Do You Have a Famous New Hampshire Name?

Randy over at Genea-Musings, brought Chip Rowe’s site to my attention. He writes about George magazine, and how they tracked down regular people who have politician’s names.

I had a brainstorm, and thought I’d see how many of New Hampshire’s famous people (but not necessarily politicians) have namesakes, right now, in New Hampshire.

This is what I discovered….There currently are:

–Up to 9 people named John Stark.

–Up to 2 people named Molly Stark.

(But alas no John and Molly Stark living together)

–Up to 14 people named Daniel Webster.

— Up to 34 people named John Mason.

–Up to 7 people named John Goff.

–One person named Benning Wentworth (Hancock NH).

–Up to 2 people named Josiah Bartlett.

–Up to 4 people named Matthew Thornton.

–Up to 4 people named William Whipple, the signer of the Declaration of Independence

–Up to 48 people named Robert Rogers.

–Up to 20 people named Christopher Stone.,

–Up to 2 people (including the Supreme Court Justice himself) named David Souter.

–Up to 28 people (including the poet himself) named Donald Hall.

–Up to 1 person named Robert Rolfe. [aka “Red” Rolfe]

— Up to 68 people (including the governor himself) named John Lynch.

Do you share your name with a famous (or infamous) New Hampshire person? Please let me know!


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