Top Ten Ways to Identify a New Hampshire Leaf Peeper

1. You hear them sigh “Ooooooo” or “Ahhhhhhh” more  than ten times in a minute.

2. They show up at their doctor or chiropractor’s office on a Monday morning in September or October with a repetitive motion neck injury.

3. Previously unknown words such as Flume, Kancamagus, and Monadnock, are now part of their everyday vocabulary.

4. Among the wrapped gifts they give at Christmas time are souvenir bottles of maple syrup, and Wallace Nutting coffee table books.

5. They can quickly recite at least ten different names for the color red (crimson, blood, brick, russet, rose, maroon, scarlet, vermillion, blush, and ruby)–perhaps you can think of a few more.

6. They are knowledgeable of the location and condition of every public bathroom between Merrimack and Berlin.

7. They may be “rock collectors.”

8. They have added items such as “John Stark Bobblehead,”  to their Wish List.

9. They are addicted to “New Hampshire Magazine,” “The Union Leader,” and “Cow Hampshire.”

10. Their three favorite autumn vacation spots are now New Hampshire, the state that looks like NH upside down, and the state that in north of New Hampshire.


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Updated: September 2014

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