Civil War Casualty of Gettysburg, Former News Reporter, Lancaster NH’s Famed Col. Edward E. Cross (1832-1863)

Edward E Cross

Edward E.  Cross was born into a military family in the town of Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire, the son of  Ephraim E. & Abigail C. (Everett) Cross. Much has been written about this man, who in his own hand writing noted , “My life–all I have–is at the service of the country.” I will try not to repeat much of what has already been said, and hopefully you will find his story interesting, for he was anything but boring.

Edward’s father was a hatter by profession, but also a senator, postmaster, tavern owner, and colonel in the local militia. Edward attended the local common schools, and at the age of 15 went to learn the printer’s trade. He then helped his father in steamboat building in Canada and visited the principal cities there.

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