How To Celebrate A New Hampshire Valentine’s Day 2008

Saint Valentine didn’t speak with a New Hampsha’ accent. Many of his legends were invented in 14th century England, especially by Geoffrey Chaucer and others.  During that time the feast day of St. Valentine became connected with romantic love.

Whatever his roots, St. Valentine today is responsible for a few New Hampshire residents who get in trouble because they forget to remember their sweetheart on this unique day.  Are you reading this and thinking that you need to find a gift? Help is here!

Buy a box of  chocolates or fudge, or other sweet candies.  You can buy candy through the Granite State Candy Shoppe, a third-generation NH Candy Family (since 1927). Other great options  are through Dancing Lion Chocolates, or a La Cascade du Chocolat. You can buy online for both of these companies, so you have no excuse!  Buy New Hampshire!

Cook a Dinner For Your SweetheartGuys, you can do this too!

Create a Home-Made Card, Write a Poem, Serenade with a Song. These won’t cost you a dime, but will reap great rewards.

Not having a “sweetheart” is not a good excuse to ignore the day.  Celebrate by remembering a family member, friend, or neighbor of any gender and age.


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[updated 2021]

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