New Hampshire WWI Military: Heroes of Whitefield

King Square and Town Common, Whitefield NH
in the 1950s, from an old postcard.

Whitefield New Hampshire had less than 2,000 residents during the World War I era. From that small population the town managed to send slightly more than 86 of its best and brightest young men and women into service. [In 1910 Whitefield had 1,635 residents and by 1920 had 1,935.] Not all of them returned home.

I am grateful for that early Whitefield historian, Edward M. Bowker, who compiled a list of the men in service and included it in the 1919 Town Report. It shows all in military service who were credited from the town, along with providing a list of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Someone, possibly the Librarian at the time, created an amazing collage of photographs of WWI veterans, and that collage can still be found on the wall in the Whitefield Public Library. I am grateful to Sandy Holz, current librarian, and her husband, Stanley A. Holz, for providing information and some of the hero’s photographs that I have included in this story. Continue reading