Penacook NH Woman’s Club Founder, Temperance Leader, Musician: M. Annie Fiske (1855-1909)

Photo of M. Annie Fiske from “The history of Penacook, N.H., from its first settlement in 1734 up to 1900” (1902) by David A. Brown 1902. Colorized by the blog editor.

She was born Mary Anna Fiske, daughter of Rev. William Albert & Mary Ann (Whipple) Fiske on 4 July 1854 in Kittery Maine.  When her father began to preach in Fisherville New Hampshire on  21 Dec 1856, she moved with her parents to Penacook New Hampshire, where she grew up at 59 Summer Street.  She was educated in the local schools, and received some musical training.  Later she attended the Boston Conservatory of Music, and specialized in the organ.

She left home for a while, living in Philadelphia, and earning an income as an organist for 6 years, and also became a teacher of music.   Then, with her parents aging and needing care, she returned home to Penacook.  There she became involved in a number of women’s issues.

M. Annie Fiske, as she liked to be called, was greatly involved with the Women’s Christian Temperance League of New Hampshire in 1882, and was  in charge of 8th Annual meeting at the Baptist Church in Fisherville NH.  On 3 January 1896 a group of Penacook women met to form the “Current Event’s Club” with nineteen charter members. “It was a literary and social organization, and was created through the persistent efforts of its first presidents Miss M. Annie Fiske. She served as president for almost 3 years, devoting a great deal of time, thought and person efficiency to the success of this club. ”  This club was the precursor to the Penacook Woman’s Club and quickly became connected to the state level organization.

M. Annie Fiske sadly did not live long else I’m sure she would have accomplished a great deal more for women’s causes.  She died on 1 Dec 1909 in Concord NH of tuberculosis, after four years of suffering (though her obituary stated differently).  She is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery Penacook NH.

Her brother was a famed landscape artist living in Connecticut, and this obituary was printed there: Daily Advocate, Stamford CT page 3, 1 Dec 1909: “Word was received here yesterday of the sudden death from heart disease, of Miss Annie Fiske, at Penacook, N.H. She was an only sister of Chas. A. Fiske of Lake Avenue, who left here today to attend the funeral service which will be held Monday, at 1 p.m. Miss Fiske spent several months here.

==========PARTIAL GENEALOGY of M. ANNIE FISKE===========

Hon. William Fiske & Bridgett (Muskett) Fiske
of South Elmham, Suffolk, England and Wenham Massachusetts
Emigrant Ancestor

Samuel & Phebe (Bedington) Fiske

Daniel & Sarah (Fuller) Fisk Sr.

Daniel & Zilpha (Tyler) Fiske

———-Next Generation——

Robert Fisk son of Daniel & Zilpah, b. 14 Feb 1746 Holliston MA, d. 25 Sep 1820. Resided Holliston and Upton MA. He m. 17 Sep 17688 in Upton MA to Mary Hall of Hopkinton. She was b 1744 and d. 7 Feb 1822 in Upton MA.
Children of Robert & Mary (Hall) Fiske:
1. Elisha Fisk b 3 Sep 1769; m. 1) Lydia Robinson; m2) Mrs. Margaret (Shepherd) Brown
2. Daniel Fiske b 29 Oct 1770; m. Ruth Chapin
3. ++William Fiske b 8 Nov 1776; m. Lucy Bradish
4. Amasa Fisk b 17 Sep 1780, d. 23 March 1847. Resided Dover VT; graduated Brown University, lawyer; m. —

———-Next Generation——

Deacon William Fisk  son of Robert & Mary, born 8 Nov 1776 Holliston MA, died 15 Dec 1862 in Upton MA. Buried Lakeview Cemetery.   He m. 27 Feb 1801 in Upton MA to Lucy “Hannah” Bradish. She was b. 1780 and d. 29 Nov 1860. Dea Fiske was a farmer, deacon in the church, a man of very high character and highly esteemed.
Fiske Genealogy
Children of Dea William & Lucy “Hannah” (Bradish) Fiske:
1. + Albert William b 16 Jan 1802 in Upton MA. [See additional bio]
2. Elisha Fiske b 16 Feb 1804; m. Mariam C. Starkweather
3. Judson Hopkins Fiske b 30 Aug 1807; d. 1815
4. Charles A. Fiske b 4 Apr 1811; m. Salina Melita Ward
5. George R. Fiske, b. 5 Jan 1821; m. Louisa M. Tyler

———-Next Generation——

Photo of Rev. Albert W. FIske from “The history of Penacook, N.H., from its first settlement in 1734 up to 1900” (1902) by David A. Brown 1902. Colorized by the blog eiditor.

Rev. Albert William aka William A. Fiske was b. 16 January 1802 in Upton Massachusetts, son of William & Lucy (Bradish)] Fiske. He d. 7 Dec 1892 in Concord New Hampshire. Buried Woodlawn Cemetery. Resided 59 Summer Street, Concord NH. Minister/Clergyman.  According to the History of Penacook NH, “he fitted for college at Wrentham (MA) Academy. He graduated from Brown University, Providence RI in 1829 and from Andover Theological Seminary in 1832. He began to preach in Alfred Maine on 30 Sep 1832 and was acting pastor until 12 May 1844… He was installed as pastor of the First Congregational CHurch at Kittery Maine on 18 July 1850 resigning 7 years later. He began to preach in Fisherville NH 21 Dec 1856 and was dismissed from the pastorate 16 Oct 1865, after six years and six month’s service. He afterwards supplied for short periods at the churches in Center Harbor, Boscawen, Warner, Groton and Barnstead NH. He published a book of miscellaneous articles entitled ‘A New Year Offering’ in 1880. He died in Penacook 2 Dec 1892 in the 90th year of his age. ”  He m1) 13 Dec 1832 in Holden, Worcester MA to Mary Davis. She d. 2 June 1851. He m2d) 30 May 1851 in Kittery York Maine to Mary Ann Whipple.She was b. 24 Oct 1813 and d. 26 May 1896. They resided in Penacook NH
Children of William Albert & Mary (Davis) Fiske
1. George Whipple Fiske born 24 Nov 1833; d. 28 Sep 1834
2. Ellen Maria Fiske born 20 July 1835; m. 12 Apr 1860 George S. Sheppard; res Lebanon NH
3. Charles Albert Fiske born 12 Jan 1838 Alfred Maine; d 1915 Greenwich CT; res Greenwich CT; graduate of Dartmouth College, artist by profession. He m. 24 June 1872 Sarah B. Smith, daughter of William Smith of Greenwich CT. 2 children daughter Alice Belcher Fiske and son William Smith Maynard Fiske. Landscape painter [Example of his work].
4. Henry Bardwell Fiske born 19 Apr 1842; d. 12 Nov 1842
5. Mary Caroline Fiske born 26 March 1843, d. 31 March 1846.
Children of William Albert & Mary Ann (Whipple) Fiske
6. George Whipple Fiske born 9 May 1852, d. 4 Feb 1876
7. John William Fiske born 24 May 1853; res. Boston MA
8. +Mary Anna FIske born 4 July 1855, died 1 Dec 1909 in Concord NH. This story is about her. SEE ABOVE


Matthew Whipple & Anne Hawkins (Bocking England to Ipswich MA)

Joseph Whipple & Sarah Quimby/Sarah Fairchild

———-Next Generation——-

John Whipple, son of Joseph & Sarah (Fairchild) Whipple, b 27 Mar 1690 Ipswich, Essex MA, d. after 6 March 1736/1739. He m. (int) 10 Feb 1710/1711 Mary Fairfield. She was b. bef 1742 in Wenham MA and d.
Children of John & Mary (Fairfield) Whipple:
1. Joseph Whipple, b 22 Dec 1711 Sutton MA, d. 3 June 1771 Sutton MA
2. Sgt. Ebenezer Whipple b 14 Sep 1713 Sutton MA, d. 8 Sep 1755
3. Sarah Whipple, b 22 March 1714/1715 Sutton MA
4. +John Whipple, b 22 Aug 1717 Sutton MA
5. Lucy Whipple, b 25 Feb 1723/1724 Sutton MA
6. Aibgail Whipple, b 3 March 1725/1726 Sutton MA

———-Next Generation——-

John Whipple, son of John & Mary (Fairfield) Whipple, was born 22 Aug 1717 in Sutton MA and d. –.
He m. after 20 May 1758 in Sutton MA to Susannah Putnam. She was b 8 Sep 1723 in Salem Village, Essex Co. MA.
Children of John & Susannah (Putnam) Whipple:
1. +John Whipple Jr., b 15 arch 1766 Sutton MA
2. Perley Whipple, b 6 June 1769 Sutton, Worcester Co., MA

———-Next Generation——-

John Whipple Jr. son of John & Susannah (Putnam) Whipple b 15 March 1766 in Sutton MA, d. 3 July 1847 Charlton MA ; he m. 23 Nov 1794 in Sutton, Worcester MA to Anna Hall-4 (Willis-3, Percival-2, John-1), daughter of Willis & Anna (Cove) Hall.She b.1 June 1769 in Sutton MA, d 9 June 1832 in Charlton, Worcester MA
Children of John & Anna (Hall) Whipple:
1. Almira Whipple b 17 Nov 1795, d 19 Apr 1827
2. Perley Whipple b 27 Feb 1797 Sutton NH
3. Anne “Nancy” Whipple b 25 July 1799, d. 6 Oct 1806 Charlton MA
4. John Willis Whipple, b 3 Feb 1802 Charlton MA, d. 7 Feb 1672 Sutton MA
5. Clarissa Whipple b 10 Apr 1804 Charlton MA; d 19 Feb 1881 Charlton MA
6. Percival Whipple b 13 July 1806 Charlton MA; d. 1870
7. Lyman Whipple b 6 Dec 1806 Charlton MA, d 2 May 1846 Warren MA
8. Capt. Joseph Hall Whipple, b 13 May 1811 Charlton MA, d. 30 July 1847 Perote, Veracruz Mexico
9. +Mary Ann Whipple b 24 Oct 1813 MA; m. Rev Albert W Fiske.


When Mothers Got Out of The House: Beginning of the Women’s Movement, by Robert Hanaford Smith Sr., in The Wiers Times


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