Ezra T. Rumery: Carpenter of Strafford, New Hampshire (1805-1865)

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Ezra T. Rumery (1805-1865)


Ezra T. Rumery was born in Effingham, New Hampshire, and lived in Strafford County New Hampshire, locations that is to this day, are still very much rural.  He was a carpenter, and his son (and namesake) apprenticed with him to learn the trade. Carpentry in the Civil War years could cover everything from house building to ship building.

Ezra’s ancestors were from Maine, and for at least a few generations, none of them lived too far from the sea.  He died in May of 1865, a month after the end of the Civil War, of consumption.

—–Partial Genealogy of Ezra T. Rumery of Middleton and Strafford NH—–

[Editor’s note: one source states Edward Rumery was the son of Matthew & Elizabeth (Martin) Rumery, and another source that he was the son of Thomas Rummery / Rosmary of St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Island who immigrated to the American colonies.]

Biddeford, Maine's city square 1907

Biddeford, Maine’s city square 1907

Edward Rumery, was b. 23 Dec 1686 in Biddeford, York Co. Maine, and d before 1762 in Biddeford Maine. In 1739 he voted against a raise for the preacherIn 1755 he was chosen surveyor of Highways in Biddeford Maine.  He married abt 1724-1725 to Sarah Durrell, daughter of Moses & Sarah (Sampson) Durrell.  She b. c1690 Scarborough, York Co. ME, baptized 15 Aug 1703 Gloucester Essex MA, died 28 June 1776 Saco/Biddeford Maine. Moses Durrell deeded land to his daughter Sarah Rumery 25 Oct 1736.  She married 1st) Thomas Pennell who d. 31 March 1723.  [Thomas Pennell and Sarah Durrell had 3 children: Rachel, Sarah and Thomas.  Possibly also Clement].
Children of Edward & Sarah (Durrell) Rumery:
1. +Jonathan Rumery, b. 1 Feb 1731 Biddenford, Maine
2. Thomas Rumery, b. 27 Dec 1733; m. Charity Edgecomb
3. William Rumery, b. 13 Feb 1737; m. Rebecca Austin
4. Edward Rumery, b. 1740; m. Elizabeth —
5. Lydia Rumery
6. ?Moses Rumery

Jonathan Rumery, son of Edward & Sarah (Durrell) Rumery, was b. 1 February 1730 in Biddeford, York Co., Maine and d. c1809 in Biddeford Maine. He married 29 June 1754 in Biddeford Maine to Mary Duren. She was b abt 1735 in Biddeford Maine, and d. abt 1769.
Children of Jonathan & Mary (Duren) Rumery:
[they had several children including: Molly, Sarah, Mary, Charity, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Hannah, Moses, Aaron, David, and Anna.]
11. +William Rumery, b. 19 Dec 1769 Pepperell, York Co. Maine

William Rumery, son of Jonathan & Mary (Durrell) Rumery, was b. 19 Dec 1769 in Pepperell, York Co. Maine and d. 15 June 1846.  He m. 16 April 1791 in Saco, York Co. ME to Margaret “Peggy” McGrath.  She b. 22 March 1769/70 in Maine, and d. 8 April 1845. They are buried in Emerson Cemetery, Oxford Co., Maine
Children of William & Margaret (McGrath) Rumery:
1. John McGrath Rumery, b. abt 1792 NH; in 1860 living in Effingham, Carroll Co. NH with wife Sarah, and children Jerome, Melissa H., and Aldon.
2. William Rumery
3. Jonathan Rumery
4. Moses Rumery
5. Daniel C. Rumery
6. +Ezra T. Rumery, b. 15 Sep 1805
7. Jacob Rumery
8. Jerome B Rumery
9. Lucy S. Rumery, b. 20 May 1813 Maine, d. 17 July 1893; m Horatio Bickford. They had [BICKFORD]: Sarah, Charles E, Martha, Moses, Jerome R. Abagail.
10. Margaret Rumery
11. Abigail Rumery

Welcome to Effingham (NH) sign from 2000 Town Report.

Welcome to Effingham (NH) sign from 2000 Town Report.

Ezra T. Rumery (this story is about him, see photograph at top of page), son of William & Margaret “Peggy” (McGrath) Rumery, was b. 15 Sep 1805 in Effingham, Carroll Co. NH [or Maine] and d. 31 May 1865 in Strafford NH of consumption.  His death records states his occupation as carpenter. He is buried in Blue Hills Cemetery, Strafford Co. NH.  He m. 30 April 1829 in Dover, Strafford Co. NH to Charlotte G. Lougee.  She b. abt 1805 NH and d. 21 Sep 1889.
1850 US Census > NH > Strafford Co > Middleton
Ezra S. Rumery 44 carpenter 800 Maine
Charlotte G. Rumery 45 NH
Ezra Rumery 17 carpenter NH
Charlotte S. Rumery 8 NH
Alice M. Leighton 10 NH
Judith Leighton 18 NH
Children of Ezra T. & Charlotte G. (Lougee) Rumery:
1 Sarah E. Rumery, b abt May 1830, d 3 Aug 1845, ae 15 yrs 3 months; buried with her parents.
2. Ezra Rumery, b 16 May 1833 in NH; d. 6 May 1908 in Detroit, Becker, Minnesota. widowed. He m. 22 Sep 1858 in Somersworth, Strafford Co. NH to Martha “Mattie” H. Roberts. She b. Aug 1832 in Maine. Children: Lizzie E., b abt 1871 MA, and Isabel B., b. abt 1878 Minnesota.
3. Charlotte Susan Rumery, b 23 June 1842 Strafford NH, d. 8 Dec 1898 Strafford, Strafford Co. NH; d 8 Dec 1899 in Farmington NH  Married Stephen H. Foss, son of Robert Woodbury & Eliza W (Jones) Foss.  He b. 27 May 1837 and d. 14 Sep 1914. Buried Blue Hills Cemetery, Strafford NH

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  1. Jimmy M. Sisson says:

    A story on Wikipedia.org about the PENNELL family states that Thomas PENNELL married Sarah DURIN. You state her name as DURRELL. Do you know which name is correct? is the Sarah DURRELL who married Edward RUMERY a different person than the Sarah DURIN who married Thomas PENNELL?

    • Janice Brown says:

      Jimmy, my sources state that her name was Durrell. Her father, Moses DURRELL deeded land to his daughter Sarah RUMERY. Also according to my records she had married 1st) Thomas Pennel(l). I personally would never use Wikipedia as a primary source.

  2. Marjorie Harris Clark says:

    Hello, I had an antique shop in Windham, N.H. years ago. I’m in FL I still have some of the things from my shop and one is a cross stitched family tree. It starts with William in 1769 & ends with Abilgale born May 28 …15 It contains 12 generations including Moses & Ezra.

    I googled Rumery to find it’s family.and you popped right up!. If you have any interest would like to see, I can send clear photos of both sides. I purchased it at auction and never sold it because I wanted to find it’s family. I kept it wrapped. I came across it so I tried just now through Goggle. I would want 25.00 plus whatever postage if you should want to purchase. My email is harrisclarkartist@yahoo.com Regards, Marjorie

    • Janice Brown says:

      Marjorie, I am not a Rumery descendant, so not in the market to purchase it, though the price seems very reasonable. I am posting your information in case a descendant is following this story. I would suggest you contact either the Effingham NH Historical Society or the New Hampshire Historical Society and see if they are interested. Thanks for mentioning it!

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