Cornish New Hampshire’s Statesman & U.S. Chief Justice, Salmon Portland Chase (1808-1873)

Salmon Portland Chase, son of Ithamar and Janette (Ralston) Chase

Photograph of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, taken between 1860 and 1875, Brady-Handy Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington D.C.

Photograph of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, taken between 1860 and 1875, Brady-Handy Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington D.C.

was born in Cornish, New Hampshire, 13 Jan 1808.  He died in New York City, 7 May 1873.

His father was a farmer, and in 1815 they moved from Cornish to Keene, NH.  With his wife and eleven children he started a new home there, and engaged in the manufacture of glass, but became bankrupt.  Salmon attended the district schools, and later in Worthington Ohio, under his uncle Bishop Philander Chase’s care and tutelage. When his uncle moved to Cincinnati in 1822 as president of Cincinnati College, Salmon joined him and entered that school.  In 1823 Salmon returned to his mother’s home in Keene NH, taught school at Royalton VT, and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1826.  He moved to the District of Columbia where he continued to teach, and he was admitted to the bar there in 1829, and also the bar in Ohio.  He published a lengthy and complex book, the “Statues of Ohio,” after which he gained many prestigious clients. He was a member of the Anti-Slavery Society, defending re-captured slaves. In 1849 he was elected United States Senator.

In 1855 he was elected governor of Ohio, and served 2 terms. He was the first Republican governor of that state. He also served in the United states Senate from Ohio.

S.P. Chase as a young man, from History of New Hampshire by Everett S. Stackpole, p183

S.P. Chase as a young man, from History of New Hampshire by Everett S. Stackpole, p183

He resigned from the United States Senate in 1861 to become the 25th Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, under President Abraham Lincoln.  He served until June 30, 1864. During his administration, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (later the Internal Revenue Service) was created in 1862, collecting stamp taxes and internal duties.  The following year it collected the nation’s first income tax.

In 1862 the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was created to print the first United States currency, a green dollar bill (hence the nickname “greenbacks”). Ironically, later on when he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he declared these notes unconstitutional.  In 1863 the National Banking System was created to insure that the national currency was uniform.

A bit of trivia from a FaceBook friend, Wayne Chase who is cousin to Salmon P. Chase. “Salmon P. Chase, a descendant of Newbury first settler Aquila Chase was Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury. In 1863 Chase wanted to make a change to some of the US currency. He asked James Pollock, Director of the Philadelphia Mint to include a phrase. In a letter to Pollock, Chase wrote “In God is our Trust,” scratched out “is our” and then wrote “We” to arrive at “In God We Trust”.

As I stated in an earlier article, in October 1864, Lincoln appointed Salmon P. Chase as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, a position he held until his death in 1873. As one of his first acts as Chief Justice of the United States, Salmon P. Chase appointed John Rock as the first African-American attorney to argue cases before the Supreme Court. (1865)

Salmon P. Chase’s likeness was on the $10,000 bill, and is the namesake of the Chase Manhattan Bank. The house he was born in, was later an elegant Bed & Breakfast on Rt. 12A in Cornish, N.H. and he is honored with a New Hampshire Historical Marker #76 placed nearby. [Note: February 2013 I was notified that this house was repossessed and is now the property of a bank; it appears to be up for sale for $1,600,000].


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-John Rock: “I Will Sink Or Swim With My Race.”

**Family Tree of Salmon P. Chase
(Ancestors and Some Descendants)

Aquila Chase, b. 9 Apr 1618 in Hundridge, Chesham, Buckingham England, and d. abt 10 Dec 1670 in Newbury MA.   Aquila was said to be a mariner from Cornwall, England. He had grants of land in Hampton NH in 1640. He married Ann Wheeler, daughter of John Wheeler. Removed about 1646 to Newbury MA. “Granted to Aquilla Chase, anno 1646, four acres of land at the new towne for a house lott, and six acres of upland for planting lott where it is to be had, and six acres of marsh where it is to be had, also on condition that he do go to sea and do service in the towne with a boat for four years.” He and his wife was chastised for gathering peas on Sunday: “September 1646. We present Aquila Chase and wife and David Wheeler for gathering pease on Sabbath day.” In 1659 he sold his lot and lived at the corner of North Atkinson and Low Streets in Newburyport, living there until 1670. His widowed wife Anne, married 2nd, Daniel Mussiloway. Presidents Chester A. Arthur, and Gerald R. Ford, poet Edgar Lee Masters and Nathaniel Currier (founder of Currier and Ives) are also descendants.
Children of Aquila & Ann (Wheeler) Chase:
1. Sarah Chase, b. bef 1646; m. 15 may 1666 Charles Annis
2. Ann Chase, b. 6 July 1647 Newbury MA; m. 27 Apr 1671, Thomas Barber
3. Priscilla, b 14 March 1649; m. 10 Feb 1671, Abel Merrill
4. Mary Chase, b. 3 Feb 1651 Newbury MA; m. 9 March 1670 John Stevens; ancestor of President Chester A. Arthur
5. Aquila Chase, b. 26 Sep 1652 Newbury MA; m. Esther Bond
6. Thomas Chase, b. 25 July 1654 Newbury MA
7. John Chase, b. 2 Nov 1655, Newbury MA; ancestor of President Gerald Ford
8. Elizabeth Chase, b. 13 Sep 1657 Newbury MA; m. 27 June 1678 at Andover MA to Zechariah Ayers
9. Ruth Chase, b. 18 March 1660, Newbury MA, d. unm at 17 years
10. Daniel Chase, b. 9 Dec 1661 Newbury MA
11. +Moses Chase, b. 24 Dec 1663 Newbury MA and d. 21 Apr 1687.

Ensign Moses Chase, son of Aquila & Ann (Wheeler) Chase, was b. 24 Dec 1663 in Newbury MA, and d. 6 Sep 1743 in West Newbury MA.  He married 1st) 10 Nov 1684 in Newbury MA to Anne Follansbee.  She b 1668 in Portsmouth NH, dau of Thomas & Mary Follansbee. She died 18 Apr 1708 in Newbury MA.  He married 2nd) 13 Dec 1713 in MA to Sarah Jocobs/Jacobs of Ipswich MA.  She b. 26 Sep 1674 in Ipswich MA, dau of Thomas & Sarah (Brown) Jocobs. He settled in Sutton NH, on the tract of land one hundred rods above Bridge street, on the north side of the main road, and this farm was at his dead divided between his sons Moses and Joseph. He was a weaver by trade, who also acted as an “Ensign” in the militia.  In 1700 he was “granted to set in the fore seat by the pilpit” in the meeting house.  In 1713 he entered the Second Church, and in 1731 he signed a covenant with the Fourth Church. His tombstone is in the Ferry Lane Cemetery.  At the time of his death he owned two lots of land in Sutton which he give to his son Benoni and the other to his grandson Seth.
Children of Moses & Anne (Follansbee) Chase:
1. +Daniel Chase, b. 20 Sep 1685 in Newbury MA, twin
2. Moses Chase, b. 20 Sep 1685 in Newbury MA, twin, died young
3. Samuel Chase, b. 13 May 1690 in Newbury MA; m. 8 Dec 1713 Hannah Emery, had issue
4. Elizabeth Chase, b. 25 Sep 1693 in Newbury MA
5. Stephen Chase, b. 29 Aug 1696 in Newbury MA
6. Hannah Chase, b. 13 Sep 1699 in Newbury MA
7. Joseph Chase, b. 9 Sep 1703 or 1705
8. Benoni Chase, b. 5 Apr 1708; m. Mary Rogers

Daniel Chase, son of Moses & Anne (Follansbee) Chase, b. 20 Sep 1685 in Newbury, Essex Co MA and d. 24 March 1769 in Sutton, Worcester Co MA. He married 2 Jan 1705/06 in Newbury MA to Sarah March.  She b. 27 Apr 1684 in Newbury MA, and d. 7 Dec 1770 in Sutton, Worcester Co MA.
Children of Daniel & Sarah (March) Chase:
1. +Samuel Chase, b. 28 Sep 1707 in Newbury MA
2. Judith Chase, b. 27 June 1716; m. Thomas Hall
3. Caleb Chase, b. 29 Nov 1722 in Newbury MA, d. 2 Oct 1808; m. 11 Apr 1745 to Sarah Prince.  She b. 28 Apr 1727 in Danvers MA. Had issue.
4. Moses Chase II, b. 16 March 1726/27 in Newbury MA; m. Hannah Brown, had 14 children

Judge Samuel Chase, son of Daniel & Sarah (March) Chase was b. 28 Sep 1707 in Newbury MA, and d. 12 Aug 1800 in Cornish, Cheshire Co NH. He married May 1728 to Mary Dudley, dau of Lt. Samuel & Abigail (Rogers) Dudley.  She b. 24 Aug 1711 in Littleton MA [some say 22 Feb 1715/16 Sutton MA], and d. 12 Feb 1789 in Cornish, Cheshire Co NH. He married 2nd? after 1789 to Ester –.
Children of Samuel & Mary (Dudley) Chase:
1. Samuel Chase, b. 28 Nov 1728 in Sutton MA, d. 31 Oct 1769 Newbury MA; m. 29 May 1757 in Grafton NH
2. +Deacon Dudley Chase, b. 29 Aug 1730 in Sutton MA
3. Jonathan Chase, b. 6 Dec 1732 in Sutton MA; m. 1770 to Sarah Hall, had issue
4. Elizabeth Chase, b. 23 Nov 1735 in Sutton MA
5. March Chase, b. 21 June 1738 in Sutton MA
6. Mary Chase, b. 2 July 1740 in Sutton MA (twin)
7. Sarah Chase, b. 2 July 1740 in Sutton MA (twin)
8. Solomon Chase, b. 1/8 Sep 1742 in Sutton MA
9. Mary Chase, b. 25 Feb 1743/44 in Sutton MA
10. Rebecca Chase?, b. abt 1745
11. Anna Chase, b 27 Apr 1745/49 in Sutton MA
12. Abigail Chase, b. 15 July 1753 in Sutton MA

Deacon Dudley Chase, son of Samuel & Mary (Dudley) Chase, was b. 29 Aug 1730. He married 23 Aug 1753 in Mendon MA to Alice Corbett, dau of Daniel & Sarah (Jones) Corbett.  She b. 23 Feb 1732/33.  Before 1765 he moved with his wife and 8 children to Cornish NH where he was the first to make clearings. He explored the west branch of White River VT. Five of his sons were educated at Dartmouth College, in Hanover NH.
Children of Deacon Dudley & Alice (Corbett) Chase:
1. John Chase, b. 30 Apr 1754
2. Mercy Chase, b. 6 Apr 1755
3. Lois Chase, b. 16 Aug 1756
4. Simeon Chase, b. aft 1757
5. Abigail Chase, b. aft 1758
6. Salmon Chase, b. 14 July 1761 in Cornish NH
7. +Ithamar Chase, b. 27 Sep 1762 in Sutton MA
8. Baruch Chase, b. 1764
9. Alice Chase, b. 1765
10. Sarah Chase, b. 1767
11. Daniel Chase, b. 1769
12. Heber Chase, b. 1770
13. Dudley Chase Jr., b. 30 Dec 1771 in Cornish NH
14. Rachel Chase, b. 1773
15. Rev. Philander Chase, b. 14 Dec 1775 in Cornish, Cheshire Co NH; Founder of Kenyon College

Ithamar Chase, son of Deacon Dudley & Alice (Corbett) Chase, b. 27 Sep 1762 in Sutton, Worcester Co. MA and d. abt 1799.  He married 26 June 1792 in Keene, Cheshire Co NH to Janet Ralston. She was b. 26 July 1773 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co MA and d. 6 Apr 1832 in Hopkinton, Merrimack Co NH. A farmer; in 1815 they moved from Cornish to Keene, NH.  With his wife and eleven children he started a new home there, and engaged in the manufacture of glass, but became bankrupt.
Child of Ithamar & Janet (Ralston) Chase:
1. unknown child [11 children, one unaccounted for]
2. Hannah Ralston Chase, b. 23 Dec 1794
3. Alexander Ralston Chase, b. 17 Apr 1797
4. Abigail Corbett Chase, b. 26 May 1799
5. Dudley Heber Chase, b. 14 July 1801
6. Janette Logan Chase, b. 8 Nov 1804
7. Alice J. Chase, b. 29 Oct 1805
8. +Salmon Portland Chase, b. 13 Oct 1808 in Cornish, Cheshire Co NH
9. Edward Ithamar Chase, b. 2 May 1810
10. William Frederick Chase, b. 8 June 1813
11. Helen Maria Chase, b. 26 Sep 1815

Salmon Portland Chase, son of Ithamar & Janet (Ralston) Chase was born 13 Oct 1808 in Cornish, New Hampshire. He died in New York City, 7 May 1873 of a paralytic stroke.  He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C. [See biography above for professional history]. He married 1) 4 March 1834 in Ohio to Catherine Jane Garniss/Garness. She b. 21 Aug 1811 in NYC. She died 1 Dec 1835 of “childbirth fever.” He married 2nd, 26 Sep. 1839 to Eliza Ann Smith. She died 29 Sep 1845 of consumption.  He married 3rd, 6 Nov 1846 to Sarah Bella Dunlop Ludlow, dau of James Chambers & Josephine (Dunlop) Ludlow. She was b abt 1816 and d. 13 January 1852 of tuberculosis.
Children of Salmon Portland & Catherine J. (Garniss) Chase:
1. Catherine Jane Chase, b. 1835, died age 4 months.
Children of Salmon Portland & Eliza Ann (Smith) Chase:
2. +Catherine Jane “Kate” Chase, b. 13 Aug 1840 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OHio
3. Lizzie Chase, b. 30 May 1842, died in infancy.
4. Lizzie Chase, b. 1 June 1843, died in infancy
Children of Salmon Portland & Sarah B.D. (Ludlow) Chase:
5. +Jeanette Janet Ralston “Nettie” Chase, b. 19 Sep 1847 in Cincinnati, OH,
6. Josephine Ludlow Chase, b. 3 July 1844, d. 28 July 1850
7. Sarah Belle Dunlap Ludlow Chase, b. 1852, born and died same day

======Next Generation======

Catherine Jane “Kate” Chase, dau of Salmon P. & Eliza Ann (Smith) Chase, b. 13 Aug 1840 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio; m. 12 Nov 1863 in Providence RI to Sen. William Sprague of R.I.(1830-1915) but divorced 1882. [He married 2nd Dora Inez Clavert of West Virginia]; “Belle of Washington”, acting as her father’s official hostess and unofficial campaign manager; died in poverty 31 July 1899 in Washington DC. The Nebraska State Journal of August 1, 1899 states: “Washington, July 31–Mrs. Kate Chase Sprague, wife of a former governor of Rhode Island and the daughter of the late Salmon P. Chase, governor of Ohio, United States senator and chief justice of the United States supreme court, died at her homestead, Edgewood, in Washington’s suburbs, early this morning. She was fifty-nine years old. For three months she had been suffering with a complication of liver and kidney troubles but had consented to medical treatment only a few days ago. She grew steadily worse and the end came a few minutes after three o’clock this morning. At the bedside were her three daughters, Miss Kittie Sprague, who lived with her mother; Miss Portia Sprague of Narragansett Pier, and Mrs. Donaldson of Brooklyn, N.Y.  The funeral arrangements have not been completed, but the remains probably will be interred at Columbus, Ohio, her father’s old home.  Kate Chase began a brilliant social career when her father, Salmon P. Chase was made secretary of the treasury… and the family removed here, his daughter was soon acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful women of the capital.  With the outbreak of the war she met and was married to the young governor of Rhode Island, William H. Sprague. When Governor Sprague was elected to the senate their home was a gathering place of the foremost men and women of the day. At the height of the social and political success which they had attained a domestic cloud made its appearance, resulting in a divorce.  Mrs. Sprague then made her home at Edgewood, a country place, which had been left her by her father. Here she has resided ever since.
1870 US Census > Rhode Island > Washington > South Kingstown
Sprague, William 40 M W Senator & Manufacturer 200,000, 175,000 RI
Sprague, Kate 31 F W Keeping House PA
Sprague, William Jr. 5 M W Rhode Island
Sprague, Kate 2 F W Rhode Island
1880 US Census > Rhode Island > Washington > South Kingstown > 157
Sprague Wm W M 49 manufacturer RI RI RI
Sprague, Wm. Jr. 14 son at home RI RI Ohio
Children of William & Catherine J. (Chase) Sprague:
1. +William Sprague b 1865 in Naragansett Pier, RI, d. in Tacoma Washington (committed suicide) 7 December 1890
2. + Ethel Sprague, b. October 1869; she had a brief career on the stage; she m. in 1896 [possibly in San Francisco CA area] to Dr. Frank Donaldson, who was b. in Maryland. Had at least one child, Chase Donaldson, b. 1897 in San Jose, California.  In 1930 Chase was a widower living in Irvington, Westchester Co NY with children Anne H. (age 7 b NY), Edward C. (b 4-6/12, NY), and James K. (1-4/12 NY), and mother-in-law Kate Kemp. [He probably married Katherine V. Kemp, b. Nov 1897 in NY, dau of James & Kate Kemp of Manhattan NY. By 1937 he married Elinor T.–. She b. 1901 in Wilmington DE (from New York passenger list February 1937 Queen of Bermuda, they were of Southport CT).
3. Katherine “Kitty” Sprague, b. Feb 1871 in Washington D.C.; in 1900 boarding in Washington D.C. with sister Portia. Reportedly she was mentally retarded and her mother cared for her up until her death, and then Portia took care of Kitty until she died on 22 Jun 1910 in Washington D.C.
4. Portia Sprague, b Nov 1873 in Washington D.C. , and died 23 Feb 1932 at Kingstown Road, Rhode Island; August 1899 notice in the Lima Ohio Daily news: “Secretary Vanderlip has given a $1,300 position in the treasury department to Miss Portia Sprague, dau of the late Kate Chase Sprague; in 1900 single boarding in Washington D.C. with sister Kitty, occupation “Govt’ Clerk.” In 1910 living in Washington D.C., Clerk in Treasury Dept.  She married abt 1915 to Frank Browning. He b. July 1867 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, and died in 1932. In 1930 living in Narragansett, Washington Co, RI with husband. He was a house carpenter. The Charleroi Mail, a newspaper in Charleroi, PA reported on February 24, 1932: “Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island, Feb. 21–Mrs. Portia Sprague Browning, daughter of the famous Kaye Chase, “Belle of Washington” during the President Lincoln administration, is dead in her home here at the age of 59.” Member of the DAR, national Number: 69454

Janet Ralston “Nettie” Chase, dau of Salmon Portland & Sarah B.D. (Ludlow) Chase, was  b. 19 Sep 1847 in Cincinnati, OH, and d. 19 Nov 1925; m. 23 March 1871 to William Sprague Hoyt.
Children of William Sprague & Jeanette R. (Chase) HOYT:
1. Janet Ralton Hoyt, b. 17 Jan 1872 NY; the Apr 24, 1898 Davenport Iowa Daily Leader reported, “Miss Janet Ralton Hoyt is another “society girl” who has gone into business. She and her partner, Miss Binonger, who was formerly in the stationery business, have opened a real estate office in New York.” In the 1910 census she is found a patient in the Bloomingdale Hospital.
2. Edwin Chase Hoyt, b. 5 March 1873, d. 21 Oct 1954; the Washington Post, April 29, 1910 announced the wedding of Edwin C. Hoyt to Miss Maria Louisa Moran, daughter of Amedee Depau Moran at the Church of the Incarnation on Long Island NY, with a small reception at the Moran house, 46 East fifty-third street. Franklin Chase Hoyt was his brother’s best man, and the ushers were Gilbert Francklyn and Horace Chase Stebbins, the bridegroom’s cousins.
3. +Franklin Chase Hoyt, b. 7 Sep 1876 in Bronx, NY
4. Beatrix “Trixie” Hoyt, b. 5 July 1880; Shinnecock Hills Golf Club golf prodigy, woman golf champion of the United States in  1896, 1897 and 1898; she died August 14, 1963 in Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia. A camellia is named after her.

======Next Generation======

William “Willie” Sprague, son of William & Catherine J. (Chase) Sprague, b 1865 at Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island; he went west and became a locomotive engineer. He died in Tacoma Washington (committed suicide) 7 October 1890, buried Sprague Tomb at Swan Point Cemetery Providence Rhode Island; m. 25 July 1885 to Alice Weed (the niece of his step-mother). She married 2nd, Gerritt S. Wheaton of Cleveland, and married 3d) Wencelaus Borde/Borda, a multimillionaire and U.S. Consul at San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Child of William & Alice (Weed) Sprague:
1. Inez Sprague, b. 3 Nov 1886 at Narragansett Pier, R.I., who secretly married 21 June 1907 to Henry “Harry” William Stiness [In March of 1906 her engagement to H. Harold Winpenny of Philadelphia, son of J. Bolton Winpenny was announced but it was broken off at Christmas time]. Inez was educated principally in Europe, and was a fine linguist, and a talented musician. Harry Stiness was a clerk in the Superior Court, and son of Judge John H. Stiness, a chief justice of Rhode Island and Maria E. Williams. Inez and Henry divorced about Aug 25 1911 through the French courts. They had a dau Avice Wheaton Stiness, b. 30 Nov 1908 in Narragansett RI. [In 1941 dau Avice  was single and living in Narragansett RI, in 1941 traveling to Portugal. In 1945 she was living at 118 Waterman Street in Providence, RI. In 1956 single, on ship Constitution leaving Cannes, France.]  She died 1980 in Épinal, , Lorraine, France, age 71 years

Ethel Chase Sprague, daughter of William & Catherine J. (Chase) Sprague, b. October 1869 at Narragansett RI, and died in 1936; she had a brief career on the stage; she m. in 1896 [possibly in San Francisco CA area] to Dr. Frank Donaldson, who was b. in Maryland.  She is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Hamilton Co, Ohio.
Child of Dr. Frank & Ethel (Sprague) Donaldson:
1. +Chase Donaldson, b. 10 April 1897 in San Jose, California.

Franklin Chase Hoyt, son of William Sprague & Janet R. (Chase) Hoyt, b. 7 Sep 1876 in Bronx, NY; he was a presiding Justice of the Children’s Court of the City of New York; He married Maude Rives Borland. She was b abt 1887 in NY. In 1920 living in Manhattan NY with wife and daughters.
Children of Franklin C. & Maude (Borland) Hoyt:
1. Constance Maud Hoyt, b. 25 March 1919 in New York City NY and d. 11 Feb 1974 at Auburn, Cayuga Co NY. She was buried at Fort Hill Cemetery. She married David McDonald Moore, son of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hoyt Moore of Auburn NY. He was an alumnus of Yale. Had children, Franklin H. Moore (of Bedminister NJ), Mrs. Ralph E. Main (of Fleming) and Miss Rosamund B. Moore (of Auburn). She was executive director of the Cayuga County Red Cross Chapter from 1959-1974. [Obituary from Syracuse Journal, February 12, 1974]
2. Beatrix “Trixie” Hoyt, b. 9 July 1920 in NY, d. 10 Nov 2005 in Oyster Bay NY; m. Park Benjamin Jr. (III) of Oyster Bay, Long Island, son of Park & Katherine Ward (Doremus) Benjamin. He died 1986, and she m2d, Stephen H. Taylor. Children: Park Benjamin III of Bayville NY, Hoyt D. Benjamin of Ithaca NY, William C. Benjamin of Weston MA and Stephen D. Benjamin of Norwalk CT. She was an accomplished marine artist, and avid sailor.

======Next Generation======

Chase Donaldson, son of Dr. Frank & Ethel (Sprague) Donaldson, b. 10 April 1897 in San Jose, California. and d. January 1981 in Pawling, Dutchess Co. NY.  [Partial Bio of Chase Donaldson] He married 1st) 24 Sep 1921 in Manhattan NY to Katherine V. Kemp, dau of James F. & Katherine (Taylor) Kemp. She b. 25 April 1898 in NYC NY, and died 28 Sep 1929 in Manhasset NY.  [In 1926 Chase, wife and two oldest children traveled aboard the ship Celtic, reporting their home in Manhasset Long Island, and providing birth dates and places.] He m2) 14 June 1930 in Wilmington, Newcastle Co. DE to Elinor Thompson, dau of Henry B. & Mary (Wilson) Thompson. She b. 18 Aug 1901 in Wilmington DE, and d. 7 Dec 1990; buried with her 2nd husband at Lake Forest Cemetery, Lake Forest Co., IL . According to his tombstone in Pawling NY, Chase was a 2nd Lieut in the US Army during World War I — Elinor married in 1950 as his 2nd wive to James H. Douglas, Secretary of the US Air Force and Deputy Secretary of Defense for President D D Eisenhower.  They lived at 3330 N St. NW in Washington DC.
1910 US Census > District of Columbia > Washington
Briggs, Southwick C. Head M W 43 m1x 16yr NY NY NY own income [Southwick Cary Briggs b abt 1867 son of George Cary & Susan B. (Southwick) Briggs]
Briggs, Alice C.W. wife F W 35 m1x 16 yrs 1 ch 1 living Ohio NY NY
Briggs, Southwich W. son M W 6 single District of Columbia NY Ohio
Walbridge, Elizabeth mother-in-law F W 62 NY NY NY
Walbridge, Henry B. grandfather in law M W 92 widow NY NY NY
Donaldson, Salmon C.P. Ward M W 13 single California, MD, DC
1940 US Census > District of Columbia [Washington DC]
Residence in 1935: Connecticut > Fairfield > Southport
Chase Donaldson M 43 b California [b abt 1897 CA]
Elinor T. Donaldson F 38  b Delaware [b abt 1902 DE]
Ann K. Donaldson F 17 NY [b abt 1923]
Chase E. Donaldson M 14 NY [b abt 1926]
James K. Donaldson M 11 NY [b abt 1929]
Henry T. Donaldson M 8 COnnecticut [b abt 1932]
New York Times – Aug 1, 1959
KARACHI. Pakistan, July 31, (UPI) -James Donaldson of Washington. stepson of James H. Douglas. Air Force Secretary, died yesterday of an intestinal, infection. He was 31 years old. Mr. Donaldson came here last month on a business trip. He was studying the possibilities of starting a low-cost housing project for Willard Crvey’s Builders. Inc., of Wichita. Kan.
Children of Chase & Katherine (Kemp) Donaldson:
1. Ann Kemp Donaldson, b. 17 July 1922 NYC, NY
2. Chase Edward Donaldson, b. 19 Sep 1925 NYC, NY; Killed in action in World War II, on 8 April 1945 near Eisbergen Germany, while leading his squad in an attack on an enemy machine-gun position.
3. James K. Donaldson, b. 1929 NY; died July 31 1959 at age 31 in Karachi Pakistan, buried at Arlington National Cemetery. General Manager of Hogares Peruanos S.A.
Child of Chase & Elinor (Thompson) Donaldson:
4. Henry Thompson Donaldson, b. abt 1932 prob. Southport, Fairfield Co. CT


Article updated February 26, 2013

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