Happy General John (aka Molly Stark’s Husband’s) Day: April 27, 2015

Major General Johng Stark

“Husband of Mollie Stark”

Yes, so officially April 27, 2015 is General John Stark Day in New Hampshire. And yes I agree, General John Stark was a brilliant leader and a hero of the American Revolution.  But wait, while he was gone a-fighting, someone was at home raising his kids and tending to his farm, paying his taxes, etc., etc., so he’d have something to return to.  Oh wait, yes that is where Molly, his wife comes in.

I’ll celebrate holidays as I please, to be inclusive of the women in history who were just as important to the outcome of things, like the American Revolution.  As Willy Cressy said, John Stark was best known for being “Mollie Stark’s husband.”

Molly (Page) Stark

Molly (Page) Stark

If you’d like to celebrate GENERAL JOHN STARK DAY as it is set by New Hampshire State statute, to be held on the fourth Monday in April, there are two celebrations going on as follows:

Monday, April 27, 2015
10 AM: Stark Family Gravesite, Stark Park, River Road, Manchester, NH
What: Tribute to Gen. John Stark by John Clayton; bagpiper, colonial honor guard, musket fire
12:30 PM: Caleb Stark Monument, Town Hall, Dunbarton NH


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