The Entertaining Family of New Hampshire’s Alex Philbrick aka Preston

I hope that my readers have been following this season’s American Idol television show.  It is not often that a New Hampshire resident can be found placing so prominently in the entertainment field.  And no, I have not forgotten the likes of New Hampshirites Tommy Makem, Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), Mandy Moore, or Tom RushAlex Preston (birth name Philbrick) is more than talented enough to join this illustrious group, even if he may not have actually been born in New Hampshire, just raised here. Let’s claim him as our own either way.   [Visit his FaceBook page]

Photograph of Alex Philbrick aka Preston from American Idol web site

Photograph of Alex Philbrick aka Preston from American Idol web site

As of Idol’s most recent show, it was announced that Alex placed third, and was voted off, in lieu of contestants, Jenna and Caleb.  Needless to say, his placement does not affect his amazing talent in a negative way, and his ability to sell songs (he has sold more than his competitors on iTunes).  I expect that to continue.  The response at his recent homecoming demonstrated a much larger audience than just the younger crowd that could be seen in the show’s audience.  Alex has already proven himself to be a great singer and unassuming showman (he plays 12 musical instruments).

On May 10, 2014 Governor Maggie Hassan declared “Alex Preston Day.”  This announcement was part of a weekend of celebration and homecoming which included several performances (for his high school and also for UNH friends at the Whittemore Center), and a parade in Durham, NH. Someone put together a great video on YouTube about Alex’s American Idol Journey.  I enjoyed it so much, I will include it here.

I join his family, and thousands of people he doesn’t know in looking forward to his very bright musical future. Oh yes, and I can’t forget, he also is my distant (very) cousin through his Philbrick line!

A "Sovereign of the Seas," Built in 1637 from The Ships That Sail, Lotus Magazine, May 1, 1914, page 497

A “Sovereign of the Seas,” Built in 1637 from The Ships That Sail, Lotus Magazine, May 1, 1914, page 497

Since I mostly write about history and genealogy on Cow Hampshire, this story is no different. I became curious about Alex’s origins as  Philbrick is a very old name in New Hampshire.  Thomas Philbrick arrived in the American colonies about 1630, and after short stays in Salem and Watertown, Massachusetts, he removed by 1645 to what is now Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. This very same Thomas Philbrick is Alex Philbrick’s 10th-great-grandfather.

As far as entertainment genes, I read in the Hollywood Reporter this past March that Musical talent runs in Preston’s family. “That’s how my mom met my dad,” he explains. “My aunt plays keyboard and my uncle plays guitar and they were in a band together with my dad, who was the lead singer. My mom went to one of their shows and they met there.”

Some of that generational talent may have been passed along in his genes from earlier ancestors.  While researching Alex’s Philbrick line, I discovered that his third-great-grandmother, Marietta (Uart) Philbrick was a burlesque and stage show actress in the Boston Massachusetts area’s Charles Hoyt Theatrical Productions, using the stage name Marie Uart. Born in 1851, she was a talented woman who starred in roles alongside Edwin Booth (brother to John Wilkes Booth), Joseph Jefferson, Lotta Crabtree, Frank Mayo, and John Drew, at theatres in Boston, New York and probably other venues.

Alex’s second great-uncle, William H. Philbrick, aka Will Philbrick, was also a showman, Will Philbrick 2and appeared in several movies including the 1930 movie, “Whoopie,” that starred Eddie Cantor (both were in the original Broadway production). He also performed on stage, both in Boston and in New York City. In the Boston Herald of April 1900, an article describes a theatrical performance, “among these specialties, was made by Will Philbrick and Miss Eleanor Falk in their cakewalk in the last cat. As Slavyn Payne, Ben Gay’s servant, and Flirt, Mrs. Guyer’s maid, they had already done themselves great credit, but their performance of the cakewalk was voted by the wise ones something strictly new in that line, and a performance standing quite in a class by itself…” [the article goes on to state there were repeated encores, and flowers awarded, and that Will “is the son of Marie Uart, a talented actress for years in Charles Hoyt’s company.”]. The Daily Illinois State Register of October 1907 stated, “Will Philbrick will portray the stellar role, that of Panhandle Peter, and in deference to his ability it can be safely said that he is one of the cleverest eccentric comedians and dances in the musical comedy field of the present generation.” [See his photograph later in the genealogy section].

The Boston Herald of April 15, 1900 stated: “Will Philbrick who has a wide popularity in and around Boston, and who is best known as “Babe” Philbrick, is coming to the Park Theatre in Hoyt’s “A Trip to Chinatown” week after next. His legion of friends are making arrangements to give him a rousing reception, and something “not down on this programme” is assured. Mr. Philbrick is a young man of great promise. For a number of years he was a star feature at the Elks and other great benefit entertainments, and was always regarded as a magnet. As a negro specialist he has no superiors. He comes of a theatrical family, being a son of Miss Marie Uart, for many years associated with the Hoyt players, and is a brother of Miss Charlotte M. Philbrick, the well known contralto singer.

Alex’s second-great aunt, and sister to William above, Charlotte A. Philbrick (born Lotta Agnes Philbrick), was a stage performer and singer.  When she performed for a Boston Municipal Concert, The Boston Herald of November 13, 1898 stated, “The soloist, Miss Charlotte A. Philbrick, is said to have a full and melodious contralto of more than ordinary compass and power, and to use it with intelligence and good taste.”  In 1912 she was on stage, appearing in “The Red Rose, at the Hellig Theatre in Portland, Oregon. By April of 1913 she was performing in the same play, but this time in Greensboro, North Carolina. By August of the same year, she demonstrated both her singing and acting talents with a role in the play, “She Will Sing Wanda” in Philadelphia, PA.

Of course not all of Alex’s ancestors were performers.  In his direct Philbrick surname line are two policemen (one a detective) in the metropolitan Boston area, a mechanic, a delivery man, a Custom House officer, a businessman, a mariner, and probably a few were farmers. As it turns out, Alex is probably cousin, close or distant to many of the New England Philbrick families. His genealogy as follows:


Thomas-1 Philbrick was born in England. Wife, Elizabeth Knapp. The “History of Rye NH” state he came from Lincolnshire England, sailing from Yarmouth on 8 April 1630 and arriving at Salem MA 14 June 1630. He settled first in Charlestown MA, but soon removed to Watertown. In 1645-46 he removed to Hampton NH. He died in 1667. Children: +James, John, Thomas. [This Thomas is also my 10th great-grandfather–I am descended through his son Thomas & Ann Knapp > daughter Elizabeth PHILBRICK who married Nathaniel Berry].

James-2 Philbrick, son of Thomas-2 & Elizabeth Philbrick 1622?-1674. Mariner. Children born in Hampton NH. The History of Rye NH states he married Ann Roberts, and that he was a mariner who drowned 16 Nov 1674 in the Hampton River. Children: James, Apphia, Esther, Thomas, Sarah, +Joseph, Elizabeth, Mehitable.

Joseph-3 Philbrick/Philbrook, mariner of Hampton and Rye NH residing near the old Farragut Hotel. Per the History of Rye NH he was b. 1 Oct 1663, and died 17 Nov 1755. He is buried in the Old Rye Cemetery. He married 1685-86 to Triphena Marston, daughter of William and Rebecca Marston of Hampton NH, who d. 15 Nov 1729 aged 66 years. He settled in Rye NH about 1702. Their children were born in Hampton NH: Joseph, Joseph 2, Zachariah, Sabina, Ann (who m. Stephen Berry), Ephrai, Hester, Phebe and +Joses.

Joses-4 Philbrick, son of Joseph & Triphena (Marston) Philbrick, was b. 5 Nov 1703 and d. 24 March 1757, age 54; blacksmith, and “active businessman and dealt much in lands.” He married 4 Jan 1727 to Abigail Locke, daughter of William Locke. Resided Rye, Rockingham Co. NH. He is buried in Rye NH.
Children of Jose & Abigail (Locke) Philbrick:
1. Hannah Philbrick, b. 27 Nov 1727; m. Reuben Moulton
2. Triphena Philbrick, b. 24 Apr 1729; m1) 1760 to John Sanders; she m2) Jonathan Berry
3. Abigail Philbrick, b. 11 Nov 1730 m. Mk. Randall of Moultonboro NH
4. Sarah Philbrick, b. 9 Nov 1732; m. Robert Moulton, removed to Gilmanton NH
5. V. Joseph Philbrick, b. 10 Aug 1735; res. Hampton and Rye NH; m. 2 Dec 1760 Ann Towle.
6. Deacon Reuben Philbrick, b. 27 Feb 1737; m1) Hannah Locke; m2) Widow Mary Wedgewood; m3) Mary Dalton; m4) Mary Beck
7. Daniel Philbrick; b 2 Feb 1740, m. Abigail Marden, d. before 21 Nov 1780; resided Rye NH
8. Jonathan b Nov 26, 1745; a descendant built the Atlantic House, the first hotel built at Rye Beach NH, and another descendant owned the Farragut House.
9. Mary, b. 12 Feb 1749, d. 15 Nov 1834

Joseph-5 Philbrick, son of Joses & Abigail (Locke) Philbrick, was b. 10 Aug 1735 in Hampton, Rockingham Co. NH and d. 11 Sep 1788 in Rye, Rockingham Co. NH of consumption. He married 2 Dec 1760 to Anna Towle, dau of Jonathan & Anna (Norton) Towle. She b 28 March 1741 in Rye NH and d. 11 Sep 1824 in Rye NH, age 83. He is buried in Rye NH.
Children of Joseph & Hannah (Towle) Philbrick:
1. +Joses Philbrick, b. 12 Sep 1761 in Rye, Rockingham Co. NH
2. Abigail Philbrick, b 28 Sep 1768; m. Job Locke
3. Anna Philbrick, b. 23 Jan 1769; m. Josiah Weeks of Greenland
4. Hannah Philbrick, b 12 Dec 1770, d. unmarried 1831
5. Jonathan Philbrick, b 17 Sep 1773
6. Daniel Philbrick, b. 19 Jan 1776; m. 1800 Dolly Grover
8. Levi Philbrick, b 6 May 1778; m. Mary Nudd
9. James Philbrick Sr.; b. 8 July 1780
10. Joseph Philbrick, b. 14 June 1783; d. in Demerara W.I.
11. Sally Philbrick, b 30 Aug 1788; m. Samuel Marden

Joses-6 Philbrook, son of Joseph & Anna (Towle) Philbrick was born 12 Sep 1761 in Rye, Rockingham Co. NH and died 27 Sep 1811 in Rye NH. He married 7 July 1782 to Susanna Pitman. Resided Rye, Rockingham County NH
Children of Joses & Susanna (Pitman) Philbrook:
1. Mary/Polly Philbrick, b. 5 Dec 1781, d. 11 July 1854; m. 12 May 1808 to Samuel Hunt Rand, son of Joseph & Susannah (Goss) Rand.
2. Benjamin Pitman Philbrick, b. 27 Sep 1785
3. Joseph, b. 19 Sep 1788; m. Sally Emery
5. Nancy Philbrick, b 8 Apr 1792; m. George Armsbury
5. Hannah Philbrick, b. 7 Apr 1795; m. Hezekiah Kimball; res Portsmouth NH
6. Reuben Philbrick, b. 1 Sep 1798, died young
7. +Charles Pinkney Philbrick, b. 4 Oct 1799; m1) Nancy Usher; m2) Mary Frances Cunningham
8. Lyman Philbrick b, 3 Oct 1802; m. Lydia Watkins/Watson
9. George Clinton Philbrick, b 29 May 1805; m. Adaline Nutting
10. John Walback Philbrick, b. 1808; died in Boston unmarried.

Charles Pinkney-7 Philbrick, son of Joses and Susannah (Pitman) Philbrick. He b. 7 Oct 1799 in Rye, Rockingham Co. NH [2nd record]. [sons’d death rec says Dover NH] and d. 7 December 1891 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA; He married 1st) 29 August 1833 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA to Nancy A. Usher of Medford MA and resided South Boston MA. [Her daughters marriage rec states she was b at West Medford MA] He married 2d) 29 June 1845 in Boston, Suffolk MA to Mary Frances Cunningham, daughter of Abner and Frances/Fanny (Burke) Cunningham. She b. abt 1812 Saxton’s River, Windham Co. VT and d. 12 March 1885, age 67 in Boston, MA. At the time of her death, Mary F. was living on 9 Marble Street. SEE: A Genealogy of the Philbrick and Philbrook Families: by Jacob Chapman
1855 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston
Charles P. Philbrick M 45 NH
Mary F. Philbrick F 34 VT
Georgann Philbrick F 19 MA
Heneretta Philbrick F 18 MA
Charles M. Philbrick M 15 MA
Ann C. Philbrick F 12 MA
Mary J. Philbrick F 6 MA
Francis H. Philbrick M 5 MA
Ella Philbrick F 3 MA
Emma A. Philbrick F 0 MA
1860 US Census > MA > Norfolk > Roxbury
Charles P. Philbrick M 50 NH Custom House Officer
Mary F. Philbrick F 48 Vermont
Georgiana Philbrick F 23 MA Public Library
Anna C. Philbrick F 17 MA Domestic
Mary Philbrick F 12 MA
Ellen Philbrick F 7 MA
Emma A. Philbrick F 4 MA
Eva Philbrick F 1 MA
Francis H. Philbrick M 9 MA
1880 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston
Charles B. Philbrick M 80 NH
Frances Philbrick F 54 VT wife
Emma Philbrick F 24 MA daughter
Eva Philbrick F 18 MA daughter
Children of Charles P. & Nancy (Usher) Philbrick:
1. Georgiana Philbrick, b abt 1836 MA; she died 5 June 1917 in Boston Suffolk Co. MA, age 81. She married 1868 Frederick W. Smith; 1 child
2. Henrietta Philbrick, b abt Feb 1837 Boston MA; died 1 Dec 1911 at Boston MA; she married 1858 to Albert Morse; 3 children
3. Charles M. Philbrick, b 1839-1840 in Boston MA.
4. Anna/Ann/Annie C. Philbrick, b abt 1843 MA; died 2 Sep 1919 at Lunenburg, Worcester Co. MA, age 76. She married 8 Jan 1863 to William H. Hadley, son of Abel & Harriet Hadley; 3 children
Children of Charles P. & Mary F. (Cunningham) Philbrick:
5. Mary J. Philbrick, b abt 1848 MA; m. 1871 Charles H. Clark; 5 children
6. +Francis H. “Frank” Philbrick, b abt 1851 MA
7. Ellen “Ella” Philbrick, b 28 Oct 1852 Boston MA; she married 1 Dec 1874 in MA to Richard H. Yarrington. He b. 1803 (age 71 she was 23), son of John & Elizabeth Yarrington. Had 1 child; She m2) 8 Nov 1886 Frank C. Coy.
8. Emma A. Philbrick, b abt 1856 MA
9. Eva Philbrick, b abt 1859 MA; m. 1880 Charles W. Richardson; 3 children
10. (son) Philbrick, b. 1861, d. 2 Jan 1861 in Boston MA

Francis H.-8 “Frank” Philbrick, son of Charles P. and Mary F. (Cunningham) Philbrick, was b. abt 1850 Boston MA and d. 19 April 1879 in Boston, Middlesex Co. MA of rheumatic fever and exhaustion. [In 1880 census Marietta is shown a widow]; He married 24 Feb 1870 in Charlestown, [2nd marr. rec] Suffolk, MA to Mary T./Marietta G. Uart, daughter of John and Catharine (Bralley/Brawley) Uart. She b. 17 Aug 1851 in Boston MA and d. 1 June 1917. At the time of his marriage, and at his death the records state his occupation as machinist. His daughter Catharine’s birth record states his occupation was ‘Engineer.’ Marietta was a stage actress, using the stage name Marie Uart with the Charles Hoyt theatrical company [see obit below]. At the time of Francis H. Philbricks death they were living at 804 Third Street in Boston MA.
In 1917 Mrs. Mary Uart Philbrick, i.e. Marie Uart is found in the Dramatic Index, indicating she had died that year. “Uart, Marie (Mrs Mary Philbrick) actress,, -1917. Obituary. Dram. Mir. 77: Je.16 ‘17,10
Saturday June 2, 1917 Denver Post (Denver CO)
Boston, June 2.–Mrs. Mary Philbrick, known on the stage as Marie Uart, died yesterday. She played with Booth, Jefferson, Lotta Crabtree, Mayo and John Drew, and appeared in all of Charles Hoyt’s Productions
New York Ties, Published June 3, 1917
Mrs. Mary Philbrick, who had a long theatrical career under the name of Marie Uart, died on Friday, at Milton, Mass. [died 1 June 1917]
1897 Julius Cann’s Official Theatrical Guide
Marie Uart
The Amusement Bulletin, 1890
Grand Operat House
The Midnight Bell
Marie Uart as The Widow
Sunday, June 3, 1917 Springfield Republican (Springfield MA) page 12
Mrs. Mary Philbrook, who had a long theatrical career under the stage name of Marie Uart died at Milton Friday. She was a member of the old Boston museum stock company and later appeared with Edwin Booth, Joseph Jefferson and other famous actors.
1880 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston
John M. Uart 33
Mary Uart 33
Catherine A. Uart 10
Charlotte A. Uart 5
Nellie Alice Uart 3
Marrietta G. Philbrick 28 widow
Charlotte H. Philbrick 9
Francis G. Philbrick 3
William H. Philbrick 1
Children of Francis H. & Mary T/Marietta G. (Uart) Philbrick:

Will Philbrick, actor

William H. Philbrick aka Will Philbrick, actor

1. Lotta Agnes “Charlotte” Philbrick, b. 2 July 1870 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA [also recorded in Charlestown MA] – stage actress and singer.
2. +Francis John Philbrick, b. 28 October 1871 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA
3. Catharine Adelaide Philbrick, b. 9 Sep 1874 Boston, Suffolk Co. MA
4. William H. Philbrick (Charles Thayer Philbrick on birth record then corrected, b. 16 October 1878 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA. Died 1955 in Charlestown MA. He married Jessie Ann Bowman. [He was in vaudeville and known as Will H. Philbrick. One of his descendants is William C. Philbrick of Atlanta GA. [photo from Daily Illinois State Register, Springfield IL, Oct 31, 1907.

Francis John-9 Philbrick, son of Francis H. & Mary T./Marietta G. (Uart) Philbrick, b 28 October 1871 in Charlestown (Boston) Suffolk Co. MA, and d February 1958 in Dorchester MA; he married 1st) 8 July 1894 at Boston, Suffolk MA to Mary T. Sullivan, dau of William & Mary Sullivan. She b about Oct 1869 in Boston MA. He married 2nd) by 1930 to Bridget Ann Lally, dau of Michael and Mary F. (Tracy) Lally. She was born in 2 March 1886 in Suffolk MA and died 18 March 1954 in Milton MA. She m1) 24 June 1908 in Boston MA to Timothy J. Crowley, son of Timothy J. & Ellen F. (Fitzgerald) Crowley. According to his son’s marriage record Francis was a police officer. At the time of his daughter and son William’s birth they were living at 1 Concord Street in Boston, occupation at that time Teamster. He is buried in Milton Cemetery.
1900 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston Ward 3
Francis Filbrick 29 Oct 1872 MA MA MA Express Man
Mary T Filbrick 31 Oct 1869 MA Ire Ire
Charlotte A Filbrick 5 April 1895 MA
William H. Filbrick 2 April 1898 MA
1910 US Census > MA > Norfolk > Milton
Francis J. Philbrick 38 m1x 16 yrs MA MA MA Policeman Metropolitan Police
Mary T. Philbrick 40 MA Ireland Ireland 6 children 3 living
Lottie A. Philbrick 14 daughter MA
William A. Philbrick 11 son MA
Mary Philbrick 5 daughter MA
1920 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston
Francis J. Philbrick 46 police officer, Metropolitan police
Mary T. Philbrick 48
William Philbrick 21 stenographer, detective agency
Mary Philbrick 15
1930 US Census > MA > Norfolk > Milton
Francis J. Philbrick 52
Bridget Philbrick 42 MA Ire Ire
Mary Crowley 16/15 Stepdaughter MA Ire MA
Pierce Malone 46 Boarder
Friday, March 19, 1954 Boston Traveler (Boston MA) page 33
PHILBRICK, In Milton, March 18, B. Ann (nee Lally), beloved wife of Francis J. Philbrick, residence 92 Brush Hill rd; mother of Mrs. Mary J. MacMillan and sister of John A and James J. Lally, Mrs. Robert G. Gurney and Mrs. John Regan. Funeral from the Harold L. O’Neil Funeral Home, 405 Washington st (at Bradlee st), Dorchester on Saturday, March 20 at 9 AM. Solemn Requiem High Mass at St. Angela’s Church at 10 o’clock. Relatives and friends respectfully invited. Visiting hours 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 PM. Interment Milton Cemetery.
Sunday, April 9, 1922 Boston Herald (Boston MA) Page 1
Patrolman Francis J. Philbrick of the Metropolitan park police was shot shortly after midnight in the Arlington extension of the Mystic Valley parkway, by a man who accompanied a young woman, objected to the officer’s interference. Philbrick, downed by a bullet in a leg, held on to the woman, but the assailant escaped. Later the polite took possession of the automobile.
Philbrick who is attached to the Charles river basin division of the force, was on special duty last night from the Medford station. He was taken to the Symms Hospital.
The office approached the automobile, drawn up in the parkway, at 12:15 o’clock. When he began to the question the occupants, a man jumped from the car, drew and gun and sent a bullet into his leg. He then fled.
Note: a subsequent April 15, 1922 Boston newspaper reports on the local courts and one Earl “Tug” Wilson who was being arraigned, “Wilson, confined in the East Cambridge jail since the shooting of Patrolman Francis J. Philbrick last Sunday morning…”
Friday, February 28, 1958 Boston Daily Record (Boston MA) Page 16
Francis J. Philbrick, 86, a retired Boston policement, died suddenly at his home in Melville ave., Dorchester.
Philbrick also served with the MDC and Revere police departments. He retired from the Boston department in 1939. He afterward served as a special officer at the Massachusetts Savings Bank, rounding out more than half a century in uniform.
He is survived by his son, Det. William A. Philbrick of the Boston Police Dept., and a daughter, Mrs. Mary McGillicuddy of Dorchester.
Children of Francis J. & Mary (Sullivan) Philbrick:
1. Mary Lottie aka Charlotte A. Philbrick, b. 22 April 1895 in Boston MA. Charlotte A. Philbrick, age 23 married 12 Feb 1918 at DC to Robert J. Rowe, who was b. abt 1895 and d. 25 May 1966 in Milton MA.
2. + William Allison Philbrick, b. 19 April 1898 Boston MA
3. S.B. Philbrick, b. 3 August 1902 Boston MA
4. Mary Celia Philbrick b 2 Sep 1904 in Quincy MA; d. 18 July 1991 in Quincy MA; m. Leo F. McGillicuddy (1903-1992)


William Allison-10 Philbrick, son of Francis John and Mary T. (Sullivan) Philbrick, b 19 April 1898 in Boston MA, d 28 June 1964 Dorchester MA; m. 28 August 1920 in Nashua NH to Annie Elizabeth Dolan, dau of Michael & Mary Elizabeth (Devine) Dolan. She was b 18 August 1900 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA and d. 21 May 1987 in Dorchester MA. He was a policeman, and later a detective [see obituary]
Groom: William A. Philbrick, age 22, white
Bride: Anna Dolan, age 21, white
Residence of Groom: Boston, Mass.
Residence of Bride: Somerville, Mass
Occupation of Groom (and Bride) Clerk
No. of Marriage Groom and bride: 1st
Intention Filed: August 23, 1920.
By whom married: Arthur L. Cyr, Nashua NH, Justice of the Peace
Date of Marriage: August 28, 1920, at Nashua NH
Grooms Parents: Francis J. Philbrick residing Boston MA age 47, police officer, born Charlestown Mass / Mother: Mary Sullivan residing Boston MA, age 45 white, no occupation, birthplace Boston Mass
Brides Parents: Michael Sullivan of Somerville MA, age 61 white, cotton tier maker, born Boston/ Mother: Mary E. Devine of Somerville MA, age 60, white, home, born Boston MA.
Tuesday, April 30, 1963, Boston Traveler (Boston MA) page 38
(Traveller Staff Photo by John Landers Jr.)
VETERAN DETECTIVE William Philbrick of 47 Melville Ave., Dorchester is congratulated by Deputy Herbert Maloney as he retires after 35 years in the police department.
Tuesday, June 30, 1964; Boston Record American (Boston, MA) Page 46
A Requiem Mass will be sung Wednesday at 9 in St. Mark’s Church, Dorchester, for William A. Philbrick, 66, a retired Boston detective. He lived at 47 Melville ave., Dorchester. He became a patrolman in 1928 and advanced through the ranks to the grade of detective inspector in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He retired in May 1963. He leaves his wife, Anne (Dolan) Philbrick, four sons, William A., Jr., Francis X, Paul E. and Robert W., and a sister Mrs. Mary C. McGillicuddy.
June 30, 1964; Boston Traveler, page 49
PHILBRICK–Suddenly in Dorchester, June 28, William A. Philbrick, ret. Det., Bureau of Criminal Investigate, BPD., beloved husband of Anne E. Philbrick (nee Dolan) Residence 47 Melville Ave. Father of William A Jr., Francis X., Pual E. and Robert W. Philbrick, brother of Mrs. Mary C. McGillicuddy. Funeral form the Harold L. O’Neil Funeral Home, 405 Washington Street at Bradlee St., Dorchester on Wednesday, July 1 at 8 am, Solemn Requiem High Mass at St. Mark’s Church at 9 o’clock. Relatives and friends respectfully invited. Visiting hours Monday and Tuesday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm interment Milton Cemetery. Late member Boston Police Post V.F.W.
Friday, May 22, 1987, Boston Herald (Boston MA) Page 43
In Dorchester, May 21, Anne E. (Dolan) beloved wife of the late William A. Philbrick, mother of William A., Francis X., Paul E., all of Boston and Robert W. Philbrick of Scituate. Also survived by 12 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral from the John C. Mulry Funeral Home, 2 King street at Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, Saturday at 8:15. Funeral Mass in St. Mark’s Church at 9 o’clock. Relatives and friends invited. Visiting Hours Friday 2-4 and 7-9 interment Milton Cemetery.
1930 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston > 821 Oakland Street
William Philbrick M 30 MA MA MA Inspector, Police
Anna A. Philbrick F 27 MA wife
William Philbrick M 8 MA son
Francis T. Philbrick M 6 MA son
Paul Philbrick M 1 MA son
Children of William & Anna A. (Dolan) Philbrick:
1. William Philbrick, b 25 March 1921 in Dorchester MA; in 1998 residing Dorchester MA
2. Francis X. Philbrick b 16 May 1923 MA; married and had a son Raymond Calvin Philbrick (who married Joan O’Neil Martinez). He removed to Florida
3. +Paul Edwin Philbrick b 24 October 1928 MA
4. Robert W. Philbrick; removed to Maine

Paul Edwin-11 Philbrick, son of William A. & Anna/Anne A. (Dolan) Philbrick b 24 October 1928 in MA; died 4 November 1988 at Milton MA. He married in 1951 to Theresa C. Dunlop, daughter of Joseph & Mary F. (?) Dunlop. She was b abt 1931 in MA. Resided Dorchester MA. His occupation was truck driver. In 1970 living at 86 Claybourne St in Dorchester, a delivery man.
Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003 about Paul E Philbrick
Name: Paul E Philbrick
Certificate: 054770
Death Place: Milton
Death Date: 4 Nov 1988
Birth Place: Massachusetts
Birth Date: 24 Oct 1928
Thursday, Feb 16, 1989, Boston Herald (Boston MA), page 4
Commonwealth of Massachusetts posting re Estate of Paul Edwin Philbrick, late of Boston … petition that Theresa C. Philbrick of Boston be appointed administratrix.
Monday November 7, 1988 Boston Herald (Boston MA) page 49
OBITUARY: Paul Philbrick, 60, of Dorchester
Paul E. Philbrick of Dorchester, a truck driver, died Friday at Milton Hospital. He was 60. A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, he lived in Dorchester. He was a truck driver for the Boston Globe and was a member of Local 259 of the Teamster’s Union.
Mr. Philbrick is survived by his wife, Theresa C. (Dunlop); six daughters, Pamela of Reading, Katherine of South Boston, Terry Ann Benson of North Andover, Ann Philbrick Smith of Hingham and Alice Potenza of Germany; a son Paul E. Jr. of South Boston; two brothers, Francis X of Florida and Robert of Maine; and two grandchildren. A funeral Mass will be said at 10 am in St. Mark’s Church, Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester. Burial will be in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester. Arrangements are by the John C. Mulry Funeral Home, Dorchester.
Children of Paul Edwin and Theresa C. (Dunlop) Philbrick :
1. Paul E.-12 Philbrick,  m. Alice Marie –. Children: Matt-13, Alex-13  and Samantha-13
2. Pamela
3. Katherine
4. Terry Ann
5. Ann
6. Alice
7. Susan


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*****SOME SOURCES*****
1. A Genealogy of the Philbrick and Philbrook Families: Descended from the Emigrant, Thomas Philbrick, 1583-1667 by Jacob Chapman; Exeter Gazette Steam Printing House, 1886
2. A History of the Town of Rye, New Hampshire, by Langdon B. Parsons, Concord NH, 1935
3. The Philbrick & Philbrook Family Association
4. Various newspaper sources including,, etc.
5. Birth, marriage and death records from FamilySearch



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