Cow Concerns: Is Hotcha Music Bad for Bovine Health?

The federal department of agriculture has gravely suggested that those farmers who have installed radios in their barns to delight the livestock should tune in on softer gentler cows by the rivermusic. Cows give more milk when contented, it seems, and no cow can be anything but restless while listening to hotcha music of the Big Apple variety. Hoofs itch and necks twist in the stanchions. — Philadelphia Inquirer [printed in the Portsmouth Herald and Times, October 18, 1937, page 9]

Apologies of my readers, but this article was really too funny not to share with you!



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One Response to Cow Concerns: Is Hotcha Music Bad for Bovine Health?

  1. Laurence Bussey says:

    MUSIC, you say??? Not sure what station David Silloway tunes his ‘cow comfort’ music to, but his herd sure do give an ample quantity of that sweet white liquid! At least we know that every Mother’s Day, when those moms are let into pasture for the first time of the new year, they literally jump for joy! Have a peek…

    I know, I know, it’s not lovin’ NH, but it IS about cows! Oh, BTW, David is my wife Nance’s cousin.

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