want to see a cute hat, take a quick gander at this dancing elf that looks suspiciously like me!

3. “George Washington’s eggnog” — Hopefully they just want the recipe for the holiday drink, and they aren’t looking for a historical specimen.

4. “if you dont like the weather in new hampshire” — The answer is “wait a minute,” NOT wait five minutes, as is sometimes reported. It’s time for a re-post of New Hampsha’s Weatha Glossary for those who missed it the first time.

5. “How many guards are along the Main and New hampshire boarder” — Yep, that is really how this researcher spelled “Maine.”  New Hampshire definitely needs more border guards. You never know when those Maniacs will try to sneak across, especially to do their tax-free Christmas shopping.

6. “cow abduction calendar” — Great idea! This sounds like a job for NH Photo Tour!

7. “East Oshkosh, NH” — Oshkosh is clearly a Wisconsin word and place (named after Chief Os-kosh).  However, about a hundred years ago, certain New Hampshirites used the term when describing an “imaginary place,” i.e., their Yankee version of Shangri La.


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Happy Holidays Everyone.


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