The Remick Family & Museum of Tamworth New Hampshire

If you could be teleported back into the past, to experience a bit of what life was like at the turn of the 20th century, would you?  If so, then a remarkable place exists in Tamworth, New Hampshire, that is worth your close inspection.

The Remick family first settled in Tamworth, New Hampshire more than 200 years ago. The last two generations were both country doctors. Dr. Edwin Remick (father) and Dr. Edwin Crafts Remick (son) both chose to serve the rural community where they were born and raised and loved so much. Together they provided 99 years of continuous medical care to Tamworth and the surrounding towns.

According to the Remick County Doctor Museum & Farm web site, before his death in 1993, Dr. Edwin Crafts Remick created a foundation to preserve his home, farm and family history in a way that the public could enjoy.  Today, the Remick Country Doctor  Museum & Farm is a working farm museum, and the result of that foundation. Oh, and the best part… it is open YEAR ROUND, and admission is free.

There are a variety of interesting exhibits for all ages, both self-guided and hands-on. The Visitor Center welcomes you with a display of old-time medical equipment.  There are also seasonal activities, which brings me to one you shouldn’t miss, coming up soon.

Each year in February, the Remick County Doctor Museum & Farm harvests ice as part of its annual Winter Carnival. As a visitor, you can watch staff cut ice from the pond, load it into the ice house with original tools… or you can join them to get hands-on experience.

AND, if your last name is Remick, odds are that you are related to this family! [They also
provide a monthly class on genealogy].


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-Made Only In New Hampshire: Ice Cubes-

Much of the EARLY genealogy was taken from Rootsweb message board posts of Bruce Remick; the remainder was researched through a variety of records and documents.

Christian-1 Remick, [NEHGR 47:473] the emigrant, was born about 1631 [based on a 1698/99 deposition that mentions his age age “67 years of thereabouts”, probably in Holland or England, as the name is of German extraction, and there are many of the name now living in Holland and Germany. There is a town named Remich in the Duchy of Luxemburg, which was so named in the time of the Roman occupation; and probably the Remicks came from this town. Christian-1 came to America when young, as he was living in the town of Kittery, Maine in 1651, and continued there until his death, about 1718. He was one of the proprietors of the town, and was granted a good deal of land in what are now the towns of Kittery, Eliot and South Berwick, amounting to about 500 acres; the most of which still remain in possession of his descendants and name. He was a smart and bright man for the times; was the town’s surveyor for many years, treasurer, selectman (of which board he was chairman most of the time) and representative to the legislature. There are many of his letters and papers still preserved in possession of courts, towns and individuals. His occupation was that of planter and surveyor. He married about 1654-55 to Hannah (?Thompson per New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey] who died about 1711. They had nine children, all born in Kittery Maine.
Children of Christian & Hannah (?Thompson) Remick:
1. Hannah Remick, b. April 25, 1656
2. Mary Remick, b. 7 Aug 1658
3. +Jacob Remick, b. 28 Nov 1660; d. June 1745 in Kittery ME
4. Sarah Remick, b. 16 July 1663; d 1732 in Berwick ME
5. Isaac Remick, b. 20 July 1665; moved to South Carolina
6. Abraham Remick, b. 9 June 1667; m 1692 Elizabeth Freeman in Eastham ME. Had issue.
7. Martha Remick, b. 20 Feb 1669
8. Joshua Remick, b. 24 July 1672; d. 1738 in Kittery ME [one of his great-grandsons,
Capt. Benjamin Remick, was a shipbuilder who constructed the “Ranger,” at Kittery
Maine–the ship shown on the New Hampshire insignia and flag].
9. Lydia Remick, b. 8 Feb 1676

Sergt. Jacob-2 Remick, (Christian-1) was born 28 Nov 1660 in Kittery ME, and d. bef 16 June 1745 in Kittery ME. He m1) abt 1683 to  Lydia ?Dixon. She b. 1684 in Kittery ME; he m2) bef 1692 in Kittery ME to Mary ?Shapleigh.  He was a farmer and ship builder. He served as selectman and treasurer of Kittery ME. His will written 22 May 1739 was probated 16 July 1745. His will mentions his wife Mary, sons James, Timothy, Stephen, Jacob, John, Nathaniel and Samuel; daughters Lydia Phillips, Mary Johnson, Hannah Remick, and grandchildren, Joseph & Mary Paul.
Children of Jacob & Lydia (?Dixon) Remick:
1. Stephen Remick, b. 6 June 1684 Kittery ME
2. Jacob Remick, b. 6 March 1686 in Kittery Maine; m. Rebecca Soper; had issue
Children of Jacob & Mary (?Shapleigh) Remick:
3. +John Remick, b.  7 Oct 1692 in Kittery ME
4. Samuel Remick, b. 28 May 1694 in Kittery, York Co ME; m. Elizabeth Mason
5. Lydia Remick, b. 9 June 1696 in Kittery ME; m. William Phillips
6. Tabitha Remick, b. 27 Dec 1698 in Kittery ME
7. James Remick, b. 23 Jan 1700/01 in Kittery ME; m. Abigail Benjamin
8. Mary Remick, b. 25 Feb 1702/03 in Kittery ME; m. Isaac Johnson
9. Sarah Remick, b. 21 March 1705/06 in Kittery ME; m. Samuel Morgrage
10. Timothy Remick, b. 9 Apr 1708 in Kittery ME; m. Rachel Brown
11. Elizabeth Remick, b. 20 Aug 1710 in Kittery ME; ?m. Moses Paul
12. Joseph Remick, b. 7 Oct 1715 in Kittery ME
13. Nathaniel Remick, b. 16 Dec 1721 in Kittery ME; m. Jane Libby
14. Hannah Remick, b. Kittery ME, never married

John-3 Remick, (Jacob-2, Christian-1) b. 7 Oct 1692 in Kittery ME; he was a cordwainer, and lived on ten acres given him by his father [per Old Kittery and her families, page 679). He m1) 21 July 1713 in Portsmouth NH to Elizabeth Ham. He m2) 16 Sep 1722 to Mary Wilson, dau of Joseph & Hannah (Endle) Wilson. He m3rd) 22 Nov 1738 to Catharine Lewis.
Children of John & Elizabeth (Ham) Wilson:
1. John Remick; m1) Margaret Hamilton; m2) Dorcas —
2. Elizabeth Remick; m. Samuel Welch
Children of John & Mary (Wilson) Remick:
3. William Remick, b. abt 1726; d. 10 Oct 1813 in Eliot, York Co ME. He was a shipwright and farmer, and a soldier in Capt. William Staple’s Co. in Sir William Pepperell’s Regiment at the capture of Louisbury (French & Indian War) in 1745. He m1) Mary Paul; m2) Lydia Staples; m3) Ruth Staples. Was on Committee of Safety during American Revolution. Had issue.
4. +Capt. Enoch Remick, b. 1 Apr 1730 Kittery ME
5. Mary Remick; m. 28 Sep 1749 Daniel Lydston of Kittery ME

Capt. Enoch-4 Remick, (John-3, Jacob-2, Christian-1) was born 1 Apr 1730 in Kittery, York Co ME and d. 11 May 1800 in Tamworth NH. He m. 23 June 1753 in Kittery, York Co ME to Abigail [one source says SARAH] Trefethen/Trefethern. She was b. 3 July 1733 and d. 16 Dec 1829 in Tamworth NH.  Enoch was a taxpayer in the Upper Parish in 1752. He served in the French Wars in the Kittery town militia in 1757. He was a shipwright by trade. He later moved to Newmarket, NH where he was living from 1768 through 1778. In 1779, Enoch moved north to Tamworth, and his homestead there was still present in 1894.  On 29 November 1763, Joseph and Anne Burley of Newmarket sold Enoch Remick of Kittery, a shipwright, twenty acres of land and one acre of marsh in Newmarket; Benjamin Remick and Joseph Ham acting as witnesses. Enoch bought five acres more in Newmarket of John Burleigh on 30 April 1769. He sold the marsh to James Hill of Newmarket on 15 August 1769. He was a signer of the Association Test in Newmarket in 1776. He bought on 12 July 1779, from David Chapman of Newmarket, 200 acres of land with the buildings thereon, for 3,000 pounds, situated in Tamworth. Two of Enoch’s sons were taken prisoner in the Revolutionary War. James, the eldest, died in captivity. Daniel, the second son, died soon after his release from prison.
Children of Enoch & Abigail (Trefethen) Remick:
1. James Remick, born Abt. 1755 in Kittery, York, Maine; died Abt. 1777.
James served in the Revolutionary War. He was taken prisoner and died soon after his
release. [in the SAR roster, there is a James Remick, Revolutionary War veteran, who
married Anna Parry and is buried in John Jones place Cemetery, North Berwick, Maine.]
2. Daniel Remick, born Abt. 1758 in Kittery, York, Maine; died Abt. 1777.
Daniel was taken prisoner in the Revolutionary War, and died soon after his release.
3. Enoch Remick, born June 03, 1762 in Kittery, York, Maine; died March 28, 1835 in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a patriot and signer of the Association; m1) Rebecca
Ayers; m2) Mary Ann Teel. Had issue.Test in Newmarket, NH, 1776. He was born in Kittery, ME; died in Tamworth, NH.
4. + John-5 Remick, born August 08, 1763 in Kittery, York, Maine; died February 08, 1849 in Tamworth, New Hampshire.
5. Polly Remick, born July 14, 1769 in Newmarket, New Hampshire; died May 20, 1842 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; m. Janes Stevenson and resided Tamworth NH; had issue.
6. Ensign William Remick, Ens., born December 17, 1771 in Newmarket, New Hampshire; died March 17, 1841 in Glenburn, Maine; he m. Abigail Gilman; resided Tamworth NH and Industry ME. Had issue.
7. Henry Remick, born June 30, 1774 in Newmarket, New Hampshire; died March 31, 1858 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; m. Polly Howard; resided Tamworth NH; had issue.
8. Betsey Remick, born Abt. 1776. Died young.
9. Dorothy Remick, born 1781 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; died February 05, 1852 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; m. Ephraim Hidden, had issue.
10. Betsey Remick, born December 06, 1785 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; died December 14, 1865 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; m. Shubael Marston, had issue.
11. Abigail Remick, born Abt. 1767 in Newmarket, New Hampshire; died March 06, 1853 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; m. John Stevenson and had issue.

John-5 Remick, (Capt. Enoch-4, John-3, Jacob-2, Christian-1) was born 8 Aug 1763 in Kittery, York Co ME and d. 8 Feb 1849 in Tamworth NH. He m. 13 Apr 1786 in Salisbury MA to Elizabeth “Betsey” Evans [one source calls her “Nevans”, dau of Jonathan & Elizabeth (True) Evans. She was b. 22 July 1764 in Salisbury MA and d. 5 June 1809 in Tamworth NH.  John was a carpenter, joiner and shipwright by trade. He was living in Salisbury MA at the time of his marriage. About 1812 he moved with his sons to Industry ME, where he was a farmer and carpenter. He served as a corporal in Capt. Moses Yeaton’s company, Joshua Wingate’s regiment, NH troops.  John was living in Chesterville in 1831, Madison in 1837 and Chesterville in 1838. On 14 Feb 1829 John purchased land from Enoch Remick and is buried there.
Children of John & Elizabeth (Evans) Remick:
1. Francis Remick, born June 19, 1787 in Salisbury, Massachusetts [another source says he was b. 129 June 1789 in Limerick NH]; died September 8, 1858 in Freedom, Illinois. He married (1) Abigail Marston February 27, 1811 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; born Abt. 1787; died May 12, 1815. He married (2) Lucy Mayhew October 15, 1815; died December 30, 1820. He married (3) Polly Boardman June 14, 1821 in Industry, Maine; born 1799; died 1873. Francis was a shipwright and farmer. He moved from Industry to Tamworth about age 21, and lived there for about 40 years. He moved to Freedom, Illinois possibly in 1855. There is a Francis H. Remick in Illinois in the 1860 Census.
2. True Remick, born February 14, 1789 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; died April 02, 1863 in Athens, Maine. He married 21 Feb 1813 to Catherine Luce, dau of Charles and Catherine (Merry) Luce; She was born April 05, 1793 in Tisbury, Massachusetts.
True was a captain in the local militia. He was a sheriff in Somerset County, ME for 13
years. He had moved to Industry at about age 21.
3. James Remick, born March 19, 1791 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; died May 30, 1858 in Tamworth, New Hampshire. He married Sarah “Sally” Edgell October 12, 1814 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; born August 07, 1789; died March 31, 1884 in Tamworth, New Hampshire. James was a carpenter and farmer. He is buried in Tamworth, NH with his wife and a daughter, Martha, who died one day after birth (29 December 1831).
4. Mary E. Remick, born Abt. 1793 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; died June 15, 1800 in Tamworth, New Hampshire.
5. Sarah “Sally” Remick, born 1795 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; died November 05, 1824 in Industry, Maine. She married William Butler June 25, 1816 in Industry, Maine; He born November 24, 1794 in Industry, Maine, son of Capt. Jeruel and Susan (West) Butler; He died April 21, 1882 in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Sarah “Sally” was buried at Mantor Cemetery in Industry.
6. +Enoch Remick, born August 29, 1798 in Tamworth, New Hampshire; married Lucinda Edgell

Enoch-6 Remick, (John-5, Capt. Enoch-4, John-3, Jacob-2, Christian-1)  b. 29 Aug 1798 in Tamworth NH; d. 17 August 1879 in Tamworth NH. He married 22 March 1819 to Lucinda Edgell. Enoch was a prominent man in Tamworth, being town clerk and selectman. He was the first sheriff of Carroll County NH. He was also a merchant and hotel keeper. He had a store on Great Hill Road, opposite his house. His son Levi carried on the store. Town meetings were held in Enoch Remick’s house and tavern before a town house was built. The Captain Enoch Remick House, [Tamworth NH] built circa 1808, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and displays Victorian furnishings in a comfortable domestic setting, as the Remick Family may have lived.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Tamworth
Enoch Remick 52 M Farmer 4000 NH [b abt 1798] [1830 living in Tamworth NH]
Lucinda Remick 55 F Mass
Sarah E. Remick 30 F NH
*Levi E. Remick 27 M Merchant NH
Charles H. Remick 24 M Merchant NH
Edwin Remick 21 M Merchant NH
Amanda Tarlton 17 F Merchant NH
Thom D. Whitton 32 M Carpenter NH
Children of Enoch & Lucinda (Edgell) Remick:
1. Sarah E. Remick, b. abt 1820 Tamworth NH
2. +Levi E.-7 Remick, b. abt 1823 Tamworth NH
3. Edwin Remick, b. abt 1829 Tamworth NH

Levi E.-7 Remick, (Enoch-6, John-5, Capt. Enoch-4, John-3, Jacob-2, Christian-1) b. abt 1823 in Tamworth NH. He married abt 1860 to Harriet Beede, dau of Samuel L. & Nancy F.D. Beede of Tamworth NH. She was b. abt 1837 in NH.
1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Tamworth
Remick, Levi E. 47 M W Farmer 3000/4000 NH
Remick, Harriet 42 F W Keeping House NH
[married abt 1860]
Remick, Charles H/K 9 M W NH
Remick, Alice 6 F W NH
Remick, Edwin 4 M W NH
1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Tamworth > District 25
Remick, Levi E. W M 59 Merchant NH MA MA
Remick, Harriett W F 52 wife Keeping House NH NH NH
Remick, Charles H. W M 19 son clerk in store NH NH NH
Remick, Alice B. W F 16 dau at home NH NH NH
Remick, Edwin W M 14 servant at home NH NH NH
Beede Amy R. W F 17 servant NH NH NH
Children of Levi E. & Harriet (Beede) Remick:
1. Charles Remick, b. abt 1861 Tamworth NH
2. Alice Remick, b. abt 1864 Tamworth NH
3. +Edwin-8 Remick, b. abt 1866 Tamworth NH

Edwin-8 Remick, (Levi E.-7, Enoch-6, John-5, Capt. Enoch-4, John-3, Jacob-2, Christian-1) b. May 1866 in Tamworth NH; he m. 8 Nov 1900 in Boston MA to Emily A. Crafts, dau of William A. & Emily (Doggett) Crafts. She was born Dec 1861 in Roxbury MA and was age 36 at the time of her marriage. Edwin Remick graduated in 1894 from the University of Vermont’s Medical Program. [Emily’s mother, Emily Doggett Crafts d. 28 Dec 1895 in Boston MA, dau of Samuel & Lois (Currier) Doggett]. Emily died by 1930 probably in NH when her husband Edwin is shown in the census, a widow.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Tamworth > District 23
Remick, Edwin Head W M May 1866 34 single NH NH NH Physician
Remick, Alice B. sister Feb 1864 36 single NH NH NH
Remick, Harriet mother W M March 1824 72 widow 3 ch 3 living NH NH NH
Barnes, Fred E. Boarder W M Jan 1882 18 single NH NH NH Day Laborer
1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Tamworth > District 25
Remick, Edwin Head M W 43 m1x 8 yrs NH NH NH Physician
Remick, Emily A.C. wife F W 46 m1x 8 yrs 1 ch 1 living MA MA MA [?Crafts]
Remick, Edwin C. son M W 6 single NH NH MA
Child of Edwin & Emily A. (Crafts) Remick:
1. Edwin Craft Remick, b. 18 Sep 1903 in Tamworth NH and d. 20 July 1993; he married abt 1930 to Marian Miles. She b. 28 May 1906 in NH, and d. Oct 1980. Shown in 1930 U.S. Census living Tamworth NH, his profession, physician, general practice.

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