Salisbury New Hampshire Lawyer, Orator, Statesman: Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Daniel Webster, son of Ebenezer & Abigail (Eastman) Webster was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire [now Franklin NH] on January 18, 1782, and he died Oct. 24, 1852. He was a statesman, lawyer, and orator.

Likeness of Daniel Webster from front cover from Pamphlet re: Funeral March Performed at the obsequies of the Hon. Daniel Webster. Boston MA: 1871; from American Memory / Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University at

Likeness of Daniel Webster from front cover from Pamphlet re: Funeral March Performed at the obsequies of the Hon. Daniel Webster. Boston MA: 1871; from American Memory / Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University

A farmer’s son, he graduated from Dartmouth College in 1801. In 1805 Webster was accepted into the bar and returned to New Hampshire to set up a practice in Boscawen NH, in part to be near his ailing father. During this time, he took an active interest in politics. After his father’s death in 1806, he handed over his practice to his older brother Ezekiel, who had by this time finished his schooling and been admitted to the bar. Webster then moved to the larger town of Portsmouth in 1807, and opened a practice there.

As a member of the Federalist party, he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1812, serving two terms before he moved to Marshfield MA where he practiced law. In 1816 he defended and won a case for Dartmouth College, that was taken to the U.S. Supreme Court, allowing it to remain private, and not allowing the State of New Hampshire to seize control of it.  In 1822 he was re-elected to the House of Representatives and in 1827 represented the state of Massachusetts in the Senate.

At the dissolution of the Federalist party, he became a member of the National Republican party. He was unsuccessful in a 1836 presidential campaign. In 1841 he was appointed by President William Henry Harrison as Secretary of State, and continued under President Tyler following Harrison’s early death.  After serving one more term in the Senate, in 1850 he was chosen Secretary of State by President Millard Fillmore.

Daniel Webster gave his name to the Treaty of Washington, of August 9, 1842 commonly called the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. This was a compromise by Daniel Webster and Alexander Baring aka Lord Ashburton, for their respective governments. This treaty set the boundary between the United States and Canada, especially negotiating the boundary between Maine and New Brunswick, and in the Great Lakes area. It was also significant in setting precedence in the practice of using diplomacy, rather than war in resolving issues.

Daniel Webster (who is no relation to Noah Webster the lexicographer, at least through the Webster surname back to 1636) is most familiar to us today through photographs of his usually scowling face, and through stories of his great debating abilities proven through his fictional dealings with the Devil [through the short story of Stephen Vincent Benet, and the 1941 movie].

Daniel Webster was a slave owner who freed one of his slaves during his lifetime, and the remainder upon his death (more information found in his will). His death occurred following a fall from his horse, and suffering a hemorrhage of his brain.

His son Daniel “Fletcher” had two sons. One died unmarried, the other had a son who died without issue.  Therefore Daniel Webster’s (the statesman) direct descendants do not share his surname WEBSTER.


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1 [Webster Genealogy]

Thomas Webster, married Margaret/Margery –. He died in Ormesby, Norfolk County, England and was buried April 30, 1634. His widow Margery, with her son Thomas, who was baptized 20 November 1631 removed to New England in the American colonies in 1634. She married 2nd) Deacon William Godfrey. After his death she married 3rd) John Marrian/Merrien, and died at Hampton NH, 2 May 1687, aged 78 years.
Child of Thomas & Margery (?) Webster:
1. +Thomas Webster, baptized 20 November 1631 in Ormesby, Norfolk County, England
2. John Webster, baptized 22 September 1633, buried 1 November 1633

———First Generation (in American Colonies) ——–

Thomas Webster, son of Thomas was brought from England to the American Colonies about 1636 by his widowed mother who has subsequently remarried, i.e. Margaret/Margery Webster Godfrey. They settled first in Ipswich MA, but later moved to Hampton NH. He was born before 20 November 1631 and died 5 January 1715 in Hampton NH, aged 83 years. He married in Ipswich MA 2 November 1657 to Sarah Brewer. He married and had 5 sons and 3 daughters. In 1693 Thomas was appointed collector of taxes for the town of Hampton NH, and was on the list of Hampton men known to have served in King William’s War (1689-1697). He also served in the earlier Indian wars.
Children of Thomas & Sarah (Brewer) Webster: [all b. in Hampton NH]
1. Mary Webster, b. 19 December 1658 Hampton NH; m1) 20 Oct 1676 William Swain; m2) 12 June 1694 Joseph Emmons
2. Sarah Webster, b. 22 January 1661; m. 21 June 1680 William Lane
3. Hannah Webster, b. 20 Jan 1664, d. 1 Feb 1664
4. Thomas Webster, Jr., b. 20 January 1665 Hampton NH, d. 7 March 1733 in Kingston NH; m Sarah –; had issue.
5. +Ebenezer Webster, b. 1 August 1667 Hampton NH
6. Isaac Webster, b. 2 April 1670, died at Kingston NH 1 February 1718
7. John Webster, b. 16 February 1674; m1) Abiah Shaw; m2) Sarah —
8. Joshua Webster, b. 8 Nov 1676
9. Abigail Webster, b. 1 January 1679

—————–Second Generation—————–

Ebenezer Webster, son of Thomas & Sarah (Brewer) Webster, was born 1 August 1667 in Hampton NH and d. 1 February 1736  [or 21 Feb 1756] in Kingston NH; he was one of the grantees of the town of Kingston NH. He was a pilot in Captain John Gilman’s company August 16, 1710 which went in pursuit of Indians. He was a soldier in the Indian Wars. He married July 1709 Hannah Judkins, dau of Joel & Mary (Bean) Judkins. She b. 13 Nov 1676 at Exeter NH and d. 21 Feb 1756.
Children of Ebenezer & Hannah (Judkins) Webster:
1. Rachel Webster, b. 19 March 1710; married 8 May 1735 David Scribner
2. Susanna Webster, b. 9 July 1712, married 27 Dec 1733 Daniel Darling
3. +Ebenezer Webster, b. 10 October 1714
4. William Webster, b. 26 Aug 1716, d. 6 Nov 1726
5. John Webster, b. 4 August 1719, d. 4 Nov 1730
6. Hannah Webster, b. 1721-22 Kingston NH; m. 4 Nov 1740 Samuel Scribner, son of Thomas & Hannah (Welch) Scribner. Her tombstone says “Great Aunt of Daniel Webster.”  Hannah died 17 Sep 1807 at Andover, Merrimack County NH; had issue
7. Mary Webster, b. 15 Sep 1724; m. 5 Nov 1741 Andrew Greeley
8. Joseph Webster, b. 15 Sep 1724; m. 26 Nov 1747 Maria Goss
9. Iddo, b. 16 Feb 1727
10. Edward Webster, b. 9 Feb 1728; m. 12 March 1747 Jane Goss

—————–Third Generation—————–

Ebenezer Webster, son of Ebenezer & Hannah (Judkins) Webster, was born 10 October 1714 in Hampton NH and d. after 1753 [Editor’s note: the official records are strangely absent of any mention of his death, possibly he died 14 April 1816, a date seen on a few Webster family trees but so far I am unable to find the source, and I would have thought, being of such an old age I would find a newspaper notice, so it is probably not correct. ]; He married 20 July 1738 Susannah Bachelder/Bachilder, a descendant of Rev. Stephen Bachelder, the first settled clergyman in New Hampshire. She was born 28 May 1713.  Daniel Webster in writing to his son Fletcher in 1840 noted, “I believe we are all indebted to my father’s mother for a large portion of the little sense and character which belongs to us. Her name was Susannah Bachelder; she was the daughter of a clergyman, and a woman of uncommon strength of understanding.]
Children of Ebenezer & Susannah (Bachelder) Webster:
1. +(Judge) Ebenezer Webster, eldest son, b. 22 April 1739 in E. Kingston NH [ancestor of Daniel Webster, statesman]
2. Meribah Webster, b. 22 Aug 1740 E. Kingston NH
3. Susannah Webster, b. 31 Jan 1741 E. Kingston NH; d. 27 Apr 1783 in Salisbury NH; m. 25 Aug 1762 in Salisbury NH to Andrew Bohonon
4. Benjamin Webster b 22 Apr 1744 in Weare, Hillsborough Co NH; d. 19 Oct 1827 in Walden, Caledonia Co VT; married several times.
5. Hannah Webster b 30 Sep 1745 in E. Kingston NH; m. Samuel Scribner
6. Mary Webster b 24 Jan 1747 in E. Kingston NH
7. William Webster, b. 10 Aug 1749 at East Kingston, Rockingham Co. NH; m. Ruth Greeley; had issue [ancestor of Ebenezer Webster who married Sarah sister to Daniel Webster, statesman, and ancestor to Nathaniel Webster who bought the tavern in Boscawen NH, known as Carter Homestead and/or Kettle & Crane among others].
8. Esther Webster, b. abt 23 Aug 1752 in E. Kingston NH
9. Nathaniel Webster b 25 Nov 1753 in Chester, Rockingham Co NH; m. Mehitable Smith; had issue

—————–Fourth Generation—————–

Judge Ebenezer Webster, son of Ebenezer & Susannah (Bachelder) Webster b. 22 April 1739 Kingston NH; d. 22 April 1806 [a newspaper article says he died in 1805 when Daniel was 24, tombstone has this shown date, i.e. “Ebenezer Webster, died April 22, 1806, age 67 years,” that corresponds to this Judge Ebenezer’s birth year of 1739, rather than that of his father]; he m1) 8 Jan 1761 in Salisbury NH to Mehitable Smith, who b. at Kingston NH and d. 8 March 1774; He m2) 12 August 1774 to Abigail Eastman, daughter of Roger & Jerusha (Fitts) Eastman. [Another source states she was daughter instead of Thomas, however this is incorrect. Note that by the inscription on her tombstone she was 76 yrs old at the time of her death, which would correspond to daughter of Roger.  A different Abigail Eastman  was b. 10 July 1737 at Kingston or Salisbury NH, daughter of Thomas & Abigail (French) Eastman. I believe confusion arises because two separate DAR applications for Ezekiel Webster show only a birth date of 1737 and a death date of 1816, the birth year being the same as this Abigail]. Abigail Eastman who became the second wife of Ebenezer Webster was b. 10 July 1737 at Salisbury MA and d. 14 Apr 1816 aged 78.  She is buried in Franklin NH, and in 1913 the Abigail Webster DAR Chapter placed a stone monument at her grave.  As a child Ezekiel was apprenticed or “bound out” to a man named Brown, from whom he ran away at the age of 14 and went to live with the family of Col. Ebenezer Stevens. He served with a company of rangers during the French & Indian War commanded by Major Robert Rogers. He participated in the invasion of Canada, led by Sir Jeffrey Amherst, and became captain. After the war Governor Benning Wentworth allowed him and others a grant of land they called Stevenstown but was changed to Salisbury in New Hampshire. Ebenezer’s grant was 225 acres in the northern part of town along Punch Brook where in 1764 he built a log cabin. Seven years later he erected a one story house where his son Daniel Was born. “They endured together in this hut all sorts of privations and hardships.” — Daniel Webster) He had no formal education, but he could read and write [despite the political “hype” that he could not]. Following the news of Bunker Hill he raised a company of militia in his town. He fought at Bennington under Stark, and at White Plains. He was at West Point when Arnold attempted to surrender to the British. In the militia he held the rank of colonel, but was generally called “captain.” In 1768 he was chosen first moderator of Salisbury and he was elected 43 times afterward at different town-meetings, serving in March 1803 for the last time. In 1769 he was first elected selectman of Salisbury and held that office for the years 1770, 1772, 1774, 1776, 1780, 1785, 1786 and 1788, resigning in September 1777 to perform six months service in the army. He was town clerk for several years. In 1778 and 1780 he was elected representative for the towns of Salisbury and Boscawen, and just for Salisbury in 1785, 1786, 1788 and 1790. He was in the senate in 1786 at Exeter. In March 1778 the town chose him and Capt. Matthew Pettengill as delegates to the convention at Concord to form a permanent plan of government. [SEE Ancestory Archives: Powder Horn of Captain Ebenezer Webster]
Children of Ebenezer & Mehitable (Smith) Webster:
1. Olive “Olle” Webster, daughter b 28 Jan 1762 Salisbury NH; died young
2. Ebenezer Webster, b. 16 July 1764 in Salisbury NH; died young
3. Susannah Webster, b. Oct 1766; married John Colby; died 23 March 1804 in Franklin NH [or Andover NH]
4. David Simon Webster, married Rebecca Huntoon; died in Stanstead, PQ, Canada; his son David Webster Jr. married Betsey Blake [per DAR patriot index, although the mother is incorrect]
5. Joseph Webster, b. 25 March 1772; d. 20 Jan 1810 in Salisbury NH
Children of Ebenezer & Abigail (Eastman) Webster:
6. Mehitable Webster, b. 21 Sep 1775; d. 1 July 1814; died unmarried; school teacher
7. Abigail Webster, b 8 Feb 1778 in Salisbury NH; d. 13 Dec 1805; married William Hadduck/Haddock
8. Ezekiel Webster, b. 11 April 1780, d. 10 Apr 1829. He m1) 15 Jan 1809 Alice Bridge of Billerica MA, she d. 1821; he m2) 2 Aug 1825 Achsah Ballard who was b Nashua NH. They resided in Concord NH. Two children: 1) Alice Webster who m. 1 June 1836 Prof. Jarvis Gregg, the first preceptor of Boscawen Academy who d. at Western Reserve College in Ohio; she m2 Rev. George Whipple of Oberlin Ohio and she d. 6 Nov 1876 and 2) Mary Webster who m. 11 Dec 1837 to Prof. Edwin D. Sanborn LLD of Dartmouth College, and she d. 30 Dec 1864.
9. +Daniel Webster*, second son of Ebenezer & Abigail (Eastman) Webster was b. Salisbury, N.H. [now Franklin NH], Jan. 18, 1782, d. Oct. 24, 1852 in Marshfield MA after a brief illness. Statesman featured in this article (see above). See some descendants below.
10. Sarah Webster, b. 13 May 1784; died 19 March 1811; she m. 21 Aug 1808 her cousin Col. Ebenezer Webster, son of William. He d. 31 June 1861 [see article on Kettle & Crane Inn, Boscawen NH]

[Editor’s Note: The book, “Life of Daniel Webster,” by George Ticknor Curtis, on page 6 in the footnote states “Dr. Noah Webster, the eminent lexicographer, was of a collateral branch of this family.–Biographical Memoir, Works, i.) — Please note that this information is incorrect. Dr. Noah Webster was a direct descent of the Connecticut Webster line from Governor John Webster (colonial governor) through his son Robert. Any relationship would be pre-colonial America, and I have never seen any relationship proven between the lines, even through DNA testing.]

—————–Fifth Generation—————–

Daniel Webster, son of Ebenezer & Abigail (Eastman) Webster, was b. 18 Jan 1782 in Salisbury NH and d. 24 Oct 1852 in Marshfield MA. He m1) 29 May 1808 in Salisbury NH to Grace Fletcher, dau of Elijah & Rebecca (Chamberlain) Fletcher. She b. 16 Jan 1781 in Hopkinton MA and d. 21 Jan 1828 in NY, NY. She was buried with her children Grace and Charles in a tomb beneath St. Paul’s Church. He married 2nd) 12 Dec 1829 in NY NY to Caroline LeRoy, dau of Herman & Hannah (Cornell) LeRoy. She b. 1797 in NYC and d. 26 Feb 1882 in New Rochelle NY. He was a famous lawyer, debater, politician, and diplomat [SEE article at top]
Children of Daniel & Grace (Fletcher) Webster:
1. Grace Fletcher Webster, b. 29 Apr 1810 in Portsmouth NH; d. 23 Jan 1817 in Boston MA
2. +Daniel Fletcher Webster, b. 23 July 1813 Portsmouth NH
3. +Julia Webster, b 16 Jan 1818 in Boston MA; m. Samuel Appleton
4. Edward Webster, b. 20 July 1820 in Boston MA; d. 23 Jan 1848 in Marshfield MA
5. Charles Webster, b. 31 Dec 1821 in Boston MA; d. 19 Dec 1824 in Boston MA

—————–Sixth Generation—————–


Colonel Fletcher Webster (aka Daniel Fletcher Webster), who died during the battle of Bull Run, Civil War.

Colonel Fletcher Webster (aka Daniel Fletcher Webster), who died during the battle of Bull Run, Civil War.

Daniel “Fletcher” Webster, son of Daniel & Grace (Fletcher) Webster was b. 23 July 1813 in Portsmouth NH. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1833. He married 27 Nov 1837 to Caroline Story White, dau of Stephen & Harriet (Story) White of Salem MA. She b. 14 July 1811 in Salem MA and d. 7 Aug 1886. Daniel was a colonel of the Twelfth Massachusetts Infantry, killed at the Second Battle of Bull Run on 30 Aug 1862, age 49. He was buried in Marshfield MA on 9 Sep 1862. One biography states he had six children of whom 3 girls died at young ages.
Children of Daniel F. & Caroline S. (White) Webster:
1. Ashante Webster, b. Boston MA, this name listed only in one source, an ancestry chart on; if valid, possibly this is one of the daughters who is known to have died young
2. Ashburton Webster, mentioned in grandfather Daniel Webster’s will; attended the Naval School at Annapolis; died of tuberculosis 23 July 1879 in New York City; never married.
3. Daniel Fletcher Webster Jr. b. 10 Feb 1840 in Peru, LaSalle Co, IL; wounded in the Civil War, contracted tuberculosis and d. 2 Sep 1865 in Marshfield MA; never married.
4. Harriet Paige Webster, b. 6 Sep 1843 in Boston MA; d. 2 March 1845 in Marshfield MA
5. Caroline Webster b 24 Oct 1845 in Marshfield MA; d. 16 Aug 1884 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA. She is buried in Winslow Cemetery, Marshfield, Plymouth Co. MA; m. 9 Feb 1870 in Marshfield MA to James Geddes Day, probably son of John Henry & Emeline M. (Cowles) Dey. He was born about 1850 in Pelham, Westchester Co. New York and died 16 May 1873 [per New York Times obituary in newpaper of Saturday, 7 June 1873]. He was an attorney.  They had one child, Julia Caroline Webster Day, b. 3 Oct 1871 in Marshfield MA and died 14 Dec 1871, age 2 yrs 11 months, of smallpox.  In 1880 after the death of her husband, she is found living with her step-mother Caroline in Marshfield MA.
6. Julia A. Webster, b. 15 Nov 1850 in Boston MA; d. 10 Jul 1862 in Lynn MA.

Julia Webster, dau of Daniel & Grace (Fletcher) Webster was b. 16 Jan 1818 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA and d. 28 Apr 1848 in Boston MA. She m. 24 Sep 1839 in Loudon, Merrimack Co NH to Samuel Appleton, son of Eben & Sarah (Patterson) Appleton. He b. 26 Dec 1811 in London England and d. 4 June 1861 in NH.
Children of Samuel & Julia (Webster) Appleton:
1. +Caroline LeRoy Appleton, b. 4 Oct 1841 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA; d. 19 Nov 1911
2. +Samuel Appleton, b. 5 Nov 1842 in Boston MA
3. +Julia Frances Appleton, b. 8 Feb 1844 in Boston MA; she m. 12 Apr 1871 in Trinity Chapel, New York City NH to Walker Keith Armistead
4. Daniel Webster Appleton, b. 16 May 1845 in Boston MA; d. 23 May 1872 in Boston MA; m. Mary Freeman
5. Constance Mary Appleton, b. 7 Feb 1848 in Boston MA; d. 15 March 1849 in Boston MA

—————–Seventh Generation—————–

Caroline LeRoy Appleton, daughter of Samuel & Julia (Webster) Appleton was born 4 Oct 1841 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA; d. 19 Nov 1911; She m1) 28 Nov 1860 Newbold Edgar who d. 26 July 1869 in Ems Germany. She m2) 7 Sep 1871 in Newport RI to Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, son of Jerome N. & Susan May (Williams) Bonaparte [yes he was related to THE Napoleon]. He was b abt 1831 in Baltimore MD and died 3 Sep 1893, age 62 yrs 9 months 28 days at “Prides Crossing” in Beverly MA of cancer.  His residence at the time being Washington DC. He was buried at Baltimore MD.
Children of Jerome N. & Caroline R. (Appleton) Bonaparte:
1. Louise Eugenie Bonaparte, b. 7 Feb 1873 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland and died 1923 in Bayonne NJ; she married married 1896 to Count Adam Carl von Moltke-Huitfeld (1864–1944). Child: Eyler Helweg Huitfeld, b. 29 Oct 1909, and died in 1914; he m. Elena Lucia Valaory. [Wikipedia source indicates multiple descendants of Louise Eugenie’s line–one daughter and four sons].
2. Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, b. 26 Feb 1878; he married, in 1914, Blanche (Pierce) Stenbeigh/Strebeigh, daughter of Edward and Amelia “Emily” (Hill)  Pierce of Newtonville, Massachusetts, and former wife of Harold Stenbeigh/Strebeigh of Hewlett, New York.  She was b.  6 Sep 1872 in Newtonville MA; no issue.

Samuel Appleton, , son of of Samuel & Julia (Webster) Appleton, b. 5 Nov 1842 in Boston MA, he died in 1925; he m1) 28 June 1836 in Philadelphia PA to Mary Ernestine Abercrombie, dau of Brig. Gen. J.J. Abercrombie. She was b. abt 1846 in Iowa and d. 26 Aug 1869 in Roslyn, Nassau Co. NY.; He m2) 9 Oct 1872 in Southborough, Worcester Co. MA to Anna Maybin Jones, dau of George B. & Esther L. (?) Jones.  She was b. 3 Sep 1845 in Boston MA.
Children of Samuel & Mary E. (Abercrombie) Appleton:
1. Mary Ernestine Appleton, b. 7 Feb 1865 in Southborough, Worcester Co. MA
2. +Samuel A. Appleton, b. 13 Oct 1868 in Southborough MA. He m. 21 Apr 1900 in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia to Mary Patterson Abercrombie Goodman.  She was b. 28 Sep 1874 in PA.  They had 3 children, b. in Virginia [see]
Children of Samuel & Anna M. (Jones) Appleton:
3. Fletcher Webster Appleton, b. Oct 1873 in IL; m. Alverda –.  Children Minabel Appleton b. 1902 Missouri and Grace Appleton b. 1907 Minnesota.
4. Esther Appleton, b. abt 1876 IL
5. Anna Appleton, b. abt 1879 IL
6. Robert Appleton, b. May 1881 in IL

Julia Frances Appleton, daughter of Samuel & Julia (Webster) Appleton, b. 8 Feb 1844 in Boston MA; she m. 12 Apr 1871 in Trinity Chapel, New York City, NY to Walker Keith Armistead, son of Lewis A. & Cecelia/Celia (Love) Armistead. He died 28 March 1896 in Newport RI. She and her husband are buried in Newport, RI.
Boston Hearld, April 18, 1918, page 16–LEWIS ARMISTEAD MADE LIEUTENANT. Assistant to President Brush Will Help Operate Railways in France.
Lewis A. Armistead, one of the assistants to President Brush of the Boston Elevated railway, has just been commissioned a first lieutenant in the officers’ reserve of the engineers corps of the U.S.A. and detailed to a regiment now being recruited to operate the military railways in France. He had been with the elevated over 20 years, for the past few years as assistant to the vice-president and also to the chief of maintenance. Mr. Armistead’s father, Walker Keith Armistead, served on the staff of his father, Lewis A. Armistead, who was killed leading Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg. Armistead’s great grandfather was the second graduate from West Point and chief of engineers from 1812 to 1818, and a brother of Lt-Col. George Armistead who defended Fort McKenry at Baltimore in the war of 1818, when Keyes was inspired to write “The Star Spangled Banner.” Mr. Armistead is a great grandson of Daniel Webster, whose son Edward was killed in the Mexican war, and whose other son, Fletcher was killed at Antietam in the civil War.
Mr. Armistead served as a private in company A of the 6th Massachusetts infantry, during the Spanish-American War and was in action at Guanita, Porto Rico. He has been a member of battery A and a member of the Business and Professional Men’s Military school, run by the 1st corps Cadets in 1915 and 1916. He is also a member of the Eastern Yacht Club and secretary of the Workhorse Relief Association.
Children of Walker K. & Julia F. (Appleton) Armistead:
1. Walker Keith Armistead, b. 13 Aug 1873 in Manhattan, NY
2. Daniel Webster Armistead, b. 20 September 1874 in Bergen Point, NJ; m. Mary Sherman Fitch, dau of Thomas William & Mary Ewing (Sherman) Fitch. She was b. 28 May 1883 in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1900 living single with his mother, Julia, in Newport RI.  In 1913 was married and a mechanical engineer for Bethlehem Steel Co. in PA
2. Lewis Addison Armistead, b abt 1874 NYC, NY, and died 2 October 1933 in Newport, RIm. 15 Sep 1915 in Boston MA to Adelina M. Connell, dau of Joseph P. & Catherine M. (Meighan) Connell.  She b. Boston MA. At the time of his marriage, he was a clerk, and she a piano teacher.

—————–Seventh Generation—————–

Samuel A. Appleton, son of Samuel & Mary E. (Abercrombie) Appleton b. 13 Oct 1868 in Southborough MA. He m. 21 Apr 1900 in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia to Mary Patterson Abercrombie Goodman.  She was b. 28 Sep 1874 in PA.  They had 3 children, b. in Virginia
1. Mary Ernestine Appleton, b. 7 Jan 1901 in Warrenton, VA, died 18 Dec 2004 at St. Mary Home in West Hartford CT.  She m1) Harold O’Driscoll Hunter. He was dean of men and chairman of the mathematics department at HILLYER College, born in Savannah, GA., Feb. 26, 1896 and died in Feb of 1955 in CT; She m2) W.O. Goodrich.  At her death she was survived by one daughter, Mary Ernestine “Tina” (Hunter) Logan of Savannah GA.
2. Samuel Appleton
3. Sarah Abercrombie Appleton


SEE “Daniel Webster,” by Claude M. Fuess.

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13 Responses to Salisbury New Hampshire Lawyer, Orator, Statesman: Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

  1. Charleen Schuster says:

    My Webster line follows Ebenezer Webster born October 1714 and Susannah Batchelder. We follow their daughter Susannah Webster born Jan. 31, 1741 who married Lt. Andrew Bohonon and their daughter, Mary Polly Bohonon who married James Taylor, who had Rufus Taylor my 3rd Great Grandfather and he married Amanda Post, who had my 2nd great grandmother, Mary Electa Taylor who married Jeremiah Henry Norton and then they had my great grandmother Blanche Amanda Norton. Blanche Amanda Norton married Hiram Freeland Pickett and they had my grandfather Fred Arthur Pickett. I just got thorough joining the DAR on my 5th great Grandfather Jonathan Taylor who married Dolly(Dorothy) French. Anthony Taylor my 11th great grandfather who came from England in 1635, was one of the Founders of Hampton, New Hampshire.
    You Webster website has finally helped me figure out how I related on the Webster side! Thanks Charleen

  2. Cindy Davis says:

    A “rumor”/”myth” has come down the Davis side of our family that a large embroidered shawl we have belonged to Daniel Webster’s mother. We have extensive Davis genealogy (from 1689 in England) but cannot figure out any connection which would account for having Abigail Eastman’s shawl. We think there may be a connection through Henrietta A. Davis (m. Samuel A. Gray in 1845.) or her parents (Sophia Chase (m. Arthur Davis in 1825.). This is the first extensive genealogy I’ve seen for Daniel Webster and I’ll look through these descendants to see if anything comes up. Thank you.

    • Chrystal Mertz says:

      Hi. Sophia Chase and Arthur Davis were my great, great grandparents. I do believe there is a connection between the Davis, Webster and Winslow families. Please respond.

    • Renee says:

      Hello Cindy I would be interested in chatting with you. I work for the New Hampshire Historical Society. I am currently documenting the textile collection. WE have a piece of embroidery that may have been made by Abigail Eastman but I have no other examples to compare it to. Do you think you might be will to share some pictures of the shawl with me? I maybe able to help with some of your genealogy questions as well.

  3. Pamela Diane Kimball Field says:

    My maiden name is Kimball. Thirty years ago, I heard that Richard Kimball’s descendants were related to Daniel Webster, statesman & orator. Richard Kimball, a wheelwright from England, landed in Boston Harbor on the Elizabeth in1634. Richard Kimball is, reportedly, the common ancestor of the great majority of Kimballs’ in the United States. He was married to Ursula Scott. My research has shown: Richard Kimball; Abigail (Kimball) Severans; Elizabeth (Serverans) Eastman; Thomas Eastman; Abigail (Eastman) Webster; Daniel Webster. I’m new to genealogy research and hope this is helpful to someone.

    I would appreciate any help with the following: Daniel Moses Kimball, born in 1806 or 1807 in Hillsboro, NH. Married June 12, 1832, Diantha Hoyt born Sept. 7, 1809 in Henniker & died Dec. 21, 1852 in Hillsboro, NH. They are my GGGgrandparents and I have reached a dead end with Daniel. Thank you… Pam

    • Jennifer Ayers says:

      Hi Pamela! I descend from Daniel Scott Kimball who married Martha Ann Bennet. Daniel Moses and Diantha were my 4th great grandparents! I would love this information, too!

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  5. Charleen Schuster says:

    A few months ago I put a supplement in the DAR for my 6th Great Grandfather, Ebenezer Webster Sr. Born 1714 according to the information I have he died in Salisbury, New Hampshire in 1806 but now the DAR is questioning this and says that he son Col. Ebenezer Webster, my 5rth Great uncle died in 1806. Does anyone know for sure not just whats on the internet, when my Great Grandfather Ebenezer Webster Sr. born 1714 died and how he was involved in the Rev. War. They now believe his information on the DAR is incorrect and its his son’s information.

    • Janice Brown says:

      The death date of 1806 refers definitely to Ebenezer father of Daniel Webster the Statesman. There are several write-ups about that Ebenezer’s life including his American Revolution participation, that were printed while Daniel Webster was still alive and/or that he had input into the composition. In September of 1806 Daniel Webster (then a lawyer with an office in Boscawen) posted an advertisement regarding the settling of his father Ebenezer’s estate.

      Regarding Ebenezer Webster born in 1714, I have not found any specific information regarding participation during the American Revolution. As a matter of fact, I have not found any proof of his death, nor a death date. I presume he would have died after the birth of his last child in 1753. He and his family had been living in Kingston, NH.

      Hoping that this answers your question.
      Janice Brown

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  8. trudy Boisvert says:

    Hi Charlene,I am a decedent of Ebenezer Webster II and Susanna Batchelder. Ebenezer was born in 1714 and died in 1806. His father was Ebenezer Webster SGT who was born in 1667 and died in 1736 and was married to Hannah Judkins.Ebenezer SGY father was Thomas Webster II b-1631 and died 1715 and was married to Sarah Brewer. I am still researching the participation in the American Revolution

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