Three Photographic Generations of Enfield New Hampshire’s Purmort Family

Photograph: c1904 photograph showing part of the Enfield NH Shaker Community with the Great Stone House in the Center, State Route 4A, Enfield. Library of Congress Prints and Photographic Division.

c1904 photograph showing part of the Enfield NH Shaker Community with the Great Stone House in the Center, State Route 4A, Enfield. Library of Congress Prints and Photographic Division.

I was quite struck (in a good way) by the three photographs of the Purmort Family of Enfield, New Hampshire being sold. The surname Purmort had already been researched quite well in 1907 by Rev. Charles H. Purmort, D.D. of Des Moines Iowa. Though the family seems quite prolific, I had only run across the name a few times in my years of research.

It is not my intention to “reinvent” the Purmort genealogy, as it is already so well presented. There are  descendants and cousins who might still enjoy seeing their ancestor, Phoebe (Dole) Purmort. She turns out to be my 4th cousin, 5x removed thorugh her Dole line. Fancy that!

The main source, and starting point was the book,”Purmort Genealogy: Consisting of Nineteen Generations,” as mentioned above. I have added a great deal of additional information, especially on later generations, not found in that volume. The booklet on the four old cemeteries in the area, was also a useful resource.

===THE PURMORT FAMILY of Enfield, New Hampshire==

John-1 Purmort of New Castle, NH, possibly son of Joseph of Newcastle NH, was b. 13 July 1715, died 5 October 1758. He m. 12 March 1741, Hannah Sinclair of Stratham NH. She was b. 25 Apr 1719, d. 17 April 1785.
Children of John & Hannah (Sinclair) Purmort:
1. +John-2 Purmort, b 11 Oct 1742
2. Anna Purmort, b. 3 January 1746
3. Hannah Purmort, b. 1 Aug 1747
4. Joseph Purmort, b. 18 July 1749, d. 25 March 1813
5. Richard Purmort, b. 16 Feb 1751, d. 19 Feb 1828
6. Abigail Purmort, b. 16 Feb 1751, d. 19 Feb 1828
7. Mark Purmort, b. 29 May 1755, d 12 July 1776
8. Mary Purmort, b. 22 March 1758

—–Next Generation—–

John-2 Purmort, son of John-1, b 11 Oct 1742 probably at Newcastle NH, and died 7 April 1786. He married Susannah –. She was b. 1739 and d. 21 March 1819 at W. Enfield NH, in her 80th year.
Children of John & Susannah (?) Purmort:
1. Mary Purmort, b. 25 March 1765, d. 24 July 1835
2. John-3 Purmort, b 25 May 1774, d. 2 October —
3. Joshua Purmort, b. 7 Feb 1776 Lowell MA, d. 1843 at Kempville Canada. He m. 9 Feb 1796 at Enfield NH to Eunice Walworth, daughter of Charles Walworth of Canaan NH. She was b. 25 July 1773 at Canaan NH, and d. 1843, 6 months before her husband of cholera.
4. Mark Purmort, b. 4 May 1778 [23], d. 2 Aug 1835 at Enfield NH. He m. Abigail Dole, sister of Phebe Dole, his brother Nathaniel’s wife. He came from Enfield NH with his brother Nathaniel in 1782 and the brothers bought adjoining farms. After the death of his father John, he took care of his mother Susannah who lived some thirty years longer to the ripe age of 80. Children: Mary, Joseph, Dunham, Richard, Nathaniel, Susannah, and Mark.
5. +Nathaniel Purmort, b. 1 May 1780
6. Richard Purmort, b. 8 July 1782. At one time he lived on a farm near Plainfield NH. Afterwards in 1826 he settled in Depyster, Lawrence Co. NY. Children: Hymen F., Blake P., Hannah, Aunela, and Albina.
7. Thomas Purmort, b. February 1785; no more known.

—–Next Generation—–

Phoebe (Dole) Purmort

Phoebe (Dole) Purmort, wife of Nathaniel (1783-1863)

Nathaniel-3 Purmort, son of John-2 & Susannah Purmort, born 1 May 1780. He lived in Enfield NH, dying there 20 December 1854. He married *Phebe “Phoeby” Dole, daughter of Amos & Abigail (Stevens) Dole. She was b. 9 November 1783 in Newbury MA, and died Lebanon NH 27 Feb 1863. “He was a man very highly esteemed in his community, a successful farmer, and fully acquainted with the affairs of the day. He was a faithful and active member of the Free Will Baptist Church. A man of medium height, thick, heavy set, when walking he usually carried his hands behind his back. His farm joined his brother Mark’s. They had married sisters and must have lived happy and peaceful lives with their growing families. Such a picture of life is surely ideal. But age, removals, deaths, will surely in time break up the happiest home life earth can produce, and history can only chronicle the events, and leave the philosopher to his speculations… [Phebe (Dole) Purmort is my 4th cousin 5x removed through her Dole line]
-BIRTHS Newbury MA records-
Dole, Phoebe, d. Amos, bp. Nov. 9, 1783. CR5 [Newbury MA records]
Dole Amos, s. Stephen, bp. Dec. 3, 1749. CR5
Amos, of Rowley, and Abigail Stevens, int. Jan. 26, 1774. [so b by 1753]
–Follensbee Cemetery, Enfield–
Dole Abigail Stevens b 1750, d. 17 Sep 1827
Dole, Amos, b. unk., d. 19 Sep 1817
Amos Dole, b. 28 Nov 1749 in Rowley MA, son of Stephen & Sarah (Pearson) Dole
Stephen Dole, b 1719, d. 1805, son of Richard & Elizabeth (Stickney) Dole
Richard Dole, son of Richard Dole & Sarah Greenleaf-
Richard Dole son of Richard Dole & Hannah Rolfe
Children of Nathaniel & Phebe (Dole) Purmort:
1. +John Purmort b 10 April 1806 Enfield NH, d. December 1869.
2. *+Hiram Purmort, b. 20 June 1809 Enfield NH, d. 4 July 1873
3. +Disa Lothrop Lodice Purmort, b 23 Dec 1813 Enfield NH, d. 5 April 1891.
4. Almira N. Purmort, b. 1 Nov 1815 Enfield NH, d. 22 Nov 1878 at Grafton NH. She m. 24 Feb 1842 to Eliphalet Mason Bill Sargent of Enfield NH. He was b. 1775 in Lebanon CT and d. 1854. He had resided in Orange VT from 1804 to 1839 Children: Julia A., b 8 April 1843; John H. b. 28 April 1845, m. Louisa Pierce of Walpole, MD residing in Philadelphia; William M., b. 3 Aug 1848; Sarah J. “Jennie,” b 10 June 1851, d. 1875; and Frank H. b 14 Dec 1852; m. Ida J. Peaslee of Springfield, resided and children born Grafton NH. [61]
5. Joseph Hazen “Jasper” Purmort b 9 Oct 1819, d. 25 July 1880.  [See his photo/likness] A substantial farmer of Lebeanon NH. Member of the Baptist Church. He married 2 Nov 1843 Maria E. True of Plainfield NH. She was b. 2 March 1820 and lived to an old age. Children: Mary T., Ellen M., Osgood True and Marcia Elizabeth.

—–Next Generation—–

John Purmort, son of Nathaniel & Phebe (Dole) Purmort, b 10 April 1806 Enfield NH, d. December 1869 [see his photo-likeness]; He m. Elizabeth Farnham of Enfield [58]
Children of John & Elizabeth (Farnham) Purmort:
1. Polly M. Purmort, b. 15 December 1828, d. 3 November 1860 in Enfield NH of an epileptic fit. She m. Simon Horton, son of L.P. & Avis (Wheaton) Horton, was b. abt 1817 in Killarney CT, d. 28 Feb 1891 in Enfield NH, suicide. Children include [HORTON]: John B., Charles L., Edward C., Flora M., Lydia E., and Nellie.
2. Sarah F. Purmort, b. 12 June 1831, married before 1853 to Nathan Goodrich and moved to Wisconsin. 5 ch**
3. Lydia S. Purmort, b July 1833, d. 1853 unmarried [131]
4. Martin Van Buren Purmort, b 2 Nov 1842; m1) Nov 1862 Mary A. Sargent. m2) Mary F. Bean of Plainfield NH. Reside in Lebanon. ? ch* [132]

Hiram Purmort

Hiram Purmort, son of Nathaniel & Phoebe (Dole) Purmort (1809-1873)

Hiram Purmort**, son of Nathaniel & Phebe (Dole) Purmort, was b. 20 June 1809 in Enfield NH, and d. 4 July 1873 in Enfield NH. He m. 27 April 1833 Sarah Pettingill of Enfield NH. She b. 1802 and d. 28 Apr 1883. Buried in Follansbee Cemetery in Enfield NH.
Children of Hiram & Sarah (Pettingill) Purmort:
1. *Nathaniel P. Purmort, b. 9 March 1834 in Enfield NH, d. 28 March 1864 [per his tombstone]; buried in Follansbee Cemetery in Enfield NH . No known wife or children.

Nathaniel P. Purmort

Nathaniel P. Purmort, son of Hiram & Sarah (Pettingill) Purmort (1834-1864)

2. Minor T. Purmort, b 27 June 1836, d. 26 May 1901 [134]. operated a large farm at Lebanon NH, a prominent citizen, with means and good influence. He was successful in business. He m. 24 Dec 1873 to Hannah C. Day of Enfield NH, daughter of David & Harriet (Flanders) Day. She was b. 16 Nov 1829, d. 16 May 1904. No children. Funeral services were held at her home at Riverdale. She was buried in Oakdale Cemetery, Enfield NH.




Disa Lothrop “Lodice” Purmort, daughter of Nathaniel & Phebe (Dole) Purmort b 23 Dec 1813 Enfield NH, d. 5 April 1891 Enfield NH. She m. 1 March 1835 to Jonathan B. Sargent, son of Philip Sargent. He was b. 3 Jan 1812 in Orange VT, d. 22 Dec 1888 Enfield NH. Farmer at Enfield NH.
[Sargent genealogy]
1880 US Census > NH > > Enfield
Jonathan B. Sargent self M 69 VT
Nathanl P. Sargent son M 33 NH
Disa L. Sargent wife F 67 NH
Emma J. Sargent dau-in-law F 34 NH
Clara M. Sargent F 11 NH
Phil N. Sargent grandson M 6 NH
Ned Burton Sargent grandson M 2 NH
John D. Sargent M 1 NH
Children of Jonathan B. & Disa L. (Purmort) Sargent:
1. +Philip Sargent, b. 19 June 1836.
2. Phoebe Purmort Sargent, b. 18 February 1838, d. 9 Dec 1889 in Enfield NH; she m. 27 Nov 1877 to John Worthen, son of James & Mary (Smith) Worthen. He was b abt 1844 in Enfield NH. He had married 1st) 5 Sep 1868 in Enfield NH to Maria F. Gile. He married 3d) 9 Feb 1891 in National City, San Diego CA to Harriet Louise Gray. He had children by his 3rd wife: Mary Elizabeth, Dorothy Louise and Irma Juanita.
3. +Clarence/Clarissa B. “Clara” Sargent, b. 2 March 1844, m. 14 Dec 1865 Joseph K. Harris of Haverhill MA
4. +Nathaniel P. Sargent, b 19 Sep 1848; d. 10 Oct 1894 in Enfield NH; married; teacher; buried Purmort Cemetery.

—–Next Generation—–

Philip Sargent, son of Jonathan & Disa L. (Purmort) Sargent, b. 19 June 1836, d. 13 July 1874 in Enfield NH, farmer. He married 20 Nov 1866 to Emma Jane Smith, daughter of Jacob & Miranda (Stone) Smith of Meriden/Plainfield NH. She was b. 10 Feb 1844 in Northfield VT, and d. 24 January 1929 in Lebanon NH. She m2d) 1 Jan 1876 Nathaniel P. Sargent, her 1st husband’s brother [see him below]
Children of Nathaniel P & Emma J. (Smith) Sargent:
1. Clara M. Sargent, b 27 Aug 1868 Enfield NH, died 16 Oct 1935 in Lebanon NH; m. 24 Sep 1895 in Lebanon, Grafton Co. NH to George D. Bosworth, son of William O. & Hallie (Goodwin) Bosworth. They had at least one child, Verne Ormond Bosworth, b. 4 June 1898 in Enfield NH, and d. 1985, who m. Edna M. — and had children, Verne, Robert A., and Hazen B.. They are buried in Glenwood Cemtery, Lebanon NH
2. Phillip Nathaniel Sargent, b. 19 Feb 1874 Enfield NH, d. 30 Nov 1942 in Lebanon NH. He m. 4 June 1902 in Lebanon NH to Georgia Emily Stearns, daughter of Lucius E. & Ruth E. (Hurlbut) Stearns. She was b abt 1879. He is buried in Valley Cemetery, Lebanon NH; machinist.

Clarissa Bosworth “Clara” Sargent, daughter of Nathaniel P. & Emma J. (Smith) Sargent, b. 2 March 1844, m. 14 Dec 1865 Joseph K. Harris, son of Stephen J. & Mary (Colby) Harris. He was b. Sept 1840 in Haverhill MA, d. 30 March 1922 in Haverhill MA. He was a shoemaker. He was a Civil War Veteran, Co. C, 7th NH Inf, member of Major Howe GAR Post #47, Haverhill MA. He is buried in Hilldale Cemetery Haverhill MA. The 1900 US Census states she had 9 children, and there were 5 living in 1900.
Children of Joseph K. & Clara (Sargent) Harris:
1. Raymond Harris, b. 19 April 1872 Haverhill MA
2. Hayden B. Harris, b. 5 June 1876 Haverhill MA; m. 28 July 1903 in Haverhill MA to Vina M. Frame, dau of George S. & Nellie C. (Cook) Frame. He was a teacher of music.
3. Disa Lothrop Harris, b. 1879 Haverhill MA; m. 6 Aug 1912 in Haverhill MA to Ulysses Sidney Adams, son of George Edward & Caroline Josephine (Ordway) Adams; organist
4. Elsia Harris, b. 20 July 1881 Haverhill MA
5. Joseph Kimball Harris, b. 20 March 1883 Haverhill MA, d. 28 June 1909 in Haverhill MA; he m. 8 May 1907 in Haverhill MA to Berenice Irene Tasker, dau of Millard & Annie (Barrows) Tasker. Bookkeeper, buried Walnut Cemetery, Haverhill MA
6. Dorrit Harris, b. Nov 1895 in MA; She m. 8 May 1917 in Haverhill MA to Wilfred U. Vigneault, son of Ulric & Lillian (Davis) Vigneault

Nathaniel P. Sargent, son of Jonathan & Disa L. (Purmort) Sargent, b 19 Sep 1848; d. 10 Oct 1894 in Enfield NH; teacher; buried Purmort Cemetery. He married 1 Jan 1876 at Meriden/Plainfield NH to Mrs. Emma J. (Smith) Sargent, widow of his brother Philip. [see above for her children by her first husband and additional details].
Children of Nathaniel P. & Emma J. (Smith) Sargent:
1. Ned Burton Sargent, b abt 1878 NH, d. 11 July 1945 in Lebanon, Grafton Co. NH; In 1907 living with his mother on the old homestead. In 1940 single, his nephew Verne Bosworth and family living with him.
2. John Bosworth Sargent, b 24 May 1879 Lebanon NH, d. 28 Dec 1942 in Spokane, Spokane, Washington; genealogy states “in 1907 in western US”; he m. 22 May 1910 in Lebanon NH to Lura M. Dean, daughter of Silas F. & Lurinda J. (McAllister) Dean. She was b. abt 1875 in Salisbury NH, and d. 9 Dec 1947 in Coulee Dam, Okanogan, Washington. His WW2 registration of 1942 shows birth date and place, wife, Lura D. Sargent. Residing in Hartline Grant, Washington. 1940 US Census both living in Hartline, Washington. He completed 4 yrs college, and was a teacher in the public school. They did not seem to have children. They are buried in Hartline Cemetery

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