Brooke Astor Dies At 105

Brooke Astor, the last of the American branch of the Astor family (by marriage) died yesterday at her New York estate, Holly Hill in Briarcliff Manor, reportedly of pneumonia.

She is survived by her only child, Anthony Dryden [Kuser] Marshall, two grandsons, Philip and Alexander Marshall, and several great-grandchildren. She had two step children by her marriage to Charles Marshall, i.e. Peter Marshall and Helen Huntington Marshall.

“I grew up feeling that the most important thing in life was to have good
manners and to enhance the lives of others,” Brooke Astor said in a 1992
interview with The Associated Press.

Several newspapers have reported that he chose the following epitaph for her gravestone: “I had a wonderful life.”  And indeed she did.  Funeral to be held on Friday, August 17, 2007.
Recap of her Funeral.


Also see several articles I’ve written about Brooke Astor that include her family tree.

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