Doorway to New Hampshire

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you going to open the door?
(Aren’t you going to open the door?)

Amy Kane posted a great link on her blog about “The Darling Doors of Portsmouth.”  It is not only Portsmouth who seems interested in doors.  I’ve seen posters for sale in Gilford Connecticut of interesting doors in their town.  Maybe other towns obsess about doors also.

Why do some people have interesting doors?  Did the door influence the buying their home?  Or did they purposefully make the door interesting after they bought the home?

I have to admit, the lovely door of my home was one (of several, but the first) interesting features that influenced my purchasing it.  The much touted T.V. program, “Curb Appeal” is based on sound reasoning.

Doors and doorways are rich in symbolism.  It has been said that our eyes are the doorway to our soul (I’ve also sometimes heard that our eyes are the windows to our soul, but I’m not sure what difference it makes). In Feng Shui (the Chinese art that acknowledges symbolic associations and their influence on our psychological and physical well-being) the house is symbolic of the person, while the door is the mouth.

If this is true, then perhaps having an interesting door is like having an interesting mouth, a compelling shade of lipstick, an intriguing smile, or just slightly crooked teeth, make you take a second look…  I know a lady whose mouth was just oddly wide, enough to suspect she might be an alien.  I had a hard time looking away…

I found a photographer who has an international collection of door photos…  There must be something more to this interest in doorways 🙂


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