Moovers and Shakers: Week of May 17, 2008

The following articles recommended reading for this week…

Caution, Blasting Ahead
–Jessica Lipnack of “Endless Knots” posts a YouTube video (that wants to make you giggle and cry at the same time) about getting the word out.

Rhyming Maidens–Is it really true that the majority of boys names rhyme with one word?  David Brooks at the Granite Geek knows….

A Leaky Boat–Amy Kane at Atlantic Ave wishes a happy birthday to an illustrator and humorist who wrote about going to sea in a sieve.  Discover who that was.

Most Precious–Love and Mother are considered two of the most precious words in the England language. fM at Shades of the Departed features those words in pictures at her 1st Edition of Smile for the Camera.

Bee's Knees–I've always wanted to see what bees knees looked like.  Here is your chance at Ascender Rises Above.

Western Mystery–Susan at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools uses her sleuthing ability, family letters, and a selection of delightful photographs to tell a modern tale that starts in Billings, Montana.

Warm & Fuzzy Genealogist Wanted–Dick Eastman at Eastman's Online Genealogist posts a help-wanted ad that is jaw dropping.

It Rhymes With Love Me–Thomas MacEntee and Destination:Austin Family created a heart-warming poem about his mother. Have the box of kleenex handy.

Debunking the Bunk–Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings reports on yet ANOTHER article about how genealogy is bunk.

The Strange, the Unusual, the Downright Bizarre–You have two more days to submit YOUR story about what is really strange at your house to the Cabinet of Curiosities #7 at Walking the Berkshires.

Controversial even today–Is there really such a person as an Irish Creole, and what exactly does that mean? Find out at Louisiana Genealogy Blog (and be sure to read the comments).

Double Trouble–It started innocently by relating a joke told to his daughter, and developed into a full blown alcoholic concoction called the “Double Entendre.”  Visit Better Living Through Chemistry to learn more. I'm a cocktail fan but I need to convince a bartender to experiment.

Semi-Famous Pilot–Caroline at A Tree in the Forest offers a link to a story about President George Bush's helicopter pilot, who happens to be from Merrimack NH.

Ireland Goes to Kansas–Mike O'Laughlin of Irish Roots Cafe is one of the exhibitors at the the National Genealogy Conference in Kansas City. (the last day being TODAY). It's not too late to stop by and visit with him.

Humor Polls Closed–The poll about your favorite cartoon is closed but the results may surprise you, at Mike Lynch Cartoons blog.

My Cousin the Disease–It looks like everything is connected to everything else.  Read this fascinating article at NetAge Endless Knots.

BO and the MA–Kate at Kate's Family explores whether the Middle Ages was truly a time when personal hygiene suffered.

Really, I was in the WC!–Is this the true story behind the letter, “C“? Find out by visiting the Corcaighist.

Inspiring Blossom–I'd not heard of the serviceberry (I'm a city girl) until I saw this amazing photograph at Letters From A Hill Farm.

New England Beats New Jersey–Was a New Englander really the inventor of Tomato Soup? Find out at Months of Edible Celebrations.

Irish Tales–Lisa at Small-leaved Shamrocks points out a place where you can submit the story of your Irish-American heritage.

Strange Habits–Terry at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi writes about some mighty strange habits and goin ons. You pulled what?

Thats all for this week!  Enjoy!


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