Weare New Hampshire’s U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Hackett Souter (1939-living)

I don’t claim to know the Hon. David Souter, nor have I ever met him.

United States Supreme Court Judge, David Souter

Former United States Supreme Court Judge, David Souter


I’ve spent a bit of time in Weare, New Hampshire, and to be honest, I was never nosey enough that I tried to find his home.  (One reporter several years ago, did so in order to editorialize about the weeds in his yard).  Folks in Weare like their privacy, (and their weeds) and for that matter, folks in New Hampshire do too.  So, you can count me out, as a Souter groupie.

When I recently wrote about Justice Souter’s scary stare, I began, but didn’t complete, some genealogical research on his family tree.  I’ve taken another look, to see what stuff he’s made of (at least genetically speaking).

Apparently he has at least three solid patriot ancestors of the American Revolution (and no doubt probably more yet to be discovered), and he also hails from the Rogers line of the Mayflower. Collectively his ancestors hail from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, (and other states I’m sure).

His Souter immigrant ancestor, James, was born in Scotland in 1830, and immigrated to New England about 1855, becoming a naturalized citizen.  He worked as a flax preparer in a mill in Andover, Massachusetts, raising a family of four children. Flax, as I stated in a previous post, is used in making linen. Little did James Souter dream that his great grandson, David, would become an attorney, a judge, and later a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Justice Souter was not born in New Hampshire… so we can’t call him a native. I remember years ago someone asking me how long they’d have to live in New Hampshire, to become a native… doh!  In clear terms, if you were NOT born in New Hampshire, you will NEVER be a native.  That statement is true even if you live to be 105 years old, and spend 100 or more of those years in New Hampshire.  Sorry, don’t blame me, I didn’t make that rule.

However, I’m sure Justice Souter discovered in Weare, as other transplants to New Hampshire do, that if one or more of the following is true (your family came from here, you have lived here long enough, you have the accent, and you mind your own business), one of the charming little towns just might adopt you as their own.

From what I’ve read, it appears that Justice Souter enjoys family tree and history research, and that he has a wry and dry, Yankee sense of humor. To demonstrate this, reportedly he pulled a genealogical prank on the late Justice Harry Blackman. In 1990 Souter was described by J. Joseph Grandmaison, the former New Hampshire Democratic leader, as “about 135 pounds – and about 120 pounds of brain.” [Worcester Telegraph & Gazette, July 24, 1990]

I have provided what I know about his Souter, Hackett, Allen, Adams, Libby, and Irish lines, below. These are only partial genealogies, so if anyone can fill in the gaps (especially on the Hackett line) just send me an email.

Amazingly, although I’m related to half of New England, I’m not a cousin (at least so far).  Enjoy!


**GENEALOGY of Justice David Hackett SOUTER**


James Souter, son of John & Mary (Mitchell) Souter, b. 2 April 1829 in Scotland, d. 14 Dec 1903 in Andover MA, age 73, 8 months 12 days. He married Ann “Anna” Wilson/Woolson, daughter of John & Annie (Creighton) Wilson. She b. abt 1838 in Scotland, and died 15 September 1899 in Andover MA. In the 1900 census James indicated that immigrated about 1855, and was a naturalized citizen [naturalized 23 October 1867 Supreme Court in Salem MA, residence Andover MA]. They were living in Andover MA in 1880 and 1900 Census. He worked as a flax preparer in a flax mill. The “Soulter family [Souter] living next door in the 1880 census area possibly related, cousins?
1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Andover > District 154
Souter, James 1st, M W 44 works in flax mill Scotland Scotland Scotland [b abt 1836]
Souter, Anna W F 42 wife Keeping House Scotland Scotland Scotland [b abt 1838]
Souter, Walter A. W M 14 son works in flax mill MA Scot Scot [b abt 1866]
Souter, Joseph W M 11 son at school MA Scot Scot [b abt 1869]
Souter, Mary T/F W F 6 dau MA Scot Scot [b abt 1874]
Souter, James W M 4 son MA Scot Sout [b abt 1876]
— living next door—
Soulter, James 2nd W M 31 flax dresser Scotland Scotland Scotland [b abt 1849]
Soulter, Mary W F 25 wife keeping House England England England [b abt 1855]
Soulter, Lizzie W F 5 dau MA Scotland England [abt 1875]
Soulter, James W M 3 son MA Scotland England [b abt 1877]
Soulter, Annie W F 4/12 Jan daughter MA Scotland England [b Jan 1879/80]
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Andover > District 252
Souter, James Head W M Apr 1830 70 widow Scotland Scotland Scotland imm 1855 naturalized 45 years Preparer Flax
Souter, James S/O son W M June 1876 23 single MA Scotland Scotland  plumber
Souter, Mary daughter w F March 1874 26 single MA Scotland Scotland
Children of James & Ann (Wilson) Souter:
1. Walter Wilson Souter, b. 18 Jan 1866 in Andover MA; in 1880 working in flax mill at age 14; in 1912 living in Melrose MA, had provisions store at 110 Blackstone in B[oston?] and resided 37 Laurel Street in Melrose; married 14 June 1906 in Melrose MA to Mary Ferguson Taylor of Nova Scotia, daughter of Archibald G. & Ada R. (Router) Taylor. Had children: Robert Taylor Souter, b. 17 Feb 1909 in Melrose MA; Philip Walter Souter, b. 23 Oct 1911 Melrose MA, and d. 21 April 1983 Los Angeles California.
2. +Joseph M. Souter, b. 1 Aug 1868 in Andover MA
3. Mary Ann Souter, b. 25 March 1874 in Andover MA; single in 1910 and 1920, living with brother Joseph.
4. James Creighton Souter, b. 21 June 1876 in Andover MA; he married 23 Sept 1903 in Andover MA to Margaret Poland, daughter of James & Ellen (Sterling) Poland. Lived in Andover MA in 1910 with children James Wilson Souter (b 28 May 1904 Andover MA) John B. (b. 24 June 1906 Andover MA) and Alfred W. (b 11 Dec 1907, d. 28 April 1978). In 1920 living in Andover MA with same children, and including daughter Marion M. (7). His occupation, plumbing contractor.

Joseph M. Souter, son of James & Anna Souter, b. 1 Aug 1868 in Andover MA, and d. 9 July 1953 in Rowley MA, buried Rowley; m. 25 Apr 1895 in Andover MA to Elizabeth “Lizzie” McLaughlin/McLoughlin/McLauchlin. She b. 16 Aug 1873 in either England or Scotland, dau of Isabel. She d. 13 Apr 1965 in Rowley MA, and is buried there. [Note Elizabeth’s surname is spelled various ways on her marriage cert, children’s birth records, and census so all three are included here] In 1896 living at 4 Oliver St in Somerville MA; A 1905/1906 directory of Melrose MA shows Joseph Souter, blacksmith, residing in a house on 39 Mystic Avenue.
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Melrose Ward 7 > District 883
Souter, Joseph Head W M Aug 1868 31 married 5 yrs MA Scotland Scotland blacksmith
Souter, Elizabeth wife W F Aug 1873 26 married 5 yrs 3 ch 3 living Scot Scot Scot imm 1887, living US 13 years
Souter, Isabelle F. dau W F Feb 1896 4 single MA
Souter, Annie W. dau W F Oct 1897 2 single MA
Souter, James W. son W M Dec 1899 5/12 single MA
McLaughlin, Alexander, brother-in-law W M March 1877 23 single Scotland Scot Scot imm 1888 alien living US 12 yrs meat cutter
1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Melrose Ward 7 > District 949
Souter, Joseph M. Head M W 40 married 15 yrs. MA Scot Scot railroad blacksmith
Souter, Elizabeth, wife F W 36 m1x 15 yrs 5 ch 5 living Scot Scot Scot
Souter, Isabelle F. dau F W 14 single MA
Souter, Annie W. daughter F W 12 single MA
Souter, James W. son M W – single MA
Souter, Joseph A. son M W 5 single MA
Souter, Ruth E. dau F W 9/12 single MA
Souter, Mary sister F W 36 single MA
1920 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Melrose Ward 4 > District 339
Souter, J.M. Head M W 50 married Mass Scot Scot railroad foreman
Souter, Elizabeth wife F W 40 married imm 1887 naturalized 1894 Scot Scot Scot
Souter, Anna W. dau F W 22 single MA
Souter, James W. son M W 20 single MA
Souter, Joseph A. son M W 15 single MA
Souter, Ruth E dau F W 9 single MA
Souter, Marjorie dau F W 7 single MA
Souter, Mary sister F W 45 single
1930 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Melrose > District 344
Souter, Joseph M. Head M W 62 married at age 27 MA Scot Scot railroad blacksmith
Souter, Elizabeth, wife F W 56 married at age 21 Scot Scot Scot
Souter, Joseph A. son M W 26 single MA
Souter, Ruth E. dau F W 20 single MA
Souter, Marjorie M. dau F W 18 single MA
Souter, Mary sister F W 55 single MA
Souter, McLauchlin, Isabel mother F W 75 widow Scotland Scot Scot
Children of Joseph M. & Elizabeth (McLaughlin/McLoughlin/McLauchlin) Souter:
1. Isabella Fleming Souter, b. 19 February 1896 in Somerville MA.
2. Annie Wilson Souter, b. 10 Oct 1897 in Somerville MA.
3. James Walter Souter, b. 12 Dec 1899 Somerville MA; m. Eleanor B. –. In 1993 (dir) living at 56 Hillside Ave, Melrose MA
4. +Joseph Alexander Souter, b. 15 Nov 1904 Melrose MA.
5. Ruth Elizabeth Souter, b. 30 March 1910 Melrose MA; in 1933 living with parents at 31 Rowe St., a bank clerk
6. Marjorie Lodena Souter, b. 30 January 1912 in Melrose MA; prob. nurse Newton Hospital in 1938 and residing in Newton MA

Joseph Alexander Souter, son of Joseph M. & Elizabeth (McLaughlin/McLoughlin) Souter, b. 25 Nov 1904 in Melrose MA, d. 8 Dec 1976 in Concord MA [SSDI]; m. 3 Sep 1938 in Wakefield MA to Helen Adams Hackett, dau of Frank Henry & Harriet Louise (Allen) Hackett. She b. 7 Oct 1907 in Wakefield MA and d. 23 March 1995 in Concord NH; In 1933 single, salesman, living Melrose MA; By 1955 he was a teller at NH Savings Bank in Concord NH, eventually becoming vice president.
Only child of Joseph A. & Helen A. (Hackett) Souter:
1. +David Souter [see below]

David Hackett Souter, the only child of Joseph Alexander & Helen (Hackett) Souter, was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, on September 17, 1939. His early childhood was spent in Melrose, with summers on his grandparent Hackett’s farm in Weare NH. Around 1950 when his maternal grandparents died, his family moved to Weare New Hampshire. David attended high school in Concord, NH, graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude in 1961 from which he received his A.B; was a Rhodes Scholar at Magdalen College in Oxford, England, where he received an A.B. in Jurisprudence, and an M.A. in 1989. He received his LL.B. at Harvard Law School in 1966. From 1966 to 1968 he worked at Orr and Reno in Concord NH. In 1978 appointed Judge of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and an Associate Judge of the NH Supreme Court form 1893 to 1990. He was Assistant Attorney General of NH form 1968-1971, Deputy Attorney General of NH from 1971 to 1976 and Attorney General of NH from 1976-1978. He became a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit on May 25, 1990. President George H. W. Bush nominated him as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and he took his seat October 9, 1990. Additional biographical information can be see at FindLaw web site, and Wikpedia.


Jeremiah Hackett, b 1790, d 1854; m. 1820 to Sarah Morrill, dau of Isaac & Betsey (Gilman) Morrill. She b. 2 Jan 1794 in Gilmanton, Belknap Co NH and d. 23 Jan 1881 in Ayers Cliff, PQ Canada. Sarah’s grandfather, Antipas Gilman (1730-1802) served on the Committee of Correspondence and was delegate to the Provincial Congress, 1775. He held offices of trust during the Revolution, at Gilmanton, N. H., where he died. He was born in Brentwood, N. H.
Children of Jeremiah & Sarah (Morrill) Hackett:
1. Cora Hackett, m. Charles C. Jordan of Portland ME
2. +John Hackett, b. 20 Sep 1820 in Lower Canada

John Hackett, b. 20 Sep 1820 in Lower Canada, d. 1896; m. abt 1843 to Sarah Tyler, dau of Job & Sally (Walton) Tyler. She b. 1822 in NH and d. 13 Aug 1861 in Barnston, PQ Canada.
1860 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston
John Hackett 38 [b abt 1822] CE [Canada East] carpenter
Sarah Hackett 38 [b abt 1822] CE
Susan Hackett 11 [b abt 1849 CE]
Melvina Hackett 9 [b abt 1851 CE]
Charles Hackett 7 [b abt 1853 CE]
Marielta Hackett 5 [b abt 1855 CE]
John Hackett 3 [b abt 1857 CE]
Sarah Hackett 1 [b abt 1859 CE]
Angelina Serell 19
——living next door—-
Sarah Hackett 68 F b NH
Shilson Hackett 23 M L.I. idiot
Children of John & Sarah (Tyler) Hackett: [may be more ch]
1. James A. Hackett, b. 1843 Stanstead PQ Canada; d. 21 Sept 1902 in Worcester MA; married; occupation expressman.
2. +George C./G. Hackett, b. 7 Oct 1845 in Newport VT
3. Susan Hackett, b abt 1849 in C.E.
4. Melvina Hackett, b abt 1851 CE
5. Charles Hackett, b abt 1853 CE
6. John Hackett, b abt 1857 CE
7. Sarah Hackett, b abt 1859 CE

George G. Hackett, son of John & Sarah (Tyler) Hackett, b. 7 Oct 1845 in Newport, Orleans Co VT, d. 20 July 1924 in Sunapee, Sullivan Co NH; m. 15 July 1868 in Portland, Cumberland Co ME to Nancy Yeaton Libby, dau of Parmenio & Eliza (Larrabee) Libby.  She b. 23 Sep 1845 in Limington, York Co ME and d. 29 Nov 1941 in Lincoln, Penobscot Co ME.
1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Suffolk > Boston > District 781
Hackett, George G., W M 33 fruit dealer Canada NH unk
Hackett, Nancy Y., W F 33 wife Keeping house Maine Maine Maine
Hackett, Georgie M., W F 10 dau Maine
Hackett, Frankie H., W M 7 son Massachusetts
Hackett, Corie M., W F 5 dau Maine
Hackett, Florence L, W F 1 dau Maine
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Wakefield > District 971
Hackett, George G. Head W M Oct 1845 54 married at age 32 Canada NH NH American Citizen, Manager car co.
Hackett, Nancy Y wife W F Sep 1845 54 married at age 32 5 ch 4 living ME ME ME
Patch, Maud dau W F March 1870 30 widow 0 ch 0 living ME
Hackett, Frank H. son M W Dec 1871 28 single Mass
Hackett, Cora M. dau W F Aug 1875 24 single 0 ch 0 living
1910 United States Federal Census > Washington > Whatcom > Bellingham Ward 6 > District 334
Hackett, George Head M W 64 m1x 41 yrs Canada NH NH manager, cold storage company
Hackett, Nancy Y wife F W 64 married 41 yrs 5 ch 4 living ME ME ME
–living next door–??
Morrison, Elmer H. Head M W 26 m1x 1 yr Minnesota Den-Danish Nor-Norw druggiest
Morrison, Georgie M. wife F W 22 married 1x 1 yr 1 ch 1 living Iowa MA Iowa
Morrison, Jeanette dau F W 11/12 single  Washington
–living next door–
Morrison, James C. Head M W 66 m1x 10 yrs Den-Danish D-Dan D-Dan imm 1872/78 PA  own income
Morrison, Ingrid M. wife F W 54 m1x 10 yrs 0 ch 0 living Nor-Norw Nor-Norw Nor-Norw
1930 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Norfolk > Braintree > District 5
Jordan W. Irving Head 6000 W M 84 widow, marr age 29 ME ME ME
Jordan, Harry C. son M W 48 single Mass ME Mass
Jordan, Charles G. son M W 54 married age 26 yr Mass ME Mass Banker
Jordan, Cora M. dau in law F W 54 married 26 yrs ME Canada Maine
Jordan, Charles G. Jr grandson W M 27 single Mass Mass clerk, form tool
Hackett, Nancy Y. mother in law F W 84 married Maine Maine Maine
Children of George F. & Nancy Y. (Libby) Hackett:
1. Georgia “Georgie” Maude Hackett, b Aug 1870 in Portland ME; m. 25 Aug 1890 Wakefield MA to Fred C. Patch, a law student of Wakefield, age 23, son of Charles & Sarah A. Patch; in 1900 she is a widow living with parents in Wakefield MA, no ch.
2. +Frank Henry Hackett, b. 6 Dec 1873 in Boston MA
3. Cora May Hackett; b. Aug 1875 in Portland ME; m. 1 Oct 1901 in Wakefield MA to Charles G. Jordan, a merchant of Braintree, son of Washington I. & Eunice W. (Bowditch) Jordan. One known child, Charles G. Jr., b. 7 Aug 1902 Braintree MA, and d. Feb 1959 prob in MA. DAR member #88973
4. Florence L. Hackett, b. 13 Oct 1878 in Portland ME, and d. 1 Feb 1972 in  Lincoln, ME; m. 19 Oct 1898 in Wakefield MA to George F. Way Jr. a physician. He b. E. Corinth VT, son of George F & Adelaide B. (Corliff) Way. In 1920 living in Lincoln, Penobscot Co ME with children George F., Emily F. and Louise H.

Frank Henry Hackett, son of George C. & Nancy Yeaton (Libby) Hackett,  b. 6 Dec 1873 in Boston MA, d. 8 July 1946 in Wakefield MA; m. 9 July 1902 in Wakefield MA to Harriet “Hattie” Louise Allen, dau of George Washington & Agnes Isabelle (Adams) Allen. She b. 16 Nov 1880 Lynn MA and d. 8 Oct 1943 in Wakefield MA. In 1920 Harriet’s father George W. was living with them in Wakefield MA, a widow, he being age 67 [NY NJ NY]. Frank was a newspaper reporter.
1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Wakefield > District 1032
Hackett, Frank H. Head  M W 37 m1x 8 yrs MA VT ME newspaper reporter
Hackett, Harriet A., wife F W 29 m1x 8 yrs 2 ch 2 living MA NY ME
Hackett, Frank H. Jr. M W 6 single MA
Hackett, Helen A. dau F W 2 single MA
1920 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Wakefield > District 573 [Birch Hill Avenue]
Hackett, Frank H. Head M W 47 married MA VT ME Life insurance agent
Hackett, Harriet A. wife F W 39 married MA NY ME
Hackett, Frank H. Jr. son M W 16 single MA
Hackett, Helen A. dau F W 12 single MA
Allen, George W. father-in-law, M W 67 widow NY NJ NY superintendent, rattan factory
1930 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Wakefield > District 484 [12 Birch hill drive]
Hackett, Frank H. Head M W 56 married at age 28 MA ME ME postmaster US Mail
Hackett, Harriet A. wife F W 47 married at age 19 MA NY ME
Hackett, Frank H. Jr. son M W 26 single MA MA MA, messenger, U.S. Mail
Cheever, Helen H. dau F W 22 married at age 21 MA MA MA
Cheever, Harold B. soninlaw M W 29 married at age 28 MA MA MA, inventory clerk, power & light
Children: of Frank H. & Harriet L. (Allen) Hackett:
1. Frank H. Hackett Jr., b. 24 Jan 1904 in Melrose MA, d. Sep 1971; resided Hollywood, Broward Co FL
2. +Helen Adams Hackett, b. 7 Oct 1907 in Wakefield MA; She m1st) 2 Dec 1928 in Wakefield MA to Harold Bertram Cheever, son of David Harrison & Georgia S. (Larrabee) Cheever. He born in 1901 in Melrose MA, and d. 3 Oct 1973 in MA. They divorced; she m2d, 3 Sep 1938 in Wakefield MA to Joseph Alexander Souter [SEE SOUTER GENEALOGY]


John B. Allen, b. abt 1815 NJ (poss Springfield or Alexandria), d. ?; m. by 1843  to Harriet –. She b. abt 1820 in NY. He was a grocer, living in New York City.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > New York Ward 9 District 1
John B. Allen 33 M Grocer $250 NJ
Harriet Allen 29 F NY
Levi Allen 6 M NY
Mary Allen 6 F NY
John H. Clay Allen 4 M NY
Emma J. Allen 2 F NY
William H. Allen 1 M NY
Mary McCully 16 F Ireland
1860 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > New York Ward 9 District 4
John Allen 45 M Grocer 10,000/2000 NJ
Harriet Allen 40 F NY
Levi Allen 17 M Clerk corn business NY
Mary Allen 17 F NY
John Allen 15 M NY
William Allen 12 M NY
George Allen 9 M NY
Frank Allen 5 M NY
Mortimer Smith 19 M Clerk Grocer NY
1870 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > New York Ward 9 District 4 (2nd Enum)
Allen, JB 55 M Custom –? NJ
Allen, Harriet 50 F NY
Allen, Levi L. 30 M Produce Clerk NY
Allen, John H.C. 25 M Insurance Clerk NY
Allen, Will 20 M Plumber NY
Allen, George 20 Appr to Carriage Painter NY
Allen, Frank 15 M NY
Allen, Victor, 10 M NY
1880 United States Federal Census > New York > New York City-Greater > Kings (Brooklyn) > District 210 [DeKalb Avenue]
Allen, John B. W M 65 Agent for Sewing Machine NJ NJ NJ
Allen, Harriet W F 59 wife NY NY NY
Allen, John H.C. W M 35 son carriage painter NY
Allen, Franklin W M 24 son carriage painter NY
Allen, Victor B W M 18 son Clerk NY
Children of John & Harriet (?) Allen:
1. Levi Allen, b. abt 1843 in NY
2. Mary Allen, b. abt 1843 in NY
3. John Henry Clay Allen, b. Dec 1845 in NY
4. Emma J. Allen, b. abt 1848 in NY, prob d.Y.
4. William H. Allen, b. abt 1848 in NY
5. +George Washington Allen, b. 19 Jan 1852 in New York City
6. Franklin “Frank” Allen, b abt 1855 in NY
7. Victor B. Allen, b Oct 1861 in NY; in 1900 living in Brooklyn NY with wife Athleen, b. January 1873 in NY, no ch at that time.

George Washington Allen, b. 19 Jan 1852 in NY NY, d. 28 Sep 1928 in Wakefield MA; m. 31 Dec 1878 in Lynn MA to Agnes “Aggie” Isabelle Adams, dau of Edward W. & Abbie Adams. She b. 29 Apr 1858 in Bangor ME, and d. 14 Oct 1915 in Wakefield MA. She had married 1st) 29 Apr 1875 in Lynn MA to Frank R. Lapham, 24, shoemaker of Lynn MA and son of Henry F. & ELiza A. Lapham, divorced before second marriage in 1878. In 1880 Frank Lapham was living in Portland ME.
1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Lynn > District 219
Allen, George W. W M 28 ornamental painter NY NJ NY
Allen, Aggie J. W F 22 wife keeping house ME ME ME
Addams, Abbie W F 62 at home ME ME ME
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Wakefield > District 970
Allen, George W. Head W M Jan 1853 47 married 21 yrs NY VT NY Painter
Allen, Agnes J. Wife W F Apr 1858 42 married 21 yrs 1 ch 1 living ME Minnesota Maine
Allen, Hattie L., dau W F Nov 1880 19 single MA
Allen, John H. C. Brother W M Dec 1845 54 single NY VT NY
Child of George W. & Agnes I (Adams) Allen:
1. + Harriet Louise Allen, b. 16 Nov 1880 at Lynn MA

Harriet “Hattie” Louise Allen, dau of George Washington & Agnes Isabelle (Adams) Allen. She b. 16 Nov 1880 Lynn MA and d. 8 Oct 1943 in Wakefield MA. He married 9 July 1902 in Wakefield MA to Frank Henry HACKETT, son of George C. & Nancy Y. (Libby) Hackett. [see Hackett line]


Edward Adams, b. abt 1818 in ME, died by 1870; m. by 1842 to Abigail “Abby/Abbie” –.  She b abt 1823 in ME. Resided Bangor, Penobscot Co ME. He was a Civil War veteran. The 1859 directory of Bangor ME shows him as a ship carpenter, resided Larkin. In 1864 his occupation is soldier, house on Larkin.
Name: Edward Adams
Residence: Bangor, Maine
Enlistment Date: 31 December 1863
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: Maine
Unit Numbers: 1060 1060
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 31 December 1863 at the age of 45
Enlisted in 3rd Light Artillery Regiment Maine on 31 December 1863.
Absent, sick 3rd Light Artillery Regiment Maine on 01 September 1866
Battles Fought: Fought on 20 July 1864 and Fought on 09 August 1864.
1850 United States Federal Census > Maine > Penobscot > Bangor
Edward Adams 32 M ship carpenter 500 ME
Abigail Adams 36 F ME
Elisa Adams 8 F ME
Benj F. Adams 4 M ME
Elisabeth A. Adams 9/12 F ME
Daniel Pierce 2d, 43 M Mariner 2000 ME
U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > Maine > Penobscot > Bangor Ward 2
Edward Adams 42 M Watchman 1500/800 b ME
Abby Adams 37 F ME
Eliza Adams 16 F ME
Frank Adams 14 M ME
William Adams 7 M ME
Agnes Adams 2 F ME
1870 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Lynn Ward 6
Adams, Abbie 49 F W Keeping House 2000/500 Maine
Adams, Agnes J. 12 F W at school Maine
Adams, William E 18 M W Machinist Maine
Adams, Mary 18 F W no occupation NH
Adams, B. Frank 24 M W House Carpenter Maine
Adams, Abbie A 25 F W no occupation Mass
Children of Edward & Abigail (–) Adams:
1. Elisa/Eliza Adams, b. abt 1842 ME
2. Benjamin Franklin “Frank” Adams, b. abt 1846 ME
3. Elisabeth Adams, b. abt 1849, prob died young
4. William E. Adams, b. abt 1853 ME
5. +Agnes “Aggie” Isabelle Adams, b. 29 Apr 1858 in Bangor ME; m George Washington Allen [SEE ALLEN Genealogy]


John Libby was born in England about the year 1602.  In July 1677 he stated that “the good and pious report that was spread abroad, into our Native Land of this county caused your Petitioner to come for this Lady 46 years ago, where he hath ever since Continued.” According to this, the year of his immigration was 1639 to the area of Scarborough Maine. In Winter’s report to Trelawny of his management of the station for the year ending 15 July 1639, John Libby is listed as in the employ four years, from the summer of 1635 until the summer of 1639, and much of his funds were sent to England, probably for the support of his wife whom he left behind.  In January 1663 he is described as a “planter.” He was constable in 1664, and in 1669 a selectman. During the French and Indian War he, like the others, gathered in the local garrison. The Indians burnt some of the local houses.  He married twice.  His first wife was mother [?Judith] to all of his sons except Matthew and Daniel, and to probably all his daughters.  His second wife’s name was Mary.
Children of John Libby:
1. John Libby, b. 1635; m. Agnes Hanson.
2. James Libby, killed in King Philip’s war, unmarried
3. Samuel Libby, killed in King Philip’s war, unmarried
4. Joanna Libby, m. Thomas Bickford of Black Point; removed to Dover NH
5. +Henry Libby, b. 1647 Scarborough ME
6. Anthony Libby, b. abt 1649; m. Sarah Drake of Hampton NH
7. Rebecca Libby, married Joshua Brown of Scarborough ME
8. Sarah Libby, b 1655, m. 1) Robert Tidy of Scarborough; m2) Richard Rogers
9. Hannah Libby, m. Daniel Fogg of Scarborough ME
10. David Libby, b 1657, m. Eleanor Trickey
11. Matthew Libby, b. 1662, m. Elizabeth Brown of Scarborough ME
12. Daniel Libby, abt 1665 m. Mary Ashton of Scarborough ME, had ch.

Henry Libby, son of John Libby, b. 1647 in Scarborough, ME, d. 21 Oct 1732 either Black Point, Scarborough Co ME or in Lynn MA; he married abt 1664 to Honor Hinkson, daughter of Peter Hinkson.  She b. 1664, of Hobberton, Devon England, and d. 24 Aug 1724, aged 60. He was selectman in Scarborough ME in 1686. In 1690 he fled with his father-in-law to Lynn MA. The book “Beacon Lights in the history of Prouts Neck,” states in the fall of 1702 a little band of seven persons which included John Larrabee and Henry Libby and his three sons, Samuel James and John, arrived off Black Point in a sloop hailing from Lynn.  They either occupied the old fort at Garrison Cove on the Neck, or built a new one on the same location, and it was indeed fortunate that they did so.  In August 1703, a band of 500 French and their Indian allies led by a Frenchman named Beaubasin, attacked the fort. At the time there were only eight persons in the fort who were able to fight, but these and the other occupants of the garrison owed their lives to the boldness of Capt. John Larrabee who refused to surrender. Eventually the enemy withdrew. Henry Libby and his sons were all present at the first town meeting in 1720. With one John Boden he was chosen to go and show the old highways to the selectmen. In September 1728, at the age of 81, he became a member of the Congregational church at Black Point, which had just been organized under the pastoral charge of the Rev. William Tomjson. His house stood on the lot which was recently added to the south side of the Black Point burying-ground, and was afterward occupied by his eldest son.
Children of Henry & Honor (Hinkson) Libby:
1. Mary Libby, b abt 1687 in Scarborough ME; m. 12 Jan 1715 at Marblehead MA to Richard Webber
2. Samuel Libby, b. 6 July 1689 in Scarborough ME; m1) Abigail Meserve; m2) Mary Jones, had children.
3. Hannah Libby, b. abt 1695 in Scarborough ME; m. John Pollow, had ch.
4. Elizabeth Libby, b. abt 1697 in Scarborough ME; m. Sampson Plummer, had ch
5. Sarah Libby, b. abt 1668-1697 in Scarborough ME, d. 1 March 1723 Scarborough ME
6. James Libby, b. abt 1693 in Scarborough ME; m. 16 March 1738 Abigail Larrabee, had ch.
7. +Capt. John Libby, b. abt 1714 in Kittery/Eliot, York Co ME

Capt. John Libby, b. after 1700 in Kittery/Eliot, York Co ME; d. prob betw 1785-1804 in Scarborough ME; m1) 15 June 1728 in Scarborough ME to Mary Goodwin, dau of William & Deliverance (Taylor) Goodwin of Berwick ME. She b. abt 1707 in Kittery/Eliot York Co ME and d. June 1738 in Scarborough ME. He married 2nd, 25 Aug 1738 in Scarborough ME to Anna Fogg. She b. 16 Feb 1717/18 in Kittery/Eliot ME. He accompanied his father from Lynn MA to Scarborough ME and settled on a farm. His house was on Oak Hill, on the north side of what afterward became the post-road between Portland and Saco, a little west of the road leading to Gorham Corner. He was a man of unusual energy and ability, and filled repeatedly positions in the town. He was chosen “to locate Black Point school” and “to inspect the law relative to the killing of deer.” He was also a land surveyor and succeeded in a measure to the position which his brother had filled. He was lieutenant in Capt. George Berry’s company in 1745 and after the death of Capt. John Libby, he became known as captain, and retained that epithet until his death, which was the result of an accident. He was on a fishing trip, with two others, and the small boat in which they were was upset near the mouth of the River, and although an expert swimmer. The others escaped, and there were some suspicious of foul play at the time of his death.
Children of Capt. John & Mary (Goodwin) Libby:
1. Henry Libby, b. 6 Oct 1729 Scarborough ME
2. Hannah Libby, b. 4 March 1730 in Scarborough ME; m. John Fogg
3. Lucy Libby, b. abt 8 June 1735 in Scarborough ME
4. Edward Libby, b. 21 June 1736 in Scarborough ME
Children of Capt. John & Anna (Fogg) Libby:
5. Rhoda Libby, twin b. 4 July 1739 in Scarborough ME, prob d.y.
6. Abner Libby, twin b. 4 July 1739 in Scarborough ME; m. Lucy Hunnewell; He “went off and was never heard from.” His widow prob m2) George Berry of Georgetown ME
7. Olive Libby, b. 6 Feb 1751 in Scarborough ME, prob D.Y.
8. +Stephen Libby, b. 13 Jan 1742/43 in Scarborough ME
9. Aaron Libby, b. 18 March 1744/45 in Scarborough ME; m. Elizabeth Weeman
10. Moses Libby, b. 18 March 1744/45 in Scarborough ME
11. Jesse Libby, b. March 1746/47 in Scarborough ME; m. Keziah March
12. Philemon Libby, b. 29 May 1749 in Scarborough ME; m. Martha Small
13. Eunice Libby, b. 22 Oct 1752 in Scarborough ME; m. Josiah Libby II
14. Seth Libby, b. 1 May 1755 in Scarborough ME
15. ?Nathan (by Lydia Skillings?)

Stephen Libby, son of Capt. John & Anna (Fogg) Libby, was b. 13 Jan 1742/43 in Scarborough ME and d. 24 Aug 1820 in Limington York Co ME. He married 17 Oct 1765 to Margaret Miller, dau of Moses Miller.  She was b abt 1744 in Portsmouth NH, and d. 31 Dec 1794 in Scarborough ME. He was a farmer who settled on Oak Hill, on a portion of his father’s homestead. His house was where that occupied by Dr. J. Sturdevant later stood. After his wife died, and about 1814 he accompanied his son to Limington and died there.
Children of Stephen & Margaret (Miller) Libby:
1. +Abner Libby, b. 27 Dec 1766 in Scarborough ME
2. Moses Libby b. abt 1769; m. Elizabeth Libby.
3. Stephen Libby, b abt 1771; m. Agnes –.
4. Henry Libby, b. abt 1774; m. Margaret Meserve
5. Elias Libby, b. abt 1776, d. 1776
6. Mary Libby, b 30 Sep 1777; m. Moses Waterhouse, son of Samuel.
7. Margaret Libby, b. 1779 m. Rufus Fogg
8. Nicholas Libby, b. 1780, died in the West Indies, unmarried
9. Benjamin Franklin Libby, b. 19 March 1790, triplet, died at the age of 6
10. George Washington Libby, b. 19 March 1790, triplet, died at sea age 21
11. John Adams Libby, b. 19 March 1790, triplet, m. Abigail Sawyer

Abner Libby, son of Stephen & Margaret (Miller) Libby, was b. 27 Dec 1766 in Scarborough ME, and d. 5 May 1843 in Scarborough ME.  He married 15 Nov 1789 in Scarborough ME to Anna Harding, dau of John & Margaret (Cole) Harding.  She b. 30 Aug 1767 in Eastham, Barnstable Co MA and d. 30 Dec 1857 in Scarborough ME. In his younger days he went several voyages to the West Indies. He afterward picked up the blacksmith’s trade.  In 1792 or 3 he settled in Limington Corner, on the farm later owned by John Libby. He built a blacksmith shop there and engaged in blacksmithing several years. He afterward opened a general store, and also kept a public house. He taught the first school in Limington. He was town clerk from 1798 to 1800, selectman 1794 to 1802, town treasurer 1804 to 1809. He was a justice of the peace about forty years and there being no lawyer there for many years, did a great deal of business which now falls to attorney-at-law to perform. For many years he filled a larger place in the community in which he lived, than probably any other of the townsmen.
Children of Abner & Anna (Harding) Libby:
1. Elias Libby, b. 12 March 1790 in Scarborough ME; m. Jane Jewell
2. +Dea. Parmenio Libby, b. 22 Nov 1791 in Scarborough ME
3. Stephen Libby, b. 22 Nov 1793 in Limington ME; m. Sarah Chase
4. Abner Libby, b. 4 July 1796 in Limington ME; m1) Salome Jackson; m2) Almira Allen
5. Margaret Libby, b. 19 Sep 1798 in Limington ME; m. Benjamin Clark
6. John Libby, b. 11 Jan 1803 in Limington ME; m1) Margaret Waterhouse; m2) Martha Williams
7. Betsey Pettingill Libby, b. 13 Aug 1805 in Limington ME; m. Joel Allen
8. Charlotte Neal Libby, b. 17 Nov 1807 in Limington ME; m. Almon L. Sawyer
9. Isaac Harding Libby, b. 14 Aug 1813 in Limington, ME; m. Caroline Waldron

Dea. Parmenio Libby, son of Abner & Anna (Harding) Libby was b. about 22 Nov 1791 in Scarborough, Cumberland Co ME, and d. 14 Oct 1875 in Limington, York Co ME.  He married 1) 10 Nov 1814 in Limerick, York Co ME to Eunice Jewell.   She b 1793 in Limerick ME and d. 16 Apr 1820 in Limington ME. He married 2nd, 4 Nov 1822 in Fryeburg, Oxford Co ME to Fanny Ward, dau of George Ward of Fryeburg.  She b. 1800 in Fryeburg and d. 12 Sep 1829. He married 3rd, 23 Feb 1831 in Limington ME to Eliza Larrabee, dau of Samuel & Martha (Irish) Larrabee.  She b. July 1808 in Limington ME and d. 23 Apr 1861 in Limington ME. He served during the War of 1812, in the 4th Regiment (Merrill’s) Massachusetts Militia, as a private. He learned the blacksmith trade with his brother in Limerick ME and worked there several years after in company with him. He then settled on the homestead at Limington ME, building himself a shop and there stayed until his death. He was many years deacon of the Congregational Church at Limington Corner ME.
Children of Parmenio & Eliza (Larrabee) Libby:
1860 United States Federal Census > Maine > York > Limington
Parmenio Libby 68 M Farmer 1500/342 Maine
Eliza Libby 57 F Maine
George W. Libby 33 M Farmer 200 Maine
John Libby 22 M Maine
Mary E. ibby 20 F Maine
Henry Libby 17 M Maine
Nancy Y. Libby 14 F Maine
Franklin Libby 10 M Maine
Albert J. Libby 9 M Maine
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Maine > York > Limington
Libby, Parmenio 78 M W Farmer 2000/3000 Maine
Libby, John 32 M W Maine
Libby, Mary E 25 F W Keeping House ME
Libby, A. Charles 40 M W 200 Maine
Libby, Henry 26 M W Maine
Libby, Albert J. 19 M W Maine
Libby, Franklin 21 M W Maine
Children of Parmenio & Eunice (Jewell) Libby:
1. Rosetta Thompson Libby, b. 20 Sep 1815 in Limerick ME m. 3 Sep 1843 to Moses Blake, had children.
2. Anna Libby, b. 17 May 1817 in Limington, York Co ME; m Andrew Johnson of Philadelphia PA where she removed.
3. Eunice Jewell Libby, b. 6 Apr 1819 in Limington, York Co ME, d. 24 March 1820
Children of Parmenio & Fanny (Ward) Libby:
4. Eunice Jewell Libby, b. 21 Sep 1823 in Limington, York Co ME; m. 22 Sep 1853 in Saratoga NY to James Merrick; had children
5. George Ward Libby, (a previous George died young) b. abt 1827 in Limington, York Co ME; m. 19 June 1866 to Mary Cole. Resided Limington, York Co. Me and had issue.
Children of Parmenio & Eliza (Larrabee) Libby:
6. Fanny Ward Libby,  b. 29 Nov 1831 in Limington, York Co ME; m. 1854 in Portland ME to Sylvester Marr; had children.
7. Martha Libby, b. 11 Apr 1833 in Limington ME; m. 1855 to Joshua Smart Boothby; resided Limington ME, had children
8. James Irish Libby, b. 15 Sep 1835 in Limington ME, d. 1924; m. 1859 in Portland ME to Mary Weston Kilgore; resided Portland ME, had children.
9. John Libby, b. 21 Dec 1837 in Limington ME; m. 1855 Mary Ellen Bean; had at least one child, Anna Bertha. He served two years in Co. E., 10th Maine Volunteers during the Civil War.
10. Mary Elizabeth Libby, b. 10 March 1840 in Limington ME; m. Schenck Sanford Havens (one source states she d. unmarried in 1860)
11. Henry Libby, b. 5 Sep 1842 in Limington ME, d. 1914; m. 18 Feb 1873 to Nellie M. Moody. dai pf Wa;ter OO amd Saraj B. (Wentworth) Moody of Limington ME. no ch.
12. +Nancy Yeaton Libby, b. 23 Sep 1845 in Limington ME
13. Franklin Libby, b. 16 Apr 1849 in Limington ME, d. 1929, unmarried. “He went to Chicago in 1876 whci place he left the next year and has not since been heard of.”
14. Albert Johnson Libby, b. 13 Feb 1851, Lemington, York Co ME, d. 5 Apr 1885 in Portland ME; m. 1875 to Flora Andrews “Florence C.” Blanchard; had at least one ch, Gertrude Eliza

Nancy Yeaton Libby, dau of Parmenio & Eliza (Larrabee) Libby.  She b. 23 Sep 1845 in Limington, York Co ME and d. 29 Nov 1941 in Lincoln, Penobscot Co ME. She married 15 July 1868 in Portland ME to George G. Hackett, son of John & Sarah (Tyler) Hackett, b. 7 Oct 1845 in Newport, Orleans Co VT [SEE HACKETT Genealogy].

Some Sources:
1)[Libby & Irish] Descendants of James Irish, 1710-1940 : and allied families, by Jennie J. Wright, 1941, Dingley Press: Portland, Maine.
Portland, Me.: Dingley Press, 1941
2) The Libby Family in America, 1602-1881; Charles Thornton Libby, Portland ME, 1881.


James-1 Irish, according to the History of Gorham, Maine by Hugh McLellan, James Irish came from Boxfordshire, England about 1711 and settled in Falmouth (now Portland) Maine.  The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder in Volume 1 states the year as 1710. He married after 1720 to Elizabeth –. She died at the age of 84 (year unknown).  His death date is unknown. Between 1738 and 1740 he moved to Gorham and purchased of Capt. John Phinney one half of the hundred-acre lot No 85, which had been drawn to the right of No. 106, owned by John Pugsley, one of the original granters. James Irish remained in Gorham ME until the French and Indian War, when dangers forced him to move to a safer location.
Children of James & Elizabeth Irish:
1. John Irish, b. 13 Apr 1724; m. abt 1745 to Sarah –; resided Gorham ME, had children.
2. Miriam Irish, b. 13 Sep 1725; m. 7 Aug 1743 Gamaliel Pote.
3. Joseph Irish, b. 12 Apr 1728, d. 14 Apr 1808; m. Hannah Doane, had one ch, Ebenezer
4. Elizabeth Irish, b. 19 Apr 1730
5. Thomas Irish, b. 27 feb 1732, died young
6. +James Irish, b. 28 Jan 1736
7. Thomas Irish, b. 29 Jan 1737, d. 14 Aug 1832; m. 1759 Deliverance Skillings, had children.
8. William Irish, b. 1741 in Gorham ME, d. 1821 in Buckfield ME; m. 1765 Mary McAllister, dau of William. Was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, a corporal in Capt. Williams’ Company in 1775. He settled in Buckfield ME and became a Free Will Baptist minister; had children.

James-2 Irish, son of James, b. 28 Jan 1736 Falmouth ME, d. 1 Apr 1816 Gorham ME; m. 10 March 1756 to Mary Gorham Phinney, dau of John & Martha (Coleman) Phinney.  She b. Gorham ME 24 Aug 1736, d. 13 May 1825.  James Irish enlisted early as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, in Captain Williams’ Co., and served a year.  He enlisted again in 1777 and was a sergeant in Capt. Whittemore’s Co., Col. Fogg’s Regiment. He spent some months in Peekskill NY and returned home in 1778.  Mary Gorham Phinney, was the first white child born in Gorham and a direct descendant of Thomas Rogers, a Mayflower passenger, traced through three John Phinneys back to the John who married Mary Rogers, granddaughter of Thomas Rogers [i.e. John & Martha (Coleman) Phinney > John & Sarah (Lombard) Phinney > John & Mary (Rogers) Phinney > Joseph & Hannah Rogers > Joseph & Hannah Rogers > Thomas & Alice (Cosford) Rogers, Mayflower Passenger]
Children of James & Mary G. (Phinney) Irish:
1. +Stephen Irish, b. 24 March 1757
2. William Irish, b. 12 March 1759, d. 30 Apr 1815; m. Sarah March. Had at least one dau, Phebe.
3. Martha Irish, b. 28 Aug 1761, d. 10 Nov 1836; m. Stephen Whitney, had children.
4. Ebenezer Irish, b. 5 Apr 1763 Gorham ME; m. Martha Morton; had children.
5. Obadiah Irish, b. 17 July 1765 Gorham ME, d. Sebago ME 17 Apr 1852; 7 Jan 1790 to m. Mary Deane, reportedly a direct descendant of Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower passenger.  Had children.
6. Mary Irish, b. 24 June 1767 Gorham ME; d. 6 March 1846; m. Timothy Bacon, had children.
7. Patience Irish, b. 31 Jan 1770, d. 31 Dec 1854; m. 16 Apr 1789 John Davis. Had children.
8. Samuel Irish, b. 8 Apr 1772, d. 25 Sep 1825; m. Martha Blake.
9. James Irish, b. 18 Aug 1776, d. 30 June 1863; m1) 2 Sep 1798 Rebecca Chadbourne; m2) 15 Oct 1832 Louisa Mason, had children by first wife.

Stephen Irish, son of James & Mary G. (Phinney) Irish, b. 24 March 1757 in Gorham ME, d. 7 Apr 1841; m. Anna Bangs.  She b. 1757 and d. 3 Sep 1846.
Children of Stephen & Anna (Bangs) Irish:
1. Mehitable Irish, b. 1779; m. 14 Sep 1797 Joseph Smith
2. +Martha Irish, b. 1780 in Gorham ME; m. Benjamin Larrabee
3. Patience Irish, b. 1786, d. Feb 1866; m. 18 Apr 1812 at Limington ME to Silas Meserve; had children.
4. Daniel Irish, b. 15 Sep 1789; d. 6 Aug 1829; m. 2 Apr 1812 Abigail F. Rounds. Had children.
5. Dorcas Irish, m1) 21 Dec 1816 Benjamin Brackett; m2) — Staples.  Had at least one child, Mehitable Brackett, may have had others.
6. James Irish, who went west
7. Ann Irish
8. Loruhama Irish, b. prob 1800. Her gravestone in the lot with her sister Patience (Irish) Meserve, at Limington Corner ME says “Ruhama Irish died Apr 1862, aged 62.”

Martha “Patty” Irish, dau of Stephen & Anna (Bangs) Irish, was b. 1780 in Gorham ME and d. 7 March 1846 in Limington ME. She m. 3 Feb 1803 to Benjamin Larrabee.  He b. 3 July 1779 in Scarborough ME and d. 11 July 1849.  Marriage intentions were published at Limington ME 5 June 1802.
Children of Benjamin & Martha (Irish) Larrabee:
1. Ezekiel Larrabee, b. 30 Jan 1804 in Limington ME [282]
2. Nancy Y. Larrabee
3. +Eliza Larrabee; She married Parmenio Libby as his 3rd wife, 23 Feb 1831 in Limington ME. [SEE LIBBY Genealogy]
4. Ebenezer Irish Larrabee, b. 12 Jan 1810
5. Martha Larrabee, b. 4 May 1813
6. Ruhama Larrabee, d. 11 May 1862
7. Joseph Larrabee
8. Daniel J. Larrabee, died young
9. Abigail Larrabee, b. 10 May 1820
10. James Irish Larrabee, b. 25 Dec 1823


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