Cow Hampshire: The Spotted Cow Has Left The Building

The spotted cow has left the building…. temporarily.

Translation: I am taking a week-long vacation.

Starting this Saturday I’m headed to the Connecticut shore for a few days, with a stop-over in Newport, Rhode Island, followed by visits to various and sundry relatives throughout New England.

I’ve visited every tour-able mansion in Newport at least three times, so this visit to that lovely maritime port will be a night-over in a quaint (albeit pricey) inn with a great view, a day of Bannister’s Wharf Shopping, an ocean tour boat adventure, and taking lots of photographs. Oh, and did I mention that I will eat a great deal of seafood.   This blog has a category “Not New Hampshire,” so possibly the Newport visit will result in an article.  I’m looking for even a tiny New Hampshire connection (can you smell smoke?).

I use a Sony Mavica, a camera that writes to a mini-CD.  I’m at a loss why this camera did not become an instant hit.  I realize it is a bit larger than the pocket cameras, but I like having a camera that is large enough so I can keep track of where it is.  Most people forget to back up their pictures to a CD, and so when their computer eventually crashes, poof goes all their lovely photos.  I buy the cheap packages of write-able mini-CDs, and don’t worry about having to delete photographs I don’t like.  When the CD is full (after several hundred pictures, depending on their quality) I mark the disk, so I know generally what is on it, and I pop in a new one. A package of 10 CDs costs me from $8-12.  This route seems much cheaper than the limited capacity, and easy to lose, memory sticks.

The area where I’m staying in Connecticut (somewhere east of New Haven) was the stomping grounds of some of my ancestors. It seems like no matter where I go in New England, at least one of my ancestors was there first, in an odd kind of genealogical one-upmanship.

True to a historian’s behavior, I have an written agenda for every day of the vacation.  While I’m away, Cow Hampshire blog is on autopilot.  It is pre-programmed to post an article, once every two days. Being able to post in advance is just one reason I love BlogHarbor as my blog host.  A second reason is that their service allows me to show a listing of trackbacks, and delete/delete and block/accept the trackbacks selectively, or according to my whim. To be honest, they convinced me I should try blogging in the first place.

Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone. Or, if you do, write a good story and share it here.  That is, after all what written history is–sharing our stories of the good, the bad and the ugly.


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