New Hampshire Architecture: Italianate Style

The Italianate style house was built from the mid to late 1800s, and was inspired by the villas of Italy.

These two and sometimes three storied houses made use of single or paired decorative brackets under wide comices. The roof was typically flat or hip. New Hampshire has several fine examples of this style including:

Historical Society of Chester County

Benjamin F. Webster House, Broad Street, Portsmouth NH (1880 Italianate)-
Benjamin Webster began as a carpenter’s apprentice and became rich through real estate and construction. Note the steeply pitched roof that is not typical of Italianate architecture. No doubt the roof was pitched to avoid collapse during years of heavy snowfall.

Post Office Block, Manchester NH

Plumercrest Bed and Breakfast, Epping NH

Lewis Downing Jr. Home at 13 Pleasant Street, Concord NH-


P.S. The photograph pictured above is of the Benjamin F. Webster House in Portsmouth New Hampshire– its copyright belongs to David Taylor. He gives permission to use it for one-time private or educational use. Consider yourself educated 🙂

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