Happy New Year To One And All


are called to record the death of 2007, which took its departure last

night at about fifty-nine minutes past eleven.  Another year, with all

its appendages of months and weeks and days; with all its paraphernalia

of storms and sunshine, joys and sorrows has gone to mingle with those

before the flood. It seems of business or pleasure have ceased–Her

short reign, though fruitful in events, is over, and another has

usurped her sway, to play for a brief space, “fantastic tricks beneath

high Heaven.”

Agreeable to ancient usage, we must wish our

Friends and Patrons “A HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and we do it with all the

warmth of sincere and hearty friendship.

We are blessed with

health and prosperity, and we wish the same to all our friends, and to

the whole human family. We would probably say much upon this

occasion–write a lengthy address–but we must say as did the Rev.

Divine who asked the blessing at table: “We could have done much better

if it had not been for lack of time.”

–An amended editorial

originally published in the Dover Gazette & Strafford Adviser

(Dover NH) Tuesday, January 2, 1838; Issue 6, col A.

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