Cow Hampshire’s Strange But True Blog Statistics for 2015

Victorian New YearsFirst, Happy 2016 to All.  I thought the first post of the year should include offering a few insights into where my readership comes from, and what sort of stories they (and you) prefer.

As far as how viewers arrived here–it was not by stage coach or bullet train.  Instead, it was the traditional search engines, in this specific order:  Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Image Search, AOL, Ask.  This was followed by readers arriving from Facebook, Searchroots, and Wikipedia.

Cow Hampshire’s Most Widely Read Posts:
This blogs Home page (starting page) was definitely the most popular starting point.  As for specific stories, there seemed to be a preference for dark, ghostly, or somewhat scary stories about New Hampshire, their popularity is as follows (stats only for this past year):

1. The Darker Side of Manchester NH’s Pine Island Park 11,376
2. The Ghost of Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods NH 3,917
3. Missing Places: Yoken’s Restaurant in Portsmouth NH (1947-2004) 2,364
4. New Hampshire’s Native Americans: Hiding in Plain Sight 2,092
5. Death on Mt. Washington: The Tale of Lizzie Bourne 1,776
6. New Hampshire’s Castles 1,726
7. Manchester New Hampshire Restaurant Innovators: Richard “Dick” and Maurice “Mac” McDonald 1,460
8. Gilmanton New Hampshire Serial Killer: Herman Webster Mudgett (1861-1896) 1,418
9. Francestown New Hampshire Motorcycle Inventor: Sylvester H. Roper (1823-1896) 1,271
10. New Hampshire’s Turnpike History 1,149

Best ever daily view of a single article for 2015 was on 13 April 2015: The Darker Side of NH’s Pine Island Park, with 3,234.

The most popular keyword search terms surprised me.  They were simple words in the order of popularity shown here: cow, hornpout, Cow Hampshire, puckerbrush, lizzie bourne, winthrop carter house, brantford NH, castles in NH, and yoken’s restaurant.

The strangest, and slightly mangled search terms:
1. ghost hose – lingerie for spectres, probably not I think they meant to type [ghost house]
2. new hampshire lingo – New Hampshiremen/women speak the same language as other Americans.  We don’t quite have our own lingo, though I admit we do have a slanguage.
3. pine tree rebellious – we are indeed stubborn Yankees, we can’t help ourselves, but we don’t have pugnacious trees.  I think they meant to say  [pine tree rebellion].
4. hornpout sit – called catfish in other places, you really don’t want to sit on on a hornpout.  Perhaps they meant to type  [hornpout sting].

Hoping you enjoyed learning about my visitors.  Thank YOU for being one of them.


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    Happy New Year! I love stopping over! Can’t wait to read more!

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