A Londonderry NH Haunted House: The Ghost That Banged At the Door

Portion of 1892 map of Londonderry NH showing the location of the “M. Morse Estate.”

Somewhere in Londonderry New Hampshire, along “the road leading from Nashua to Derry Depot” reportedly is a haunted house. In 1882 the old Barker Farm was owned by one Moody Morse who put it up for sale, because reportedly he’d been unable to keep it rented for long. George C. Butler of Pelham purchased the place in 1882, and almost immediately he became aware of a ghostly presence. At least this is what the newspapers claimed. Continue reading

New Hampshire Tidbits: More Ghostly Stories of Long Ago

The Ghost Story, by Frank French. From a wood
engraving, 1886. Black ink on tissue paper. New
Hampshire Historical Society
. Used with

In 1873 New Hampshire newspapers reported on a well-documented case of a haunting of a school house in Newburyport, Massachusetts. “The Haunted School-House, published by Loring of Boston, can be found at the book-stores in the city. It is a pamphlet descriptive of the ghostly puzzle at Newburyport and is illustrated throughout.” –Mirror and Farmer (Manchester NH) 29 March 1873, page 6

The Newburyport ghost refuses to be quieted. Mr. Moulton has been put in charge of the school, but the ghostly knockings are still heard; while the boy on whose evidence the report of the committee was made, has been sent to prison for 30 days for stealing–a fact which weakens his evidence materially. pictures. –Mirror and Farmer (Manchester NH) 15 March 1873, page Continue reading

The Celebrated Ventriloquist and Professor of Legerdemain & Namesake of Potter Place, New Hampshire: Richard Potter (1783-1835)

Graphic from "Crisis" (1910) by William E.B. Du Bois, NY, page 126

Graphic from “Crisis” (1910) by
William E.B. Du Bois, NY, page 126 on the Internet Archive.

I was reading a 1968 article in the Nashua Telegraph about how Potter Place, New Hampshire is reportedly haunted.  I suppose anywhere mankind has lived and died is haunted–Potter Place not less so.

Besides, the official New Hampshire state marker #54 unequivocally states that Richard Potter was a “19th Century master of the Black Arts.”  Does this mean he really performed black magic, or was he, instead, a black man who performed regular magic?  I believe the latter. It just goes to show you that you can’t trust those state markers.

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Ghostly, Spine-Chilling Halloween Tales and Yarns from New Hampshire

Victorian halloween postcard

In the past I have shared many stories at Cow Hampshire  of weird, supernatural, eerie, and down-right weird occurrences. Here is a compilation of the best ones.

A 2015 New Hampshire Halloween – Halloween poetry et al

Ghastly and Ghostly Halloween Stories Gleaned from Old New Hampshire Newspapers (2015)

New Hampshire’s Haunted Halloween History
New Hampshire Customs and Games for Halloween in 1916

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