Manchester New Hampshire: Veterans Park and Monuments

Civil War Soldier's Monument from old postcard, Manchester NH

Civil War Soldier’s Monument from old
postcard, located at Veterans Park (now called)
in Manchester NH

Manchester New Hampshire’s VETERANS PARK is located at Elm and Merrimack Streets. Originally named Park Square, it was called Merrimack Park in 1859 and was the scene of a fireman’s muster. At that time the square contained an artificial pond that was supplied water via a culvert from “Mile Brook” on Oak Hill (the pond was later filled in).  It was also known as Merrimack Common and Merrimack Square.  In 1879 when a Civil War monument was finalized, the area was often called Monument Square. Continue reading

Manchester New Hampshire’s Pulaski Park: Honoring Brig. General Casimir Polaski

On the 22nd of September 1933, the lovely park formerly known as Tremont Common,

Postcard of Pulaski equestrian statue, Manchester New Hampshire.

Postcard of Pulaski equestrian statue, Manchester New Hampshire.

located between Pine and Union Streets, was officially renamed Pulaski Park. Several petitions had been drawn previously, and the project had the approval of Manchester’s significant Polish-American population. Pulaski refers to of course, Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski, a hero of the American Revolution, and one of the most highly recognized heroes of that time.

On October 12, 1933 dedication ceremonies were arranged, and took place with about 2,000 Polish-American residents in attendance. City officials, school children and military bands made the day a special one, with a dance following at the Cocoanut Grove ballroom. Continue reading