New Hampshire’s First State Park: Miller State Park

Likeness of James Miller from "Makers of Arkansas," by John Hugh Reynolds, 1905

Likeness of Brig. General James Miller from “Makers of Arkansas,” by John Hugh Reynolds, 1905

New Hampshire’s first state park was created in 1891. In that year the New Hampshire state legislature enacted laws appropriating $3,000 to aid in the construction of a road to the summit of Pack Monadnock, on the condition that owners of property located on the summit dedicate their properties to the public, to be used as a public park and pleasure ground.

Charles F. Melendy (2 acres) and Austin A. Spofford (1 acre) deeded a total three-acre tract of land on the summit of South Pack Monadnock B.P. Cheney in trust, “to be forever kept as a public park or pleasure ground for public use, and to be known as the General James Miller Park, in memory of the late General James Miller.” The genealogies of both of these philanthropic men can be found below.

The following year the park was named in honor of General James Miller, hero of the War of 1812 (and the Battle of Lundy’s Lane).  But who was General Miller?  His genealogy and biography can be found later, immediately following this article.

Currently the park encompasses the summit and south flank of Pack Monadnock Mountain, and contains 489 acres with a public auto road to the summit. There are also three hiking trails to the peak, including the venerable Wapack Trail.

General Miller (1776-1851) was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and lived in Temple, New Hampshire. Miller State Park lies within the boundaries of both towns—as does Pack Monadnock Mountain.Current activities in the park include hiking and picnicking.

Each year the Pack Monadnock Ten Miler race, includes a hill-climb challenge (as part of the USATF New England Mountain Circuit)–to the summit of the mountain in Miller State Park.


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Supreme Court of NH; Hillsborough County Probate Court: No. 2000-325


John-1 Spofford and wife Elizabeth. First Spoffords in America, and first settlers of Rowley and Georgetown MA. Probate of his will 6th 9th mo 1678; John Johnson, Philip Watson, witnesses, wife Elizabeth esex.
Children of John & Elizabeth (?) Spofford:
1. Elizabeth Spofford, b. 15 Dec 1646
2. +John Spofford, b. 24 Oct 1648; m. Sarah WHeeler; lived on the old farm many years, died 22 Apr 1696
3. Thomas Spofford, b. 4 Nov 1650; m. Abigail Hagget 22 Sep 1668
4. Samuel Spofford, b. 31 Jan 1653; m. Sarah Birkbee 5 Dec 1676
5. Hannah Spofford, b. 1655
6. Mary Spofford, b. 1656
7. Sarah Spofford, b. 15 Jan 1658; d 15 Feb 1660
8. Sarah Spofford 2nd, b. 24 March 1662; m. Richard Kimball
9. Francis Spofford, b. 24 Sep 1665; m. Mary Leighton

John-2 Spofford (John-1), b. 24 Oct 1648, d. 22 Apr 1696; lived on the old farm many years. He married Sarah Wheeler on 9 March 1675; settled on the “Old Farm.” He died 22 Apr 1696 and is buried at Bradford MA, old burying-ground. His widow Sarah married 2nd, Caleb Hopkinson Sr. 12 June 1701 and d. 24 Oct 1732, aged 80. Her gravestone is in Groveland MA. They were both members of the church in Bradford MA. Probate papers 6 July 1696, Ezekiel Jewett, Samuel Hall appraisers, wife Sarah, executor.
Children of John & Sarah (Wheeler) Spofford:
1. John Spofford, b. 12 June 1678; m. Dorcas Hopkinson
2. Mary Spofford, b. 9 March 1680; m. John Hartshorn
3. David Spofford, b. 23 Nov 1681, d. 1717; gravestone Bradford MA
4. +Jonathan Spofford, b. 28 May 1684; m. Jemima Freethe of York ME
5. Martha Spofford, b. 16 May 1686; m. Caleb Hopkinson Jr. of Bradford MA, 19 Dec 1705
6. Ebenezer Spofford, born 14 June 1690; d. 29 June 1690
7. Nathaniel Spofford, b. 10 Sep 1691, bapt 24 Feb 1692 at Bradford MA
8. Sarah Spofford, b. 20 Dec 1693; m. Samuel Kimball 1 Jan 1713

Jonathan-3 (John-2, John-1) Spofford, b. 28 May 1684; He m. Jemima Freethe. Tradition says she was of Yorke ME; they lived in Georgetown MA.
Children of Jonathan & Jemima (Freethe) Spofford:
1. Nathaniel Spofford, m. Sarah —
2. +David Spofford, b. 4 Dec 1710; m. Hannah Cheney
3. John Spofford, b 12 Dec 1714
4. Hannah Spofford, b 22 Dec 1716, m. — Wood of Bradford MA
5. Abel Spofford, b. 14 Nov 1718, m. Eleanor Poor of Newbury MA
6. Joseph Spofford, b. 13 July 1720; m. Mary —
7. Jacob Spofford, b. 17 Aug 1722, settled in Salisbury CT
8. Dorcas Spofford, b. 19 Sep 1724, bapt at Bradford MA 22 Sep 1724
9. Job Spofford, b. 21 Dec 1726; m. Mary Brocklebank, 13 May 1746
10. Jonah Spofford, b. 19 Apr 1729; m. Dorcas –; settled at Lunenburg MA
11. Moses Spofford, b. 19 Jan 1732
12. Jemima Spofford, b. 30 May 1733, m. Capt. Richard Peabody of Boxford MA

David-4 (Jonathan-3, John-2, John-1) Spofford, b. 4 Dec 1710. He m. Hannah Cheney 6 March 1735. They lived in Rowley near the “old farm.”
Children of Daniel & Hannah (Cheney) Spofford:
1. Abijah Spofford, b. 22 Apr 1736; m. Mary Towne
2. David Spofford, bap 23 July 1738; m. Elizabeth Griffin
3. Mary Spofford, b. 14 Sep 1740; m. 20 Oct 1759 to Nathaniel Bailey
4. Eliphalet Spoffort, b. 4 Feb 1744
5. +Eldad Spofford, b. 2 Jan 1745; m. Lucy Spaulding of Townsend MA
6. Jesse Spofford, bap 11 Feb 1753

Eldad-5 (David-4, Jonathan-3, John-2, John-1) Spofford, b. 2 Jan 1745. He m. Lucy Spaulding of Townsend MA. Farmer; settled in Temple NH.
Children of Eldad & Lucy (Spaulding) Spofford:
1. Lydia Spofford, b. 7 Oct 1769 m. Asa Howard, lived in Maine
2. Jesse Spofford, b. 8 Oct 1771, m. Sarah Tidder, lived in Temple NH
3. Eliphalet Spofford, b. 8 Apr 1773, m. Sally Rand, lived in Carendon VT
4. Henry Spofford, b. 5 Feb 1775, d. 1783
5. Lucy Spofford, b. 8 Apr 1777, m. Joshua Tell, lived in Maine
6. Hannah Spofford, b. 9 Feb 1779, m. Thomas Richardson
7. Sarah Spofford, b. 11 Oct 1780, married Parker Shattuck, resided in VT
8. Isaac Spofford, b. 22 June 1782, m. Ann Fish, lived Woodstock ME
9. Betsey Spofford, b. 11 July 1784, m. Willard Hartwell, settled in Westport NY
10. Milly Spofford, b. 1 Oct 1786, m. Joel Patten, settled in Temple NH
11. +Daniel Spofford, b. 15 Sep 1788, m. Rebecca Barker
12. Artemus Spofford, b. 26 Sep 1791; m. Sally Barrett 1812 in Temple NH; settled in Vermont
13. Earl Spofford, b. 21 Apr 1793; m. in british dominions.

Daniel-6 (Eldad-5, David-4, Jonathan-3, John-2, John-1) Spofford, b. 15 Sep 1788. He married Rebecca Barker in 1812, and settled in Bakersfield VT.
Children of Daniel & Rebecca (Barker) Spofford:
1. Artemus Spofford, b. 4 may 1819, m. 29 Nov 1838 Rachel Jane Spofford. She b. 6 Dec 1812, dau of Jesse & Sarah (Tidder) Spofford.

Artemas-7 (Daniel-6, Eldad-5, David-4, Jonathan-3, John-2, John-1) Spofford, was b. 4 May 1819. He m. 29 Nov 1838 to Rachel Jane Spofford. She b. 6 Dec 1812, dau of Jesse & Sarah (Tidder) Spofford. He died 7 June 1843. His widow married 1855 to S.C. Heald; residence, Lynn MA.
Children of Artemas &  Rachel Jane (Spofford) Spofford:
1. +Artemas Austin Spofford, b. 4 June 1839. He married Mary R. Rogers.
2. Daniel Harrison Spofford, b. 1 Aug 1842; m. 17 July 1880 in Boston MA to Ellen A. Carter, dau of Thomas & Elizabeth, age 20, b. Newburyport MA; in 1870 living in Lynn MA; he was a physician (shown as his 2nd marriage).

*Artemas Austin-8 “Austin A.” Spofford (Artemas-7, Daniel-6, Eldad-5, David-4, Jonathan-3, John-2, John-1) Spofford, was b. 4 June 1839 NH and died 31 August 1919 in Methuen MA. He married 17 Nov 1861 in Boston MA to Mary R. Rogers, age 20 of Salem, dau of Luther & Sarah Rogers.  He married 2nd) Boston MA 13 Oct 1875 to Emma E. Dodge, of Newcastle ME, dau of Charles & Sarah. In 1880 living in Lawrence MA with wife Emma (age 29, b. Maine). In 1894 Fancy Goods store in Lawrence MA (517 Essex St.) and house in E. Jaffrey NH; In 1902 in Lawrence MA. Owner A.A. Spofford & Co., 155 Essex St. Lawrence MA (Fancy Goods). Had house at 12 Quincy St. Methuen, his partner was Frank G. Kellogg. He was the first secretary of the Spofford Family Association. In 1930 widow Emma Spofford was living in Methuen MA at 12 Quincy Street. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Boston MA.
1870 US Census > MA > Essex Co. > Lawrence
Spofford, Artemus, 30 W M Clerk in Store NH
Spofford, Mary, 28 F W Keeping House Mass
Spofford, Chas., 2 M W At Home Mass
1880 US Census > MA > Essex Co > Lawrence
Spofford, Artemus
Spofford, Emma
1900 US Census > MA > Essex > Methuen
Spofford, Austin A Head W M June 1839 60 M 25 yrs NH VT NH Dry Goods Dealer
Spofford, Emma E wife W F March 1856 44 married 25 yrs 0 ch 0 living Maine Maine Maine
1930 US Census > MA > Essex > Methuen > 18 Quincy Street
Emma Spofford Head F 76 widow Maine $15000
Ada Dodge Sister F 60 Maine
Laura Lord Roomer F 52 Massachusetts VT VT School Teacher
Child of Artemus Austin & Mary R. (Rogers) Spofford:
1. Charles Spofford, b abt 1868 Massachusetts; he died 5 Dec 1931 in Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY.

Note: For the origin of this family please see this article, courtesy of Herbert E. Melendy.

William Melendy, b. 1671 in England, He married 1700 in Boston MA to Sarah — [one record says she was the dau of Alexander and granddau of Myles, this is INCORRECT]. She was b. abt 1673 in MA and d. 12 Feb 1734/44 in Boston MA. She is buried Copps Hill Burying Ground, Boston, inscription, “Mrs. Sarah Melendy, wife to Mr. Melendy, aged 70 years, died Feb 12, 1734/4.”
Children of William & Sarah (?) Melendy:
1. William Melendy, 1 Nov 1701, d. 12 Nov 1701, [First Church of Charlestown MA res]
2. +William Melendy, b. 4 Jan 1703 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co MA
3. John Melendy, b. 11 Oct 1705 in Charlestown MA; baptized 14 Oct 1705
4. Thomas Melendy, b. 13 Nov 1707 in Charlestown MA; baptized 16 Nov 1707; m. 9 Jan 1729 in Boston MA to Lydia “Lidiah” Trickey; he m2nd Elisabeth Wacomb
5. Richard Melendy, b. 3 May 1709, bapt 16 Apr 1710, d. 22 June 1710 Charlestown MA
4. Sarah Melendy, b. 31 May 1711 in Charlestown MA; bapt 3 June 1711, d. 1 Oct 1711.

William Melendy,  [ on record states he was b. 4 Jan 1703 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co MA]; he settled first in Medford MA. He m. 6 June 1728 in Reading MA to Elizabeth Lamson, and afterwards removed to Reading MA to live. She was b. August — in Reading MA, dau of Samuel & Elizabeth (Eaton) Lamson. She was a sister of Samuel Lamson, one of the first two settlers in Souhegan West (Amherst NH) and she was b. in Reading MA 21 Aug 1709. They removed to Amherst NH in 1761, where he d. early in 1778. His will was presented for probate 25 March 1778.  He was a cooper, and for a long time engaged in the manufacture of molasses hogsheads, the materials for which he would prepare at home, and go with them to the West Indies where he put them together. A wine gauge which he used about his business, bearing the date of 1727 was kept as a possession by his descendants.
Children of William & Elizabeth (Lamson) Melendy:
1. William Melendy, b. 5 Apr 1729 in Reading MA, d. Amherst NH 1813; m1) Hepsibah Emerson; m2) Abigail (Nichols) Carter. Had issue. Had many descendants in Amherst NH and other places. [This line traced in the History of Amherst NH]
2. +Richard Melendy, b. 17 March 1733 in Medford, Middlesex Co MA; settled in Reading MA where he died
3. Rebecca Melendy, m. Timothy Damon
4. Sarah Melendy, b. 5 Feb 1739; m. Josiah Breed; settled in Millbury MA
5. Samuel Melendy, b. 10 Nov 1741 Reading MA; settled in Guilford VT. He d. 20 Sep 1813 in Guilford, Windham Co VT; he m. Sarah Gale 6 Dec 1770 and had issue.
6. Hannah Melendy, b. 2 Apr 1774, died young
7. Mary Melendy, b. 7 Aug 1746
8. Thomas Melendy, b. 2 March 1749 Reading MA; d. 1842 in Amherst NH; m. Sarah Patterson of Londonderry NH. Had many descendants, originally living in Amherst NH. [This line traced in the History of Amherst NH]
9. Hannah Melendy, b. 2 June 1751; m. Ephraim French, d. in Amherst NH.

Richard Melendy, son of William & Elizabeth (Lamson) Melendy, born 17 March 1733 in Medford, Middlesex Co MA; d. 15 July 1824 in Reading MA; resided in Reading MA. He m. Martha Burnap. She b. 28 Dec 1737 in Reading MA and d. Nov 1796 in Reading MA of consumption.
Children of Richard & Martha (Burnap) Melendy:
1. +Thomas Melendy Sr., probably the Thomas Melendy, s. of Richard bapt Oct 29 1769 in Wakefield MA
2. Richard Melendy Jr., b 28 July 1767 in Reading MA; came to Brookline NH from Reading MA in 1797. He married in Woburn MA on 25 Apr 1793 to Polly Tay of Woburn MA. He d. 28 Apr 1845; his wife d. 23 Aug 1834. Their children, born in Brookline NH: 1) Lucy, b. 17 May 1794, m. Timothy Wright; 2) Polly, b. 25 Sep 1795, m. Isaac Woodward of Merrimack NH; 3) Aseneth, b 12 Apr 1800, m. Nathaniel W. Colburn; 4) Clarissa b 26 Feb 1806, m. Joseph Hill of Mason NH; 5) Richard, b. 12 Apr 1809, d. 21 Dec 1838; 6) Lorenzo, b. 26 Oct 1814, m. Mary M. Williams [for more on this line see Brookline NH town history].
3. Samuel Melendy, b. 13 Oct 1778 in Wilmington MA, d. Reading MA 20 March 1844, age 64, liver complaint; He m1) Polly –; he m2nd) 16 June 1802 in Wakefield MA to Hannah Pierce, had issue by both wives.
4. Elizabeth (dau of Richard & Martha) b. 3 Oct 1762 Reading MA; m. 22 Nov 1781 to Daniel Kidder, son of Josiah of Milford and AMherst NH. He b. Tewksbury MA 9/16 Feb 1759. She married 2nd, David Williams of Amherst.

Thomas Melendy Sr. came from Reading MA to Brookline MA in 1797. He was a descendant of one of three brothers who came from England to America in 1729 and settled in Essex Co MA. His family was from the same source as was that of the family of William Melendy, who settled in Amherst in 1761. His house was located in the northwest part of the town of Brookline NH, on the north side of the Hood Brook Road, so called, and a short distance east of the point where the same leads out of the highway from Brookline to Milford NH. He was a farmer.  He married 12 Dec 1798 in Boston MA to Sally Tay, of Woburn MA. He d. 13 Nov 1855, and she d. 3 July 1832.
Children of Thomas & Sally (Tay) Melendy:
1. Sally Melendy, b. 18 Apr 1800 Brookline NH; m. David Willoughby; setted in Milford NH
2. Mary Melendy, b. 24 Aug 1803 Brookline NH; m. 25 Mary 1828 Abner Marble; settled in Wilton NH
3. +Thomas Melendy, b. 19 Feb 1810 in Brookline NH; m. 2 Apr 1835 Mary Badger
4. Alpheus Melendy, b. 12 May 1816 in Brookline NH; m. 8 March 1838 Rosilla Bennett, dau of Deacon Thomas Bennett, of Brookline NH. He d. 23 Feb 1876 and she d. 15 July 1881. Their children were: (1) Almira F., b. 11 Oct 1839; m. Frederick W. Peacock; (2) Emiline M., b. 20 Nov 18–; m. George P. Pettingill; (3) Sarah A., b. 11 Dec 1854, m. Harvey T. Dunklee.

Thomas Melendy Jr., son of Thomas & Sally (Tay) Melendy b. 19 Feb 1810 Brookline, Hillsborough Co NH. He m. 2 Apr 1835 in Brookline NH to Mary Badger. She b. 28 Oct 1810 in Lyndeborough NH and d. 12 June 1857 in Milford NH.  (Per Brookline NH history:) In the late 1830s he removed from Brookline to Amherst NH. In 1841 he returned to Brookline. In 1844 he purchased the Thomas Bennett sawmill, and for several years operated it. In the early 1860s he engaged in the wholesale lumbering and coopering business, as a partner in the firm of Tucker and Stiles in Brookline. Retiring from the firm, he removed to Milford NH.  In 1866 he moved to Nashua NH where he died.  He m1) 2 Apr 1835 Mary Badger, dau of Samuel P. Badger of Lyndeboro.  She died 12 June 1857, and he m2nd, 10 Dec 1857 Hannah Rideout, dau of Ebenezer and Abia (Fiske) Rideout of Hollis NH. He d. 21 July 1888. He resided in the house first north of the stone bridge, that had been built by Zebediah Holt in the early part of the century. He owned and operated the sawmill a few rods below said bridge. (per history of Milford NH).
1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Brookline
Thomas Melendy Jr. 40 M Miller 2500 NH [b abt 1810]
Mary Melendy 34 F NH [b abt 1817]
Mary Ann Melendy 12 F NH
Henry H. Melendy 10 M NH
Hervey Melendy D. 8 M NH
Charles F. Melendy 5 M NH
Thomas Melendy 80 M NH [b abt 1770 NH]
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Nashua
Melendy Thomas 60 M W Lumber Dealer 5000/10000 NH
Melendy Hannah R. 48 F W Keeping House NH
Melendy Charles 25 M W 500/2500 NH
Children of Thomas & Mary (Badger) Melendy:
1. Charles Henry Melendy, b. 16 Feb 1836 in Amherst NH, d. 19 Dec 1837 Amherst NH
2. Mary Ann Melendy, b. 20 Dec 1837 Amherst NH, d. 20 Nov 1857
3. Henry Harrison Melendy, b. 18 Feb 1840 Amherst NH, d. 8 Apr 1886; was a wholesale lumber dealer, residing in Nashua NH. He m. 16 Jan 1867 Mattie E. Barker, dau of Levi & Sarah A. (Libbey) Barker of Candia NH. No children.
4. Hervey Draper Melendy, b. 14 Jan 1842 Brookline NH; m. 1 Nov 1865 in Milford NH to Caroline M. Darricott, dau of William J. and Caroline L. (Putnam) Darricott of Milford NH. She b. 6 Apr 1843 in Wilton NH. He was a draughtsman, and in 1914 a superintendent of the lumbering business of his brother C.F. Melendy in Hudson. They had one child, a dau, Anna L. Melendy b. 30 July 1866 in Nashua NH.  Anna m. 25 Nov 1909 to Henry L. Sanderson of Nashua NH
5. +Charles Fritz Melendy, b. 31 Dec 1844 in Brookline NH

Charles Fritz Melendy, son of Thomas & Mary (Badger) Melendy, was b. 31 Dec 1844 in Brookline NH. He married 3 Jan 1891 /or 4 Jan 1890 in Milford NH to Eva Drucilla Hutchinson, dau of Nathan C. & Sarah (Willoughby) Hutchinson. She b. 25 June 1867 in Milford NH. He was in the wholesale lumbering business. He served during the Civil War, enlisting 1 Aug 1864 at the age of 19, mustered in 1 Aug 1864 as private, mustered out 23 Sep 1864. The 1890 Veteran’s Schedule shows “Charles F. Melendy Private Co. Lafayette Artillery Aug 1864-23Sep 1864 served 1 mo 23 days”
1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Temple > District 136
Melendy Charles F. Head W M Dec 1849 50 married 15 yrs NH NH NH Lumber Dealer
Melendy Eva D. wife W F June 1869 32 married 15 yrs 4 ch 3 living NH NH NH
Melendy Arelia R. dau W F Sep 1891 9 single NH
Melendy Pearl E dau W F Apr 1896 4 single NH
Melendy Helen R dau W F Oct 1898 1 single NH
Hutchinson Sally W. mother W F June 1827 72 widow 2 ch 2 living NH NH NH  house keeper
Hutchinson Alice D. dau W F Aug 1858 41 single NH NH NH
Cross, John Servant W M Apr 1839 61 single NH ME ME
Goran, Peter servant W M May 1874 26 single Scotland Scotland Scotland imm 1895 alien
1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Hudson > District 119
(same family shown in Temple also)
Melendy Charles F. Head M W 65 m1x 20 hrs NH NH VT Priorietor Box Mill
Melendy, Eva wife F W 42 m1x 20 yrs 5 ch 4 living NH NH NH
Melendy, Adelia R. dau W F 18 single NH
Melendy Pearl E. dau W F 14 single NH
Melendy, Helen R. dau W F 12 single NH
Melendy, Ralph R. son M W 6 single NH
Children of Charles F. & Eva D. (Hutchinson) Melendy:
1. Adelaide “Adelia” R. Melendy, b. 24 Sep 1891 Wilton NH; d. 4 Apr 1910
2. Charles T. Melendy, b. 15 Dec 1893 Temple NH, d. 17 Apr 1896
3. Pearl E. Melendy, b. 5 Apr 1896 Temple NH
4. Helen R. Melendy, b. 4 Feb 1898 Temple NH
5. Harry A., b. 1 March 1901 Temple NH, d. 15 Apr 1901
6. Ralph R. Melendy, b. 9 Sep 1903 Temple NH

[For other branches of this family see “History of Peterborough NH”]

Samuel Miller, probably son of Robert Miller, one of the first settlers of Londonderry NH. His name appears on the tax list of Londonderry NH on 9 Nov 1750, for the support of preaching. His name also appears on the Association Test, along with that of his son Matthew.  He is reported ot have purchased four hundred acres of land in town for his sons. He probably died in Londonderry, while his wife died in New Boston with her daughter Mrs. Patterson.
Children of Samuel & (?) Miller:
1. +Matthew Miller, b. 15 June 1730; m. Mary Morrison.
2. James Miller, b. 1738; m. Catharine Gregg
3. William Miller, b. 1738; m. Jane Todd, daughter of Col. Andrew Todd
4. Samuel Miller, b. —
5. John Miller, b. —
6. Susanna Miller, married Deacon Robert Patterson, son of Peter Patterson of Londonderry NH; they resided New Boston NH. They had 7 ch, 4 sons and 4 dau, including son who died young, Mary who m. Robert Crombie, Rachel who m. Joseph Leach, Gizzel who m. John Kelson, Jane who m. William Mackintosh and res. Bethel VT, Samuel who removed to PA, and John who died unmarried. Rev. Patterson died in 1828.

Matthew Miller, b. 15 June 1730 prob in Londonderry NH. After selling his farm her returned to Londerry NH and remained there through the American Revolution, and served frequently as a minute-man, and for short periods. His name is on the Association Test in Londonderry NH in 1776. He subsequently removed to Pomfret VT, where he d. 30 May 1824, ae 94 years. He married Mary Morrison. She was b. 8 Oct 1736, and d. in Rockingham VT 21 May 1815, ae 78 yrs 7 months.
Children of Matthew & Mary (Morrison) Miller:
1. Mary Miller, b. 28 Apr 1757 Peterborough NH; m. — Burns. She d. Pomfret VT 31 March 1823, ae 74 yrs.
2. Samuel Miller, b. 1 Feb 1759 in Peterborough NH; d. 16 Feb 1819, ae 60 yrs in Rockingham VT.
3. +James Miller, b. 24 June 1761 in Peterborough NH; d. 9 Jan 1826, ae 64 yrs 6 months in Chester VT.
4. William Miller, b. 2 Sep 1763 in Peterborough NH; d. 14 Jan 1818, ae 54 yrs 4 months in Merrimack NH
5. Nancy Miller, b. 29 Dec 1765 in Peterborough NH; m. — Campbell. Died 19 Aug 1819, ae 53 yrs 7 mos in Acworth NH
6. Susanna Miller, b. 2 Apr 1768 in Peterborough NH; m. — Vickery; d. 1860, ae 92 yrs in Chester VT.
7. John Miller, b. 15 Sep 1770 in Peterborough NH; d. 31 Jan 1856 ae 85 yrs 4 mos in Pomfret VT
8. Matthew Miller, b. 16 Sep 1773 in Londonderry NH; d. 6 Dec 1831, ae 58 yrs in Rockingham VT.
9. Jane Miller, b. August 1776 in Londonderry NH; m1) — Johnson; m2nd) — Mead; died 12 Sep 1850, ae 80 yrs in Cavendish VT.
10. Anna Miller, b. 5 May 1779 in Londonderry NH; m. — Shipman. She d. 8 Jan 1821, ae 41 yrs in Walpole NH.

James Miller, of Scots-Irish descent, occupied the house given to him by his father, and reared a large family. He married Catharine Gregg, who d. 23 May 1833, ae 89 years. He d. 21 Nov 1825, ae 87 years. He came from Londonderry NH.
Children of James & Catharine (Gregg) Miller:
1. Hugh Miller, b. Oct 1768; m. Anna Templeton
2. Samuel Miller, b. 1772; m. Sylvia Keep; removed to Dummerstown VT
3. Jenny Miller, b. 1774; m. Samuel Templeton
4. +James Miller, b. 25 Apr 1776
5. Polly Miller, b. 1777; d. 28 Dec 1796, ae 19 yrs.
6. Catharine Miller, b. –; m. Daniel McFarland; removed to Antrim NH and died there.
7. Jacob Miller, m. Jane Hopkins; he d. in Arksansas in 1822
8. William Miller

Brigadier General James Miller was born 25, April 1776 in Peterborough NH. He died 7 July 1851 in Temple NH, following a stroke. He had a law practice in Greenfield NH in 1803. He was a member of the local militia, commanding an artillery unit. In 1811 he found Indians in Indiana. During the War of 1812 he was taken prisoner, but was exchanged. In 1814 he was a hero of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. During that battle, reportedly his quotation, “I will try sir!” became famous [you have to wonder why]. He left the army in 1819, with the rank of Brigadier General.  From 1819 to 1825 he was the first Governor of Arkansas.   Miller County Arkansas is also named for him. He returned to New Hampshire in 1823. He married 1st) Martha Ferguson, daughter of Henry Ferguson. She d. at Greenfield NH, 12 May 1805, ae 23 years. He married 2nd, Ruth Flint of Lincoln MA. She d. 20 May 1830. He had seven children, 2 by his 1st wife and 5 by his 2nd wife. He is buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery, in Salem MA.
1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Temple
James Miller 76 M Farmer 4000 NH
Rebecca Miller 37 F Mass
Augusta Miller 32 F Mass
Heprah Wright 57 F Mass
Martha Smith 36 F Mass
David B. Ladd 22 M Farmer Mass
James Holden 23 M Farmer Ireland
Thomas Gallagher 25 M Farmer Ireland
Children of James & Martha (Ferguson) Miller:
1. Mary Miller, b. March 13, 1803 at Greenfield NH: m. Capt. Jonathan M. Ropes; resided Port Elizabeth NJ
2. James F. (Commodore) Miller, b. 28 Apr 1805; m. Emily Fox, New Ipswich NH; m2nd, Caroline Fox of New Ipswich NH. He d. 11 July 1868, age 63 years
Children of James & Ruth (Flint) Miller:
3. +Ephraim Miller, b. October 1808; m. Catharine Seymour.
4. Catharine Miller, b. Aug 1810; d. 6 Sep 1836, age 26 yrs.
5. Rebecca Miller, b. 7 Sep 1813; in 1850 single and living in Temple NH with father.
6. Ruth Miller, b. January 1815; d. 24 Sep 1822, age 6 yrs 8 months
7. Augusta Miller, b. 17 Apr 1818; in 1850 single and living with father in Temple NH

Ephraim F. Miller, son of James & Ruth (Flint) Miller, b. Oct 1808 in Greenfield NH; m. Catharine Seymour. For eight years he was a collector of customs in Salem MA and resided there. Profession: lawyer. He d. 17 Aug 1875 in Salem MA. She died after 1875. [Thanks to Thanks to Nancy Prachar, the 2nd great grandaughter of Ephraim & Catharine for clarifying some of this information.]
U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Salem Ward 2
Ephraim Miller 50 M Lawyer 1800 NH
Catharine Miller 43 F Ireland
Mary Miller 18 F Mass [b abt 1842 MA]
James Miller 16 M Mass [b abt 1844 MA]
Ephraim Miller 10 M Mass [b abt 1850]
Ruth Miller 8 F Mass [b abt 1852] [1851, Aug 27  Salem MA]
Willie Miller 2 M Mass [b abt 1858] [1857, 18 Dec Salem MA]
1870 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Salem Ward 2
Miller, Ephraim 60 M W Brish Cons. 3000/1000 Mass
Miller, Mary E., 28 F W Keeping House MA
Miller, John 26  M W 1st Lieut US Army Mass
Miller, Ephraim, 20 M W merchant Mass
Miller, Ruth 18 F W no occupation Mass
Miller, William D 12 M W no occupation Mass
Children of Ephraim & Catharine (Seymour) Miller:
1. Mary Miller, b. abt 1842 MA
2. James Miller, b. abt 1844 MA
3. Ephraim Miller, b. abt 1850 MA
4. Ruth Miller, b. 27 Aug 1852 Salem MA; She m1) — Higbee; m2) Charles Brown. Had several children including Phillip Miller Brown.
5. William D. “Willie” Miller, b. 18 Dec 1857 Salem MA

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  2. Joe North says:

    Once again, I am indebted to your research. Thank you for posting this information. I am a distant relative of Brigadier General James Miller.

  3. Launa says:

    Thank you…..relative of Austin Artemas Spofford

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