New Hampshire: The World’s Biggest Sweet Tooth

Yes, believe it or not. . .

New Hampshire hosts the World’s Longest Candy Counter, in Littleton New Hampshire!

Chutter General Store in Littleton New Hampshire, won a place in the Guiness Book of World Records in the year 2000 for having the “World’s Longest Candy Counter.”

The three-tiered, store-length candy counter measures 111 feet, 11-3/4 inches and holds 800 jars of sweet treats. This store touts the fact that 60 of these jar’s hold the “old-fashioned” PENNY CANDY… that actually costs only one cent each.  That in itself makes it worth a trip to see this sugary sight.

Ah, this brings back such warm memories.. of the glass jars of penny candy in the corner store near my home in Manchester, NH. A 1950-60s “Morency’s Store,” at the corner of Shasta and Hall Streets, had glass jar after jar of penny candy… licorice, sweet and sour, jar breakers, taffy, you name it. Just outside the door and covering the corner of the block was a white-sand “sand bank.” When I was bored, I would borrow a metal collinder from the kitchen and if I was lucky, I could “discover” some small change that shoppers had dropped on their way to the store, by sifting through the sand.

Any “loot” found was spent instantly. Mr. Morency never complained about how long it took to decide on my purchase–that was the fun part.

So, if you have a penchant for things sweet, or you are cheap thrifty, and like to get a bang for your candy dollar… this is the place to visit.

If you have a favorite candy store, or type of candy, that seems like a “blast from the past,” I’d enjoy hearing about it.


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