The American Winston Churchill (1871-1947)

Winston Churchill was born 10 November 1871 in St. Louis, Missouri

Winston Churchill, New Hampshire author, 1937; Cow Hampshire Blog

Winston Churchill, New Hampshire author; Cow Hampshire Blog

and died in 1947 in Winter Park, Florida.  He was not a New Hampshire native, but he wrote a book called, “Coniston,” in 1906 which told a story of “Granite State politics in the era of Progressive reform.”

This Churchill was the grandson of Edwin Churchill, a Maine merchant, and his great-grandfather James Creighton Churchill had been born in Newmarket, New Hampshire.  Winston attended Smith Academy in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1894. He resigned from the navy in 1894, and was naval editor of the “Army and Navy Journal” until January 1895.  He was assistant and later managing editor of the “Cosmopolitan” magazine from February to December 1895.

Winston Churchill, a New Hampshire novelist, died at age 75

Winston Churchill, a New Hampshire novelist, died at age 75

Churchill was familiar with New Hampshire–he had moved to Cornish NH and built an estate called “Harlakenden House” in 1899 (the name given to honor his wife). It was an elegant Georgian-style house that was designed by Charles Platt, that sat on a bluff overlooking the Connecticut River. Winston joined the artist colony already established there. Maxfield and Stephen Parrish were among their friends.

In 1906 he ran for governor and lost. By 1919 Winston decided to stop writing, and his books were, for the most part, forgotten by the public. In his book “Coniston,” the setting is 1840-1870 New Hampshire in a fictional town probably near current Croydon NH, that contains scenes in Newport, Cornish and Claremont NH.

Harlakenden House CornishHarlakenden House, where Winston lived in Cornish,  also served as the summer home for Woodrow Wilson from 1913-1915 (it was leased to him). Unfortunately this structure was burned in 1923. After 1923 the Churchills moved to Windfield House on Freeman road in Plainfield,  New Hampshire, furnishing it with items saved from the fire.

A New Hampshire Historic Marker (#16) sits on the west side of Route 12-A about 200 yards south of the Plainfield-Cornish town line, to commemorate this author.


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New Hampshire Suffragist, Lecturer, Clubwoman: Mabel Harlakenden (Hall) Churchill of Cornish and Plainfield (1873-1945)


John Churchill, son of John & Sarah Churchill, was b. 1610 in Devonshire England and d. 1 Jan 1663 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co MA. He m. 13 Nov 1610 in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands to Hannah Pontus, daughter of William and Wybra (Hanson) Pontus, who arrived in Plymouth as early as 1633. She b. 1622 possibly in Leiden, Holland. [Plymouth Colony, Its History & People by Eugene Aubrey Stratton states that John Churchill married 18 Dec 1644 Hannah Pontus, dau of William Pontus. On 18 Aug 1645 he bought land from Richard Higgins. On 5 June 1651 he became a freeman. On 3 May 1664 widow Hannah Churchill was awarded one-half of the land of her deceased father, William Pontus.  John Churchill died 1 January 1662/63. Various court papers mention sons Joseph, Eleazer, John and William and daughters Hannah and Mary]. His widow Hannah married 2nd) Gyles Rickard Sr.
Children of John & Hannah (Pontus) Churchill:
1. Henry Churchill,
2. +Joseph Churchill, b. abt 1647 in Plymouth MA
3. Hannah Churchill, b. 12 Nov 1649 in Plymouth MA
4. Eleazar Churchill, b. 20 Apr 1652 in Plymouth MA
5. Mary Churchill, b. 1 Aug 1654 Plymouth MA
6. William Churchill, b. abt 1656 Plymouth MA
7. John Churchill, b. abt 1657 Plymouth MA

Joseph Churchill, son of John & Hannah (Pontus) Churchill, was b. abt 1647 in Plymouth MA and d. 1715 in Plymouth MA. He m. 3 June 1672 in Plymouth MA to Sarah Hicks, dau of Samuel & Lydia (Doane) Hicks, and grand-daughter of Robert Hicks. She was b. abt 1650 in Plymouth MA. Little is known about him beyond that he occupied the farm originally purchased by his father, and prior to 1700 he erected a dwelling house, which was still standing in 1908.
Children of Joseph & Sarah (Hicks) Churchill:
1. John Churchill, b. 3 July 1678
2. +Barnabus Churchill, b. 3 July 1686 in Plymouth MA
3. Margaret Churchill, b. Oct 1684
4. Mercy Churchill, b. 1689
5. Joseph Churchill, b. Jan 1692

Barnabas Churchill, son of Joseph & Sarah (Hicks) Churchill, was b. 3 July 1686/7 in Plymouth MA; he married 4 or 5 Feb 1711/14 to Lydia “Lidiah” Harlow, dau of William and Lydia (Cushman) Harlow. She was b. 1688 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA.
Children of Barnabas & Lydia (Harlow) Churchill:
1. Barnabas Churchill, b. 19 Oct 1714
2. William Churchill, b. 25 Dec 1716
3. Ichabod Churchill, b. 12 Jan 1719
4. Joseph Churchill, b. 19 May 1721 in Plymouth MA; m. Mariah Ryder
5. Lemuel [?Samuel] Churchill, b. 12 July 1723 in Plymouth MA
6. Isaac Churchill, b. 3 May 1726
7. +Thomas Churchill, b. 30 Apr 1730
8. Ebenezer Churchill, b. 9 Nov 1732
9. Lydia Churchill, b. 9 March 1735
10. John Churchill, b. 9 May 1739

Thomas Churchill, son of Barnabas & Lydia (Harlow) Churchill, b. 30 Apr 1730 in Plymouth MA; He m. 5 May 1758 to Mary Ewer, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Stuart) Ewer. She b. 5 May 1758 at Barnstable MA. About the year 1750 he left Plymouth MA and settled in New Hampshire at New Market Plains. He was a prosperous farmer.
Children of Thomas & Mary (Ewer) Churchill:
1. Gamaliel Churchill, b. 30 Aug 1759, d. 1809
2. Mary Ewer “Polly” Churchill, b. 23 Aug 1760, d. 8 Dec 1853, aged 93 years; m. 26 March 1782 to Wiggin Doe, son of Zebulon Doe; resided Newmarket NH
3. +Thomas Churchill, b. 1762
4. Ichabod Churchill, b. 24 June 1764; m1) Elizabeth Doe; m2) Leah Allen; had issue
5. Lydia Churchill, b. 10 Jan 1766; m. Reuben French; had issue
6. Joseph Churchill, b. 7 May 1768; m. Sally Tash; had issue
7. Susanna Churchill, b. 18 Aug 1770; m. Samuel Badger; had issue
8. Nathaniel Churchill, b. 31 May 1772; m1) Prudence Tash; m2) Polly Jackson; had issue
9. John Churchill, b. 1774, died young
10. John Churchill 2nd, b. 11 May 1776; m. Sally True; had issue
11. Desire Churchill, b. 27 May 1778; m. John Stevens; had issue

Thomas Churchill, son of Thomas & Mary (Ewer) Churchill, b. 1762 in Newmarket NH and he d. in 1817; He m. at Stratham NH in 1786 to Alice Creighton, daughter of James Creighton. She was b. 13 Oct 1767 and d. 10 Apr 1850. He participated in the American Revolution, enlisting first in 1778 for 3 months and receiving from the NH authorities 25 bushels of corn per month for his services. He re-enlisted September 25, 1781, serving 2 months and was honorable discharged 25 November. During one of these enlistments he was in Capt. Jacob Webster’s company. He remained the rest of his life in Newmarket NH.
Children of Thomas & Alice (Creighton) Churchill:
1. +James Creighton Churchill, b. 24 Apr 1787
2. Thomas Churchill, b. 4 Apr 1791
3. Elizabeth H. Churchill, b. 2 Sep 1799; m. 1 Nov 1821 to Solomon Pendergast. Had two children: Nathaniel and Roswell H.

James Creighton Churchill, son of Thomas & Alice (Creighton) Churchill was b. 24 Apr 1787 in Newmarket NH and d. 20 Nov 1865 in Portland ME. He married 8 Jan 1809 to Eliza Walker Osborn(e), dau of Rev. John Osborne, a baptist minister. She was b abt 1791 in NH. In 1850 living in Portland ME. In early manhood he was master of a vessel, and he also learned the ship-carpenter’s trade. on 13 May 1814 he enlisted as a sergeant in the 34th US Infantry for service in the War of 1812 with Britain, and at the end of his service he re-enlisted, being appointed quartermaster.  He was discharged and mustered out 15 June 1815. He settled in Portland ME, engaging in ship-building. He bought a plantation on the northern coast of Cuba, near the city of Cardenas, and built up trade between that area and Portland. He was treasurer of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad, treasurer of the “Old Portland Company,” and was instrumental in organizing the Casco Iron Works. He also carried on an insurance business. In 1838 he served as a presidential elector. In 1834 he was the Whig candidate for representative to Congress and in 1844 was elected mayor of Portland ME. He was a prominent Mason.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > Maine > Cumberland > Portland Ward 2
James C. Churchill 63 M Insurance Broker 4000 b NH
Eliza W. Churchill 59 F NH
George A. Churchill 29 M Clerk b Maine
Henry H.B. Churchill 27 M b. Maine
Frederic A. Churchill 16 M no occupation b. Maine
Mary Towe 30 F Ireland [prob servant]
Census > U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > Maine > Cumberland > Portland
James C. Churchill 73 M Merchant 5000/20,000 NH
Eliza W. Churchill 69 F NH
Eliza Clara Wilder 32 F 500 Maine
Mary Ring 50 F Domestic Ireland
Children of James C. & Eliza W. (Osborne) Churchill:
1. William Creighton Churchill, died young
2. Jane Alice Churchill, b. 30 March 1810, d. 20 Aug 1865; m. Caleb S. Carter; resided in Portland ME
3. +Edwin Churchill, b. 15 March 1812
4. Thomas Churchill, b. 2 Oct 1814, d. 15 June 1838 at sea; m. Eunice Dyer. no ch.
5. James Morrill Churchill, b. 11 June 1816; d. 4 Apr 1890 at Cardenas Cuba, and was buried in the tomb of his grand-daughter on their estate at Navajas, Cuba; m. Harriet E. Hoole on 30 Dec 1838. She dau of Joseph & Huldah (Fisher) Hoole, b. 21 Sep 1818 in Portland ME and d. 5 Jan 1894 in Cambridgeport MA.
6. John Osborne Churchill, b. 26 Apr 1818, died in infancy
7. George Albert Churchill, b. 25 Dec 1820 in Portland ME; d. 30 Jan 1890 in Washington DC; m. Sarah Allen Lunt 26 Aug 1856; had son James Creighton.
8. Henry Hill Boody Churchill, b. 15 June 1823; died unmarried
9. Eliza Clara Churchill, b. 15 July 1826; m. Marshall P. Wilder, Jr. of Boston; no children
10. Frederick Augustus Churchill, b. 5 May 1834; m. Annie L. Levering of St. Louis MO on 20 June 1860

Edwin Churchill, son of James Creighton & Eliza Walker (Osborne) Churchill, b. 15 March 1812 in Newmarket NH and d. 19 March 1875; He m. 20 Sep 1834 in Newmarket, Rockingham Co NH to Mary Phipps Carter. She b 16 May 1812 in Maine, and d. 3 May 1863. By 1870 he m2nd) June 1865 to Weltha A. “Anna W.” Jenkins Holls/Hoole. He was associated with his father James in business in Portland ME for a time, and then went to Cuba and established a branch of Churchill & Carter, which he afterwards placed in charge of his brother James M.  Returning to Portland ME he became the senior partner in the newly organized firm of E. Churchill & Company. From 1845 until he died he was a member of the Ancient Landmark Lodge, Free and Accepted Mason of Portland.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > Maine > Cumberland > Portland Ward 6
Edwin Churchill 40 M Merchant 3000 NH
Mary P. Churchill 36 F Maine
Henrietta Churchill 13 F Maine
Mary L. Churchill 6 F Maine
Edward S. Churchill 4 M Maine
Catherine Hersen 27 F Ireland
Mary Dulany 17 F Ireland
U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > Maine > Cumberland > Portland
Edwin Churchill  47 M Commission Merchant ME
Mary Churchill     45 F Maine
Henrietta J Churchill 23 F Maine
Mary S Churchill 16 F Maine
Edward S Churchill 14 M Maine
Isabella C Churchill 6 F Maine
Mary Dunn 28 F Domestic Ireland
Ann Sheckin 20 F Domestic Unknown
Census > U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Maine > Cumberland > Portland
Churchill, Edwin 57 M Merchant 8000/15000 Maine
Churchill, Anna W 34 F Keeping House Maine
Churchill, Edward S. 24 M Clerk in Store Maine
Churchill, Isabelle C. 16 F Maine
Churchill, Heber B 3 M Maine
Churchill, Laura 2 F Maine
Libby, Frank W 27 M Fire Ins Agent 5000 Maine
Libby, Mary L. 26 F Maine
O’Brion, Mary 18 Dom. Servant Ireland
Kavanaugh Anna 36 F W Domestic Servant, Ireland
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge > District 428
Holls, Hulda A. W F 50 keeping house ME ME ME
Churchill, Anna 2 F 64 sister keeping house ME ME ME
Churchill, Heber B. W M 13 nephew at school ME ME ME
Churchill, Laura W F 12 niece at school debility ME ME ME
1900 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > Manhattan > District 519
Churchill, E? W. Head W F July 1835 65 widow 2 ch 2 living ME ME ME
Churchill, Heber Bishop son W M Dec 1868 52 single ME ME ME
Churchill, Laura dau W F May 1870 30 single ME ME ME
Children of Edwin & Mary P. (Carter) Churchill:
1. Henrietta Jane Churchill, b. 30 Aug 1836 Maine; m. Theodore Kinsey 27 Dec 1865. They lived in Savannah GA
2. Mary Matilda Churchill, b 1839 in Cardenas Cuba, d. 1842 [census says b. Maine]
3. James Edward Placido Churchill, b. 1841 in Regla Cuba, d. 1844
4. Mary Stuart Churchill, b. 8 Apr 1844; m. Willard Libby 13 June 1866. He died in 1887. They had no children.
5. +Edward Spalding Churchill, b. 2 Apr 1846 Maine
6. Isabella C. Churchill, b. 1 Dec 1853 Maine; unmarried; resided in Portland ME
Children of Edwin & Weltha A. “Anna W.” (Holls) Churchill:
7. Heber Bishop Churchill, b. 1 Dec 1866 Maine, d. 21 March 1958 in NYC; office manager of insurance firm; he m. abt 1905 to Josephine V. –. She b. abt 1862 in MA; in 1930 living in New Rochelle, Westchester Co NY wth wife Josephine, no children.
8. Laura Churchill, b. 21 May 1868 Maine; in 1910 living in NYC with her brother, single.

Edward Spalding Churchill, son of Edwin & Mary Pipps (Carter) Churchill b. 2 Apr 1846 in Portland ME, and d. 1915. He attended a German University and was admitted to the firm of Churchill & Carter that had a large shipping trade in the West Indies. He was a Republican, and an Episcopalian. He m. 27 Jan 1871 to Emma Bell Blaine, dau of John Logan & Margaret DeWitt (Bell) Blaine. She b. 14 Oct 1845 in St. Louis MO and d. a year after they were married, on 24 Nov 1872 in Portland ME, leaving an infant son.  He probably married 2nd abt 1885 to Connie F. –. She was b abt 1858 in NY.
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > Manhattan Ward 12 > District 727
Churchill, Edward S. Head M W 60 m2x 25 yrs Maine NH NH merchant
Churchill, Connie F. wife F  W52 m2x 25yrs 2 ch 2 living NY Mass France-French
Maker, Elizabeth servant F W 48 m1x 9 yrs 0 ch Ire-English Ire-Eng Ire-Eng
Child of Edward S. & Emma B. (Blaine) Churchill:
1. +Winston Churchill, b. 10 Nov 1871 in St. Louis MO; he d. 12 March 1947 of a heart attack in Winter Park Florida.

Winston Churchill, was the son of Edward Spalding & Emma Bell (Blaine) Churchill. He was born 10 November 1871 in  St. Louis, Missouri, and d. 12 March 1947.  He was a novelist, poet, essayist, and artist (watercolors). His mother died when he was an infant, he grew up under the care of his mother’s sister, Mrs. James Brading Gazzam, where he spent his youth. He attended Smith Academy in Missouri and the United States Naval Academy (graduating in 1894). He was editor of the “Army and Navy Journal.”  He wrote several novels including “Richard Carvel,” “The Crisis,” (1901) and “The Crossing,” (1904).In 1899 he moved to Cornish, New Hampshire. Becoming involved in New Hampshire politics, he was elected to the state legislature in 1903 and 1905.
He married 22 Oct 1895 in St. Louis MO to Mabel Harlakenden Hall, daughter of George B. & Lucretia (Allen) Hall, an iron merchant of St. Louis. She was a lineal descendant of Mabel Harlakenden, a sister of Rogers Harlakenden, of Earles Colne, county Essex England, who was a passenger in the ship “Defence” in 1635, and settled in Cambridge MA. She was b. 5 Sep 1873/76 in New Haven CT (or St. Louis MO / or Windsor VT depending on your source), and died May 1945. She was educated at Mary Institute in St. Louis MO, and Miss Comegys’ School in Philadelphia PA. She was a member of the NH Woman Suffrage Association, and at one time vice president, and also a member of the National Woman Suffrage Association and the Chilton Club in Boston MA.
1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Sullivan > Cornish > 246
Churchill, Winston Head W M Nov 1871 38 married 5 yrs MO Maine MO
Churchill, Mabel A. wife W F Sep 1873 26 married 5 yrs 1 ch 1 living MO PA MO
Churchill, Mabel H. dau W F July 1897 2 single NY MO MO
[plus servants]
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Sullivan > Cornish > District 311
Churchill, Winston Head M W 38 married 14 yrs MO MO MO novelist
Churchill, Mabel wife F W 37 married 14 yrs 2 ch 2 living MO MO MO
Churchill, Mabel dau F W 12 single NY MO MO
Churchill, John son M W 6 single MA MO MO
U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Sullivan > Plainfield > District 17
Winston Churchill Head 15,000 M W 58 married at age 23 MO Maine MO Author, Books
Mabel W. Churchill Wife F W 56 married at age 22 CT PA Missouri
Creighton Churchill son M W 17 single NH Missouri CT
Children of Winston & Mabel H. (Hall) Churchill:
1. Mabel Harlakenden Churchill, b. 9 July 1897; she m. Allan Macy Butler, son of George Prentice and Bien (Mudge) Butler. He was b. 3 Apr 1894 in Yonkers NY, and d. 7 Oct 1986 in Tisbury MA. He was a pediatrician. He graduated from Princeton University in 1916 and Harvard (MD) in 1926. He was an Instructor in Biochemical Sciences from 1928-1930. He succeeded Dr. Fritz Talbot as Chief of Pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1942. He was also a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Univeristy Children: Margaret B., Allan C. (who m. Augustine Shaw, and had a daughter Ellen Pardee Butler).
2. John Dwight Winston Churchill, b. 21 Dec 1903 in Boston MA, d. 15 Aug 1961 Vineyard Haven MA, age 58; in 1926 living in Windsor VT; he married ?Katharine Emmet; married Mary Hand, dau of Judge Learned and Frances Hand. Mary m2nd) Atty. Norris Darrell. Child: Jonathan Hand Churchill.
3. Creighton Churchill, b. 1 Oct 1912 in Windsor VT; he d. Dec 1984 in Woodstock VT. He was a wine writer and wine consultant. He wrote “A Notebook for the Wines of France,” “The World of Wines,” and “The Great Wine Rivers.” He was selected by President L.B. Johnson to select American wines for use at United States embassies throughout the world. Beginning in 1965 he was wine consultant to American Airlines. He was a graduate of Groton School, Harvard College and the Mozarteum Conservatory in Salzburg, Austria. Later he studied at L’Ecole de l”orchestre Symphonique de Paris, under Pierre Monteux. He was a guest conductor of the Buffalo and Hartford symphony orchestras, but left music to become a reporter for the New York Daily News. He served in Army Intelligence in World War II. He was married and divorced three times. On 21 Apr 1942 he m. Martha Bacon, dau of Mrs. Robert Low Bacon. In November of 1956 he married Mrs. Metcalf. He had one son (Daniel C. Churchill) and three daughters. At his death he had four grand children.

[photograph and links updated 11/1/13]

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  2. Pistol Peter says:

    Purrrfect! Peter Andrew DeMarco

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    Very nice job! Thank you!

  4. carycomic says:

    Didn’t the American Winston Churchill live in Windsor, Vermont, at some point? Or am I mistaken?

    • Janice Brown says:

      The Winston Churchill in my story lived in Cornish NH, across the river from Windsor, Vermont. As far as I know he never lived in that state. Perhaps you are confusing this Winston with a different Winston Churchill, an engraver and sculptor who was born in Vermont.

    • Alexandra Churchill says:

      Winston Churchill was my grandfather. He lived in Cornish, NH. Back then, and even when I lived in Cornish, our postal address was Windsor, Vermont. They delivered our mail from Windsor.

      • Janice Brown says:

        Alexandra if you have photographs you’d like to share or know of an aspect of his life that I have not included please let me know!

        • Alexandra Churchill says:

          Hi Janice, I think you and I communicated some time ago- when I was looking for the full name of Edward Spaulding Churchill’s second wife. Remember? Several years ago, I went back to Cornish and spent some time in the Rauner Special Collections Library in Hanover, where most of his papers, personal letters and some fotos are kept. (My Aunt Mabel gifted them to the Library). Yes, I do have some photos and a few things to add to your story.. I’ll get the photos together and send them to you. Should I put them on this site?

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    I have a handwritten letter signed By Winston Churchill Windsor Vermont.

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    Did Winston Churchill have a niece named Wendy? My father believes he has a signed copy of one of his books that he wrote to my niece Wendy in.

    • Janice Brown says:

      As far as my research showed, Winston was an only child which would mean he had no nieces or nephews, unless of course it was a great-niece. I don’t have enough information to take a look at “Wendy” to tell you more.

      • Caitlin Anne Shay says:

        Could his niece be from his wife’s side?

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          Caitlin, of course, just I have nothing to go on with the name “Wendy” alone. It is all in the details! 🙂

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            Ok. Thank you. I have tried to look for her siblings and can’t find any record of them.

          • Alexandra Churchill says:

            Caitlin, I’m thinking the book that your father has in his possession might be written by Sir Winston Churchill, the English statesman, not my grandfather the American novelist. Can you find out what the name of the book is? As far as I know, there were no Wendys in our family but I could give you some names in our American Churchill family to research if you are interested in finding out more.

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