Hanover New Hampshire Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet, and Teacher, Richard G. Eberhart (1904-2005)

What more can possibly be said (that hasn’t already been) about a man who won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1966, and was emeritus professor of English at Dartmouth College, where he had taught since 1956?

Richard Ghormley “Dick” Eberhart was born 1 April 1904 in Austin, Minnesota, son of Alpha L. & Lena (Lowenstein) Eberhart.  His middle name of Ghormley is an Irish name, and the surname of his maternal grandmother Ann Ghormley. His great-great-grandfather, Abraham Ghormley, immigrated to America and was ranger during the American Revolution (Capt. Daniel Marshall’s Company, Frontier of Cumberland Co PA).

Richard began writing poetry in earnest, after the death of his mother Lena, in 1921 of cancer.  It should be no surprise, then, that a great deal of his subject matter deals with life and death.

Several biographies of Richard Eberhart state that he served as a private tutor to the son of King Prajadhipok of Siam in 1931-1932. (Actually, King Prajadhipok had no children of his own, but he adopted his brother’s son, Prince Ananda Mahidol Mahidol.) This young prince eventually became King of Siam and met an untimely death in 1946.

Another source states Richard spent several years making floor wax.  Well, that statement is almost correct.  In actuality, he was vice president [although another source says assistant manager] of the Butcher Wax Company.  (He married Helen Elizabeth “Betty” Butcher, granddaughter of the founder of the company).

He was a student of Robert Frost as an undergraduate and he succeeded Robert Frost as the Library of Congress Consultant in Poetry, 1959-1961.

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Johan Michael Eberhart came from Germany in the ship Friendship, landing at Philadelphia October 16, 1727, and settled in what was then Northampton, but now Lehigh County PA. He married about 1724 to Anna Margaretha Brunner. She b. abt 1702 in Wuerttemberg, Germany. He was one of the “three brothers,” who came over in 1727, but whether he came from Switzerland, as did his brother Joseph, or some other part of Germany, it is not known, but the author of the Eberhart genealogy felt certain that they were all three descendants of the Wirtemberg Eberharts.  He was a farmer and a member of the  German Reformed Church. A deed shows a conveyance of 113 acres of  land to the Great Swamp German Reformed Church by Michael and Joseph Eberhart in 1762. He
died 3 Nov 1772 in Great Swamp, Northmapton Co PA; will probated 1772 Bucks Co PA.
Children of Johan Michael & Anna M. (Brunner) Eberhart were:
1. Elizabeth Eberhart, b. 5 Nov 1760 in PA; m. Valentine Beidelman
2. Michael Eberhart, bef 1725
3. Heinrich “Henry” Eberhart, b. abt 1725/29 in Lower Milford Twp, Lehigh Co PA; d. abt 1774/1775; married abt 1772/1773? to Anna Maria Dubbs and lived in Lehigh County PA, a farmer. They had 3 children, Catharine, Jacob and Michael D.
4. +Paul Eberhard, b. abt 1725/27 “on the ocean”
5. John Eberhart, b. aft 1728
6. Anna Margaretha Eberhart, b. bef 28 Feb 1737/38

Paul Eberhard, son of Johan Michael & Anna M. (Brunner) Eberhart, b. abt 1737 by tradition “on the ocean”; and d. abt 1810 in Westmoreland Co PA. He married 30 Aug 1759 in Northampton PA to Emma Statler.  She b. 17 June 1729 and d. Sep 1792 in Westmoreland Co PA. He was raised and lived in Northampton, now Lehigh County PA until he was forty-six years of age, when in 1773 he moved to the Manor settlement, seven miles from Greensburg, Westmoreland Co PA, where he engaged in tilling the soil, until he died. He was a member of the Lutheran Church and is buried in the old Rush Creek graveyard. He had four sons, but little is known of his daughters.
Children of Paul & Emma (Statler) Everhard:
1. John Jacob Eberhard, b. 3 Nov 1760 in Northampton Co PA; m. Barbara Meyers.
2. Johannes Eberhart, b. 30 Sep 1764 in Northampton PA
3. John Henry Eberhart, b. 30 March 1768 in Northampton Co PA; he m. Nov 26, 1793 to Mary Magdalena Hewit.
4. +Christian Eberhart, b. 9 March 1772 in Lehigh, Northampton Co PA
5. Frederick Eberhart, b. abt 1775 in Westmoreland, PA

Christian Eberhart, son of Paul and Emma (Statler) Eberhart, was born 9 March 1772 in Lehigh, Northampton Co PA, and d. 9 March 1839 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co PA. He moved with his parents to Westmoreland County, PA in 1773, where he was raised and in due time married. He married abt 1794 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co PA to Anna Maria Snyder, dau of Abraham & Esther (Hirschi) Schneider.  She b. 12 Nov 1773 in Westmoreland Co PA and d. 2 July 1849 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co PA, in the 77th year of her age. She was a noble Christian woman, devoted wife and prudent mother. At her request the writer preached a sermon in the German language at her place of residence in Armstrong county PA at 3 pm on the day of her death, at the close of which she said: “I am now satisfied.” And that night she quietly breathed her last, without the least sign of suffering or even being sick.  Christian was a tall, dignified and mentally well-balanced man, and, though rather limited in education, was nevertheless able to carry on an excellent farming business. His farm was in the “Manor settlement,” seven miles from Greensburg, Westmoreland Co PA. He moved on to this farm as soon as married, and  lived on it until the day of his death He was, from his youth up, a devoted member of the Lutheran Church, in which he held some office nearly all the time. He and his wife are buried at the Manor Church.
Children of Christian & Anna M. (Snyder) Eberhart:
1. Paul Eberhart, b. 8 Feb 1796 in Northampton, Lehigh Co., PA; married Sarah Berlin. She was b. July 8, 1798, and d. Feb 1891. They had 9 children–three sons and six daughters.
2. +Abraham Eberhart, b. 28 Dec 1797 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
3. Joseph Eberhart, b. 19 Mar 1800 in Westmoreland Co., Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
4. John Eberhart  M 18 Jun 1802 in Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania
5. Elizabeth Eberhart, b. 17 Sep 1804 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
6. Susanna Eberhart, b. 15 Jan 1807 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
7. Henry Everhart, b. 13 Aug 1809 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
8. Catharina Eberhart, b. 8 Oct 1812 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
9. Salome Eberhart, b. 5 Dec 1815 in Franklin, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania

Abraham Eberhart, son of Christian & Anna Maria (Snyder) Eberhart, b. 28 Dec 1797 in Westmoreland Co PA and d. 7 Aug 1880 in PA [a 2nd source says he died 7 Aug 1880, age 83 in Chicago IL, and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery]. He married 22 Aug 1820 to Esther Amand, daughter of Frederick J. and Rebecca (Holder) Amand, of New Salem,  Westmoreland Co PA.  She b. 22 Aug 1820 and d. 27 Feb 1890. She was born and raised in York Co PA, and brought up in the Mennonite Church. He worked on his father’s farm, in the “Manor” settlement, until he was about sixteen years of age. He then learned the trade of a first-class weaver. He could weave all kinds of carpets and bed-spreads, linen and woolen goods. Two years after his marriage he moved to Mercer County PA, into a heavy-timbered county, where he eventually opened a fine farm, built log cabin, and a saw-mill on the Little Neshannock. Abraham had a shop where he manufactured his own farming implements, such as ploughs, sleds, drays etc. They were both members of the Evangelical Lutheran chruch in their youth, but after moving to Venango Co PA where there was no Lutheran Church, they united with the Evangelical Assocation, and later the Methodist Episcopal Church.  They lived in Mercer Co PA for 16 years, after moving to Scrubgrass, Venango Co PA on the Allegany river running a fine farm and building a saw-mill. They stayed here 18 years, and in the spring of 1855 moved to Dixon IL as farmers for 3 years.  In Oct 1857 they moved to Eldorado, Benton Co IL as farmers until 1864 when they moved to Vinton Iowa. In 1875 they removed to Chicago and resided for two years with their son John F. and family.
Children of Abraham & Esther (Amand) Eberhart:
1. Uriah Eberhart, eldest child, b. July 4, 1821; married 11 June 1845 to Catharine Margaret Giesey, of Ligonier, Westmoreland Co PA. Had issue: Alvin G., Esther Naomi, John Abraham, Henry Newton, Florence May.
2. Levi Eberhart, b. December 4, 1822 in Mercer Co PA; at age 19 he
entered the ministry, and also taught school. He married 22 Feb 1846 to Rebecca Xander of Lehigh PA. She b. 20 June 1828. Children: Franklin S., Emma R., David J., and Josephine A.E.
3. Rebecca Crouch Eberhart, b. December 1, 1824 in Mercer Co PA. She taught school. On Nov 8, 1840 she married Charles Weaver of Marion Co PA. Had ch [Weaver]: Levi E., David C., Esther M., Philip Frank, Jemima Melvina,  Charles F., and Adella D.
4. Hon. David Christian Eberhart, D.S., was b. November 19, 1826 in Hickory Twp, Mercer Co PA; dentist and minister; He married Dec 12, 1854 to Mary Elizabeth Gerry, daughter of Dr. James Gerry of Shrewsbury PA. They had 5 children, two sons and one daughter dying in infancy, and one son and daughter who lived.  He married 2nd, January 11, 1872 to Wanetta Irene Benton of Baltimore
City, dau of Wm. and Ruth Rebecca Benton. Children: Rev. James Gerry, Zelia Clothida, Winona Selmen, David Cleon.
5. Prof. John Frederic Eberhart, A.M., b. January 21, 1829 in Hickory Twp, Mercer Co PA; he graduated from Allegheny College in 1853. Teacher,publisher and school superintendent. He married Dec 25, 1864 to Matilda Charity Miller, dau of Joseph C. and Mercie H. Miller of Chicago IL. She was b. Apr 15 1837 in Toronto Canada, immigrating with her parents when she was one year old. Children: Maude Winifred, John Joseph, Frank Nathaniel, Mary Evangeline, Grace Josephine, and Wilfred.
6. Manoah Henry Eberhart, b. Jan. 17, 1831 in Mercer Co PA. Attended Allegheny College an Albright Seminar; teacher; he married Nov 6, 1856 at LaPorte Indiana to Mary Elizabeth Briscoe, daughter of Frisby W. Briscoe. She b. Dec 6, 1835 in Somerset PA.  Children: Frisby Briscoe, Dr. Ira Abraham, Harry Clay, Cora, Essa, Ben F.
7. Rev. Isa Amand Eberhart, M.D., Ph.D., was born May 18, 1834 in Mercer Co PA. Teacher, poet; ordained minister of the Universalist Church; real estate dealer. He married April 20, 1864 to Malissa Jacobs, daughter of Benjamin B. & Mary Jemima (Douglas) Jacobs [a cousin to Hon. Stephen A. Douglas] who was born Sept. 1, 1840 at Savannah IL. Children: Noble Murray.
8. +Rev. Jeremiah Snyder Eberhart, A.M., b. 22 Sep 1836 in Mercer Co PA.
9. Mary Ann Eberhart, b. Apr 22, 1839 in Scrubgrass, Venango Co PA, and d. March 11, 1840. She died of scarlet fever, and was buried at the Presbyterian “Stone Church.”
10. Sarah Eberhart, born March 28, 1841 in Venango Co. PA. She attended Lee Center Academy and taught part of a term. She then attended Rock River Seminar and took music lessons. She taught for the next ten years taking an occasion term at Cornell College. She
cared for her aging mother.  She married Nov 28, 1889 to Willis J. Roberts. He b. Nov 4, 1856 in Arcadia, Wayne Co NY. They resided at Chicago Lawn IL where he was in the grocery trade, and she was the post-mistress.
11. Amos Abraham Eberhart, b. August 26, 1844 in Scrubgrass, Venango Co PA and d. Nov 10, 1848 by choking on a piece of meat.
12. Catherine Esther Eberhart, b. June 27, 1846 in Scrubgrass, Venango Co PA and married Dec. 24, 1868 to Royal C. Treat of Chicago IL. She taught school in Iowa and in Chicago IL.  Mr. Treat was born in Hartford CT in 1840. She died Sept 27, 1869 around the birth of her son “Bennie” who died a few months later. Both are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.

Rev. Jeremiah Snyder Eberhart, A.M., son of Abraham & Esther (Amand) Eberhart, was b. 22 Sep 1836 in Mercer Co PA, and d. 1918 in Austin, Minnesota.  Until he was eighteen years of age he attended school and assisted his parents on the farm, who for the greater part of this time resided in Venango County, PA, right on the banks of the Allegheny River. He then attended Albright Seminary at Berlin, PA one year.  When nineteen years of age he taught school near Kittanning PA then moved West with his parents to Dixon, IL where he worked on the farm in the summer and taught school in the winter for several years.  He then attended Rock River Seminary at Mt. Morris IL four terms, after which he attended Cornell College at Mount Vernon, Iowa, where he graduated in 1863.  In the fall of 1863 he entered the Upper Iowa Conference of the M.E. Church, held at Davenport, Iowa, as a minister on probation.  And two years later he was ordained a Deacon by Bishop Simpson, and received into the conference as a member; and at the end of two years more was ordained an Elder by Bishop Janes. He married 10 Nov 1864 to Emma  Swift May, dau of Allen Gallatin & Lucy (Blake) May.  She b. 5 March 1839 in Jo Daviess Co IL and d. 1928 in Evanston, IL. She was educated mostly at Cornell College, Iowa. Prior to her marriage she taught school, in which profession she succeeded admirably, and she was intelligent, sprightly and amiable, and devoted all her energies to her work. Rev. J.S. Eberhart was stationed as a preacher in Monticello, Iowa City circuit, Albion, Toledo, Jessup, De Witt, Lyons, Monticello a second time, Nashua and Traer, Iowa.  From Traer  he moved to Chicago Lawn, IL, engaged for six years in real estate and trade, at the same time doing active mission work in the city, being successful in organizing two societies and building for each of them a church. He
later resided at Fifty-fourth court, Chicago IL.
Census > U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Tama > Toledo
Eberhart, Jeremiah S. 33 M W Clergyman 500 PA [b abt 1837 PA]
Eberhart Emma A. 30 F W keeping House Illinois
Eberhart, Alpha L. 2 M W at home Iowa
1900 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago Ward 30 > District 910
Eberhart, Jeremiah S. Head W M Sept 1836 63 married at age 36 PA PA PA Publisher
Eberhart, — wife W F March 1839 61 married at age 36 2 ch 2 living IL TN Maine
Eberhart, Ennis K. son W M Jan 1873 27 single Iowa PA IL office clerk
Children of Jeremiah S. & Emma S. (May) Eberhart:
1. +Alpha Larue “Al” Eberhart, b. 5 Aug 1867 in Albion, Marshall Co Iowa
2. Ennis Kingsly Eberhart, b. 18 January 1873 in Iowa; attended Cornell College. The 1912 Des Moines Iowa Directory shows: “Eberhart Ennis K. (J S Eberhart & Son) with Merchants Trade Journal res 1131 18th. [publishers Sunday School Specialties]

Alpha LaRue “Al” Eberhart, son of Jeremiah S. & Emma S. (May) Eberhart, b. 5 Aug 1867 in Albion, Marshall Co Iowa and d. 5 June 1937 in Chicago, Cook Co IL. He married 22 June 1898 in White Hall, Greene Co. IL to Lena Lowenstein, daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Ann (Ghormley) Lowenstein. She b. 25 Nov 1874 in Wilmington, Greene Co
IL, and d. 22 June 1922 at Austin, Mower Co, Minnesota. The biography of his father, states of Alpha, “he is a fine, active young man; has a liberal education, and is quite an adept in instrumental music. He has chosen merchandising as a business. He was in a wholesale house in the city a few years, but recently started a store of his own in Englwood IL.
1900 United States Federal Census > Minnesota > Ramsey > St Paul Ward 7 > District 116
Eberhardt, Alpha L. Head W M Aug 1866 33 married 2 yrs Iowa PA Iowa salesman, packing
Eberhardt, Lena, wife W F Nov 1873 26 married 2 yrs 0 ch 0 living IL German TN
Garrow, William R. Boarder W M Jan 1871 29 married 2 yrs Scot Scot Scot imm 1894 alien salesman shoes
Garrow, Maud, boarder W F Oct 1873 26 married 2 yrs 0 ch 0 living Can-Eng  Can-Eng New York
Bruckman, Emma L. servant W F June 1872 27 single Sweden Sweden Sweden imm 1893 house maid
1920 United States Federal Census > Minnesota > Mower > Austin Ward 1 > District 79
Eberhart, Ab, Head M W 52 married Iowa PA Iowa
Eberhart Lena wife F W 46 married IL Hamburg/Germ TN
Eberhart, Dreyden son M W 17 single MN Iowa IL
Eberhart, Richard son M W 15 single MN Iowa IL
Eberhart, Elizabeth, dau F W 9 single Minnesota Iowa IL
Keller, Gertrude, servant F W 23 single IL Oho Oho
1910 United States Federal Census > Minnesota > Mower > Austin Ward 1 > District 79
Eberhart, Alpha L. Head M W 43 m1x 11 yrs Iowa PA IL [b 1867]
Eberhart, Lena wife F W 35 m1x 11 yrs 3 ch 3 living
Eberhart, Dryden son M W 7 single Minnesota, Iowa, IL
Eberhart, Richard son M W 6 Minnesota Iowa IL
Eberhart, Elizabeth M. dau F W 3/12 single Minnesota Iowa IL
Isbride, Martha Nurse F W 21 Norway Norway Norway imm 1902
Berstrum, Elma boarder F W 23 single Sweden Sweden Sweden
Children of Alphra L. & Lena (Lowenstein) Eberhart:
1. Alpha Dryden “Dry” Eberhart, b. 26 Nov 1902 in Austin, Mower Co,Minnesota; he m. Wilhelmina Frances “Dudie” Kettenbach, and had 3children, one son and two daughters. Investment service salesman; he died Aug 1981 in Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona
2. ***Richard Ghormley Eberhart, b. 1 April 1904 in Austin, Minnesota; He m. in 1941 to Helen Elizabeth Butcher.  She b. 19 Apr 1914 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co MA and d. July 1993/94 in MA. They had a son Richard B. Eberhart of Phippsburg Maine who m1) — Simmons; m2) — Alperin, and had 4 children; and daughter Gretchen of Meriden NH, who m. — Cherington, and has 2 children. She earned a BS and MBA from the University of NH, and a doctorate in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is the founder of GC CONSULTING.
3. Elizabeth May “Bunny” Eberhart, b. abt 1909 in Minnesota; She married Gerald Gregory Galligan.  He b. 11 Nov 1901 in Barnesville, Belmont OH, and d. 22 Feb 1969 in Albuquerqe NM; They had 3 children, two daughters and one son.

1. History of the Eberharts in Germany and the United States, from A.D. 1265 to A.D. 1890–625 years; by Uriah Eberhart, Chicago, 1891.
2. NEHGS Register
3. U.S. Census 1880-1930


Charles Butcher, b. Feb 1846 in England; immigrated to the United States about 1867.  He married about 1874 to Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Laramy, dau of John & Elizabeth (Babcock) Laramy.  She b. January 1851 in Batavia, Genesee Co., New York. He installed intricate parquet floors in the grand homes of Boston and made paste wax that he used to finish his floors. He founded the Butcher Polish Company in Cambridge, in 1880; the company was later moved to Marlborough MA.
1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge > District 426 [Lake View Avenue]
Butcher, Charles W M 33 works in Theatre Eng Eng Eng
Butcher, Lizzie W F 29 wife keeping house NY Eng Eng
Butcher, William L. W M 4 son NY Eng NY
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge Ward 1 > District 672
Butcher, Charles Head W M Feb 1846 54 married 26 yrs Engl Engl Engl imm 1867 33 yrs naturalized, manufacture, polish
Butcher, Mary E. wife W F Jan 1851 49 married 26 yrs, 5 ch 4 living NY England England [so married about 1874]
Butcher, William L. son W M Sept 1874 25 single NY England NY
Butcher, Lettisha dau W F June 1881 18 single MA England NY
Butcher, Charles H. son W M Apr 1885 15 single MA England NY
Butcher, Elizabeth dau W F Feb 1890 10 single MA England NY
Larney/Laramey, Elizabeth mother in law, W F March 1824 76 widow England England England
[and 2 servants]
1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge Ward 9 > District 781
Butcher, Charles Head M W 63 m1x 36 Eng-Eng Eng Eng imm 1868 Manufacturer, Floor Polish
Butcher, Mary E. wife F W 58 m1x 36 5 ch 4 living NY Eng-English Engl
Butcher, Letitia E. dau F W 28 single MA Eng NY
Butcher, Charles H. son M W 25 single MA Eng NY
Butcher Marion E dau F W 21 single MA Eng NY
Hayes, Mary servant F W 20 single Ire Ire Ire imm 1909
Matlock, Lizzie servant F W 43 widow 2 ch 2 living Can-Eng Can-Eng Can-Eng imm 1890
Butcher, John, brother M W 72 widow Eng-Eng Eng Eng, imm 1909
Children of Charles & Mary E. (Laramy) Butcher:
1. William L. Butcher, b. Sept 1874 NY
2. Letitia Elizabeth “Letissha” Butcher, b. June 14 1881 Cambridge MA [birth record states dau of Charles & Lizzie, decorator, England/NY]
3. +Charles H. Butcher, b. April 1885 in MA;
4. Elizabeth Butcher, b. Feb 1890 in Cambridge MA, twin
5. Marian Butcher, b. Feb 1890 in Cambridge MA, twin, d. April 4, 1890 of pneumonia

Charles H. Butcher, son of Charles & Mary E. (Laramy) Butcher, b. April 1885 in MA; he married about 1915 to Margaret M.T. “Gretchen” Carstein, daughter of Hansel “Hans” A. & Magdalena L. Carstein of Cambridge MA. She was b. 22 Oct 188 in Cambridge MA. She b. 22 Oct 1888 in MA, and d. 30 Sep 1990 in Cambridge MA. He was president of the Butcher Wax Co.
1920 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge Ward 9 > District 89
Butcher, Charles H. Head M W 34 married MA England England,
President, Floor Polish. [b abt 1886 MA naturalized]
Butcher, Gretchen C. wife F W 30 married MA German-Germany, Berlin Germany-German no occupation
Butcher, Helen E. dau F W 5 single MA MA MA
Butcher, Charles son M W 3/9/12 single MA MA MA
Croft, Margaret, servant F W 17 single MA Canada-Eng Can-Engl, nurse, private family
Barrett, Julia, servant F W 32 single 19– alien, Ire Ire Ire, cook, private family
1930 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge > District 66
Butcher, Charles H. Head $15,000 M W 45 married at age 28 MA  England NY, Manufacturer, Floor flax
Butcher, Gretchen E. wife F W 41 married at age 24 MA MA MA
Butcher, Helen E. dau F W 15 single MA MA MA
Butcher, Charles son M W 13 single MA MA MA
Liggan, James, butler M neg 49 Married at age 43 VA VA VA
Liggan, Edna cook F Neg 42 married at age 36 MA VA VA
Children of Charles H. & Gretchen E. (Carstein) Butcher:
1. +Helen Elizabeth “Betty” Butcher, b. 19 Apr 1914 in Cambridge MA and d. July 1993/94 in MA; m. in 1941 to Richard Ghormley Eberhart [SEE EBERHART GENEALOGY]
2. Charles Butcher, b. 1916 in Cambridge MA; graduate of Harvard
University; He went to prison as a conscientious objector during World War II, worked with the late inventor/ philosopher Buckminster Fuller, and worked in Washington for the Office of Economic  Opportunity in the mid-1960s; He m1) Agnes — (divorced) and had daughter Susan; married 2nd) Jane Weinberg and had eight children; in early 1950s he became head of the Butcher Co. In 2000 he sold the company to Johnson & Johnson. Before he sold the company, he shared $18 million with his employees.  He died June 12, 2004 in Boulder CO.


William Laramy, son of William & Mary (Bale) Laramy, b. 24 Aug 1719 in Shirwell, Devon, Englandand d. 9 Jan 1797 in Fremington, Devon, England. He married 14 October 1744 in Shirwell, Devon England to Grace May.
Children: Grace, Mary, John, Sarah, and *William.

William Laramy, son of William & Grace (May) Laramy, b. 6 Aug 1758 in Bratton, Flemming, Devon England, and d. 1837 in Barnstable, Devon, England.  He m. 29 March 1785 in Landkey England to Ann Ireland. They had 10 children: Sarah, William, *John, Ann, Philip, George, James, Samuel, Jane and Joseph.

John Laramy, son of William & Ann (Ireland) Laramy, was christened 15 Feb 1789 in South Moulton, Devon, England and d. 2 Oct 1874 in Batavia NY. He was a member of the Wesleyan church in Barnstable/Barnstaple, Devon, England.  He was a “malster” (a
brewer, according to Pigot’s directory of 1822/23). He immigrated to
Batavia NY in 1840. His family came five years later. He married 2 May 1820 in South Moulton, Devon, England to Elizabeth Babcock.  She b. 1792.
UK Census Collection > 1841 England Census > Devon > Ilfracombe > District 4
John Laramy 50 Laborer b. Devon, England, Civil Parish: Ilfracombe, Hundred: Braunton; Co, Devon.
Elizabeth Laramy F 40
William Laramy 15 M joiner
Elizabeth Laramy 15 F
Mary Laramy 10 F
Phillip Laramy 6 M
1850 United States Federal Census > New York > Genesee > Batavia
John Laramy 60 M Malster 6000 England [b abt 1790]
Elizabeth Laramy 58 F England
John Laramy Jr. 24 M Joiner England
Mary A. Laramy 19 F England
Philip Laramy 15 M Farm Laborer England
1860 United States Federal Census > New York > Genesee > Batavia
Wm Laramy 39 M Married Master carpenter & Joiner 7700 3000 England
Elizabeth Laramy 36 F Housekeeper England
Mary E. Laramy 10 F New York
[servants and laborers]
Children of John & Elizabeth (Babcock) Laramy:
1. William Laramy, b. abt 1822 England; m. Elizabeth Laramy.
2. *Elizabeth Laramy, b. 13 Aug 1824 in Barnstable, Devon, England; m. Charles Butcher [SEE BUTCHER GENEALOGY]
3. John Laramy Jr., b. abt 1826 England; living in 1874 in Battle Creek, MI
4. Mary Ann (Marianne) Laramy, b. 31 Jan 1831 in Barnstable, Devon, England; m. Charles Franklin Hart. She d. 13 Jan 1879 in Freeport, IL. They had 11 children.
5. Phillip/Philip Laramy, b. 30 Jan 1835 in Barnstable, England; he
died 1917 in Batavia NY; he married Mary Cochran; had ch, Frank J.,
William H., Lewis P. and Frannie M.


Claus P. Carstensen of Germany,
was a farmer and landowner. During the during the war between Prussia and Denmark in 1848, was in command of a military company. Through political differences he was obliged to leave Germany in 1850, and seek refuge in the United States. On his way from New York to California, by way of Panama, he was a victim of yellow fever, and died at Panama, in 1851. His property was confiscated and his family lost its usual income. He married  Katherine Margaretha Detlefsen, daughter of Claus & Dorothea (Anderson) Detlefsen. She d. Sept 24, 1909 in Boston MA, age 87 [so b abt 1822 in Germany]. She was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.
Children of Claus P. & Katherine C. (Detlefsen) Carstensen:
1. Theodore Carstein, owned a paint and oil business on Hanover Street in Boston MA. 1878 Boston Directory shows: “Carstein, Theodore, commission merchant, and spring beds, 36 Bromfield, room 12, h. 51 Blue Hill av.” He married 25 June 1874 to Martha E. Peet, dau of Samuel J. & Fanny D. Peet of Byrnes/Burns NY. Had child: Fanny Peet b. Aug 30, 1875; He died March 1879 in Boston MA of consumption.
2. +Hansel “Hans” Louis Carstein, b. March 17, 1841
3. Teresa D. Carstein, b. Oct 1848 in Germany; married abt 4 May 1875 to Frank Ganter/Gander, son of Jacob and Emily Gander of Germany, who was in the provision business at Jamaica Plain, MA. He b. Feb 1845 in Germany. They had children Frank W. (b Oct 1876 MA) and Katherine (b Feb 1878 MA). In 1900 Freda’s grandmother Margaret was living with them.

Hansel “Hans” Louis Carstein, son of Claus P. and Margareta (Detlefsen) Carstensen was b. March 17, 1841 in Schleswig, Germany.  After his father died (see above) under the usual custom of Germany, he received a commercial education, and then went to sea before the mast, and after fifteen years of sea service, returned to Germany, master of the ship. The Franco-Prussian war having closed, he brought his mother and sister to the United States to join a brother who had preceded them. They arrived in Boston in 1872. There he joined his brother, Theodore Carstein, in the paint and oil business, on Hanover St. in Boston MA, and meeting with business reverses in 1873, during the financial panic of that year, they gave up the business two years later. Upon coming out the paint and oil
business, he joined his brother-in-law Frank Ganter, who was in the provision business at Jamaica Plain, MA and became his partner in 1874.  About this time he bought out the coal business of Benjamin F. Rogers at North Cambridge MA, and from an output of 2000 tons
annually, he built up the business so that in 1910 the output was over forty thousand tons annually. He was a Republican and a member of the Common Council of Cambridge MA in 1899, an alderman for six consecutive years from 1890 to 1896, and in 1896 he refused further nomination due to ill health. As a member of the Board of Alderman, he was a member of the finance committee, and the highway committee. He was made a delegate from the 8th MA District to the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1904. He was a layman and reader in the Protestant Episcopal Church and he conducted mission work in East Cambridge MA from 1891 in connection with the Church of the Ascension, where he conducted services every Sunday. He was a member of the Pilgrim Fathers, the Young Men’s Christian Association of Cambridge, and held offices as a director, trustee and treasurer of these organizations. He was also a trustee of the Fitchman Estate in Cambridge, and was an active member of the Cambridge Club, the Colonial Club, and of the Middlesex Republican Club. He married twice. His first wife being Ida Peterson, a daughter of a German Lutheran clergyman, with whom he was married in 1876. She bore her husband three children. She died in 1881. The second time he married June 17, 1883 to Magda/Magdalena Doring, daughter of Rev. C.F. Doring, a German Lutheran clergyman  She b. about 1851 in Germany. He owned the H. L. Carstein Coal Co. He was prominent in Masonic circles and was director of the Newtown Club. He died January 20, 1911 in Cambridge MA.
Note: Marriage ad of Gustav E. Carstein in 1914 shows: “Mrs. Charles H. Butcher, sister of the groom was matron of honor”
Birth Record, Cambridge MA
22 Oct 1888 in Cambridge MA
Margaret M.T. Carstein dau of Hans A. & Magdalena L. Carstein. He a coal dealer, b. Germany
City Directories, 1890 Census Substitute > Massachusetts > Cambridge > 1888 > C
Carstein Hans L., coal and wood, 47 Cogswell ave, house 45 do.
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Cambridge Ward 11 > District 787
Carstein, Hans L. Head M W 70 m2x 33 Ger Ger Ger imm 1840? naturalized Proprietor Coal Corporation
Carstein, Magda wife F W 59 m1x 33 yrs 3 ch 3 living Ger Ger Ger
Carstein, Gustav son M W 28 single MA Ger Ger
Carstein, Florenz W.F. son M W 26 single MA Ger Ger
Carstein Hans Jr. son M W 24 single MA Ger Ger
Carstein Marguerita dau F W 20 single MA Ger Ger
Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943 > 1910 > December > Canopic
[shown as United States Citizens, port of departure, Genoa, Italy]
Carstein, Hansel L. 69/8
Carstein, Magda 56
Carstein, Gretchen 22 [b abt 1888]
Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 > Marriage > Boston, Massachusetts > 1906
Miss Katherine Ganter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ganter of 187 Lamartine St. Boylston was married last evening at the home of the bride to Jacob Helt of Roxbury…..Miss Gretchen Carstein, cousin of the bridge was bridesmaid. C. Emil Ganter, brother of the bride was best man. Ushers included F.W. Ganter and Gustav Carstein.
Children of Hansel “Hans” L. & Ida (Peterson) Carstein:
1. Ernst Carstein, b. June 23, 1880 Boston MA, “son of H. Lewis and  Ida, father’s occupation, Butcher.” He d. July 19, 1880 in Boston MA of cholera.
2. Henry Conrad Carstein, b. Feb 9, 1878; died Feb 12, 1879 of tabes mesenterica
3. Gustave Emile, b. 24 July 1881 in Jamaica Plain MA;  m. 1914 to
Florence M. Edge of NY. He grad 1905 from Harvard University. became manager of the coal yards.
Children of Hansel L. & Magdalena (Doring) Carstein:
4. Lorenz/Lorens William Fritz Carstein, b. 14 May 1884 in MA; mentioned in his brother Gustav’s marriage announcment; a graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis MD; in 1913 registered for WWI Draft in Manhattan NY. The 1890 Boston Directory shows, “Carstein L.W. painter, 16 North Centre, house Lamartine, near Boylston station. He married in 1929 to Frances C. Gordon, 43 of Atantic City NJ, age 43. In 1927 he is shown on a New York passenger list with Frances Carstein, b. 5 Sep 1884/88 in Pittsburgh or Philadephia PA. At that time they were residing at 347 W 35th Street in New York City. The 1925 New York Director shows “Carstein, Lorenz W F v-p-sec Hydro-Bar Corp h 347 W 55th.
5. Hans Louis Carstein Jr. b 13 Oct 1885 in Cambridge MA; took a three-year course at Culver Military Academy in Indiana, graduating as a commissioned officer, first lieutenant-quartermaster, preparatory to engaging in business with his father and elder brother; in 1913 registered for WWI Draft in Cambridge MA, occupation merchant Carstein Coal Co., 44 Cogswell Ave, Cambridge MA, NOK: Marion Elizabeth Carstein. The 1890 Boston Directory shows: “Carstein, H.L., (Frank Gauter & Co) Lamartine, corner Boylston, house Lamartine, J.P.
6. +Marguerita/Margaret “Gretchen” Carstein, b. 22 Oct 1888 in Cambridge MA. Prepared for entrance to Smith College, Northampton MA at the Gilman School of Cambridge and the Burnham School in Northampton MA. She married Charles H. Butcher [SEE BUTCHER FAMILY GENEALOGY]

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