Moovers and Shakers: Week of May 7, 2008

Presenting more of my favorite blog articles for this week… enjoy!

Of Purple Mountains Majesty–Ron Cillizza of “” provides more of his breathtaking photographs of New Hampshire places.

Drop Dead!Randy at “Genea-Musings” presents an intriguing story about a judge who stayed one day too long in his courtroom.

Oops, Wrong Pole–David Brooks of “The Granite Geek” talks about a recent faux pas at NBC Nightly News, and how splicing newsreels may create a “geography gone bad” scenario.

Heiress Anniversary–Margaret celebrates the 20th anniversary of her first book, at “Periodic Pearls.”

The famous vs the scallywags–Is there really a difference between God and Brad Pitt? Was Blackbeard the pirate really a Southern boy? Chris at “The Genealogue” once more asks the really important life questions.

Playing With Chopsticks–Okay, so leave the “with” out of the equation. Terry at “Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi” discusses the tune that many folks first learn to play on the piano.

Blackmailing Bill–For those of you who love to own a picture of Uncle Harry with his pants down, or Aunt Freda in rollers, we love our “blackmail photographs.”  Becky of “kinexxions” uses them to wish her Uncle Bill a Happy Birthday.

Is Taphophilia Fatal?–Lori at “Smoky Mountain Family History” has it, so do many other folks.  Learn more.

Wanna See My Escher, Baby?–Tracy Lee at the “New Hampshire Photo Tour,” presents an Escher-like photograph (plus some other breaktaking ones of New Hampshire).

The Center of the Genealogy Research Universe–Larry Lehmer at “Passing It On” writes about the spanking brand new Midwest Genealogy Center to open on June 21st. He also claims that the male of the human species is dying out!

History Emergency–How does a history teacher decide what to teach? EHT at “History is Elementary,” walks us through a fifth grade teacher's method of triaging history.

I Wanna Be In The Movies!–You really CAN be in the movies in New Hampshire.  I found this request for movie extras on “Film New Hampshire.” If you look like a football player, a bowler, a picketer, or a party-goer, and will work for free (they will feed you at least), then you want to see this story. Children need not inquire.

Photos and A Tan–Amy of “Atlantic Ave,” who recently escaped Mud Season in New Hampshire, is home and posting some breath-taking photographs of her vacation trip. Ever hear of Wadadli, I hadn't until now.

Ancient Poop–Tim Agazaio at “Genealogy Reviews Online,” writes about some amazing output that recently sold for $960.  Its source may surprise you.

My Grammy Was a Witch–Kate at “Kate's Family Tree,” offers a wonderful list of links to resources to help you discover that lurking witch in your family tree.

Oscar Wilde, Sonny Bono and The Naked Orphans–fM at “Shades of the Departed” presents a fascinating story by Craig Manson of geneablogie, about photography and copyright law.

Faked History–We've all learned that the shots fired on Fort Sumter began the Civil War, but is that story true? ShaniFaye investigates at “Ancestrally Challenged.”
Transit Geeks–Adam at “Seacoast NRG” helps you learn if you are a mass transit geek with his Top Ten Signs.

Don't Dream of Radishes–Because if you do, you will add to the world's population explosion. No kidding, L.H. Crawley of “The Virtual Dime Museum,” exposes what your dreams REALLY mean in her article about the Knox Guide.

DNA Anti-DiscriminationSchelly at “Tracing the Tribe” presents information about GINA (the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) that was passed by both the US House and Senate.

Genealogy With A Twist–Karen at “The Write Type” provides a link to a new FICTION book about genealogy and the effects of what we may inherit.

Can't Get Enough–If I learn one more thing, my brain may implode, and kreblog at Kreblog is not helping with “Things I Learned This Week.”

Nuts To YouPecans that is.  The Itawamba History Review reveals the secrets of Pecans.

Turning Green–Elizabeth at “Little Bytes of Life,” offers a story of her ancestral home, and we learn why it's greener in Greenvile.

Tricky Genealogy Math–John at “Transylvanian Dutch” presents a truly clever math problem, that only takes a minute, and reveals your true age.

Norwegian Elves are Loose! Run!–Chery at Nordic Blue reveals that elves are on the loose. Lock your doors, they may want to sleep over.

Civil War Fatality, 140 Years Later–Tim Abbott at “Walking the Berkshires” reports on a recent Civil War death (this is one for Ripleys).

Tiptoe Too–I'm a long time fan of Lorianne's breath-taking photographs at “Hoarded Ordinaries.”  She captures some photographs taken in Keene, New Hampshire.

True Green–Lisa has posted the 5th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture, with the topic being the Irish language.

Ma, I'm Home!–Carnival of Genealogy, 47th Edition–“A Place Called Home” is posted on Creative Gene.


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